How to Uncork Your Wife’s Inner Sexual Wilderness?

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Social norms have caused women to deliberately suppress their sexuality and deprive them the right to enjoy sex as much as men do. Just like a wolf hiding under a sheep skin, inside every woman is a sex Goddess who is waiting to “break out from her skin” under the right conditions. Here is how you can awaken the sex goddess inside your wife.


(1)      Tell your wife to just “let go”. Being too self-conscious or trying to maintain the “good girl” image will prevent your wife from enjoying sex.


(2)      Get your wife to love her body. Most women are raised with distorted negative messages about their bodies in general and their genitals in particular. Get her to love and accept her body as it is, even though it may not be of “super model” type.


(3)      Make her feel sexy about herself by telling her how attractive and irresistible she is.


(4)      Get her into the mood by watching with her movies that have strong sexual content or share with her some erotic reading materials. Encourage her to fantasize.


(5)      Explore and discover. Take the time to find out about her likes and dislikes as well as her erogenous zones. Try a variety of sexual positions.


(6)      An overworked and stressful wife is less likely to feel and behave in a sexy way. Help her with some simple daily chores such as taking out the trash, folding the laundry and washing dishes, etc.


(7)      Accompany her for some lingerie shopping and help her to choose those pieces that look sexy to her. Giving her some special jewelry or her favorite perfume to wear can help her to feel more attractive and sexy.


(8)      Get out of the normal routine. Grab her, give her a surprise passionate kiss and start making out with her when she least expects it or experiment with having sex in different places of the house and in different positions. Try morning or afternoon sex for a change.


(9)      Surprise her with some small gifts or arrange romantic dinner at home or at her favorite restaurants. Plan and reserve fun moments with her such as special, romantic evenings or trips will make her fell loved and may bring her into the mood.


(10)    Sexual fantasizing. Just for a moment, stop looking at her just as your wife. Get crazy, allow your imagination to run wild and think of her as a naughty sexpot and encourage her to play the part. Find out about her sexual fantasies and make them come true.


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How To Be Good In Bed With A Man

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Turn A Man On And Get Him Crazy For You!

Want to turn a man on and drive him wild like never before? Do you want to have wild, passionate sex and make him love the things you do to him in bed?


You can be very gorgeous and attractive, but this alone is not enough to keep him interested for long. To turn a man on and make him want you, you need to do more than just pulling down your thongs.


If you want him to fall for you and keep thinking of you no matter where he is, you need to become more desirable to him. You have to look for ways to get him excited and aroused so that just his mere thought of you can make him get hard down there in no time.


Here is how to please a man in bed and make him desire you and want you more than ever.


(1)   Satisfy His Ego


Most guys like to brag about how good they are in bed. Compliment his bedroom skills if he makes the right moves and able to press the “hot spots” on your body. What better way to do this than to let out moaning noises or to tell him you are coming when you really are?


You can lick his nipples, nibble his ears and grab his buttocks as he rides and grinds on you. Pamper him with some naughty compliments and he will love you for it. At other times, avoid being too critical or negative to your man. If he feels sexy and confident when he is with you, he will be a lot more turned on around you.


(2)   Dress Well And Sexy


Men can easily get hard on by just staring at a half-naked woman. Flaunt your assets, wear something rather revealing in bed all the time and not just on the nights when you want to have sex.


Do get into the habit to make some periodic and regular changes in what you wear in bed. Or, once in a while and if weather conditions allow, you can simply wear nothing when you sleep with him. Guys are very visual. If he can’t keep his eyes off you, it will be equally hard on him to keep his hands off you. 


(3)   Be A Bad Girl When Alone With Him


Though guys want their women to behave gracefully in public, but when in private, they would love their partners to let go off their inhibitions. At times, take control, dominate him. Tie him to the bed, blindfold him, handcuff him, ride on him, and ask him to lick your clitoris.


All these can be done naturally by role-playing yourself into a real bad girl. You can also spice things up by teasing him with some naughty, fun games. The one who wins in each round of the game will get the right to demand sexual favor from the other.


