How You Can Help A Woman To Reach Orgasm


When it comes to female orgasm, a lot of guys are still quite confused. How does female orgasm happen? What does it feel like for her? Are there different types of orgasm? What can you do to help her reach orgasm? Below you will find the answer to all of those questions and more.


What happens when she reaches orgasm?


Unlike the male orgasm which can occur very easily, the path to female orgasm is rather complicated and usually happens only under the right conditions. A woman can even experience multiple orgasms if she is able to have one. She can also achieve climax through masturbation.


What happens in a woman’s body when she reaches orgasm is very like what happens when a guy ejaculates. There is a feeling of excitement building up to a point where everything “explodes” in a great blast of ecstasy. This “orgasmic moment” is characterized by surges of rhythmic muscle contractions in the vagina and other parts of her body, occurring almost every 0.8 seconds. Her body may become rigid; the skin on her face and chest may flush red. Her face may take on a pained expression as she moans, pants or screams in enjoyment. A few women may emit a silky fluid which is often referred to as female ejaculation.


Types of female orgasms


There are 3 ways to get a woman to reach orgasm. This can happen when her clitoris, G-spot and brain is being stimulated. She can achieve clitoral orgasm on her own by masturbation. Her brain can be stimulated either by her partner or by herself as a result of her feeling horny with sensual thoughts or fantasies as claimed by some women (such as Lady Gaga). This implies a woman does not need penetration to achieve orgasm.


One big difference between male and female orgasm is the capacity of a woman to have the 2nd, 3rd or 4th orgasm after getting her 1st one. But this ability to achieve multiple orgasms has to be learned.


There are 2 types of multiple orgasms. The 1st type is the sequential orgasm which is (the more common type) a series of orgasms that come about 2 to 10 minutes apart. There is brief interruption in arousal between each orgasm. A climax during oral sex is followed by a climax during penetration.


The 2nd type is the serial orgasm that happens with a series of orgasms following one after another closely by only seconds apart. So rapid is the pace of orgasms that she remains in a high state of arousal. This occurs when her clitoris and G-spot are stimulated, which is sometimes called blended orgasm.


Under what conditions can she reach climax?


For men, it is a very mechanical thing. All he needs to do is to “molest” his “little brother” and normally he should be able to come off quite easily. For women, they demand a “package deal” consisting of the following:


(a)    pleasant and comfortable surroundings

(b)   a guy who turns her on

(c)    she feels wanted and appreciated as a woman

(d)   she is sufficiently lubricated in a natural way preferably

(e)    her clitoris is properly stimulated


How should you help her to get orgasm?


You cannot hurry her, you must be gentle, give her tender loving care and not to give her any pressure but lots of pleasure. You need effective communication skills to find out what she wants. If she is not so sexually experienced and unclear of what she needs, you have to learn how to “read” her body signals when you touch her from head to toes.


You can get her to hold your hand to guide you on where and how she likes to be touched. If there is a particular area she likes you to spend more time on, she can hold your hand to keep you from wandering to somewhere else. If she likes you to give you a little more pressure on a particular spot, she can squeeze your hand a little harder to signal you. It will be better if you can get her to masturbate in front of you so you can observe how she likes to be stimulated.


You need to keep her comfortable and the environment should be conducive for sex. The place for having sex should not smell and look more like a storeroom. What I mean by giving her tender loving care is you need to be patient in your time and effort on foreplay. Do not act desperate by immediately aiming for her love canal. Instead start with the non-sexual areas to create some anticipation and suspense so that when you finally reach for the final objective, she will be begging for you to proceed.


To distract her from any possible anxieties, encourage her to fantasize. You can start the ball rolling by reading her an erotic story to let her mind wander. One area which you cannot miss if you want her to reach orgasm is to stimulate her clitoris using your fingers, mouth, tongue, the tip of your “little brother”, or even a vibrator. If she is over 40, she probably needs extra help from lubricants.


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How To Make A Woman Orgasm


The biggest obstacle to a woman having an orgasm is psychological. First, she must feel sexy in order to get turned on. For a woman, achieving orgasm is a gradual process. There is no single best sexual technique that can guarantee a woman’s satisfaction. It requires a slow building up of mood and touch that eventually send her over the edge. A better understanding of female orgasm will be of great help in guiding you on how to give her pleasure in bed.


