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Grey hair is a cause for concern, whatever your age. The first appearance of grey in the locks throws almost everybody in a state of panic. Do you want to know what are the causes and treatment options for premature greying of hair?
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Grey hair is a cause for concern, whatever your age. The first appearance of grey in the locks throws almost everybody in a state of panic. Do you want to understand what causes premature greying of hair?


If you have noticed your hair is losing its original color then there is every chance that you will want to know the reason why. It is natural that eventually in our lives every man and woman will experience the onset of greying hair. This can happen as early in life as our twenties or maybe not until we are in our fifties or sixties.


What Causes Premature Greying of Hair?


(1)       Stress 

The biggest explanation why locks go greyish quicker is without a doubt anxiety. One who has got a rather stressful daily life can be a great deal more likely to go grey preceding a person that leads a worry-free life.


Currently there are already a variety of tests regarding this. Mice are actually given chemicals that can easily bring about stress and anxiety. These animals then showed dropped amounts of proteins, which looks after our own cells and also makes us healthy. Most of these health proteins usually help the locks into constructing pigment, which indicates that anxiety is certainly what causes grey hair.


(2)       Smoking


Using cigarettes can also be what causes grey hair and typically continues to be recognized to trigger baldness. Along with this, tobacco comes with an array of unfavourable effects upon the body system.


Haemoglobin is the molecule in the blood that carries oxygen from the lungs to the tissues throughout the body. Carbon monoxide, which is inhaled from cigarette smoke, binds more readily with haemoglobin than oxygen.


Therefore, if you are a smoker, it is likely that your hair is not receiving the amount of oxygen it needs to maintain a healthy condition. This lack of oxygen reduces the hair’s ability to produce pigment, and grey hair is the result.



(3)       Exposure to sun


The sunrays could damage your own purely natural hair color. The sun’s radiation possesses the ability to seep through the actual tresses follicle and diminish the colouring. It’s always encouraged to not ever go out in strong sun light, or otherwise don a large brimmed hat.


(4)       Lack of Essential Nutrients
Lack of proper nutrition and unhealthy eating habits are some of the most common causes for premature greying of hair. The actual reason behind this is the lack of an amino acid called phenylalanine. Phenylalanine combines with the enzymes in the hair and converts itself into melanin. This helps in maintaining the original color of your hair.


Some good sources of phenylalanine are milk and eggs and other dairy products. Sometimes, a thyroid imbalance or deficiency of vitamin B12, omega-3 fatty acids can also result in premature greying of hair.

(5)       Other causes


Booze along with drug use might make tresses to go grey too soon. Quite often stress and anxiety, drugs along with drinking alcohol go together. Look for the main issue of your drug abuse and combat it.


A reduction in deep sleep might be acknowledged to transform purely natural hair color. Uninterrupted sleep is whenever the body repairs itself and is normally especially vital to the entire health and wellness of the complete body. It really is crucial that you acquire around 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep each and every day.


What are the available Grey Hair Treatment Options?


(1)       Hiding the grey


In a situation where it really is a bit too late to stop greying hair then you should have to get a good quality hair dye colour. There are actually numerous varieties of dyes to choose between: For one, you can purchase a temporary hair dye that will last for one scrub. This can make it amazing for events and special periods to hide the occasional grey hair.


Semi-permanent hair color has more compact particles while compared to the short-term hair dye so is capable to partially enter into the hair. This will make semi-permanent hair color survive for almost seven washes. This can be great with regard to having remarkable hair while you are on vacation.


(2)       Embracing the grey


For women with premature greying of hair, the best haircut is a short bob with side sweeping fringes. The grey hair extends till the cheek line, with the bangs sweeping over to the side.


If you have thinning hair, the most suitable choice of hairstyle is a pixie cut which is largely opted for by older women. This is the best alternative if you do not want to worry much about hairstyling and hair care, and also want to hide the thinning hair.


Another hair style option is to choose short or medium shag which suit you best. If you are thinking of sporting one of those curly styles, any medium-length layered haircut will look good.

For men with premature greying of hair, it is recommended to keep the length short. The Caesar haircut is a good option for grey short hair. Men with rough and curly short hair can choose to wear a Morgan Freeman hairstyle. Since grey hair styles sported by men are short, choose a hairdo that will go with your face shape and also camouflage the thinning hair.



(3)       Reversing the grey


The problem with dying is some of the dying products may contain carcinogenic substances that can cause harm to your body. If sporting a grey hair style is not your options, here are the following ways to reverse premature greying of hair.


(a)        Proper Diet


Deficiencies in specific vitamins and minerals may cause premature greying of hair. Diets lacking in copper, selenium, biotin and folic acid, part of the B vitamin complex, can be a direct cause of grey hair. A broad range of other nutrients have an indirect influence, affecting the production of hormones and acting to destroy free radicals.


Choosing a diet made up of nutrient rich foods, with plenty of vitamin and mineral packed foods, including leafy deep green vegetables, dark orange vegetables and fruits, berries, nuts, seeds (cashews, almonds and sunflower seeds), crabs, oysters, portabella mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and lean proteins, and avoiding processed foods and convenience foods can bring grey to a halt.


(b)       Taking Good Care of Your Hair


Use a mild shampoo if you wash your hair every day. Harsher shampoos tend to have a negative impact on protein synthesis and take away color. When you wash your hair, massage your scalp slowly and thoroughly. This will promote blood flow and make your scalp a healthier environment for hair to grow. Use conditioner after shampooing to further enhance your scalp


(c)        Massage your scalp with cow’s milk butter or olive oil


Cow’s milk butter contains certain enzymes to keep your hair nourished and pigmentation from disappearing. Make sure to rinse the butter out of your hair thoroughly to avoid greasiness.


Another option is to use olive oil, mixed with almond oil or rosemary oil to massage your scalp regularly.  This can strengthen hair locks and prevent premature greying of hair. It also prevents dandruff and falling of hair.


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