Arginine Foods to Avoid with Herpes


Arginine Foods to Avoid with Herpes - Are you considering diet as one of the ways to get rid of herpes? So, are there any arginine foods to avoid with herpes, in order for you to stop herpes outbreaks? Read on.
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Although Get rid of herpes has nothing to do with diet I thought I might write a little post for those who are considering diet as one of their ways to get rid of herpes.


I’m sure that if you have suffered with herpes for any length of time you will have looked around at possible ways to get rid of herpes and if you have then I’m also sure that you will have come across or heard of ‘Arginine’.


Arginine is a non-essential amino acid which the body produces naturally. Foods that are high in arginine tend to be bad for herpes sufferers as it provides an environment which allows the virus to flourish and replicate. This can make the chances of suffering with an outbreak far more of a worry & common occurrence.


Arginine Foods to Avoid include the following:


Red Meat


Nuts (almonds, chestnuts, peanuts)

Orange Juice





Whole Grains




Protein Supplements

Wheat Products

White Bread

And a whole host of other foods


For a better idea of which foods contain or are high in arginine it would be wise to do a quick search online.


Another substance which I found to be partly responsible for regular herpes outbreaks was anything made with white flour. White flour is thought to be responsible for or contribute towards many conditions, and seems to have an effect on the body’s immune system.


I would strongly suggest that you try removing foods prepared with white flour when trying different ways to get rid of herpes. I found that it helped reduce outbreaks.


Besides flour, you should also avoid all junk food, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, foods that contain artificial sweeteners and additives which tend to increase acidity in the body which can trigger herpes outbreaks.


To help control herpes outbreaks, you should have a lysine-rich diet and foods such as fish, vegetables, dairy products, brewer’s yeast, bean sprouts, beans and fruits (avocado, mango, apple, apricot) have high lysine content. This is because lysine helps to stop the virus which causes herpes.


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