Men Health – How To Get A Hard Cock

Inline image 1If she is in front of you now, would you want to get harder and lasting longer?

You love your gal very much. She is gorgeous, sexy and seductive.  During your intimate moments with her, though you can get an erection, but it is not hard enough for intercourse. What can be done to get stronger erections?


If you want a harder erection and to increase your sensitivity, one of the ways you can do about this without being too dependent on pills is to use a cock ring. Why wear a cock ring, you may ask. Lots of reasons!


It temporarily creates more sensitive, intense and hard erections, and may even help you to delay ejaculation. (Of course, everybody is different, and not all men respond to cock rings the same way. For some, the intense sensations caused by the cock ring make them come faster.) Will cock ring make your penis bigger? Well it can only enlarge the penis temporarily, and repeated use of cock ring won’t result in any permanent changes.


However, a cock ring should not be worn for more than 20 minutes because this can restrict too much blood to your penis and cause permanent damage. Be sure to take it off right away if your penis starts to feel cold, numb, or uncomfortable. For this reason, it is better to choose one that is adjustable and easy to remove.


Avoid those metal cock rings because in an emergency getting a metal cock ring off fast can be a difficult process. The same reason applies to those heavy weighted cock rings which can pull on the delicate structures near the base of the penis. This can lead to nerve damage and worsening of hernias in the groin.


You need to wait until you are fully erect before you put on your cock ring. Adding a little water-based lubricant to the inside of the cock ring will make sliding down your shaft and moving it around a whole lot easier. If you want to wear a cock ring for longer than 20 minutes, take your cock ring off after 20 minutes to let your penis have a 5-10 minute rest to get the blood flowing again and then you can put your cock ring back on.


People suffering from diabetes, disorders involving circulation or nerve-related diseases should steer clear of cock rings. If you suspect there is any reason not to use one, talk to your doctor and get his or her okay before you try it.


The most important feature of a cock ring is how tight it is. As everyone is different, there is no ‘one size fits all’. You may need to experiment with various options to find which works best for you. If your penis starts to swell significantly, loosen the cock ring or take it off. If it is too tight it could damage your penis. If you experience any pain or ongoing effects, don’t be embarrassed to ask a doctor. A few blushes are better than lasting damage.


How then to choose a size that is suitable for you? You use your thumb and forefinger to form a ‘ring’ around the base of your penis and testicles. You measure the width of this ‘ring’, which is the size of the cock ring you need.


To put on an adjustable cock ring, loop the strap around your penis, under and behind your testicles. Tighten the strap until it feels snug and you are ready to go.


To take the cock ring off, you have to wait until your erection has subsided. Put a touch of lube on your penis and testicles. First, pull your penis straight back out of the ring. Then, ease your testicles through, one at a time.


If for certain reasons that your penis is still quite erected, try a cold shower. Cold water is the closest thing to anti-Viagra there is. Put a little lube on your penis and testicles. Use a lot of lube if that helps.


If none of this works, it is time for more extreme measures. Use a pair of surgical scissors to snip through the cock ring. Do not under any circumstances use anything other than surgical scissors! Don’t let regular scissors or a knife close to your penis.


If your erection just won’t go away, then it is time to go to the emergency room. And don’t worry – they have seen this before.


If you like the feeling of a vibrator, you will probably like a vibrating cock ring. It is a cock ring that comes with a small vibrating attachment. It offers an extra buzz to the penis or testicles, and is extremely popular for the clitoral stimulation it adds for women during partner sex. Your partner will like it if you use it during sex, as the vibrations should intensify things for her too.


Some of the best positions in which to use a vibrating cock ring are woman-on-top and missionary as these provide easy access to her clitoris, allowing the cock ring to add enhanced pleasure with every thrust.


For more tips and ideas to help you get a stronger erection, you can read on more from Get Hard. To get greater pleasure from sex for you and your partner, you can read on more from Make It Erect and Get Hard.


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Men Health – How To Keep It Up And Last Longer In Bed

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Do You Wish You Can Get Harder For A Little While Longer If She Is With You Now?



Are you looking for ways to maintain an erection or make it bigger without being too dependent on pills? Are you looking for ways to last longer so that both of you can orgasm at the same time? Have you ever heard off some sex tools that can let you perform under the bed sheets longer?


Have you heard off penis pump? It is one of those blessed sex toys that can keep an erection longer and give you and your partner the satisfaction you want to gain.


What Is A Penis Pump And How Does It Work?


A penis pump (also known as vacuum constriction device) is a device that fits over the penis for achieving a lasting erection. It can also be used to give a man self-gratification when used as a masturbation tool. All you need to do is to stick your organ right into the tube and then pump.


