Cellulite Facts – What Is Cellulite? What Are Its Treatments?


You first need to know about the cellulite facts such as what it is and what causes it in order to effectively get rid of it.
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For many, the female body is a thing of beauty that should not be marred. Because many women have heard expressions like this for all of their life, the sight of cellulite makes it even harder for them to live up to this image of perfection that society has for them.


What separates women from men is cellulite, save other facts that women are endowed with genetically. You see, you can hardly find a man, even those really fat ones, who possess that hideous looking orange peel on their bodies. But try to take a look at women in particular and you will find that even fit and slender-looking women have cellulite.


It is for this reason that they will do practically anything to fight the battle of eliminating this ugly dimpled skin condition. However, before one can effectively get rid of cellulite, you must first know what it is and what causes it. The following article is going to provide a few important cellulite facts and tips to that can help you to get rid of cellulite.


Before going further, I do like to clarify that stretch marks and cellulite are not the same thing. Stretch marks are fine lines on your skin and it can develop when growing takes place too fast (during puberty) or due to rapid weight gain.


Though our skin has the ability to stretch, but if rapid stretching is required (such as during pregnancy or during body building), the skin can unfortunately “tear”, giving rise to the appearance of stretch marks which look reddish or purplish initially. Eventually they will fade but will keep a lighter color than your natural skin tone.


Once you have stretch marks it is quite hard to get rid of them. There are creams you can buy to help lighten and fade the stretch marks. But the best thing you can do is prevention.


Now, cellulite is totally different. Cellulite comes from the fatty deposits that sit underneath the skin which causes the dimple effect. Since weightlifting was created to strengthen and tone muscles, this approach will not work.


Also when it comes to cardiovascular exercise, it can help burn the calories before the fat settle and become cellulite but it is in no way a cure for it. The key is to focus on the metabolism and not just exercise.


Yes, exercise can help but if diet is not applied with it then the cellulites won’t budge. It is very common for cellulite reducing exercises to be misinterpreted, as massive weight lifting routines. The truth is these cellulite reduction exercises are very simple for the most part, and can be do with little or no extra weight at all.


These cellulite reduction exercises focus on lifting, shaping and toning the muscle layers so they gently push outward against the skin – to bring back the smooth, tight and sexy appearance, while burning off any excess flab, if there is any.


Performing these exercises at home, in total privacy, is a great idea for those of you who cannot easily get away to do workout or do not have a gym membership. A personal trainer or monthly membership to a fitness center isn’t always necessary.


There are also many “solutions” out there that claim to help women in getting rid of cellulite by attacking the fat in their legs or buttocks, the same way they attack the fat in the rest of the body.


The problem is many of these solutions don’t work at all, because they attack the wrong kind of fat.  The fat that we diet and exercise against is a different kind of fat that the fat that shows up on our bodies as cellulite.


The fat that causes cellulite lies a lot closer to the skin than the “other” fat and is constructed in a totally different way than the other fat. The fat that gives rise to cellulite usually stays there, no matter how skinny or fit you might be.


It is hoped that these cellulite facts which you now know would have helped you to effectively get rid of cellulite. To get access to the secrets of effective cellulite treatment, click on Cellulite Facts and Fixes


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