(1)   Give her pleasure not pressure


Sometimes it is not due to the fault of you or her. It may be due to some temporary psychological factors. Many women feel so pressurized about not able to reach orgasm after a fairly long foreplay session that they end up faking orgasm. The best way to handle this situation is to tell her it is alright and let her know you just want to give her pleasure irrespective of whether she is going to have an orgasm. What you can do is to explore each other’s body and in the process you will probably be able to discover some possible neglected erotic spots.


(2)   Get her in the mood


If you want your woman to be uninhibited in the bedroom, you have to help her by setting the mood. Do anything to make her feel good about herself. It will be best to make her feel sexy. Give her sincere compliment on something that she works hard on such as her new hairstyle or the new clothes she just bought. Do not rush into the bedroom. When she is sitting beside you on the sofa watching TV or chatting with you, you can start caressing her and kissing her slowly. You can have a steamy and sensual bath with her, taking turns to scrub each other’s back.

You can offer to give her a massage after her hard day at work. You start massaging her shoulders then her neck and when she relaxes you can get naughty with your hands. Pamper her with some of her favorite tidbits, chocolates, or wine. In the bedroom, use dim lighting, play some sensual music, fill the room with scented candles or perfume, change into her favorite colors curtains or bed sheets. You can also create the mood in other places of your house such as in the living room, kitchen or anywhere you can imagine.


(3)   Do not just keep quiet


Communication is the key to good sex. Some women who are self-conscious about how they look when naked tend to have difficulties in reaching orgasm. You can make her feel good about herself by complimenting how great she looks and you can make some noises to show her how you are enjoying what you are doing on her.

You can also talk dirty to her which is a turn on for most women. You can tell her about what you like to do to her. Your words will be more effective if you can keep eye contact with her. Besides the content of the dirty talk, the way you say it is equally important. You can choose a low and deep voice, high and squeaky pitch or a breathy whisper to carry your sexy messages across to her.


(4)   Give her breasts tender loving care


Gently brush the tops, bottoms and sides of her breasts which are actually quite sensitive. Slowly move in towards her nipples. The super sensitive nerves on the nipples are connected to the pleasure nerves in her clitoris and vagina, so pinching or rubbing her nipples will make her get wet.

To tease her, start by stimulating her nipples with your mouth and her clitoris using fingers. After she has gotten aroused, switch to stimulating her nipples with your hands and using your mouth on her clitoris. The different sensations on each of her body parts will bring her to an orgasm that she never experiences before.


(5)   Give her clitoral orgasm


The easiest way to bring a woman to orgasm is to stimulate her clitoris, an area which is solely for her to enjoy sensual pleasure. Before she is properly turned on, direct clitoral contact can make her feel uncomfortable. It is best to start with indirect contact. You can add a little variety by trying side-to-side or diagonal strokes. Once her breathing gets heavy which is a signal that she is ready for more stimulation, you can then place your thumb on her clitoris and start to massage it.


Most women do not get orgasm through penetration. It is because there are comparatively much lesser nerve endings in the walls of vagina than at the entrance. Therefore no matter how hard and how deep you can ramp in, you will not get her off. Instead, try a grinding motion that can allow your pubic bone to come into contact with her clitoris which will give her the stimulation she wants to get orgasm. It is the main reason why many women favor the woman-on-top position. This position allows them to control the action to get maximum clitoral stimulation by rocking their hips forward to allow contact with the head of the clitoris.


(6)   Get to know the tell-tale signs of her having an orgasm


When you give her oral sex, do not immediately dive in and reach for her clitoris. Start by kissing her inner thighs and then move your mouth to either side of clitoris including her vaginal lips before gently making the first contact. Watch her hips for a clue to the rhythm she likes. If her hips are digging into your face, it means you can speed things up a bit by licking her clitoris faster. Watch for signs of her near to climax such as the subtle deepening in the color of her vaginal lips due to increased blood flow. You can also put a hand on her stomach to feel the muscular contractions that immediately happen before her orgasm.


