Home Remedies for Freckles on Face


Home Remedies for Freckles on Face - Home remedies for freckles are very effective, cheap and easy for achieving a spot-free skin on face. Depending on how dark your freckles are, you will usually begin to see a gradual lightening of the freckles after two or three weeks, if they are light. In most cases, after six months, you will notice a visible change in the appearance of your skin.
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Freckles are the bunch of melanin pigments that are visible in fair skin. They are also known as Ephelides. There are various factors such as direct exposure to sunlight and genetics that can trigger the formation of these spots.


Freckles are very common in many people, particularly in persons with a fair complexioned face which makes those spots to stand out from their skin tone. Even though they are not harmful or dangerous to your health, many people don’t like the existence of freckles in their beautiful and fair complexioned face and thus looks for ways to get rid of them to get back their beautiful, flawless skin.


Even though freckles can be difficult to clear, still they can be cured as well as prevented to huge extent if precautions are considered wisely. As a preventive measure against freckles, you should apply at least SPF 30 sunscreen on your face or make sure to use sunblock to protect your skin from the sun’s ultra violet rays.


You also have to keep the sun from directly hitting the face or a cover to protect your body to wear a wide-brimmed hat, and avoid sun exposure between 10 am to 4 pm.


There are many different ways to help you lighten and remove freckles. Some of them are home remedies that you can easily do at home, and some are more professional treatments that your skin doctor should do for you which bring faster results.


However, medical ways to remove these spots can be painful and expensive. Hence more people worldwide try home remedies for freckles, as they are very effective in reducing these spots.


Natural Home Remedies for Freckles


The following are some home remedies for freckles you can try at the privacy and comfort of your house.


One of the very effective of all the home remedies for freckles involves lemon juice. Directly applying lemon juice on the affected skin will fade the freckles, so that they will not be visible.


You can also add some sugar to the lemon juice to increase its effectiveness in lightening freckles. Apply this mixture on the affected area and wash it off after 15 minutes.


Add orange juice, parsley juice and lemon juice and mix them well. Applying this mixture of juices over the affected skin part will show good results in less time.


Parsley juice that is mixed with lemon, orange and red currant juices may also be applied with your favorite moisturizing cream. This mixture also has a lightening effect that works well with freckles and brown spots.


Before going to bed, apply castor oil on the freckles and wash it off the next day morning. You can also apply vitamin E oil instead of castor oil.


You can also apply some oatmeal mixed with vinegar on the freckles and remove it after 20 minutes.


Washing the freckles with sour milk will peel the skin and thus help in reducing the dryness of the skin.


You can prepare packs to apply on freckles from vegetables and fruits and apply them on the freckles to reduce the visibility of freckles. The juices of cucumber, apricots and strawberries are very effective packs for treating freckles.


To treat the freckles on the face, apply the mixture of wheat germ and warm honey. Apply it to your face and wash it off after fifteen minutes. You should first wash it with warm water and then wash it again with cold water.


You can prepare a mixture of yellow mustard and milk to be applied to your face and keep overnight, as this reduces the freckles fast.


Cut one slice of onion and rub it over the freckles. Do this two times in a day for better effect in treating the freckles.


Applying buttermilk over the freckles is also one of the effective treatments for freckles.


Sesame seeds and turmeric powder can be mixed in equal amounts to be made into paste. Applying this paste will give cure from freckles.


Diet for Freckles


To promote a healthy and glowing skin, your diet should include lots of vegetables and fruits. These things ensure that you have glowing skin.  Drinking a glass of tomato juice every day or eating tomatoes regularly is very helpful for the prevention and treatment of freckles.


As tomato is rich in vitamin C, so it is known as “the warehouse of vitamin C”. Vitamin C can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin, and can effectively reduce the formation of melanin, so as to make the skin white and tender, and eliminate the dark spots.


During winter the freckles appear to be gone but it is not the case, as they might reappear in summer. So don’t stop using these home remedies even if you can’t see freckles at their usual places.  Due to this reason, it is therefore important to stay consistent when using any of the above home remedies for freckles as most take time to work.


Depending on how dark your freckles are, you will usually begin to see a gradual lightening of the freckles after two or three weeks, if they are light. If the freckles are dark, these home remedies will take almost a month to see results. In most cases, after six months, you will notice a visible change in the appearance of your skin.


The removal of freckles to achieve a freckle-free and healthy skin can help a person to gain self-confidence. If you are interested in getting lots of natural skincare ideas and some more home remedies for freckles, you can simply click on Beauty Skincare Secrets.


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