Home Remedies for Stretch Marks


Home Remedies for Stretch Marks -  Are there any home remedies for stretch marks? It is a question that many women may ask themselves before, during, or after pregnancy.  Read on to find out more.
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How do you get rid of stretch marks? Or, are there any home remedies for stretch marks? It is a question that many women may ask themselves before, during, or after pregnancy.


Stretch marks are scars, which are left behind when your skin is overstretched as well as fibers in middle layer are broken. They appear most frequently during bodybuilding, pregnancy, extreme weight gain, occasionally puberty and are generally found on abdomen, legs, buttocks, breasts as well as upper arms.


Fresh stretch marks come as red lines initially and gently fade to a pale white color over course of numerous months. While it is possible to lessen as well as eradicate appearance of stretch marks, it is easy for preventing them.


These scars may just be a cosmetic concern, but you may want to find ways to make them less noticeable especially when you want to flaunt your skin in the beach.


What many people do not know is that stretch marks fade over time and that there are treatments available to remove these marks when they are on the early stages. So before it gets too late, read on and learn more about the home remedies for stretch marks.


If you want to get rid of & prevent future stretch marks then you need to start taking care of your skin with stretch mark prevention cream. There are many such creams available on the market today so the real question isn’t how to get rid of stretch marks fast because the answer to that is easy.


You need a skin cream which will help to remove & prevent stretch marks! The real question is which cream should you buy? Well, you should choose those creams that contain one or both Vitamin E and Helichyrsum essential oil. Both ingredients are natural and have the ability to repair the skin and treat it in a way to ensure that stretch marks are less visible.


In terms of other safe and natural home remedies for stretch marks, the application of options such as lavender essential oil, aloe vera gel, Vitamin K cream, Vitamin E oil, coconut oil, cucumber, Indian gooseberry, apricot scrub, cocoa butter, wheat germ oil and even extra virgin olive oil can help to reduce their appearance.


These are the things that you can buy near your local supermarket. If you know how to apply them correctly for treating your stretch marks, it would work perfectly and effectively without going for laser or expensive cream therapies.


You should massage your stretch marks as often as you can. Use a circulation motion and even pressure to massage the marks for approximately two to three minutes at least twice daily.


Massage improves circulation so nutrients and blood can more readily reach the stretch marks, helping to heal them more rapidly. In addition, massage helps to break up scar tissue that forms the marks.
Exfoliate the area regularly. Just as scars fade over time as the skin that bears the scar wears away, a stretch mark will also wear away as the years pass. You can hasten the process by exfoliating the area regularly.


You should use a salt or sugar scrub or a loofah, but not both. You should also not exfoliate more often than every three days or you risk irritating your skin and potentially creating other problems like chronic dry skin and eczema.


You can also try this recipe to fade and prevent stretch marks. You will need one ounce each of rosehip seed oil and shea butter, half an ounce of wheat germ oil, 1 Vitamin E gel caplet and 5 drops of Helichyrsum essential oil.


First you will melt the shea butter and then add in the rosehip seed and wheat germ oil. Once the butter mixture cools off, you add in the Vitamin E gel and Helichyrsum essential oil. You apply this mixture every day until the stretch marks fade.


Eat a well-balanced diet rich in vitamins and nutrients. Good skin health starts from inside your body. Without proper nutrition, your skin will not be able to repair and maintain itself properly.


Try to eat fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains whenever possible. You can also take a multivitamin to supplement your nutrient intake.

You should also drink plenty of water about 80 ounces a day. If you are optimally hydrated, your skin will be elastic and healthy looking.


Begin an exercise program. If you do not already work out, this is a great way to naturally fade stretch marks. Losing excess weight and strengthening the muscles under the scar will help reduce the appearance of marks.
These home remedies for stretch marks must be tried if you have struggled with these marks or currently have them. With these home remedies, you can prevent and treat these marks without lightening your wallet or having to go through annoying, possibly painful procedures.


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