(4)   Get To Know What Turns Him On


The easiest way to please a man in bed is to find out what your man likes. Sex is fun if you are willing to try new things and observe what really works for him. Brush up your bedroom skills by reading some books on sexuality and male anatomy to get some fresh ideas to keep sex exciting for you and your man.


You can take a look at Hot Sex to get more inspiration and ideas to spice things up in the bedroom.  For something kinky, you can go to Dirty Harry’s Secrets



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Oral Sex – How To Spice It Up

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Do You Want To Make Her Cum Faster? 


Are you looking for ways to spice up oral sex? Figuring out how to enhance the pleasure of oral sex is not difficult. All you need is an open mind and a little creativity. You can bring in sex toys which can add an element of surprise and pleasure during oral sex. Think about it. Going down on her is always great, but imagine how much better it would be with the help of a vibrator or dildo to enhance her pleasure? And, that is what it is all about – enhancing her pleasure! Remember, being creative is the way to get her to higher and higher levels of orgasmic bliss.


Here is how to use sex toys to give your lover amazing orgasm during oral sex.


Discuss With Your Partner


Communication is the key to understand what your partner likes so that both of you will be in a win-win situation. You will feel good if you see her in orgasmic state and she will derive awesome pleasure from the toys add in to the oral session. You can accompany your partner to an adult toy store and let her pick out some of the things she will like to use during cunnilingus. If she is not so keen on the idea of using sex toys during the oral session, give her a little bit of time to get her warmed up to the idea first.


Communication doesn’t stop inside the bedroom. When you are performing oral on your partner, you need to read her body language. Moans are a good thing. Heavy breathing is a good thing. If she is lying there like a piece of wood, then you need to change your activities. You can also simply ask her what she likes as well. She shouldn’t have a problem sharing the information. Especially if she knows you are willing to use that information to get her off.


Variety And Creativity


Using oral sex toys and learning to get your girl off in general, is an ongoing process. It is always a good idea to spice things up and giving her wholesome fun and pleasure by using a variety of toys to stimulate the various parts of her body simultaneously.


For example, you can stimulate her clitoris with the vibrator or bullet toy, while licking on the nearby areas. You can also switch it up. Slide the toy inside her while you apply your tongue and lips to her clitoris. You could even go as far as stimulating her butt with the bullet while giving her pleasure with another toy on her clitoris.


The tongue vibrator is a wonderful choice that you can consider in the oral sex toy realm. You can also use a chin strap-on and/or chest harness to give her pleasure in a way that she has never experienced before. To give her extra pleasure, you can use flavored lubricant. Flavors range from chocolate to cinnamon or shockingly sour. One of the best is the cinnamon warming lube which warms when it is blown. It is also one of the more tasty varieties of lubricant.


Be creative by looking for new ways to use the toys to stimulate her. For example, you can use a massager as a vibrator too. You can choose a combination of maneuvers that are tailored to her pleasure in order to help her reach orgasm. It is up to you to keep an exploring mind while in the bedroom with her. Keeping that open mind will help you figure out how to better please your woman.


Foreplay Is Still Necessary


Though certain types of sex toys are designed to stimulate a specific part of the body, it is always a good idea to introduce the toy slowly during cunnilingus. It is never good to rely solely on a toy when you are performing oral sex on your partner. The vibration produce by some toys can be too powerful for her to take it initially. Too much stimulation too soon will cause a woman discomfort. First, make out and caress her body. Next, manually stimulate her clitoris and/or give her cunnilingus. Keep doing this until she lubricates.


When she is “hot”, then it is time to bring in the toy. Even then, you should start with using the toy to stimulate the surrounding areas (inner thighs, outer and inner vaginal lips and the base of the vagina) before moving to the clitoris or g-spot. If you are using the vibrator, start with low speed before you accelerate the speed when she is highly aroused. Once she reaches this stage, you can bring the toy to stimulate directly on her hot spots. The key to giving great oral sex is moving slowly and building anticipation.


Oral sex is a limitless way to give and receive pleasures. There are wide range of toys that allow for extra stimulation, as well as others to assist with oral sex and lubrication. It is important to find which products work the best for you and your partner and then build on those products.


