This Weird Morning Activity Can Boost Your Health & Cure Diseases

This Weird Morning Activity Can Boost Your Health & Cure Diseases - Have you been diagnosed with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, arthritis or high cholesterol? What Can Really Boost Your Health & Cure Diseases? Read on to find out more and a video clip on healthy living.
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What Can Really Boost Your Health & Cure Diseases?


Have you been diagnosed with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, arthritis or high cholesterol?


Then I’ve some good news for you. Because there is a simple, free, completely effortless 15 minutes morning activity that will seriously boost your health & cure diseases.


It also helps for losing weight, boost your energy, cheer your mood and pretty much any other health benefits you can think of.


Scientists have been warning people that doing this activity any other time of day can be very dangerous (especially some parts of the world). But doing it in the morning is not just save, it could also safe your live.


For many years now, scientists and physicians have been vigorously touting the dangers of too much sunlight. Indeed- overuse of tanning beds, too many hours on the beach and working outdoor job without protection can be dangerous. Especially in the modern days of cancer-causing UV damage.


However, there is a new health concern for millions regarding sunlight, and it’s not about getting too much sun. It is about getting too little sun exposure.


Sunlight is critical for all creatures living on land. It’s the number one source of vitamin D. And studies have indicated that majority of people, especially elderly, are lacking vitamin D.


Vitamin D deficit is linked to almost all progressive diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, arthritis or high cholesterol. It also contributes to obesity, fatigue and depression.


In What Way Can You Really Boost Your Health & Cure Diseases?


So where is the balance found? If spending time on the beach causes trouble, and hiding indoors or under a thick coating of sunscreen does too, what’s a person to do?


The answer lies in WHEN sun is sought, and for how long.


According to study results reported in the LA Times, people who spend at least 15 minutes exposed to early morning sunlight are slimmest, less depressed, and generally healthier than their more shaded counterparts.


Lux is a measure of light exposure, and the study authors noted that people with a daily morning exposure exceeding 500 lux tended to me much healthier. The researchers explained that the brightest daylight hours will offer exposure of 10,000 lux or more, and even overcast days will still provide at least 1,000 lux.


So the point there is to get outside in the early morning sun. It’s not nearly as intense before 9:00 am, and even cloudy days will provide some benefit. You don’t even have to be jogging, gardening, or otherwise exercising (although it helps).


Even sitting on the porch swing with some water and the morning paper brings full benefits.


Your body will produce its own vitamin D if exposed to sunlight. So be an early bird and load your body with vitamin D for 15 minutes if you want to boost your health & cure diseases. You’ll experience drastic improvement in all the disease talked about before.


Watch this Video – How much sunshine do you need to get enough Vitamin D?

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