3 Brain-Dead Simple Tips That Can Make A Huge Difference In How Women Respond To You Sexually

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All the things about great sex involves touching and mastering the essentials of touching is one of the best ways to make her realize how fun sex can be. Therefore I want to share with you some techniques for touching a woman that will give her euphoric sensation, make her flush uncontrollably with excitement and drive her wild with desire.


(1)   Touch her more


The 1st thing you must know is that women love to be touched. For women, being touched gives her strong feelings of approval. It is a powerful reward to a woman when you touch her and it can instantly make her feel great.


Women link many feelings of sexuality, love and trust with the sensations, love and trust with the sensations that are aroused in them when a man puts his hands on her. It can make her feel both sexually excited and safe at the same time. This can trigger her body to release certain chemicals into her blood that make her feel more attractive and comfortable with the man that she is with.


(2)   Pay attention to how she likes to be touched


There are particular types of touching that women find more romantic, more sensual and more arousing than others. However, the problem is every woman is different and therefore you need to do some experimenting to find out which ones she responds to most. The main idea here is to really tune in to her (or paying attention) and notice how she is responding.


Most men are rather lacking in creativity in touching. They will always do it the same way because it worked on their 1st girlfriend, or the way they think they are supposed to do based on what they heard. By thinking out of the box, you will open a huge new world of sexual opportunity for yourself.


You can try the following while looking into her eyes:


(a)    Use your fingertips very lightly so that it almost gives her some ticklish feeling. Try it out inside her wrists and up to her elbow.


(b)   Stroke her gently, but not tentatively with your palm. Try running it up her back, her neck, her legs, arms, or cheeks.


(c)    Place your hand firmly like a manly handshake on her shoulder, the back of her neck, her thigh, arm or hand.


(d)   Cup her with your hand and stroke gently with your thumb.


(e)    Try with gentle pinching and pulling on everywhere from her shoulder blades to her labia and clitoris.


(f)    Starting at her neck, use your fingernails to pet upwards into her hair along her scalp and then slide your fingers back while gently tugging her hair between your fingers.


(3)   Touch with feelings


You may not realize this – a woman can feel, not just the physical sensation of your hand on her skin, but she can also sense the emotional content of your touch. When you touch a woman while thinking sexual thoughts about her, and when you focus that intent into your touch, she will feel it very strongly and her body will respond to it. In the same way, when you feel tender feelings of attraction and protectiveness for your woman when you stroke her hair, this will make her feel loved and safe.


To recap what I had said about sensual touching, you need to:


(i)                Touch her more

(ii)               Pay attention to how she likes to be touched

(iii)             Touch her with feelings


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How To Give A Girl The Best Oral Sex Experience

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To some people, oral sex is a good way to build intimacy with her. To be good at this, you need to “read” her body carefully, listen to her breathing and observe her movements. Do remember that everything you do is for your partner at that particular moment and is not based on any past sexual experiences or what you see in porn movies.


Here is what you should take note when you are giving her oral sex:


(1)  Pay attention


This is of utmost importance because when it comes to having great sex, as every woman is different. There is just no one-size-fits-all type of techniques. Some women like direct pressure that is so firm that you are afraid she may get hurt, while others prefer tender loving care and even indirect touch. Every woman is unique and finding out how to sexually stimulate her effectively takes experimentation and paying attention.


It is unlikely she will tell you how she wants you to stimulate her but her body signals will “communicate” all the information to you and all you need to do is to pay attention to these signals. You need to listen carefully to the changes in her breathing, the way her skin softens and her muscles tighten, the way the blood flushes beneath her skin in her face and breasts and the way she moans.


Through all these signals she is telling you all the secret ways she wants to be touched and teased. It is all up to pay attention and for you to understand what she is communicating.


But this alone is still not enough. You can do everything right. You can do all the right moves with your fingers, lips and tongue and still yet to drive her crazy. On the other hand, you may be doing the only basic steps, but if you can tune into her “emotional channel” and stay connected with her, you can wake up the “pleasure zone” in her brain.


(2)  Stay connected


Most men never really figure out how to connect to a woman’s sexual emotions. It is a pity they fail to realize it is in her brain (not in her vagina) where the most intense orgasms begin. Great sex for a woman is impossible if you are completely disconnected with her.


She needs to feel connected with her partner; she needs to feel trust and to be assured that she will not be judged or humiliated. You make those connections to her through the way you hold her eye-contact, the way you smile confidently at her, the tone of your voice, the way you put your hands on her and the way you hold her.


