Quckie Sex – When Is It Okay To Jump Straight Into Sex

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As men, we have always been told not to rush into sex because women take a longer time to get “heated up”. We need to engage in foreplay first, but sometimes you can get this done over quick. Here are certain situations when it is alright not to have any foreplay.


(1)   Both of you have a fun and enjoyable night together.


You pamper her at her favorite restaurant. Or, you go with her to watch a romantic movie probably with strong sexual overtones. After this, both of you go to a night spot to enjoy a few cocktails. You probably get a bit “high” after downing a few glasses and go to the dance floor with her. On such a night, foreplay is not necessary because it has probably happened already with the sexual tension gradually building up throughout the night.


(2)   Sex after a ‘short break’.


Absence makes the heart grows fonder. After both of you are temporarily separated due to business trip, family visit or vacation, the reunion will be sweet. The time away from each other which makes her missing you have the effect of raising her libido. The feeling is probably like a person who has been “starved” for a few days and you can be sure that sex is going to be fast and furious when you are finally alone with her again.


(3)   Attending wedding ceremonies/celebrations can have aphrodisiac effect to women.


You may notice that she is more into the mood of having sex without the need to stimulate her, after attending these events. She may want to have quickie sex with you to celebrate she is still a “free woman” not tied down to husband and kids or she is trying to hint to you it is possible to have hot sex after you are committed to her.


(4)   When there is lack of time


At certain situations when time is limited and if she is in the mood, she is likely to be agreeable to jump straight into sex with you before you go to work, during lunch break, when you follow her into the dressing room of a departmental store when she tries out some clothing/dresses or on any “rush hour” occasion.


The above occasions are exceptions to the norm of warming her up first with kissing, touching, licking, sucking, caressing and nibbling your way to sex. Want to find out more on sex-related topics? Go to Hot Sex and Explosive Orgasm

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What You Should Know About Anal Sex

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She either likes or hates anal sex. She likes it if this gives her pleasure. She hates it if this gives her painful moments. The following paragraphs will discuss about what women likes and dislikes about anal sex.


Before going further, there are some essentials you need to take note about anal sex. Unlike vagina, the anal canal does not produce any fluid; therefore it is a MUST to use lubricant when you engage in anal sex. It is better to use a silicon-based lubricant than those water-based types because they tend to last longer and do not dry up quickly.

Avoid using those sticky petroleum-based lubricants which can clog up the wall of the rectum. Because the wall of the rectum does not secrete any protective fluid and is quite permeable, it can easily get infected if not enough attention is paid on hygiene. It is advisable to wear condom to cut down the risk of infection. If she is not into anal sex, you ought not to force your way through.


Why she likes anal sex?


Women love anal sex because it gives her a different kind of sensation that she will not get from the normal penetration. Once the rectum is ready, it will kind of “swallow up” the penis. At times, women like to be a bit naughty and anal sex is one of those things she can do with someone she trusts without anyone knowing her “true colors”.


Why she hates anal sex?


The anal canal is not naturally equipped for sex because the wall of the rectum is dry and thin which means it can easily be subjected to wear and tear by any rough treatment. If you do not stimulate her enough and are a bit impatient in trying to get in, this can cause her great pain.


Another reason she hates about anal sex is the sticky mess you deposit inside her which can be relatively difficult for her to clean up afterwards. This is more so for those hygiene-conscious women who do not tolerate stickiness on any part of her body.


Anal sex means different things to different people. You need some practicing and experimenting to make it perfect and enjoyable. Of course, there are many other ways to have enjoyable sex and you can always read about this at Hot Sex and Explosive Orgasm

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Female Orgasm – How To Get Her To Climax With Multiple Orgasms

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Trying to get a woman to reach orgasm can be difficult for some guys. This is especially so if you are trying to get her to have multiple orgasms. Although not every woman can have multiple orgasms, but it is always worthwhile to try out these techniques to give her at least one BIG and UNFORGETTABLE one!


Before going further, there are two things to take note. You MUST show her you are enjoying the whole process. Women love to see that you are having fun (another turn on) when you are trying to give her multiple orgasms. Men and women get stimulated in different ways. While men can get “heated” very fast, for women to reach climax, men NEEDS to be PATIENT. Women do not just get high by how hard you thrust her, how big your organ is or how long you can stay inside her. A woman’s TOP EROGENEOUS ZONE is HER BRAIN. If her brain is not stimulated, all your efforts in trying to get her to climax will be wasted. You have to first make her feel good with your words and actions.


Hopefully, the following steps can help you to give her multiple orgasms.


(1) You have to turn her on before reaching the bed in order to build up the sexual tension. Say something nice about her, talk dirty to her, compliment her looks, and give her non-verbal cues of love and respect. She has to feel overall good about you and herself in order to get stimulated later.


(2) Because women get aroused slower than men, you need to use foreplay to warm her up. Try to find out where are her hot spots and spend some time stimulating them. For most women, the best trigger is the clitoris which is the fleshy part that is outside and at the upper front end of her opening. Stimulate her clitoris using your hand, or vibrator or your tongue.


(3) Do not rush. Keep it slow and smooth. Spend some time gently sucking the clitoris, start slowly and gradually working up the speed. Take your time to enjoy her tastes, smells and get to know every part of her vagina. While doing this, you can massage her nipples.


