How Calcium Easily Makes You Look Terribly OLDER?


How Calcium Easily Makes You Look Terribly OLDER? Did you know excess calcium in your diet promotes wrinkles and sagging skin, which easily makes you look terribly older than you actually are? Read on to find out more
Learn How to Stop Premature Skin Aging Using Homemade Skin Care Products


Did you know excess calcium in your diet promotes wrinkles and sagging skin, which easily makes you look terribly older than you actually are?


It’s true… it’s actually as bad for your skin as too much sun, too much smoking, and too much sugar!


Yes, you can reverse this backward trend… and look many years younger in the process.


But you can’t just cut calcium out of your diet. I’ll explain why in a moment, but first…


Calcium Threatens More Than Just Your Skin


Harvard researchers (using data from a woman’s only study running non-stop since 1976) have discovered that – contrary to everything you’ve been told – calcium does NOT protect your bones…and, in fact…leads to MORE fractures and HIGHER rates of osteoporosis!


It puts your heart at risk too (The Washington Post reported this way back in 2011 with a piece titled, “Calcium boosts risk of heart attack, stroke for women, study finds”)


And it can destroy your brain (NPR dropped this bombshell with the headline, “Studies Find Link Between Alzheimer’s, Calcium”).




I was too.


I was always told calcium forms the bedrock of optimum health.


But it turns out both you and I haven’t been told the whole story…


The Calcium Lie


Physician of the Year (1996) Dr. Robert Thompson pulls back the curtain on how calcium is ruining your skin, weakening your bones, and threatening your heart, brain, and much more in his new book “The Calcium Lie 2.


And right now, because this book is so important if you care at all about living longer, living well, and looking your best too (and of course you do)… right now I’m giving away FREE copies of “The Calcium Lie 2!”


An ob-gyn, Dr. Thompson first noticed the dangers of calcium while delivering babies.


You see, certain women would experience a rash of cavities after childbirth.


While researching why, he also learned about two factors that cause over 50% of infant deaths…certain deficiencies that lead to lower IQ scores in babies…and even how a woman’s placenta can reveal her risk for heart disease later in life.


And it was all related to calcium.


(If you’re not happy with your skin, and you’ve had multiple children, this could explain why).


After continued research, he released the first volume of “The Calcium Lie” in 2008 to get the word out about all of the dangers of calcium and the truth about bone health.


This new updated edition is fantastic and I encourage you to read the whole book (again, I’m giving it away FREE today!) … but if you want to jump to the parts on how to keep your skin radiant, be sure to read the following pages:


The absolute best moisturizer for flawless skin (it doesn’t just moisturize surface skin cells…but lubricates emerging cells so fresh skin comes to the surface looking uniform, supple, and glowing)! Pg 162


The most dangerous supplement for your skin! It makes your skin look “tarnished” like old silverware (and worse, can lead to heart disease and stroke). Pg 22


Is your skin coarse, dry, scaly, or thick (especially on your elbows, heels or feet)? These are early warning signs of a serious disease the Journal of the American Medical Association says, “is the most underdiagnosed illness in America”. Pg 95


Vitamin C keeps your skin healthy and supple, right? Only if you get the real thing. The tell-tale signs you’re being sold fake vitamin C (once you know this you’ll never look at ANY vitamin the same way again!)  Pg 158


Thin skin? Bleed easily? How to gain healthy thickness to you skin on just 25 cents a day. Pg 153


5 water mistakes that strip your skin of nutrients, leaving it red, dry, and flaky (plus which type of water supports skin health) Pg 184


Which inexpensive mineral supplement reverses skin troubles and chronic exhaustion (explains why you have dark spots…AND…are tired all the time)! Pg 110


Like I said, the whole book is eye-opening, but just these 7 pages could have a massive impact on your health and happiness.


It retails for about $15 in bookstores…


But because I believe this is such an important (and completely ignored) subject I’ve decided to give away copies of The Calcium Lie 2 (Plus a few special bonuses you can’t get anywhere else).


So click here right away to grab a free copy of this book while supplies last.


Your skin will thank you. And now…


Here’s How Calcium Easily Makes You Look Terribly Older


As you probably know, your skin is about 75% collagen. It gives skin strength and structure. And replaces dead skin cells.


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Starting around your 20th birthday, your body naturally produces about 1% less collagen per year.


Less collagen results in less strength and structure in your skin (aka, wrinkles)…which is why you look older and older as the years pass.

There’s not a whole lot you can do about that…


However, along those same lines, excess calcium throws a monkey wrench in your body’s ability to create collagen. And with less collagen, your skin starts to “look” older than it ought to!


Now, there IS something you can do to stop that!


And the answer is on page 62 of “The Calcium Lie 2.”


You may not be able to stop the passage of time. But what you find may help you look years younger than you do now.


Watch this Video HERE – The Calcium Lie – What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know Could Kill


Here’s the link one more time:


See How to STOP Premature Skin Aging in The Calcium Lie 2 — FREE!


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