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Although most treatment options suggest chemicals and costly medical treatments, there are also some natural ways that can effectively treat and prevent grey hair and here is how.
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Do you want to prevent grey hair? Just about everyone appreciates a healthy head of hair. In fact, Americans spend millions every year on products in an effort to enhance their manes. Of course, not everyone can boast a glorious crown.


Some of the underlying factors for greying hair are related to genetics, but not all of them are. For many people, changing their diets can result in healthier, thicker hair, and some supplements can even slow the greying process.


Although most treatment options suggest chemicals and costly medical treatments, there are natural ways to treat and prevent grey hair and here is how.


Oral Hair Nutrition


Hair is made of protein. Therefore a diet rich in protein can help to prevent grey hair from appearing prematurely. Therefore you should eat plenty of iron- and protein-rich foods, such as beans, lean meats and green leafy vegetables. These foods can increase melanin production in your body. Melanin is your natural hair pigmentation and declines as we age or undergo hard life events.


Lack of B vitamins, iron, copper and iodine in the daily diet is also another contributory factor for premature greying of hair. Therefore you should also eat plenty of seafood such as crab, lobster, shrimp and clams.


Shellfish contains natural iodine and copper, essential to keeping your hair and skin healthy. If you are allergic to seafood, then foods such as bananas, carrots and green vegetables are also ideal sources of these trace minerals.


Good sources of vitamin B-enriched foods are yeast, wheat germ or liver. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also a good source of vitamin B that can help to prevent grey hair.


Besides the above food, I recommend consuming an appropriate amount of blackstrap molasses which is also of great help to prevent grey hair. Molasses is made out of sugarcane or sugar beets juice.


The extracted sugar cane or sugar beets juice is boiled at high temperatures which crystallizes the sugars. When the left over liquid is heated up two more times, blackstrap molasses is formed.


Blackstrap molasses contains vital essentials which our body needs such as calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, and other necessary constituents.


Topical Hair Nutrition


Use Indian gooseberry oil to enrich hair growth and pigmentation and increases the strength of hair follicles. Indian gooseberry is a fruit that is used as an herbal nutrient in India where it is known as ‘Amla’. It is commonly used in India to prevent grey hair as well as help in curing other disorders. You can make gooseberry oil and apply it to the scalp.


To make the oil, boil some amount of coconut oil with few pieces of the Indian gooseberries. After the berries turn dark, turn off the heat and let the solution cool down. Remove the berries and apply or massage the oil into your hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


Besides massaging your scalp to treat premature greying of hair, I also suggest you take good care of your hair with appropriate shampoos. A blue based shampoo, either purple or violet coloured shampoos can help prevent grey hair from “turning” yellow while adding brightness to your hair.
While shampooing, you can try mixing equal amounts of blue base shampoo with the regular moisturizing shampoo which can help to replenish the hair moisture and retain the natural shine.

Another great way to prevent grey hair is to use Omega-3 Rich Shampoo. The way it works is that the Omega-3 rich shampoo penetrates deep into the hair follicle to deliver the essential nutrient that is needed to keep the hair follicle in its original colour.
While buying the shampoo, make sure that you check the ingredients first. Avoid using shampoos that contain the following ingredients that can affect your hair quality. Here is a list:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Ammonium Xylene Sulfonate
TEA Lauryl Sulfate
Sulfur (in dandruff shampoos)
Selenium Sulfide (in dandruff shampoos)
Magnesium Sulfate
Sodium Thiosulfate
Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate
Alkyl Sodium Sulfate
Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate
Sodium C12-15 Alkyl Sulfate
Sodium Dodecyl Sulfonate

Cosmetic Grey Hair Treatments


You can apply a chamomile and henna mixture to your hair to naturally dye greys. Mix one part chamomile powder and one part henna powder into a bowl. Mix in enough boiling water to form a thick paste and add 1 table spoon of vinegar. Allow the mixture to cool for a few minutes then apply to your hair. Allow to sit for 20 minutes, then wash.


Another way is to mix 1 table spoon of iodized salt with 1 cup of black tea. Massage the mixture into your hair and scalp and allow it to remain for one hour. Rinse well when time has elapsed. This temporarily dyes grey hairs while improving hair texture and health.
Caring Tips for grey Hair

Apart from using the correct shampoo and natural dye for grey hair, it is important to practice certain home remedies to prevent grey hair from spreading further. Some of the tips for caring for grey hair are as follows –

Do not expose grey hair to harsh sunrays, as it can worsen the condition.
Follow a balanced diet that is enriched with healthy nutrients for healthy hair.

You should practise proper management of stress and mental worries. You can practice yoga or deep breathing to reduce stress in your life. Stress and grey hair go hand in hand,


Refrain from unhealthy lifestyle habits, like eating fast food, smoking and excessive alcohol drinking.

By following proper hair care tips and using appropriate products, you can look stylish and glamorous even with grey hair. For more ways and idea to treat and prevent grey hair, click on Grey Hair No More.


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