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Cut Stroke Risk 40% By Eating This Delicious Snack

 Cut Stroke Risk 40% By Eating This Delicious Snack - If you could take a magic pill, that caused absolutely no side effects, that can cut stroke risk and heart attack in half, wouldn’t you take it? Read on to find out more.
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If you could take a magic pill, that caused absolutely no side effects, that can cut stroke risk and heart attack in half, wouldn’t you take it?


How about if there is one small, delicious snack that has the same effects?


You can find this snack in every supermarket and you probably already have it in your kitchen. Isn’t that easily worth to help you cut stroke risk and save your life?


And just to set the record straight, this snack was proven more effective than any cholesterol or blood pressure drug in a recent study recently conducted by Oxford University.


Mom was right all along! Fruits and fresh, leafy vegetables are good for you.


And it took a study spanning seven years conducted on half a million people to prove mom right. It involved 451,681 people with no previous history of cardiovascular disease at the beginning of the study.


The participants were divided into five groups based on their fruit-eating habits – Daily, 4-6 days a week, 1-3 days per week, monthly and never.


About 18 percent of the participants ate fruits every day, while at the other end of the spectrum about 6.3 percent of participants never ate fruits at all.


Over the course of 7 years, 19,300 heart attack cases and 19,689 cases of stroke were recorded.


Those who ate fruits daily, compared to those who never ate fruits, had a 15% lesser risk of developing overall cardiovascular diseases.


But when it came to how this can cut stroke risk, the numbers were stunning. Those who ate fruits daily cut stroke risk by 40% than those who never or seldom ate fruits.


Better still, people who ate fruits regularly also had 3 points lower blood pressure readings than those who avoided them.


Citrus fruits were discovered to be the best options as they offered the maximum benefits. So make sure you snack on some delicious oranges, mandarins, grape fruits or other citrus if you want to cut stroke risk.


Another study conducted by University College, London revealed that eating about 7 portions of fresh fruits and vegetables daily can cut stroke risk and reduce death by up to 42 percent.


If you aren’t convinced already, this is the time to make fruits and vegetables an essential part of your diet. Next time, push away that bag of chips and take a piece of fruit instead.


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