This action will create a suction that will allow your penis to become hard. It is used like a vacuum to create hardness. This vacuum will increase blood pressure forcing more blood flow to the penis. In this way you can maintain an erection for up to 30 minutes.


At the opposite end of the tube or cylinder of the vacuum constriction device is a constriction ring. After the vacuum has caused the penis to become erect, the constriction ring will be slipped off the cylinder onto the base of the shaft of the penis with the help of a lubricant.


This constriction ring allows the penis to stay erect for a period of time. At this point the cylinder should be removed. The constriction ring can safely remain on the penis for approximately 30 minutes, allowing the user to have intercourse. Beyond the 30-minute period, it may cut the blood flow off, causing injury.


A penis pump should always be used carefully. Stop and check your penis every few minutes to ensure that you are doing things correctly. If you fail to stop and check you could do serious damage to your penis.


Be sure to follow the instructions and not to pump more than twenty minutes. Pumping too vigorously or for too long may cause blood vessels to break or other injury. It is recommended that you wait for a 60-minute interval in between each use.


It is not recommended for usage on men with congenital bleeding disorders, leukemia, sickle cell anemia, or a predisposition to priapism (prolonged, painful erection that lasts for hours). Before using a penis pump, talk with your doctor about your overall health and well-being. He or she can describe how the penis pump works and if it is the right choice for you.


There are some things you should understand about using a penis pump. There are numerous myths and facts about what a penis pump can and cannot do. A penis pump will not permanently enlarge the size of your penis. A penis pump will not create a permanent erection.




But a medical penis pump is a great apparatus if erectile dysfunction medications, such as Cialis, Levitra or Viagra do not work, or if you do not wish to have implant surgery. If you have had prostate surgery, the penis pump helps to maintain size and sexual function.  That being said if you feel the need to use a penis pump, you can use it as often as needed as long as it is used properly.


Still, it is generally considered the safest non-invasive method of treatment for men with erectile dysfunction. Some possible side-effect of using the penis pump is that it may cause a black and blue mark on the penis that is not painful and will go away in a few days. The penis does, however, tend to be purplish and may be cold or numb.


The user will experience a lessened force of ejaculation because the constriction ring keeps the semen in at ejaculation. When the ring is released the semen often dribbles out, but should not interfere with the orgasmic experience and pleasure.


How To Use A Penis Pump


Before using the pump, it is better to trim your pubic hair in order to create a better seal. Apply a water based lubricant on the opening of the penis pump. Make sure to apply lubricant on the constriction ring as well. Next, place a good amount of water based lubricant on your penis.


Next, push your penis through the ring into the tube. Make sure the mouth of the tube is firm against the base of your penis. Slowly begin to pump your penis.


Continue to pump until fully erect. Always remember to take care when you are pumping. If you see the growth of girth happening inside the tube do not get too excited and think by adding more pressure you will be doing a good thing. It is actually quite the opposite. You could end up bruising yourself. 


Stop and take a look to ensure everything looks and feels as it should. If you are hurting or feel too much pressure you need to stop. You could rupture veins using the penis pump if you are not careful enough. Look for discoloration on your veins to see if there is any problem. If everything looks great continue to pump.


Now that you are armed with some great tips, get out there and get pumping! For more tips and ideas to get a stronger erection, you can read on more from Keep It Hard. For more ways to have a better love life, you can go on to read about Hot Sex.


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How Do I Get An Erection

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Do You Wish To Get Harder If She Is With You Now? 

Want to make your girl happy and satisfied in bed? Want to look for ways to sustain an erection? Or, better still to get better, harder, stronger or longer erection? Read below.


(1)   Relieve Stress And Tiredness


Life is full of stress and anxiety and this can lead to difficulty in erection. If specific situations are causing greater stress than normal, see if they can be mitigated or eliminated. You must learn to give yourself a break and let your penis have some fun. This can be challenging but it is vital to your happiness to block out the stress and take breaks from reality.


Rest, exercise or practices such as meditation or yoga can also reduce your stress levels and increase your libido. Or, take five minutes each day to relax and clear your head, just close your eyes and enjoy some quiet.


Just being tired can cause your sex drive to flag. If you have been working overtime, studying for exams, or just haven’t been sleeping enough, you might just need a good night’s sleep or a power nap to get things revved up again.


(2)   Keep Fit To Get More Blood Flow To Penis


Cut down your belly fat and get fit. Your heart is the most important muscle for sexual performance. Your heart is responsible for pumping blood to your penis for erections that last. Start a regular exercise program that will get the blood flowing to all parts of your body, including the relevant ones. Jog or walk to get your heart and entire circulatory system in the best shape possible. You do this on four to five days per week incorporating both aerobic exercise and strength-training.


