Acne Facial Care Tips for a Healthy Looking Skin



An acne facial care regimen which includes some simple and easy to follow procedures can enhance the healing process of your existing acne and balance your skin PH levels, making it smooth, even toned, radiant and healthy looking.
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Acne is basically an internal condition triggered by several underlying factors, one of which is the changes in hormone levels which cause an excessive production of body oil.


However, we still have to deal with the external acne symptoms that may enhance the formation of acne or interfere with the healing process of your existing acne on the external level (e.g. the external acne environment).


If we do not deal with these external triggers by means of proper acne facial care, it will reduce the effectiveness of our acne treatment regimen. This is especially so when the holistic treatment is performed while the individual still suffers from “live” and “evolving” acne.

Clogged or very large pores, oily or very dry complexion and bad skin hygiene do not cause acne by themselves. However, they can affect the pace of the healing of the skin and make your skin more prone or “susceptible” to acne.

For this reason, we need to have an acne facial care regimen which will include some simple and easy to follow procedures that will enhance the healing process of your existing acne and balance your skin PH levels, making it smooth, even toned, radiant and healthy looking.

It is important to wash your face gently. Don’t scrub your face. This will make it worse as it can spread your acne to other parts of your skin.  The best is to wash your face for ONLY twice per day (once in the morning and once before bed) to remove the surface oil and makeup that can contribute to acne.


Excessive washing of the face can cause mild to moderate irritations and increase redness and inflammation, defeating its own purpose. Over-washing can at the same time wash away the essential oil, making your skin very dry. If the skin is too dry, it will actually produce more oil to further complicate acne.


Get a gentle cleanser that will remove surface oils and makeup without stripping and disrupting your natural PH. You can use a gentle antiseptic and anti-bacterial 100% natural soap like tea tree oil soap or Cetaphil soap to help reduce inflammation, swelling and redness.


Using a gentle cleanser as part of the acne facial care routine will significantly improve the overall appearance of your skin without the irritation, allergy reactions and over-dryness that over the counters like Benzoyl Peroxide can cause.

Washing your face should always come after a good 5 minutes steaming routine. After the steaming, follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Wet your soap with lukewarm water.

2. Apply the soap to your face using your fingertips in a circular motion.

3. Wash your face gently and dry your skin using a cotton towel.

To keep your skin moist, you can do so internally through balancing oil secretion protocols and dietary changes and supplementation, including the regular intake of 10 glasses of pure water on a daily basis.


To moisturize your skin externally, you can apply some good quality moisturizer such as 99% Aloe Vera gel while avoiding those harsh and un-natural external care products that can significantly reduce your dryness.
If your skin is too oily (due to hormonal imbalance), you can deal with this problem by using a soap like Neutrogena clear pore oil Controlling astrigent or even better apply an all-natural mask made of bentonitre or egg whites. Do not use alcohol and water astringent as this may irritate your skin.

If you have sensitive skin, the best practice is to test each product (regardless of its quality or the nature of its ingredients) before using it, by applying a small amount of it on your chin to see if there is any allergic reaction.

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