12 Easy Ways to Treat Pimples Naturally


Read on here to learn about the 12 easy homemade remedies to treat pimples naturally and safely.
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Pimples are often treated as the problem of females but nowadays the problem of pimples is growing very fast among the males of the country. It has become a common problem among the young males and females. The reasons for having pimples are many like having bad eating habits to change in the hormonal system of the body.


People who have pimples not only lack the confidence as they have an ugly face but they lose self-esteem as they become the subject of shame in the society. As a result they can develop the symptoms of depression and many other serious ailments.


The problems of pimples are often associated with the change in the hormonal system of the body. After a certain age, there are many hormonal changes in the body that takes place as both men and women attains the age of maturity.


Pimples are caused by the hormonal imbalance in the body that can make the body to develop excessive hormones resulting in the pigmentation of the skin juices. Another reason for this problem can be the excessive use of cosmetics resulting in the skin damage and causing pimples. There are no specific reasons for having pimples.


Now the question arises how to get rid of pimples easily and get a charming and glowing skin? This is a very common question asked by women and men who are beauty conscious throughout the world. For this there are two ways: Allopathic treatment and Ayurvedic (Home) treatment.


Allopathic treatment refers to the use of chemicals to treat the skin and make it look glowing. There are various methods recommended by the doctors like lotions, face wash, medicated soap and laser treatments.


They can give you instant results but these kinds of treatments can never reclaim the natural beauty of the skin and can also worsen the situation by causing more skin diseases.


Ayurvedic or Home remedies for acne/pimples using natural ingredients are trusted way to reclaim the skin glow effectively. According to studies, natural solutions are proven to be effective to treat pimple and other skin problems.


Many treatments like orange peel, Cucumber for dark circles, honey curb the pimple growth. Using witch hazel and clay can cure acne problems effectively. Clay face mask can help you in clearing impurities from the surface of your skin. They will make your skin glow naturally and will treat your skin from within without any side effects.


You can use the following 12 homemade remedies to treat pimples naturally and safely.


Wash your face with warm water to open up the pores and then dry your face. Get one ice cube, cover it with a cloth or plastic and place it over the affected area, twice a day. It will help in reducing the inflammation and redness of the pimple, which make it an effective way to treat pimples naturally.


You can also treat pimples naturally with orange peel. Grab an orange, and don’t throw out the peel. Allow the peel to dry in the sun. Take this dried orange peel and grind it into powder and mix with enough water to form a paste. Wash your face with warm to open up the pores, dry your face and then apply the paste on pimples. Leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. Repeat this process for 15 days.


Make a face mask out of oatmeal. So, get a handful of oatmeal, mix it with brown sugar and add some manuka honey, blend it and when you think it has that thick consistency, you can just apply it to your face and rinse it off after 15 minutes. You can do it before you take a bath or before you go to bed.


Mint juice is found to be as an effective herbal remedy for curing acne, pimples. Topical application of mint juice on affected area cures acne without inducing any adverse action on user. It acts as a perfect cure for dryness of skin and improves skin health. This skin cleanser is popular for its anti-septic and anti-pruritic properties. Apart from preventing acne, consistent use of mint juice also helps in curing itching and infections.


Mixture of coriander juice and turmeric is another safe cure for acne, pimples. It boosts immunity strength and prevents bacterial infections which make it a great way to treat pimples naturally.


Cinnamon powder and honey paste is good for treating acne. Honey is an antibacterial agent which is helpful in eliminating acne and bacteria. Cinnamon powder is an anti-inflammatory agent and anti-clotting agent. Mix two teaspoonful of honey with 1/2 ounce of cinnamon powder. Your face pack is done here. Now just apply this paste on your face preferably on the pimples and the acne before going to bed. Wash your face in the morning with warm water


This honey face mask formula using lemon peel, manuka honey and oats is excellent for acquiring rid of pimples and infamous acne. Natural honey consists of antibacterial qualities that take away bacteria that lead to pimples from deep within the skin pores. Oats not only nourishes skin of all kinds but also absorbs unwanted sebum from within your pores as it is an absorbent. This pimples-combating honey face cover offers nourishing, exfoliating and washing advantages to skin color.


Extract juice of one lemon and mix with equal quantity of rose water. Apply this mixture on the face and let it stay for about half an hour. Wash the face with fresh water. About 15 days application helps cure acne, pimples and reduces blemishes and scars. This is one of the best ways to treat pimples naturally.


Grated cucumber is considered as the best toner for the skin. By applying grated cucumber slices on the face, eyes, and neck for 15 to 20 minutes a day for a week or so, you can eliminate persistent blackhead and pimples.


Aside from using its seed to make curry powder, fenugreek, through its leaves, can be a useful treatment for acne. Making a paste out of its leaves, you can produce a facemask that can be applied at night to prevent pimples and blackheads.


Diluted tea tree oil is a safe herbal remedy for acne, pimples and spots. It has been used for centuries for the treatment of acne troubles. Anti-bacterial property enriched in tea tree oil fights against bacterial attack and maintains skin health naturally. For improving skin tone, it is recommended to use tea tree oil in conjunction with other herbal oils like olive oil, apricot, almond or avocado oil. Tea tree oil in combination with aloe vera juice is found to be as an effective cure for treating acne, pimples and dark spots.


The juice of green/raw papaya (including the skin and seed) is extremely beneficial on swelling pimples, acne, or any abnormal growth of the skin. It prevents pus formation, removes whiteheads, boils, freckles, and brown spots due to exposure to sunlight & most other skin diseases. Papaya is also good to achieve a smooth & delicately glowing skin (contains papain, alkalide carpain in leaves, and cericin in its seeds) Ripe papaya, rubbed on your face will also serve the same purpose to a degree.


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