(7)   Continuity and consistency


Women do love and appreciate your effort when you try new things or ways to pleasure her. However once you discover what works on her, do stick with it until she reaches orgasm. Do not stop or change moves midway to orgasm. You can try those new things in the next round or future encounters.


(8)   Get her reach orgasm first


A woman’s orgasm threshold drops after her first one. It is therefore much easier to bring her to climax through penetration after she has already experienced one. The easiest way to her achieving orgasm before you is to stimulate her clitoris using your fingers, tongue, tip of your “little brother” and a vibrator. Therefore make her orgasm first before you go inside her.


There you have it – some of the basics you need to know about female orgasm. They serve as a good starting point to make her enjoy sex with you. There are plenty of other positions and techniques you can try to please her. When you are ready and keen to find out more about these, you can click on Hot Sex and Great Lover.


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How To Last Longer – 8 Simple Tips For You To Try


It is always one of those frustrating things in life. Fun moments are always short. This is applicable to most men who always wish they can always last longer in bed. Use the following tips to improve your sexual endurance and overcome premature ejaculation.


(1)   Masturbation training for ejaculation control


You masturbate without your mind thinking about how to last longer. When you are quite near to the point where you think you are going to ejaculate, you stop for at least 15 seconds to cool yourself down. You do this start-and-stop motion for a few times in each masturbation session gradually increasing this to 6 times in subsequent sessions. Initially you may lose control and in this case do not make any attempt to stop ejaculation. This needs a bit of patience and practice and therefore do not let this initial loss of control to discourage you. The main objective of this masturbation practice is to control your sexual response.


(2)   Squeeze to cool down yourself


There is an area which is below the tip and on the underside of the male genitals which is very sensitive to sexual stimulation. When you feel you are about to let go, you apply direct pressure on this area to push blood out of your sexual organ and momentarily repress the ejaculatory response.


(3)   Give your scrotum a gentle pull


The squeeze technique can be quite disruptive because you need to pull out after penetration. A way to overcome this is by pulling your scrotum (the pouch of skin enclosing the testicles) away from the body. You can do this by yourself or you can get your partner to do it gently. This pulling action can cool you down and gain you extra time in bed.


(4)   Use Kegel exercises for training PC muscles


A Kegel is an exercise that helps to tighten PC muscles. PC muscles also known as pelvic floor muscles, is actually a group of muscles that support the pelvic floor and surround the internal genitals. These muscles are involved in urination and ejaculation control. When you stop half-way when peeing, you are using your PC muscles. You can train your PC muscles by cutting off the flow of urine and then starting and stopping it repeatedly.


(5)   Make her orgasm first


It helps a lot to distract yourself from the worries over premature ejaculation by focusing instead on spending time and effort to pleasure your partner. This means devoting about up to 15 minutes on foreplay to get her properly aroused and stimulated before penetration. The most effective method is to stimulate her clitoris using your hand, mouth and tongue. For a woman, sexual satisfaction is not about how long you last inside her. As long as she receives her orgasm, the amount of time you spend penetrating her does not matter at all.


(6)   Go for the second round


It may be due to certain temporary psychological factors that you let go too early in the first round of lovemaking. Rather than tormenting yourself on your performance, it will be more constructive to shrug off this disappointment to go for the second round if time allows both of you. You continue with your foreplay on her until both of you get equally aroused. You should be able to last longer than the first time.


(7)   Shallow penetration


You press the tip of your “little brother” against her clitoris and remain at the vaginal entrance. This can arouse her much faster because her entrance is where the most sensitive nerve endings are located. You do shallow penetrations of 2 to 3 inches inside her vagina. As long as you do not trust too vigorously, you should be able to last longer.


(8)   Let her ride on you


This is the best sexual position to help you last longer. If she is on top (facing you or facing away), you should be more relaxed and less stimulated than the normal missionary position. You get her to go slowly because fast thrusting can hurt a man’s sexual stamina.


Learning to control premature ejaculation without the use of drugs or desensitizers involves greater understanding of your sexual responses and learning to cool yourself down to extend your fun moments in bed. For more ideas on how to improve your sex life, you can click on Last Longer and Extended Pleasure.