You will have more energy and vigor if you exercise, which will increase your sexual drive. For many men, simply having an increase sexual drive will help give them a longer lasting erection. Your entire body, including your penis, will be stronger and happier if you incorporate exercise into your daily routine.


(3)   Exercise Pelvic Floor Muscles To Get Longer Erection


Besides the normal form of exercises, you have to strengthen or exercise your PC muscles if you want to have a longer erection. The first step in doing this is to locate your PC muscles. To locate, try to stop the flow of urine mid-stream briefly. In order to do this you will contract the muscles near your anus, as if you were trying to hold in flatulence. Once you stop the stream, you know you have located the right muscle to exercise. Do not do this multiple times, as you can cause urine to back up and cause an infection.


PC muscles exercises can be done standing, lying or sitting down—pretty much anywhere and at any time. Slowly contract the PC and hold for a ten count. Release the tension in the muscles slowly, and relax for another ten counts. Repeat this up to ten times for several sets per day. Before performing these exercises, try to urinate. After about four weeks of this, you should have pretty decent control of the PC. One thing to remember is to remain consistent and not get frustrated if results are not prevalent within a specific time  frame.


When you are having sex, at the crucial moment, squeeze the PC muscles and allow the wave of orgasm to pass through without ejaculation so that you can keep your erection longer. This takes some practice, but it might allow you to go for round two immediately.

          (4)   Healthy Lifestyle And Habit

One major and commonly overlooked factor in getting a strong erection comes with the habits in general lifestyles. As with other body parts, if a man leads an unhealthy life style by means of an unhealthy diet, smoking, or regular drinking, the penis can and often will become unhealthy as well. By eliminating some of these elements, or all of them completely, you will notice an overall change in your own health, which will also be carried down to and be noticeable in erectile function.


Another important facet is your diet. Protein, carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables will help you in all aspects of health including the stamina needed to have an erection. Eat more blackberries and elderberries which are both filled with powerful antioxidants that can boost your penis power. Berries can help you get better erections by preventing free radicals, which lets nitric oxide do what it’s supposed to do and give you great erections! Try eliminating processed foods, sugar and red meat for a week or two and see if your sex drive responds. You are what you eat.


Stop wearing tight briefs to give your penis some breathing room. Tight briefs may make your package look great, but they are also decreasing blood flow to your penis. Your penis needs to have as much blood flow as possible if you want to have longer erections. Men that suffer from erectile dysfunction typically have that medical condition because of decreased blood flow to their penis.


(5)   Stay Focus In Sex


For men, the physical reactions that happen during arousal can be completely interrupted by worry and a lack of focus. By focusing on what is happening right now and not worrying about what could happen or thinking about something unrelated can help you to overcome some of the problems related to performance anxiety.


There is no need to rush into performing sexually. Exploring your partner intimately through touching, feeling and observing their reactions can be erotic and stimulate arousal. Take your time and get to know your partner physically and intimately and do not rush to the act of insertion.


When with a woman, focus on pleasuring her during foreplay is a great way to ensure your erection becomes strong and hard. Through various means of fondling, petting, and oral sex, the continuous blood flow to the penis which causes the hardness will provide a strong buildup and result in the penis becoming strengthened prior to intercourse.


(6)   Talk To Your Partner To Try New Things


Being with the same woman for years is a great thing but sometimes you need some extra stimulation to have an erection. Communicate with your partner to try new things. Think of pornography as a tool and enjoy it together. Some men need extra stimulation and looking at a little porn before you bone your woman is not cheating.


Bondage might seem much too extreme for most couples. But adding a few tie-up games or even a blindfold to your normal sexual activities can really kick up the spice factor. Start out slow. You can use a handkerchief to tie your partner up or as a blindfold. Keep communication open and don’t push boundaries too fast.


You can consider adding in some toys. Many people feel that adding toys will take away some of the intimacy of sex. Others are just intimidated with the choices and not sure what to suggest to their partner. A good way to avoid these common concerns and make it fun is to go shopping together. Turn going to a sex store into a date night or just shop online for some things together.


Having sex anywhere besides the bed in your bedroom can really help add some spice. For the adventures couples try somewhere outdoors or in the car. For those that want to keep it more tamed you can try a different room of the house or even just a chair in your bedroom. Sometimes being sexually adventurous, and trying new positions or techniques can help a guy get erect and stay erect, regardless of how he feels about the sexual partner.


(7)   Seek Professional Help


If all else fails or you are becoming more concerned about prospective issues, do not be ashamed to visit your doctor or a professional therapist that specializes with sexual matters for assistance. Don’t avoid the problem because this will only make it worse. Sexual performance anxiety can become reinforced and more difficult to overcome when left alone.


