Which is Really Best Sex Position for Painful Back?


Which is Really Best Sex Position for Painful Back? If you want to have a happy sex life, read on here to discover which is the best sex position for painful back.
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Many people with back pain avoid having sex for fear that it will cost them weeks or months of pain. In one study, 64 percent of those with chronic low back pain said sexual intercourse worsened their pain, while separate research showed up to 84 percent of men with low back pain have a reduction in sexual frequency as a result.


For others, you may restrict yourself to ‘spooning’ (or side-lying), which is widely said to be the best position for those with a bad back. It turns out, however, that there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ position for making love if you have back pain. Instead, the best position for you depends on what type of back pain you have (where it is and what triggers it).


And, contrary to popular belief, spooning may be far from the best sex position for painful back after all, according to a new study that actually tracked how 10 couples’ spines moved during five common sex positions.


So far, only recommendations for men have been released (female findings are expected to be published in the next few months), but the study set forth new ‘guidelines’ for men who are flexion-intolerant (such as if you have back pain when you touch your toes or sit for long periods).


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Quadruped Position is the Best Sex Position for Painful Back!


For flexion-intolerant back pain, the ‘quadruped’ position (rear-entry, in which the female is in the quadruped position and the male is kneeling behind her, better known as ‘doggy-style’) is advised instead of spooning, and it’s recommended that men use a “hip-hinging motion instead of thrusting with their spines.”


The next best sex position for painful back was missionary 1 position – but not missionary 2. What’s the difference?


In missionary 1, the male is supporting his upper body with his hands and the female is minimally flexed at the hips and knees.


In missionary 2, which is not recommended, the male is supporting his upper body with his elbows and the female is flexed at the hips and knees.


As the researchers noted:


“[This] seemingly subtle change in posture … altered the spine kinematic profile significantly.”


Subtle changes in your partner’s posture can also have a significant impact on your pain, “which suggests that the partner may be an integral factor in the intervention.”


In other words, one of the best ways to have an enjoyable sex life even if you have back pain is to discuss it with your partner. It’s not only those with back pain who are affected, either, as their partners may fear hurting them during sex. Together you can experiment to find positions that are pain-free and enjoyable for you both.


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