To make her feel at ease and connected with you, all you have to do is to give her some small signs to let her know you are still aware of her as a whole person and not just her breasts and genitals. Look up at her and make eye-contact once in a while. Stop and tell her how much you enjoy doing it or how hot she is. Reach up and stroke the side of her face and hair. Take her hands and give them a gentle squeeze. Any gesture that can let her feel you are connected to her as a person will be great!


Once you do this, after a while you will realize her body will start to relax into what you are doing and later she will progress into a state of orgasm.


(3)  Push her limits


This is only applicable when she is your lover because you should never do anything to a woman that she does not consent to.


For unknown reasons, women usually “resist” to having their most intense orgasm. They get panic when they feel it is about to happen. Usually this will occur after she has come a few times and is about to go into multiple orgasm. Yet she feels that if she comes that hard, she will not be able to take it, so she clamps her legs closed or she wiggles her hips out of the way.


But if you and she have a trusting relationship you can try to ease her past this limit. When she begins to squirm or resist as she reaches her “pleasure limit”, place your palm firmly in the center of her chest to give her some reassurance. If you can do this gently and with confidence, she will become sexually submissive and let go off her anxiety to allow you to take her to the “next level”.


To recap, you need to:


(a)  pay attention to her body signals

(b)  be emotionally connected to her

(c)   give her reassurance so she can go all out to reach orgasm


Before going further, there are other thins to watch out for:


(i)                 Make sure your hands are clean, nails are trimmed and you are clean-shaven as you may want to use your hands as well as your mouth on her.


(ii)               If you are anxious about the taste and/or smell of her genitals, it is probably a good idea to have a romantic bath or shower together before you go down on her.


(iii)              Take your time before you move down to her. You can start by touching her non-sexual places, kissing her passionately, stroking your finger tips up her back to the nape of her neck, gently massaging her open palm and the inside of her wrists, licking and sucking her nipples and kissing around her navel, before gliding your way down to between her legs.


(iv)            Keep a steady pace and try not to stop. Women like steady stimulation and it is better not to stop unless you need to come up to catch your breath. Should you need to stop, replace the stimulation with your hand or a vibrator.


(v)              Women can take longer than men to come and many women are anxious about this. Whatever you do, do not make her feel bad about this.


Sex and sexual play are great fun between a man and a woman who are attracted to each other. If you are keen to find out the secrets of great and fun sex, you can check this out at Oral Kit and Kissing Pussy

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The Naked Truth About Orgasm

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What sexual intercourse positions provide the most likelihood of producing female orgasm? Is it possible for a woman to have a vaginal orgasm without stimulating her clitoris?


Yes, it is absolutely possible to give a woman orgasm during intercourse without direct clitoral stimulation.


There are huge differences between a vaginal orgasm and a clitoral orgasm. Most vaginal orgasms are not caused by clitoral stimulation.


Giving her an orgasm during intercourse without clitoral stimulation is easier than giving one with clitoral stimulation.


The 3 key contributing factors to non-clitoral orgasms during intercourse are:


(1)   Position

(2)   Angle

(3)   Intensity of sexual arousal


The main “pleasure point” for giving her a non-clitoral vaginal orgasm is the G-spot. This is located about 2 inches inside and on the front wall of the vagina (towards her belly button) roughly half-way between the opening and cervix.


In order to stimulate the G-spot you have to choose a position that allows your manhood to continuously stimulate her G-spot at the proper angle.


There are a few positions that work really well for this:


(1)   You can use a modified missionary position where you prop her buttocks and hips enough with a pillow to allow you to penetrate upwards and inwards at about forty-five degree angle.


(2)   You can use the rear entry position (commonly known as the doggie style position) that has the advantage of being able to slide the length of your organ along the G-spot.


(3)   You can also consider the reverse of the modified missionary position. This means you prop her buttocks high enough with a pillow or get her lean against a dinner table to allow you to penetrate her from behind (quite similar to doggie position). This position allows you to stimulate the G-spot in an upward to downward motion.


(4)   This position allows her to control the speed and depth of penetration and is also applicable when she is in advanced stage of pregnancy. It is a sort of reverse cow girl position. You lie on your back and with her back facing you; she adopts squatting posture, positioning her opening towards your organ to allow you to penetrate her.


Though the above suggested positions can help her to achieve orgasm, but this alone is not enough. This is because the G-spot takes a much longer time to reach its boiling point than the clitoris does. It takes a much more intense and prolonged level of sexual arousal to get the G-spot ready for orgasm. If you try to give your woman a G-spot orgasm before she is ready, the bigger likelihood is you reach orgasm first and ejaculate long before she reaches climax.


What is the missing piece to a powerful orgasm?


Most men really want to give their women the nuclear-powered orgasms during intercourse that she has been dreaming about. Unfortunately a lot of men think the key to achieving that level of orgasm is simply trusting longer, stronger and harder with the end result being the man comes and the woman cannot come.