(4) Getting the right position. Not all women are the same. Understanding her is very important and you need to discover what position she prefers and feels comfortable in. She needs to feel relaxed in order to reach orgasm.


(5) Be observant. You need to pay attention to see if she is bored with the sex position or foreplay. Use their moaning and groaning to guide you. The more they moan and groan, the more you should continue on what you are doing. Glance at her eyes. If you catch her eyes looking at you often when you are in a particular sex position or foreplay, this indicates she is getting bored.


(6) Figuring out the right rhythm for her. Not every woman has the same sexual preferences. Some women like fast and aggressive sex while others it to be slow as cooking porridge and prefer her guy to be delicate in making love. Therefore you need to find out what pace she likes in order to get her climax fast.


(7) Control the timing of your ejaculation. Because a woman takes time to get “heated up”, you need to last longer in bed in order to satisfy her. Here are two ways you can probably get her to help you last longer. Ask her to gently squeeze the part of your organ before the head or the area at the base of your organ. Another way is to get her to gently tug on your ball sack for several seconds until you subside.


The bottom line here is to make her feel good before reaching the bedroom and when in bed you need to observe, listen and feel for sex cues in order to get her orgasm fast. You can get more related ideas from Hot Sex and Explosive Orgasm.


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How To Turn A Girl On with Your Kiss

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Kissing is a crucial part of the sexual process. When human kiss, it triggers a series of activity in the brain and adrenal glands that cause a sharp increase in nerve stimulation and sexual excitement all over the body.


Build up the mood first


Set the mood by whispering sweet compliments in her ears such as telling her how much you like the smell of her hair, how hot she is, what you think about her, etc. Flirt until she inches closer to you.


Start with the lips without using your tongue


Begin with light kissing of her lips (either the top lip or bottom lip or both lips). A kiss without using your tongue is perfectly okay. However, if you want to use it, open your mouth a little wider, gently pushing your tongue against her tongue.


Make full use of your hands


Put your hands around her neck or waist, on the back of her head, or her cheeks.


Observe her reactions


Do not assume she likes what you like. Experiment with the different types of kissing and the amount of pressure in order to gauge her preference.


Try the different ways of kissing


Here are some of the ways of kissing you can consider:


(a)    Single-lip kiss  – take one of her lips between yours and gently suck on it

(b)   Earlobe kiss – taking her earlobe lightly between your lips and gently tug it downwards

(c)    Wet kiss – any open-mouthed kissing, with or without tongue but not with excessive saliva

(d)   French kiss – open-mouthed kissing where your tongue touches her tongue


Some other areas she probably likes to be kissed


Besides her lips, you can kiss the back of her neck, her collarbone, hips, breasts, face (light kissing on her cheeks, forehead, and jaw line).


The most important point to take note about kissing


Kissing differs from other sexual activities because it is one of the few things that you should allow her to take the lead. One of the biggest mood-killers for a woman is when a guy forces his tongue into her mouth before she is ready. Be the guy that makes her wants more of you. Want to be the dream lover that most women “hunger for”?  Go to Hot Sex and Win Her Over.




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How to Turn Her into a “Bad Girl” In Bed?

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She steps out of the bathroom and she sees you admiring her body. But she feels uneasy and quickly wraps the towel around her body.


You move down to her body and want to stimulate the area between her legs. She gets shy and says she does not want you to do this.


Does this sound familiar to you?


These are some of the situations which indicate she is not as sexually comfortable and open as you want her to be. It turns out that these situations are quite common.


The reasons some women behave in this way could be due to psychologically damaging events from her past (probably being sexually abused as a child), her own self-image and social pressures. She feels that performing certain sex acts does not match her self-image. Since young she is being told that if women enjoy sex too much, they will be called “sluts”.


What should you do when you come across such situations?


Because this is an emotional issue, it will be difficult to resolve this with a logical answer/argument. This does not mean you cannot be honest about your feelings. You can tell her that you are willing to please her because you feel very intimate with her and you do not think it is wrong to expect her to want to please you. The important thing here is not to put any pressure on her to comply with your desire.


There is high chance that when you tell her you want something that she is not giving you, she will test you. Women have this in-built instinct to test guys to see if you really love them or if you are just trying to get them into bed. She may says things like – “Maybe we should break up and you patch up with one of your ex-girlfriends that could sexually satisfy you. “ The proper response to such test is to assure her that you only love her.


The next step is to get her to work together with you to resolve the issue. You can say things like – “How are we going to work together as a couple so we both feel good and get what we want.” You need to listen carefully because she will probably give you some subtle hints about what she needs from you in order to get what you want. She may tests you again for a few times by asking you to find other women that can satisfy your needs. As always, give her the same assurance that she is the only woman you love.


You just have to be patient so as not to make her feel pressurized. You should relax and try it gently now and then (but not too often). Stay calm, patient and loving.


When she is totally sure that she is more important than the sex acts you want, she will start to work with you to resolve the issue. Gradually, she will come to the conclusion that she is a “good girl” by pleasing her man.


The bottom line here is to first accept her as what she is, without expecting her to change. You love her for what she is and you will soon realize that change is easier for both of you. Want to improve your sex life? Please go to Hot Sex and Turn Her On.



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