How to Really Minimize Your Electromagnetic Fields Risk


How to Really Minimize Your Electromagnetic Fields Risk - What You Need to Know About the Hidden Electromagnetic Fields Threat for Pain Sufferers and How You Can Minimize Your Electromagnetic Fields Risk.
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What You Need to Know About Electromagnetic Fields and Your Health


You can’t see, hear, smell, touch or taste them… but electromagnetic fields (EMF) are all around you.


While you may not feel them, you may soon feel their effects on your health. The problem is your first warning sign may be a diagnosis of cancer or even the massive heart attack that kills you.


The reason why is complex and not yet fully understood, but electromagnetic fields have been associated with leukemia, lymphomas and cancers of the nervous system including brain cancer.


And thanks to minute changes in the electrical currents flowing through your body’s nervous system caused by electromagnetic fields, involuntary muscle actions are affected. Involuntary actions like keeping your heart beating.


Electromagnetic fields are also associated with sleep interference, including both disruption of brain activity during sleep and suppressed levels of melatonin.


While the jury is still out on the full effects of electromagnetic fields, enough evidence now exists to warrant taking precautions to protect your health. Especially pay attention to the device I’ll describe in a moment that you may be using right now to help your pain – but could be hurting you more than you know.


Where Do Electromagnetic Fields Come From?


Electromagnetic fields are found wherever electricity is used. But there are two key components: electric fields and magnetic fields.


Electric fields surround any potential pathway for electricity. Higher voltage increases the effects of the electric field component. This is why living near high voltage power lines has become such a concern.


Magnetic fields are created by electric current, which means using an electric device creates a magnetic field. Exposure to magnetic fields caused by alternating current such as used in your home’s electric wiring, unlike those caused by direct current such as from batteries or even the Earth itself, can induce and affect the flow of electric currents in your body.


Major sources of concern for health-impacting EMF pollution include:


  • Electric lines, especially high voltage electric lines
  • Cell phones and cell phone towers
  • Smart meters (which replace the older analog electric meters)
  • Small appliances (hair dryers, can openers and electric shavers exhibit some of the highest fields tested)


How to Minimize Your Electromagnetic Fields Risk


Your risk of negative health consequences from electromagnetic frequencies are determined by three key variables: distance, strength and length of exposure.




Increasing your distance from an EMF source will decrease the electromagnetic field’s impact on your body. Both electric fields and magnetic fields weaken rapidly as you move away from the field’s source.


Some ways to increase distance from EMF sources include:


  • Avoid living in a home near high power lines or cell phone towers
  • Refuse installation of an electric smart meter (or have it replaced with a traditional analog meter)
  • Avoid placing your bed near a wall with electric current – especially where the electric company’s line enters your home




Electromagnetic fields vary based on the amount of voltage (electric fields) and current (magnetic fields). Increased voltage or current flow will increase the strength of the field at the source, extending the distance of its health effects.


Some ways to avoid higher EMFs include:


  • Avoid high power lines
  • Avoid use of devices with a high power draw


Exposure Time


The longer you spend within an electromagnetic field, the more opportunity it has to make an impact on your health.


You can minimize exposure time by taking simple steps including:


  • Avoid carrying a cell phone on your person
  • Avoid using a laptop computer or other device with wireless “always on”
  • Turn off all electric devices in your bedroom at night


The Hidden EMF Threat for Pain Sufferers


A few years ago I was shocked to discover that one of the devices I’ve used personally for years to relieve pain was a major source of EMF pollution.


Worse, it’s a device that magnifies the effects of the electromagnetic fields on your body as it has high field strength, is meant to be used directly on your body (or through thin clothing), and is meant to be used for extended periods of time. Three strikes!


If you haven’t guessed already, I’m talking about your everyday heating pad.


Heat is a great way to relieve pain, but I’m not willing to put my health at risk from EMF pollution any more than I am willing to put it at risk from painkilling drugs.


Fortunately, I found a much more effective source of heat for pain relief – without the high EMF dangers. It is called far infrared heat and you can get it from a specially designed far infrared heating pad with very low EMF emissions which can really minimize your electromagnetic fields risk. It’s the same kind of safe heat hospitals use on new-born infants in ICU to keep them warm.


Best of all, far infrared penetrates 2-3 inches into your body tissue, gently warming you from the inside out rather than just skin deep like normal heating pads. Just like the sun does when you lie on the beach in the summer – same kind of rays (sorry, you won’t get a tan with this heating pad though).


If you’re using a heating pad for pain relief now, I urge you to throw it away to protect your health – and pick up something better for both your health and your pain. A far infrared heating pad!


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