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How to Treat Back Acne Naturally?


Are you looking for safe and effective ways to treat back acne? Are you sick of the painful, raised pimples on your back that stop you from wearing the clothes you like? Read on to find out more.
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Are you looking for safe and effective ways to treat back acne? Are you sick of the painful, raised pimples on your back that stop you from wearing the clothes you like? Like any form of acne, you can easily treat back acne and never have to worry about it again.


Back acne scars may not be as noticeable as facial scarring but they can be just as embarrassing and annoying. Back acne is often caused by problems with hygiene and sweat trapped from tight fitting clothing. Pores on the back may become blocked up with the trapped sweat and can then become inflamed and infected.


Hormones can also cause back acne. Because the skin is much thicker on the back than what it is on the face, back acne can be harder to treat that facial acne.


The only thing with back acne is that reaching around to your back to apply the necessary cleanser, toners, and other ointments can be a task. Just as trying to clean your back or to scratch your back thoroughly, applying back acne treatments can be discomforting and bit of a nuisance.


Some different circumstances apply as far as the aggravation of back acne is concerned. Sweating and the constant rubbing of tight fitting clothes especially during athletics can cause more inflammation than acne on the face.


The first thing that you need to do is to realize that back acne is treatable, and can be cured naturally. Don’t worry about what others have told you. You are not on your own and with the information that I am going to share with you; you can be completely free of back acne real fast.


Many of the conventionally produced skin care products often contain poisonous substances, which were synthetically derived from petrochemicals. These ingredients have the potential for causing cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders, allergic respiratory reactions, and skin and eye irritations.


Many chemicals found in skin care products don’t cause immediate visible signs of toxicity, but affect our health negatively over time through repeated use. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we can do something about it.


If you want to get rid of acne naturally, you can make your own acne care products on the basis of all natural ingredients which not only save you money, but also ensure that both your body and skin are not unduly taxed by toxic and allergenic ingredients.


Even better, acne care products using simple, natural ingredients are easy to make. You can pick up most of the ingredients you will need on your next trip to the local shops. Supermarkets and natural food stores carry almost everything you will need, and specialist ingredients should be available in your pharmacy.


The following are some of the ways you can get rid of back acne naturally


Geranium Essential Oil


Essential oils such as Geranium Essential Oil are particularly effective on acne skin problems because they are anti-bacterial, antiseptic, healing and they also soothe the mental stresses which can make acne worse.


Geranium Essential Oil is derived from the leaf and stalk of the Pelargonium graveolens, from the Geraneaceae family. The graveolens species has a much rosier smell compared to the odoratissimum species, which has more of an apple scent. The Pelargonium graveolens is the most prized of the Geranium Oils.


Also a highly-regarded antimicrobial, but with gentler action and scent, Geranium essential oil is a very worthwhile addition to the home medicine chest. Geranium has exceptional healing properties for the skin, creating balance between oily and dry states, and is useful for both over-oily and over-dry conditions.


A non-drying, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, and general tonic, Geranium is described in the aromatherapy literature as a cure for acne, general dermatitis and eczema. To treat back acne, mix 10-15 drops of Geranium Essential Oil in your bathtub water and soak yourself in this water for at least 20 minutes.


Neem Powder


Neem powder is a popular Ayurvedic treatment used in India for centuries to cure skin ailments such as acne, eczema, fungal infections, burns, psoriasis and hives.


You can add 2 tablespoons of neem powder to your bathtub water and soak inside the water for at least 20 minutes to treat back acne and other body acne.


Or, you can make a paste by adding 1 teaspoon of neem powder into a bowl of water and get someone to apply this paste over your back, avoiding your eyes. If you have dry skin, substitute olive oil for water. Rinse the paste off your skin with lukewarm water after 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the seriousness of your skin conditions.


Neem powder is not suitable for broken skin, or when you are pregnant.


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Apple Cider Vinegar


As apple cider vinegar contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, it is beneficial for people with acne. The apple cider vinegar acts as a toner and astringent.


Studies claim that when applied to the skin, apple cider vinegar can effectively treat acne because it is rich in alpha-hydroxyl acids, helping to dissolve fatty deposits on the skin’s surface and reducing scaly conditions, promoting a softer, smoother appearance. It reduces swelling and helps dry the affected area.


To treat back acne, mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar into your bathtub water and soak yourself in it for 20 to 30 minutes.


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