Go to Dirty Harry’s Secrets and Endless Pleasure for inspiration, ideas and tools to have the most pleasuring oral sex that both you and your partner want.




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Better Sex – What A Man Wants

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Make His Wildest Dream Come True Tonight!


Wondering how to turn a man on in bed?  Do you want to know how to push all his hot buttons to get him fired up for sex? Do you ever wonder what makes some women great lovers? Here are some of the tips you can use to tease and please a man in bed.


(1)   Be Sexually Confident


There is nothing more putting off than a girl who feels awkward and embarrassed about her own body when making love. If you are trying to turn a man on in bed, you should behave in a confident manner. Because having a girl who can take control and dominate him in bed is a fantasy that all men dream of.


At times, take control; try new things with him to see how it works. An occasional romp where you play the mistress can work wonders in turning him on. Hold him, pin him down, spank him and command him to do your bidding.


(2)   Be Adventurous


You need to do something very, very bad and very bold occasionally. What guys want in bed is willing to experiment a little to spice things up. Variety is what keeps sex life interesting and exciting.


Try one tiny little thing differently each time you have sex. This can be as simple as in the way you kiss, how hard or soft, making love in a public place, changing sex positions, fantasizing about with whom, with what, where and when you are making love (role-playing), introducing sex toys, etc. The payoff of experimenting is it draws you two closer together.


(3)   Surprise Him With Your Wild Side


There is something about the cute and innocent-looking girl that guys like. But when a man is in bed with his supposingly innocent girl and get to see more of her sexual wild side than he could ever imagined, this can keep him hard down there most of the time for many days to come.


Play coy and shy every now and then and break free like a wild horse. Tease and seduce him with blindfolds and feathers like a shy cute anime. Let him take the lead into kissing you and then return his favor more aggressively than him.


Once in a while surprise your man with a few sexy tricks. Open the door for him with nothing on but your sexy lingerie. Strip yourself off for no good reason and ask him to make out with you. Shock him and surprise him and he will find you sexually desirable.


(4)   Give And Take


When he pleasures you, reciprocate his gestures. One of the ways is giving and receiving oral sex. Another way is to take turns to pamper each other with a full-body massage. Make an effort to explore each other’s body to find out both you and your guy’s hot spots and to take turns to work on these hot spots. Not only will this bring the both of you closer, it will also make sex mutually satisfactory.


(5)   Make Some Noises


Most guys dread having sex with a girl who behaves like a ‘dead fish’. She is so quiet that even a mosquito flying past can be easily heard. One of the ways to break the ice is to talk dirty to him. Guys love a girl who knows how to talk so dirty that they can get an erection by just listening to what she says. If you want to please your man in bed, you need to know how to talk dirty to him. Get imaginative and express your thoughts to him. Ask him to do things to you, really dirty things.


Guys feel honored if they see a woman enjoying sex with him. When you are making love with your man, moan softly as he kisses you or gasp when he penetrates you deeper. It will best if you tell him, “I am coming.” This will sure boost his ego and turn him on more.


By using these tips your man will definitely find you a lot more desirable and sexy. Keep things fun, be naughty, seductive and fulfill his needs and egos. That is the secret to making him happy in bed.


Are you ready for more ideas to make sex fun and exciting? Read on more from Hot Sex and Turn Him On.



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Men Health – What Is Premature Ejaculation And How To Treat It

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Do You Want To Last Longer Without Pills?

Premature ejaculation (PE) means coming too quickly, and it is one of the most common sexual problems in younger men. PE happens to around about 20% to 30% in men of all ages.


The medical method of determining premature ejaculation is called “intra-vaginal ejaculatory latency time” (IELT), a stopwatch-timed duration measured from the beginning of vaginal penetration until ejaculation occurs.


At the 2006 Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine, an American research paper reported that on average the lasting time of men with PE was 1.8 minutes and for ‘normal men’ it will last an average of 7.3 minutes.


However, this quantitative measure doesn’t tell the whole story: There are men who ejaculate within a minute but say that they don’t have premature ejaculation. And then on other end of spectrum, there are patients who are able to last for 20 minutes, and they say they do have premature ejaculation.


