Why treating acne naturally is the best way?



The secret for permanent clear skin is by way of treating acne naturally. This is done by neutralizing all the factors that form the acne environment while keeping the p. acne bacteria at an optimal balance.
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Do acne bacteria cause acne?  What is the true connection between acne bacteria and acne formation?  Why acne is more than just a skin deep problem? Why treating acne naturally is the best approach?

The truth about acne bacteria


What most people don’t realize is that propionibacterium acnes, or p acne bacteria, do not actually cause acne. Everyone has acne bacteria on their skin.  P acne bacteria, like other essential bacteria in our bodies, is beneficial to us.


This bacterium plays an important role in sustaining our inner balance and the health of our skin. It defends the body against invasion by harmful bacteria. Acne bacteria feed themselves from the secretions of our sweat and sebaceous glands, and in a balanced biological state, sustains the flexibility of our skin.
What actually triggers acne?
It is important to know that it is not acne bacteria that cause acne. It is the changes in the environment of the skin that triggers acne. Acne forms when there is excessive production of sebum (human oil) on the skin. This excessive production of oil is triggered mainly by hormonal imbalance.

When this excess oil is mixed with congested toxins which are expelled through your skin, this will create an environment for acne bacteria to multiply rapidly in numbers.  The P. acne multiplies by feeding themselves on this mixture of toxins and excess oil.


In the process of digesting these enzymes, the acne bacteria will produce free fatty acids that irritate the skin. This triggers the body’s defence mechanism which often causes an inflammatory response. This condition results in the familiar symptoms of acne: swelling, pus, whiteheads, nodules and pustules.

Why treating acne naturally is more effective?
Due to the above reason, just killing the acne bacteria using antibiotics is not going to work in treating acne. Taking antibiotic can worsen the situation because it will also indiscriminately kill the good bacteria in our body. This will upset the natural balance of the P.acne in our body, and facilitates the invasion of harmful bacteria to skin.


Constant intake of antibiotics such as benzoyl peroxide, tetracycline or minocycline will eventually cause the p.acne to become resistant to antibiotics. This is not going to do anything to stop the environment that caused the P.acne to multiply.

The only way to stop acne permanently is to neutralize the acne environment (when the bacteria multiply by feeding on the mixture of toxins and excess oil). To stop acne, you must therefore treat the root causes of toxins and hormonal imbalance, which is why treating acne naturally, is more effective.

The secret for permanent clear skin is therefore, neutralizing all the factors that form the acne environment while keeping the p. acne bacteria at an optimal balance.

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