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Secrets to Getting a Nice, Firm Butt Fast

Secrets to Getting a Nice, Firm Butt Fast - Are you looking for ways to have a nice, firm butt? Have you ever seen people that have lost weight but still don’t have a nice, firm butt? That’s because they are focusing on all the wrong things. Read on to find out more about the 3 secrets to a nice, firm butt.
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Are you looking for ways to have a nice, firm butt?


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Have you ever seen people that have lost weight but still don’t have a nice, firm butt?


That’s because they are focusing on all the wrong things.

I know from experience…


I used to be overweight. Even when I lost the weight I still had a saggy butt.


But after trying a million things, I finally figured out the secrets to lift a saggy butt. Now, I have a nice, firm butt that I love to show off in a bikini.


So here’s my first secret:


Do resistance butt training!

Now by resistance, I mean actually using weight to put resistance on that muscle.


A lot of women think that if they lift weights, they are going to get all bulky and look like a man.


But when you target the muscle with resistance weight training, it gets tighter and toner because muscle takes up much less space than fat.

You’ll see your clothes get looser and looser, as your butt gets tighter and tighter.


Don’t worry if you are born with those “fat storing” genetics… so was I and I thought I would never be able to lift my saggy butt. You’ll be AMAZED at how your butt gets lifted and firm in no time.


This next exercise I’m going to share with you is called a “rainbow”.

You can find a nice comfortable mat or you can also do this on a carpet. Just make sure that you’ve got some kind of protection for your knees, even by putting a towel underneath.


What we are going to do is grab a weight. I have a 15 pound weight here. You can start with the five pound or a 10 pound weight, whatever feels comfortable.


The most important thing is to put your muscle under resistance because that’s going to get you more results even faster.


That’s going to build that lean, tone muscle that gives you a really great shape to your butt.


It’s going to lift that saggy butt fast.


While you are setting up for the “rainbows”, place your hands underneath your shoulders.


Take a moment to line up your wrists to your elbows and your shoulders and then place your hands shoulder width apart. It’s really important that you have a good foundation.


You can feel all four corners of your hands and your knees, it’s all really nice and balanced.


This is going to prevent injury as well as isolate the butt muscle.

So I am going to show you the movement without the weight. It’s called a “rainbow”.


You are just going to lift your knee up to the side and then lower it down.

Now I am going to add that weight resistance so that we really target the top of the butt muscle.

It’s called the gluteus muscle.

It’s going to give you that nice, round, upward lift. You take the weight and place it right behind your knee.


You can see that this is going to give a nice, firm anchor so that I can lock my knee tight. I am going to setup back in my form and take a moment to get balanced.


Now keeping that muscle engaged the entire time, I am going to lift the knee and then lower.

Do you feel the difference?


Let’s do this five times. Make sure you are breathing, really isolating that butt muscle. You can feel the top of the butt muscle rounding.


You can feel how just a few exercises really get in there. That’s because we are using the weight.


So work up to doing 50 reps on each side. That’s going to really give you a tone, tight tush and lift your saggy butt.


Now remember, there are lots of weight resistant butt exercises that you can do.


Keep practicing and you will see results fast in the form of a nice, firm butt.


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