In other words, the definition of “premature” may be largely in the eye (or mind) of the beholder, and depends on a man’s sexual satisfaction and his perception of his ability to control when ejaculation occurs.


What Causes PE


The causes for PE is either you are just being very excited with a new partner, or an acute sensitivity of the local nervous system, which triggers orgasm too suddenly.  It can also be linked to anxiety about sexual performance, stress, unresolved issues in a relationship, or depression.


How To Treat PE


Some men try to treat themselves with a local anesthetic gel that is applied to the shaft of the penis shortly before intercourse. The drawback of this method is the local anesthetic can ‘dull’ the sex sensation for your partner. It can also cause a distressing skin reaction in either partner, with intense itching, redness and soreness.


Some others try a ‘long love condom’ that contains a local anesthetic (benzocaine or lidocaine) inside it. A few guys claim that they do last longer with these condoms, but the man is still at risk of a sensitivity reaction to the local anesthetic.


There is a penis squeeze method which requires your partner to place her hand so that her thumb is on one side of the erect penis with her index and middle fingers are on the other side. The index finger will be just above the ridge of the glans (the ‘head’), while the middle finger is just below the ridge.  When you feel you are near to a climax, tell your partner to squeeze on the shaft firmly between her thumb and the other two fingers.


The squeeze method technique begins with the manual stimulation of the penis, progresses to motionless intercourse and then to intercourse with both partners moving. This technique requires the partner to stimulate the penis until he is close to ejaculation. When the man is about to ejaculate, the partner squeezes just below the head of the penis hard enough to make him partially lose his erection. About 76 percent of couples who learned and used this technique had success treating premature ejaculation.


This penis squeeze method really needs to be demonstrated to you personally by an expert. Most couples who try to learn it from the Internet or a book get it wrong.  So, it will be better to see your GP, or a psycho-sexual therapist who can teach you how to do it properly.


Recently, there is this new medication which is a tablet called dapoxetine (its trade name is Priligy). It is actually an antidepressant which has the ability to lengthen the time between sexual arousal and climax.


It is taken by mouth, in tablet form a couple of hours before you intend to have intercourse. The dose is either 30 mg or 60 mg. Dosage depends mainly on your body weight. Please note that this tablet will not cure PE. It only relieves the problem.


Possible side-effects of dapoxetine include dizziness, nausea, insomnia, headaches and diarrhea. However, if you have bad PE, Priligy would probably be worth trying. It is a prescription drug. You can obtain it via the internet, but you should have an online ‘consultation’ with a doctor first. It is extremely expensive, costing SGD167 to SGD186 (USD136 to USD152) for just three tablets. This works out at about SGD59 (USD48) every time you want to make love.


In my opinion, it will be best not to use pills because they are expensive and do not cure your PE. In this case, you can use the self-training start-and-stop masturbation method to control your sexual response.


What you can do is you set aside some private time to masturbate with dry hands. You will masturbate almost to the point of ejaculation and then stop. You do this for three times and on the fourth time you allow yourself to ejaculate. After you have achieved some measure of control on your ejaculation, you can try masturbating with a wet hand, which will feel more like the inside of a vagina.


It is often easier said than done to tell you to relax during sex because the more you tell yourself to relax, the more your mind will focus on your anxiety. If this happens to you, what you can do is, instead of focusing on yourself, you give your partner 100% attention and do all you can to pleasure her in every way she likes.


This can be oral sex, giving her an erotic massage, role-playing, etc. The main thing is to get your woman to achieve at least an orgasm during foreplay. Once she had her first orgasm, her body will be very responsive to your stimulation. As long as she gets her orgasm, how long you can last inside her will be immaterial to her. This is because most women reach orgasm not as a result of penetration but due more by clitoral stimulation.


By focusing on pleasuring your partner, your attention will be distracted away from yourself. The result is that you will feel the sense of achievement when you see your woman reaching orgasm or even multiple orgasms. You will have a satisfied partner and most probably frequent passionate sex as she can’t just seem to get enough and always beg for more from you.


Do you like to be in this kind of win-win situation in your sex life? If you do, come and take a look at Hot Sex and Last Longer for inspiration, ideas and tools to get the sex you want.



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