How to Get Shiny Hair Naturally?


How to Get Shiny Hair Naturally? Are you looking for ways to get naturally beautiful hair? Here are some ideas to help you get shiny hair naturally.
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Everyone wants that perfect head of hair – full, richly colored and shiny. Women all wish their hair could look like it does in the commercials, where it cascades down like a waterfall of silk. While these results may not be completely attainable in everyday life, there are a lot of things you can do to make your hair look more beautiful and to make it stronger and healthier.


Here I will show you six things you can do to make sure to get shiny hair naturally at its best.


1. Wet hair is far weaker than dry hair, so make sure that when you’re trying to detangle it, never use a hairbrush or treat it too roughly. Being overly rough with wet hair can lead to a lot of breakage, so use a good leave in conditioner and comb it out with a wide-tooth comb. This will help to drastically minimize damage done to your hair while it is wet.


2. It should be common sense that a blow dryer can play havoc on your hair. Seriously – put your hand right in front of it and see how long you can keep it there. Your hair experiences a similar feeling. Now, blow-drying your hair is perfect for convenience and time, so instead of telling you to avoid it altogether, try to use the cool setting as much as possible, keep the dryer a good distance away from your head, and don’t dry your hair completely.


3. Everybody knows that a head of shiny hair looks beautiful. Products build up and just everyday living can lead to dulling your hair’s natural shine. Once a week, use an apple cider vinegar rinse on your hair. Mix about a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar into about four cups of water to dilute it, and then pour it over your hair. Apple cider vinegar is a great and natural way to gently strip excess build up and grime off of your hair and boost its natural shine. And don’t worry, while it may smell in the shower, once your hair is dry and styled, you and no one else will be able to smell anything.


4. Ignore all the products out there touting their “quick fixes” to split ends. Once the ends of your hair are split, you can’t repair them or “glue” them back together. Leaving split ends in your hair can result in the split growing up the shaft, severely damaging your hair. Make sure to get a frequent trim to the ends of your hair, even if you’re trying to grow it out.


5. Make sure to put a deep moisturizing treatment upon your hair once a week. You can find these at any drug store, but homemade ones are natural and fun. They’re almost always made with things you’d find around your kitchen, making them easy to put together as well. You can make a powder out of mixing together dry lemon rinds, orange peels and pomegranate skin and finally adding coconut oil to it and apply this to your hair to prevent hair loss and get shiny hair naturally. You can also do a quick search to find other recipes online, or visit my blog at, so you can find one that fits your hair type as well.


6. Hair care is not just on the outside. The healthier you are, the healthier your hair tends to be as well, and fortunately there are some great vitamins you can add to your diet that will enhance the quality and health of your hair. Vitamins A and C have antioxidants that are very beneficial to the health of your hair, and vitamin E helps to enhance circulation around your scalp. Vitamin B6 can help to prevent hair loss and to create melanin, which will aid in keeping your hair color richer and more vibrant. Add these to your diet, and you’re sure to have some beautiful hair.


The key to get shiny hair naturally is making sure it is kept strong and healthy. Every hair color, style, length or type will benefit when you treat it properly. Hair care is something that is easy to promote, and can be achieved by making just a few little changes or additions to the way that you style and take care of your hair. All of those simple little steps will quickly add up over time, and with little effort you’ll get shiny hair naturally!


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