9 Really Safe Home Remedies for Relieving Painful Foot


9 Really Safe Home Remedies for Relieving Painful Foot - If you spend a lot of time on your feet or you’re older (which means you’ve accumulated a lifetime of wear and tear), you’re more likely to struggle with aching feet. Here are some home remedies for relieving painful foot.
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Your feet hold one-quarter of the bones in your body (26 in all), along with 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and multiple tendons that allow you to walk, point your toes, jump, hop, skip and move in countless other ways.


It is not normal for your feet to ache, though it may seem that way because the majority of Americans (75 percent) will have problems with their feet at some point during their lives, according to the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association (IPMA). As far as pain is concerned, about half of Americans experience foot pain at some point.


If you spend a lot of time on your feet or you’re older (which means you’ve accumulated a lifetime of wear and tear), you’re more likely to struggle with aching feet, but really anyone can be affected. And when you consider that by the age of 70 the average American will have walked the equivalent of four times around the globe, it’s easy to see why.


So what can you do for relieving painful foot?


  1. Self-Massage


Sit in a chair and rest your left leg on your right thigh. Put a small amount of massage oil, such as coconut oil, into your hand and massage it into your foot, kneading as you would a piece of dough. You can also use both hands and press your palms, fingers and/or thumbs firmly against your toes, arch and heel. Pull your toes back, push them forward and gently pull them apart. Repeat on the other foot.


  1. Elevate Your Legs


If you feet are painful and swollen after a long day of standing (or even sitting), lie on a bed or couch with your legs elevated above your heart.


  1. Standing Stretch (Works for Arch Pain)


Stand with your toes up against a wall, then lean forward slightly to stretch the arch of your foot. Repeat on the other foot.


  1. Sitting Stretch (Works for Heel Pain, i.e. Plantar Fasciitis)


A University of Rochester study found that performing this stretch relieved pain in 75 percent of those with plantar fasciitis after being performed three times daily for three to six months.


Sit in a chair and rest your left leg on your right thigh. Hold your toes, bending them backward toward your shin to stretch the tissue that connects the bottom of your heel to the ball of your foot.


  1. Heel Raises and Toe Points for Toe Cramps


Simple heel raises (stand and lift your heels so you are standing on the balls of your feet for about 10 seconds), repeated about 10 times, can help relieve toe cramps. [vii] Raising, pointing and curling your toes for five seconds, repeated 10 times, is also useful for toe cramps, according to the American Podiatry Medical Association (APMA).


  1. Tennis Ball Roll


A tennis ball makes an excellent massage tool. Simply roll your foot (the ball, arch or heel) over the ball at varying pressures. You can also use a golf ball.


  1. Ankle Rolls


Cup your heel in your hand then rotate each ankle slowly five times to help loosen ankle joints and relax your feet.


  1. Epsom Salt Foot Bath


Add 1/2 cup of Epsom salts to a basin of warm water and soak your feet for 20 minutes to help ease pain and relax the muscles in your feet.


  1. Homeopathic Rub on Relief


Rub on Relief is a broad-spectrum homeopathic pain cream that was formulated to not only relieve pain fast but also to address many of the foundational reasons why you are in pain.


If your foot pain is chronic and you are looking for a really safe way for relieving painful foot, I recommend using Rub on Relief as your go-to fast-acting form of relief and combining it with Heal-n-Soothe to stop the ongoing pain and inflammation.


Rub on Relief is unique because it contains a synergistic blend of homeopathic ingredients, each carefully selected to address pain and inflammation from a slightly differently angle:


  • Belladonna: A plant that impacts your body’s nervous system, belladonna is used for pain relief


  • Ignatia: A plant that has been used by Chinese doctors for centuries to help calm the nerves and relieve pain due to emotional upset. There is often an emotional component to pain, and it’s widely known that relieving psychological pain helps improve physical pain


  • Rhus Tox: Useful for easing a variety of inflammatory symptoms, Rhus tox has been used for over 200 years for many types of pain


  • Phosphorus: Helps reduce the burning sensation in your muscles by regulating the nerves that send “pain” message to your brain


  • Naja: Relieves inflammation and pain in nerve tissue


  • Lachesis Mutus: Has a blood-thinning, or anticoagulant, function, which enhances blood flow and facilitates the healing process by hastening the removal of toxins from your blood


  • Menthol: A balanced amount of menthol gives you relief without the burning other creams cause


  • MSM: Delivers vital sulphur to your connective tissue to form healthy bonds in your cells and joints for faster healing and pain relief


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