Home Remedies to Lighten Facial Scars Naturally


Home Remedies to Lighten Facial Scars Naturally  -  Are you looking for ways to lighten facial scars naturally? Here are a few easy home remedies to help you achieve this
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How to lighten facial scars naturally can be a bit of a problem, especially if these are deep ones. Those who have acne will notice that when they are infected, the infection spreads to the inner layers of the skin and it is not just on the surface.


When the infection goes deep down in the skin, the collagen is damaged and since the layer is inflamed, treating it leaves scars on the skin. People even take antibiotics for acne which sometimes help to lighten facial scars.


While chemical can peel off skin and help to lighten facial scars, we must be reminded that facial skin is more delicate than skin on other parts of the body. Thus, in eliminating acne and acne marks on the face, gentler products must be used to avoid irritating the face.


Your best bet is to use products which are 100% natural to lighten facial scars naturally. Non-chemical active ingredients are very gentle on the skin and will not irritate like chemical scar erasers do.


The best part is that these natural scar removers are readily found in your kitchen cupboard or local grocery stores. And these even cost cheaper than medicated scar lighteners and generally without side effects but they take a while to take effect.


Start to lighten facial scars naturally by trying these simple home remedies. Do the routine continuously, twice a day (morning and night), and you will see the lightening effects of apple cider vinegar, lemons, and baking soda. With regular use, facial scars will become barely noticeable.


Apple cider vinegar and lemons do great wonders in lightening scars. Both of these have citric acid which aids in lightening dark pimple scars.


Sodium Bicarbonate, or baking soda, is another very effective cleaning agent in the house. Likewise, it is also effective in clearing pimple marks and scars. It is just as effective in removing grime in kitchen tiles as it is successful in removing acne scars.


Lemon juice is acidic and can help lighten up the dark discoloration of the scars. It also helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells because of its acidic properties. Wash the skin first and then apply the lemon juice to the scars with a cotton swab. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse. This may need to be done a couple of times to see best results. Dark colored scars may take more than one treatment.


The working ingredient in a lemon that makes it an effective natural acne scar treatment is citric acid. Citric acid works to considerably lighten skin discoloration, which can make a noticeable difference to scar tissue.


There are several different types of acne scars. The two main classifications are those that are marked by indention, and those which are marked by discoloration. For acne scar sufferers that have red-mark spots, lemon is the best natural solution.


Another choice to lighten scars naturally is extra virgin olive oil which heals the skin and helps to lighten scars and even stretch marks due to the high vitamin A content and vitamin C content and it’s also rich in essential fatty acids. Used with rosehip oil it makes a powerful skin healing choice for acne scars.


You can create a natural scar lightening herbal oil, by combining 6 drops each of chamomile and calendula essential oils in a glass bottle and allow them to blend well for 2 days. Then you add 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil and 1 teaspoon of rosehip oil to the essential oil mixture. Shake the bottle to blend the oils together. You rub this oil mixture on the scars twice a day. This will heal new scars and help lighten old scars.


You can also use cucumber juice to lighten facial scars naturally. Apply mixture to scars on the face. Let mixture sit on face for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Repeat these steps each day until scars start to visibly lighten.


Another good way to lighten facial scars naturally is to add 1 tablespoon of sour cream, 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt, and 1 tablespoon of ground oatmeal, and a few drops of lemon juice to a bowl, and mix. Then you apply this mixture to face. Let mixture sit on face for 10 minutes. Rinse mixture off face with cool water. Perform this regime twice a day. This sour cream, yogurt, and oatmeal mixture is good for scars left behind from acne blemishes.


You can use cocoa butter to lighten facial scars naturally by rubbing the cocoa butter on the scar until it has been completely absorbed into the skin. Apply the treatment two or three times a day for several weeks until you begin to see the scar lightening.


Vitamin E tablets can also be used to lighten facial scars naturally. Vitamin E can be taken as a dietary supplement to prevent the affects of scarring or it can be purchased in capsules. Break the capsules open and apply the oil to the area. Rub the oil into the scar until it no longer leaves a greasy appearance on your face. Continue with this treatment once a day until the scar begins to fade.
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