Easy Home Remedies for Freckles You Should Try


Easy Home Remedies for Freckles -  Are you looking for ways to fade freckles naturally? Here are a few easy home remedies for freckles.
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Freckles appear on the exposed skin and they are small colored spots of melanin. If anyone in your family has them, then there are chances that you will also surely have them, as these are genetic. This spots are caused due to the over exposure of uncovered skin to sunlight.  This spots are harmless bit still they look bad.


There are medical ways to remove these spots but they are painful and expensive. Hence more people worldwide try home remedies for freckles, as they are very effective in reducing these spots.


Before you start any regimen for skin care you should clean your face with gentle cleansers. Your face should be free of all traces of makeup before using any product.


Following are some easy home remedies for freckles you should try.


You can prepare packs to apply on freckles from vegetables and fruits and apply them on the freckles to reduce the visibility of freckles. The juices of cucumber, apricots and strawberries are very effective packs for treating freckles.


One of the very effective of all the home remedies for freckles involves lemon juice. The juice has ability of improving the way your skin appears. It contains some bleaching properties that make it suitable for using in treatment of spots. The juice helps in effective protection of the sun from UV rays.


You simply apply the lemon juice by tapping your finger to the areas of your skin with freckles. Simply do it a couple of times a day and after a couple of weeks, you’ll see some good results.


You can also add some sugar to the lemon juice. Apply this mixture on the affected area and wash it off after 15 minutes.


Add orange juice, parsley juice and lemon juice and mix them well. Applying this mixture of juices over the affected skin part will show good results in less time.


You can also take equal amounts of parsley, orange, red currant and lemon juice to prepare a mask. Mix thoroughly and then apply the mixture on the face. After applying the mixture, cover it with your favorite moisturizer. It has been tested and passed among natural remedies for freckles.


You can also try preparing a skin brightening face mask using the following ingredients: 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt, 1 teaspoon molasses, 3 drops parsley essential oil and 2 drops nutmeg essential oil


First, you add the essential oils to yogurt and mix thoroughly, then add molasses and mix, or process them all in a blender. Apply to freckles and leave on for a half hour, then rinse. This mask will even skin tone and lighten freckles when you use it repeatedly.


You can apply papaya too. This is so because papaya contains an enzyme called as ‘Papain’ which helps in evening out the skin tone, removes freckles, liver spots as well as dark spots caused by acne. Just rub the papaya peel on your spots regularly.


Before going to bed, apply castor oil on the freckles and wash it off the next day morning. You can also apply vitamin E oil instead of castor oil.


You can also apply some oatmeal mixed with vinegar on the freckles and remove it after 20 minutes.


Washing the freckles with sour milk will peel the skin and thus help in reducing the dryness of the skin. The sour cream is applied on the affected area and allowed to stick for about 30 minutes. The lactic acid in the cream allows a gentle peel that is free of irritation making a convenient way of attaining your goal without compromising comfort.


Applying buttermilk over the freckles is also one of the effective home remedies for freckles.


One of the very effective of all the home remedies for freckles is to prepare a mixture of yellow mustard and milk for applying to face and kept overnight, as this reduces the freckles fast.


To treat the freckles on the face, apply the mixture of wheat germ and warm honey. Apply it to your face and wash it off after fifteen minutes. You should first wash it with warm water and then wash it again with cold water.


The horse radishes are also classified among the best natural home remedies for freckles despite its annoying smell and tear inducing characteristics. They have successfully been tested and proven effective for treating conditions such as freckles and brown spots. Grate horseradish and beets. Add water to the mixture to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on the face and leave it for 30 minutes.


Cut one slice of onion and rub it over the freckles. Do this two times in a day for better effect in treating the freckles.


Sesame seeds and turmeric powder should be mixed in equal amounts and made into paste. Applying this paste will give cure from freckles.


Your diet should include lots of vegetables and fruits. These things ensure that you have glowing skin.


Freckles will return with exposure to the sun. Stay out of the sun and use sunscreen. Whenever you go out in sun, make sure that you apply sunscreen lotion to protect your skin form UV rays. Don’t try any chemicals over the freckles, as this will make the situation worst.


For this use only natural beauty products! During winter the freckles appear to be gone but it is not the case, as they might reappear in summer. So don’t stop using these home remedies even if you can’t see freckles at their usual places.


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