Top Ten Home Remedies for Acne


It can be a real pain to suddenly be scrambling to find a way to get rid of the acne fast; however, there are some quick home remedies for acne out there that really work. Read on to find out more.
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Dealing with acne can be so frustrating – that pimple that shows up right before a big date, before your school picture, or the sudden breakout before the school prom. It can be a real pain to suddenly be scrambling to find a way to get rid of the acne fast; however, there are some quick home remedies for acne out there that really work.


So, instead of heading off to the store to spend your money on an over the counter product that may be either useless or dangerous to your skin, you may want to give a few of these quick home remedies for acne a try to help get rid of those breakouts fast.


The benefits of home remedies for acne are it has no side effects and very inexpensive.  It is not clear where the following home remedies for acne and practices have originated but it is logical that most of them have been observed and performed for countless years now to eliminate acne problems.


Tip One: It is common knowledge that honey acts as a bacteria remover in a large variety of skin issues. It comes as no surprise that combined with volatile oil from cinnamon acts like an efficient remedy for acne.  You can do this by making your own honey cinnamon mask.


Mix the cinnamon powder into the honey until it forms a nice think paste. Before you go to bed at night, apply the past to your face, and then leave it on all night long. When you wake up in the morning, wash it off with warm water, and it will help to get rid of the acne problem you’re dealing with. In about two weeks you will have a clean face.


Tip Two: When it comes to quick homemade acne remedies, fresh lemon juice may be able to do the trick for you. Fresh lemon juice makes a quick and affordable treatment for acne that works, but make sure you get fresh lemon juice right from a lemon.


Purchase a couple lemons and squeeze the juice right out of one of them. Take the juice and then apply it to the problem area. Leave it on overnight and then wash it off the next morning with warm water. It helps to get rid of the irritation and inflammation of the acne, which will help you get rid of it.


Tip Three: Make a pasty scrub for your face consisting of two tablespoons filled with almond powder, one tablespoon of orange juice and one tablespoon of milk.


Tip Four: Apply some tomato juice onto your face. This will act as a great antioxidant, which will help your skin generate a healthier looking glow.


Tip Five: Make use of cucumber juice for scars of acne. This will both lighten your skin one, as well as tighten your facial pores.


Alternatively, you can also prepare your own cucumber mask. You’ll need a whole cucumber to make this mask. Cut it up into small chunks and then place it in the blender and blend it up until it makes a nice, thick paste for you.


Then apply the cucumber paste to your face and leave it on for about half an hour, then rinse with warm water. It can help to refresh and sooth your skin and also will treat your acne problem. The great part is that you can save the paste you don’t use in the refrigerator and use it again as well.


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Tip Six: Gently massage any affected areas with some olive oil to aid in faster acne scar fading.


Tip Seven: Mix four tablespoons filled with yogurt and two tablespoons filled with orange peel powder to make a paste that you can apply on your face in a circular motion. Gently rub it in and wash it off afterwards with some cold water. This particular mask would be perfect to get rid of oil and dirt from clogged pores. It even opens up clogged pores that might have caused the blackheads and other acne.


Tip Eight: Using essential oils to cure your acne problems: these are just a few of the oils that you can try bergamot oil, clove oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, and rosewood oil.


Note that if you have sensitive skin that it will be wise to dilute these oils with grape seed oil to avoid further your irritation. You can apply the oil before going to bed and wash it away in the morning with your facial cleanser. If you give yourself about a month you will notice fantastic results using this holistic method.


Tip Nine: Using garlic to reduce acne is fairly simple because it doesn’t involve any elaborate preparation. The easiest method is to just cut open a clove and apply it right to the affected area.


If you want better results, you can mix the juice of 2 garlic cloves with an equal amount of white vinegar. Use a cotton ball to apply the mixture to the affected area several times a day.


This is a great method to follow because it uses the antibacterial, antiviral, ant- fungal and antiseptic properties to help repair and protect your skin from free radical damage, while drawing out infections. Vinegar is mixed in with this concoction to balance your skin’s pH levels.


Tip Ten: Lettuce is among the best herbal remedies for stubborn acne. It helps in the improvement of the pimply skin. Simply simmer a whole lettuce in water for some minutes and use water as a wash. Besides being effective in eliminating acne, lettuce also soothes sunburns, wind burned as well as rough skin.


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