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Get Her Off

Find Out More About The Sexy Ways To Please A Woman In Bed


Most guys like to brag about their sexual prowess. But sex is not rocket science which means you can be as good as any self-proclaimed sex experts. There are many factors that can affect a woman’s sex drive. Some of which are obvious, while others are definitely not. What can you do to drive her wild?


(1)   Do not rush


Women on average take 8 minutes longer than men to reach orgasm. Therefore if you want to impress a woman in bed, you have to slow down and give her sufficient time to get aroused. What better way to achieve this than to spend some time and put in more effort on foreplay. A woman needs foreplay to get her wet and ready for penetration. Without sufficient time for foreplay and trying to rush things up, sex can be painful.


(2)   Stimulate her brain


Great sex is not limited to what you do in the bedroom. Most women need their partner to make them feel loved and appreciated. Most guys may not realize this. A woman’s major sexual organ is not located at the lower part of her body, but at her upper body, which is her brain. Emotional intimacy is equally important to turn a woman on. Share your desires and fantasies and be honest about the things that turn both of you on and off.


Most important, do listen to her. If you listen more, you will have better chances of understanding what is important to her. If you know what she wants, you will know how to please her in bed. Take time to hear her story.


(3)   Paying attention


Great sex is not just about mastering sexual techniques or about the size of your sexual organ. The only way you will ever know what is and what is not working when you are in bed with a woman is by using this best sexual technique – paying attention! You need to pay attention to build intimacy with a woman. You have to learn to “tune in” to her body by listening to her breath, feeling the change in the temperature of her skin and the way her muscle tone changes. By really tuning in, you will know exactly what she needs to have orgasm.


(4)   Make it fun for her


Contrary to what most men are led to believe in, orgasm is not essential to a woman’s sexual satisfaction. If you want to be a master lover, do not regard orgasm as the ultimate goal for sex. Aim to pleasure your partner and she is more likely to respond in kind. You focus on your partner and how her body connects with yours. You let your mind to be attuned to the sensations and movements of both of your bodies. Your goal should be to react instinctively without planning anything. If you can stay in this state of action and reaction and simply enjoy the entire lovemaking process, the better the sexual experience will be for both of you.


(5)    Give Her An Orgasm


Though a woman does not need to have orgasm to be sexually satisfied, this does not mean she does not want to have one. For a woman, achieving orgasm is a process and is supposed to be a fun experience. This means you do not miss out all the kissing, licking and caressing which are also essential in getting her to climax before you stimulate her clitoris by touching, rubbing and kissing it.


(6)   Practice sensual sex


Men can easily get aroused by watching porn and staring at women’s breasts. However, women are multi-sensory. They can get aroused by all of their senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.


(a)   Sight


Make your surroundings look more romantic with soft lighting or candles or change the curtains into those with bright colors that can get both of you in the mood. Both of you can put on some sexy underwear or outfits to seduce each other. You can use blindfold to sharpen her other senses.


(b)   Hearing


Women get turn on when men show the desire to please them. Talk dirty to her. Tell her what you are going to do and that your sole purpose is to get her feel and believe she is a sex goddess. Choose music with horny themes or any types that have a special meaning to both of you and play that music when you are making love.


(c)    Smell


Fill the room with warm, relaxing scent. Apply on yourself small amount of aftershave or perfume. Spray some perfume on the bed sheets too. Massage her using scented oils or lotions. But be careful not to let oil-based products to come into contact with condoms.


(d)   Touch


Spend some time in touching each part of her body from head to toe by way of tickling, stroking, circling, grabbing, massaging, licking and changing the rhythm and speed of your touching. To enrich the sensation you can tickle her with a feather or you can touch or rub against her skin using a cloth that can be made of cotton, silk, satin, fake fur or anything that captures your imagination.


(e)    Taste


Cook her favorite dishes or go out to eat something special as a prelude. But be careful not to overeat as this can make you lethargic. You can also blindfold her and feed her some passion fruits or chocolates. Paint her body with edible cream or syrup and lick her like an ice-cream cone.


The above are some of the things you can do to pleasure a woman, which is critical in maintaining a great sexual relationship. You can always be the perfect lover every woman wants. Do you want to learn some more tricks to rock her world? Click on Hot Sex and Great Lover.

