14 Natural Home Remedies for PMS


14 Natural Home Remedies for PMS -  Are you looking for home remedies for PMS? Read more to find out more.
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A combination of emotional, psychological, physical and mood disturbances in women going through ovulation process is known as PMS (premenstrual syndrome). Some of the common symptoms of PMS may include anxiety, acne, mood changes, breast tenderness and swelling and abdominal bloating and cramps.


Home Remedies for PMS


There are several home remedies for PMS which are simple to follow and easy to use. Some of the common home remedies for PMS are:


  1. One of the simplest home remedies for PMS is to eat food rich in fiber. This will help in getting rid of excess estrogen and toxins in the body. Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated. Also try drinking a glass of unflavored Soymilk which works wonders because it contains lots of Magnesium which helps those cramps tremendously.


  1. Yoga is also one of the most effective home remedies for PMS. Yoga poses such as purna shalabhasana, bhujangasana, sputa baddha konasana and ardha shalabahasana can be very helpful in giving you relief from the symptoms of PMS.


  1. Consume food rich in calcium such as milk, cottage cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. This will be of great help in treating PMS.


  1. Aloe vera juice is also very helpful in treating PMS. All you need to do is take five teaspoons of aloe vera juice. Now take two teaspoons of honey and mix it in this aloe vera juice. Consume this mixture two times in a day for the next forty day.


  1. Borage oil or evening primrose oil are rich source of omega-6 fatty acid and be very helpful in treating women suffering from the symptoms of PMS.


  1. What we eat has various effects on how our body functions and feels. Foods that are fresh, natural (not processed or refined), treated organically (free of pesticides, preservatives, and artificial additives) tend to create better physical, emotional and overall health results. Premenstrual symptoms are also affected by what we consume and can determine whether our PMS symptoms tend to be more difficult or mild to endure. Therefore you should consume fresh vegetables and fruits and whole grains. They all are rich in complex carbohydrates.


  1. If you are suffering from bloating during PMS then fennel seeds, dandelion, green tea and peppermint can be of real help. These natural herbs not only reduce bloating but also reduce mood swings, anxiety, depression and other emotional PMS symptoms.


  1. Take some black pepper and lemon grass and make a cold infusion out of them. Consume two to four ounces of this infusion to get relief from the symptoms of PMS.


  1. Agnus cactus can also be very beneficial in treating PMS. It is an herbal remedy which is considered to be one of the most effective and safest home remedies for PMS.
  2. Take some warm water in a cup and then add five grams of ajwain and small piece of jaggery in it. Consume this mixture two to three times in a day. This is a very effective remedy for curing PMS.
  3. Try to avoid consumption of alcohol, aerated drinks, coffee, tea and smoking as they can make your condition worse.
  4. Cramp bark can be very helpful in giving relief from the pain, muscle tension and spasms. Just take a glass of warm water and then add thirty to sixty drops of it in this water. Now drink this solution. Those who are suffering from cardiovascular or heart diseases should not try this remedy.
  5. Practicing meditation on daily basis can also be very helpful. This will help you to get relief from the stress and make you feel better. These were some of the effective and popular home remedies for PMS which are safe to use and simple to try at home.
  6. You can prepare a natural massage oil mixture by mixing well together 10 drops of geranium, 15 drops of lavender, 5 drops of German chamomile, 3 drops of cypress and 4 ounces of almond oil. Store this oil mixture in a dark glass bottle and when you want to use, simply apply the oil to your abdomen.


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