5 Easy Recipes to Make a Face Mask for Hypersensitive Skin


5 Easy Recipes to Make a Face Mask for Hypersensitive Skin  -  When you have hypersensitive skin, you can go round and round trying to find something that works for you. But not to worry because here are a few easy recipes to help you make a face mask for hypersensitive skin.
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As a matter of fact, everybody knows that good treatment and cleansing is significant and necessary to get great and good looking skin. Nevertheless people with acne prone and hypersensitive skin must take extra precautions.


Since this type of skin is usually characterized by a certain reaction that can easily be triggered by any external factor, it is important to treat it with care. In having this type of skin, one has to be careful on what is being applied to it so in choosing skin products, one should choose what has the mildest effect on the skin.


Many of the acne treatments can be harsh and drying. Most of the available acne remedies are formulated to decrease oil production so this will only make dry skin problems worse. Ingredients in the acne remedies may cause irritation, redness and flaking so you need to be very careful which acne treatments you use and how you care for your hypersensitive skin.


If you are like me you will want the best skin care products to treat your hypersensitive skin. Products that is natural and effective at the same time so you don’t have to be worried about harmful side effects. But, you don’t have to buy expensive remedies to have a fairer and smooth skin.


For those with hypersensitive skin, you can make your own home remedy for acne with all natural ingredients. One of the good things about this method is that you can select a recipe that has specific ingredients in it so you can be sure that it won’t irritate your skin whatsoever. Another great thing about it is that since they are 100% natural, you will never have to worry about any negative or adverse side-effects like you would with mainstream over-the-counter acne treatment products.


Following are some recipes you can use to make a face mask for hypersensitive skin in order for you to achieve the beautiful skin you want.


Cucumber Face Mask for Hypersensitive Skin


To make this mask, you will need 3 tablespoons of fresh cucumber juice, 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera Gel and 1 tablespoon of fresh unflavoured yogurt.


You mix the 3 ingredients together to form a thick paste which you can apply on your face and neck while avoiding the area near to your eyes. You rinse off after 15 minutes with lukewarm water and then cool water to keep your skin tighten. You dry your face and apply some moisturizer.


Both the cucumber and yogurt are great natural cleanser. Whereas for Aloe Vera Gel, it is soothing for your skin and is especially good for treating sunburnt skin.


Baking Soda Face Mask for Hypersensitive Skin


A paste of baking soda can be used to treat oily skin and reduce acne. Simply make a paste of baking soda and water, and apply to problem areas to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, dirt, and oil. Be sure to use baking soda, not baking powder, as baking powder can actually burn the sensitive skin on your face.


Mango Face Mask for Hypersensitive Skin


For this face mask, you will need pulp of a ripe mango, 3 teaspoons of Fuller’s Earth, and 2 teaspoons of rose water and 1 teaspoon of curd.


You mix all these ingredients to form a smooth thick paste. Then you apply this paste on your face and neck while keeping clear of the area near your eyes and leave it on your skin for 30 minutes. Once it is dried, you gently scrub it off. You can use water to make it soft again. Then wash your face off with lukewarm water first and follow this with cold water to tighten your skin. You dry your face and apply some moisturizer.


Banana Face Mask for Hypersensitive Skin


What you need for this face mask are half of a ripe banana, 2 tablespoons of raw organic honey (or manuka honey) and 2 tablespoons of fresh unflavoured yogurt.


First you use a fork to mash the banana. Then you mix the honey and yogurt together and then add in the mashed banana to form a paste which you can apply on your face. Then you rinse off after 15 minutes with lukewarm water and follow this by cold water to close up the skin pores. You dry your face and then apply some moisturizer.


Banana can keep your skin fresh and help to remove facial acne and freckles. Honey has skin-healing properties that can help to get rid of bacteria/acne and blemishes.
Yogurt contains lactic acid and beneficial enzymes that helps to keep your skin hydrated and radiant. It softens the skin, brightens a dull complexion and helps to remove redness in the face. It cleanses the skin and treats blemishes giving you a clear & smooth complexion.


Nutmeg Face Mask for Hypersensitive Skin


To create this face mask, you will need 1 tablespoon raw manuka honey, 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg powder and half teaspoon vitamin e oil. You mix all ingredients together to form a thick paste.


Apply mixture all over your face, focusing on problematic areas. You lightly massage this mixture in circular motions on your face before rinsing off with lukewarm water after 15 minutes to promote extra exfoliation.


Then you use cold water to wash the face in order to close up the skin pores so as to retain moisture in your skin. Then you apply some moisturizer.


Nutmeg is full of antioxidants and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which can soothe painful and irritated skin and can help relieve painful itching from eczema or other skin conditions. Nutmeg can also help to remove blackheads, unclog pores and slough off dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking and feeling smoother. Nutmeg can also be used to reduce scars, including acne scars.


Raw Honey has powerful antioxidants which provide protection against free radicals that are known to be one of the main causes of aging. It is full of anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties which make it ideal for anyone suffering from acne and eczema.


Vitamin E  is easily absorbed by the epidermis layer of the skin and can be used for treating sunburn or protecting you from the sun. It is a strong antioxidant that prevents premature aging and helps to heal the skin. It is also great for wrinkles, scars and irritated skin.


You may want to watch a Video HERE to learn how to make your own face mask for hypersensitive skin.


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