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How To Have A Sexually Satisfied Girlfriend


Find Out More Sexy Ways From Here To Please A Girl

What are the common characteristics of sexually satisfied women? What can you do to give her maximum sexual pleasure? Read on.


The Common Traits Of Women Who Have A Happy Sex Life


(1)   She has a high sexual appetite


The meaning of sex to a woman is more than just intercourse. When a woman craves for more sex, what she actually wants is to feel loved. One of the ways to make her feel wanted is to tell her she is hot, sexy, and gorgeous and that you cannot wait to be alone with her and mean it. Another way is to pay attention to her needs and work to satisfy most of her needs.


(2)   She feels she is a sexy woman


Satisfied women are sexually confident of themselves. They believe their partners find them extremely sexy. How to boost her confidence? The first thing to do is not to criticize her appearance. A woman will not feel sexy and comfortable enough to show you her body if she is worried that you think she is fat, ugly or plump. A woman can even get turn on without you touching her if she gets your sincere compliment.


(3)   She is honest about what she wants


A woman who is both confident and comfortable to ask for what she wants in bed has higher chances of having orgasm. Therefore you should encourage her to be open in talking about sex in non-sexual situations. In addition to this, watch out for her non-verbal cues. For example, if she keeps touching you gently, you can be sure she wants you to do the same to her.


(4)   Her main objective is pleasure


You may not believe this – a woman does not need to achieve orgasm in order for her to feel sexually satisfied. All she wants is pleasure from sex. Therefore you should not put too much pressure on her and yourself during your intimate moments with her. The more relaxed you are, the greater will be the chances of her having orgasm. The more you try to focus on orgasm, the more you are not likely to make a woman climax. Instead you just focus on deriving pleasure from the whole lovemaking process.


(5)   She does not care much about your size


Only 7% of sexually satisfied women believe penis size is critical to their pleasure. Indeed a woman can get orgasm even without penetration by stimulating her clitoris through oral sex and masturbation. She cares more about your passion and sexual chemistry with her.

How Do You Please Her Sexually


(1)   Be flexible


Predictability breeds boredom. If you keep doing the same thing on her she will be less sensitive to your stimulation as time goes on. Experiment and retrace your steps, so that instead of focusing on one particular spot, you can explore some nearby areas regularly. Ask her to give you some signals or get her hand to rest on your hand to guide you on where she wants to be touched. Or, you can get her to squeeze you. For example, if she wants you to apply greater pressure on a particular spot, she can squeeze you harder.


(2)   Let her fantasize


It is only when a woman’s mind is clear of any fears or worries that she can orgasm easily. Fantasy is a way to distract a woman from any fears. Therefore, encourage her mind to wander into fantasy before going into action. You can whisper provocative words to each other in turn, building an erotic fantasy she can get lost in.


(3)   Let her take charge


In order to have a better understanding of what is best for her, let her control the pace and intensity of action. Encourage her to be on top so that she can have more choices of positions (facing you, facing away, sitting cross-legged on you) to use at her free will.


(4)   Pay attention to her clitoris


The clitoris is where most of the stimulation should be applied in order to get her off. Most of the nerve endings that give her that awesome sensation of climax are located in this area. If it is being neglected, it will be difficult for her to achieve orgasm. Performing oral sex is one of the safest bets to get her reach orgasm.


(5)   Pleasure her u-spot


The u-spot is an erogenous zone located between the clitoris and the vaginal opening that can give a woman an unexpected and highly erotic response when stimulated correctly. When you are using fingers to stimulate the u-spot, simply slip your fingers (the 3rd and 4th fingers) gently above the clitoris, at the opening of the vagina. Massage the u-spot by varying your finger motion horizontally and vertically. The best way is to put saliva on your finger tips before stroking it. Saliva allows your fingers to glide on the u-spot and maximizes her chances of having orgasm.


(6)   On and off


When she is near climax, you stop stimulating her sensitive spot for about 5 to 10 minutes and during this lull period, you can kiss her and move to other parts of her body. Then you go back to pleasuring her hot spot again. You can repeat this a few times. This on and off motion can increase her sexual arousal a lot.


Want to have more ideas to give a woman good orgasm? Click on Hot Sex and Great Lover.

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