Do you know that prolonged foreplay is needed first to arouse her sexually enough to reach orgasm? That is right! You need to arouse her enough in order for her to be more sexually responsive to your stimulation.


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Female Orgasm – What Does Being Sexually Assertive Mean?

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Have you ever experienced the situation when you wanted to have sex but unsure if she was in the mood? Have you ever been in a situation that, at some point in the evening she signals to you that “she is on” but later on when time comes, she turns cold? Do you feel frustrated because you are unsure how to turn the heat on again?


Let me share with you an idea that you can try to get that heat back on again and get her in the mood.


Learning to be sexually assertive is a very big challenge for a lot of men, because it does not come naturally.


In reality, most men can be very timid when approaching this matter, even for guys that are very extroverted when talking to women in other situations. Even men in relationships can find it intimidating to be sexually assertive with the women in his life.


A big part of the problem is the fear of rejection or humiliation. What could be worse than acting like Casanova, only t be turned down?


What do you mean by sexual assertiveness? Let us clear away the confusions that some men have about this. Sexual assertive is not sexually “pushy”, it is not sexually “insistent” and it is not sexually “aggressive” or “demanding” either. In other words, it is not being a total jerk that goes for what he wants without caring how she feels.


So, what exactly is sexually assertive and how do you make it work for you? In fact this is opposite of sexually tentative which is what most men are doing by nature.


Here are two examples – one verbal and one physical to show you the difference between “assertive” and “tentative” and why the first turns women on, while the other is a big turn-off.


Suppose you are sitting with your arm around her, you feel horny and want to have sex. You could ask her in many ways. You could say it jokingly with a comical expression on your face and say “wanna get it on, babe?”


You could deliver the same message in a way as if you are unsure or you are bored and perhaps “doing it” might be fun idea. She will almost certainly shrug her shoulders and reply “I am not really in the mood” or “I do not know”.


Because no woman wants to have sex with a guy who sends out mixed signals which may mean either he is interested or just want to do something to kill his time. Even if she was in the mood, you might kill it by asking in this way.


From these 2 examples you can see that your woman takes her emotional cue from you. If you are making it funny, she will think it is funny. If you are indifferent, she will feel indifferent. Her emotions will usually follow the man’s.


The sexually tentative guy will ask the question, hoping she will say yes but deep inside he has no confidence of his own sexual attractiveness that he is half-certain that she will say no. he may ask it in a half-hearted manner and do not dare to make eye-contact. He may even do it half jokingly because he does not dare to go all out totally. In case of rejection, he can save his ego by saying he is just joking only.


In her eyes, this guy does not even have the guts to express clearly what he wants. In reaction to his confusing and wishy-washy behavior, she will get herself out of the situation and choose to believe this is a joke which the guy regrets he does not mean it. His “excuse” becomes her excuse. His emotion (tentative) triggers an emotion in the woman (revulsion).


On the other hand, a sexually assertive guy will ask the question in a way that is more of a statement than a question. He is comfortable with his desire and is certain that she is going to enjoy it too. He will look directly into her eyes and get close enough to make her feel the heat of his desire because he is comfortable with his desire. He is confident he can turn her on when he says in a quiet but firm manner, “Let’s go babe.”


Guess what, if you do this correctly, what will she say?


She will be speechless, stare back at you, with her eye pupils dilate, her skin flush and her mouth slightly opens waiting for your kiss. A big part of this is not what you say, it is how you say. This is to a large extent determined by the emotional state of your mind while you bring your message across.


Women are extremely sensitive to this “subtle under-current” and body language and she can feel it when you possess the confident thoughts of a sexually assertive man. If you have deep doubts, she will hear it in the unsteadiness of your voice, in the tentative feel of your touch, or in the way you are afraid to have eye-contact with her.


Now, let us go to the second example – a purely physical approach.


You sit beside her with your arm around her in a calm, confident and gentle way, not sexually “aggressive” or “pushy”, but still assertive about what you want. You might stroke her hair or push it back from her eyes, may be you run the back of your hand across her cheek, or stroke her face and lips with the tips of your fingers.


You know how much girls love to be touched and how much they love to have a man’s hands on them. You never let her break free from the intensity of your gaze. You get closer to her with your whole body because you have no shame about your own sexual desire. You move in close, pause for a moment, and without saying anything, you start to kiss her passionately. The good thing here is that the act of kissing by itself is sexually assertive enough.


In general, women have a lot of respect for men who behave in this way. Most women will tell you that they prefer it when a man just kisses them without saying anything. Of course, this is not applicable when she does not know you well and she has not decided if you are her Mr. Right.


On the other hand, you may go for this tentative approach. You move a bit closer to her slowly but unsure if the timing is right. You do not dare to look in her eyes, you lean your head forward while keeping the rest of your body as far away from her as possible so that she “does not get the wrong idea” and think you are not a “gentleman” and then you plant a light kiss on her cheek. This may work initially but in a relationship, a tentative kiss gets boring very quickly and it is not going to lead to action in the bedroom.


As you look at the examples above, the one thing you have noticed is the foundation of sexual assertiveness is sexual confidence with a healthy measure of self-esteem. One way to get that confidence is to know about the factors/requirements that will drive her wild in the bedroom. You can dig deeper into this matter at Hot Sex and Make Her Orgasm

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Relationship Advice – Overcome These Barriers To Sex

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Ever wonder what “objections” she has to sex? Have you ever come across the situation that you can chat for hours, days and even weeks or months and still not end up under the blanket with each other?


There are 3 common obstacles women place between her and you. In this article, we will discuss all 3 of them and the easy ways to overcome them.


Number One Obstacle: She is not “turned on” enough


You will usually hear her saying things like:” I am tired, I better go home” or “Maybe we should slow down”.


If you slow down just another 10 minutes, you can get what you want. Because that is the only and easiest way to turn her on: Just go easy and take your own sweet time. Slowly build up the mood.


The only other rule about turning her on sexually is to be “smooth” which means building up the “heat” gradually when you get intimate with her. Do not go from touching her hand to tonguing her down.


Instead, touch her arm, touch her waist, touch her face, start kissing and then gradually get more and more intimate. In this way you are building up the sexual tension and slowly bringing her into the mood. By the time she is turned on, she will reach the point of no return and start begging for sex.


Number Two Obstacle: She does not feel comfortable at this place


Maybe she does not feel there is enough of privacy at her place. Maybe she does not like the feeling of having sex with you in a cheap hotel as if she is a whore. So, how about convincing her to have a tryst in the back seat of your car or in one of the compartments of those big circling wheel which you can find in a lot of theme parks?


A way to get over this obstacle is by means of a technique call “mind molding”. A well-known Brazilian soccer player, Ronaldinho uses this technique to help him score goals. Before the actual soccer match, he will “picture” himself about how he will go about trying to get the ball to the goal post and the joy he will get when he scores goal.


What you can do is to use a technique called “molding”. It is a sort of training the mind to “visualize” the things which you are aiming for to happen to cultivate positive thoughts in the mind.


Here are the easy steps:


(1)   Figure out how you want her to act. For example, you may want her to be an adventurous woman who lives in the moment.


(2)   Tell her a story about someone you admire who did something adventurous, or lived in the moment. Get her to “picture” herself doing something unusual and deriving greater satisfaction over this.


(3)   Tell her why you admire this person is because she is adventurous and live in the moment.



Gradually and with some encouragement, she will slowly evolve into the type of girl you want her to be. It is the same kind of psychology exercise; a great coach uses to motivate his players to perform their best.


Number Three Obstacle: She gets bored with sex


You are treating sex as if you are taking your car for a regular petrol/gasoline refill activity. You see her as if she is a car that you routinely schedule to drive to the petrol station for refill. Your sex with her becomes predictable closely following a time-table and repeating the same motion over and over again and gradually she becomes less enthusiastic in sex.


What can you do here is t break out of the usual “mold” of activity?


To break out of this rut, you have to be spontaneous. Make love with her at the time she least expects. If you regularly have sex at night, you can sometimes change this to morning or afternoon. You can also try out a new sex position or use sex toys. If you are not the aggressive guy when comes to sex, change your behavior. Take charge to seduce her, initiate foreplay, position her body in the way you like. If you are the aggressive type, you can turn her on by way of actions/talking and get her to take the initiative.


A more important thing to take note is that all forms of sexual stimulation start from the brain. If her overall feeling when she is with you is no good, all the stimulation will not work. At all times, you need to make her feel good and desirable. She is a human after all, not a sex object or sex machine that merely responds mechanically to your stimulus! Compliment her about looks, dressings, surprise her with small gifts, be romantic and at times arrange dates at her favorite restaurant or any activity she enjoys, relief her stress with some massage or doing some chores to lighten her burden and be just a quiet and attentive listener when she is down in her mood.


To recap on how to overcome the obstacles to sex:


(1)   You need to be patient to spend extra time to stimulate her.

(2)   Using mental tactics to cultivate as well as nurture and “shape” her thoughts.

(3)   Break your sex routine.

If you want to know how to turn any woman on sexually and using mental tactics to spice up your sex life, you can check it out at Hot Sex and Make Her Orgasm

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