Seeking professional help can help ease any worries a man might have regarding his general health, as well as methods or medicinal based strategies to help in erectile health and strength. Also, the doctor can prescribe medication that gives you better erections.


Whether you are fully or partially impotent, or just are not getting as hard as you would like, getting better erections and enjoying a robust, healthy sex life will help you feel better and ease any performance anxiety that you may have. So, use these tips to get better erections and improve your sex life.


For more tips and ideas to improve your sexual performance, click on Overcome Erectile Dysfunction and Harder Erection.


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Female Orgasm – The Sex That Women Like

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Want To Know The Secrets Of Great Sex Life?

Do you want to have wild and passionate sex? Do you know what women want in bed? If you want to turn a girl on and arouse her like never before, you have got to make her love and enjoy the things you do to her. When it comes to sex, many men do not realize that it is more than just genital penetration and conquest. You need to keep her needs in mind and give equal importance to all aspects of lovemaking. If you are not getting what you want out of your sex life, here are the things you need to do to make her feel loved and sexy, that she can reach orgasm faster so that she will always come back for more from you.


(1)   Devote More Time For Her


This is something that most men do not give much thought on. Though guys know the importance of more foreplay, they just cannot help it. Maybe they are just too tired and want nothing more than to ejaculate in two minutes and go to sleep. This may be okay at times, but you need to keep in mind that sex should be satisfactory for both you and her.


By delaying penetration and prolonging the foreplay, she will feel wetter and enjoy sex a lot more. By spending more time to please her and letting her spend some time to please you, your ‘little guy’ will have more time to prepare for sex. This will reduce your chances of losing an erection halfway. By focusing on her pleasure and working your way to make her orgasm, you will also feel proud of being able to accomplish a good finish and keep her satisfied.


(2)   Seduce Her Mind


What is the best way to turn a woman on? Via her brain, of course and if you want her to enjoy sex better, you need to make her feel connected to you emotionally. This will make her enjoy the night a lot more.


Speak to her lovingly, kiss her all over her face and ears and whisper sweet things into her ears as you prepare to make love. You should spend about three full minutes kissing her lips slowly and passionately. This will freak her out and turn her on like crazy.


If you can learn to talk in a way that gets her mind venturing into a myriad of sexual fantasies, this will have her itching to want more from you. Use your knowledge to seduce her over the phone, before you head out the door, or even while you are sitting in the living room watching television together.


If you can stimulate her mind into thinking dirty and naughty, she will definitely get wilder in bed. By getting this right, she will definitely feel more connected to you and even fall more in love with you.


(3)   Make Sex Fun


In order to have fun sex, you have to be willing to try new things. Eating her out for long periods of time, trying analingus and letting her touch and lick you “back there” can be exciting and fun. How about bringing food into bed? You can use edible body paint to make eating in bed so much more tasty.


Role play with each other by dressing in character or as other people in your daily lives can be fun too. You can spice up sex with games such as playing naughty true and dare and strip poker.


Bondage can be scary, but a few scarves, ropes and clean bondage can turn out to be sexier than you think. Clamps and whips can hurt, but at the right places, even pain can be a huge turn on. Spanking and nibbling and a furry cuff can be a great turn on for controlling sex.


Make out or have sex in a public place like a restroom, beach, clothes-trying room in a department store, cinema or in a dark corner of a club.


(4)   Give Her Oral


Spread her legs and slowly make your way down to her clitoris. Put your face near it and let her see you inhaling her aroma. Next, stick out your tongue and make the tip hard. Lick her clitoris and vaginal lips slowly, as though you are savoring her taste and the way she feels in your mouth. Show your woman some enthusiasm when going down on her.


Let her know you really enjoy giving her pleasure this way by getting her to hear your sucking and licking sounds. Do not be afraid to let a moan of pleasure escape from your own lips as well. The better if you can slip your tongue inside her as this will likely send her into a complete frenzy.


When you have finished, do not turn away and fall asleep. Cuddle up after sex and talk to her for a while can bring both of you closer and make her feel appreciated and loved. Use these tips regularly and make your woman want you more.


If you need more tips and ideas for a better sex life, you can read on more from Make Her Orgasm and Uncle Ben’s Arsenal.


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What You Need To Know About Female Libido

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Want To Know How To Turn A Girl On And Increase Her Sex Desire?

Your girl always claims that she wished she had more sex drive, but she doesn’t know why she doesn’t. Are there ways to increase female libido without buying herbal supplements? Here are a few tips to learn about how to arouse a woman’s sex drive.

Help Her To De-Stress

Take over a daily chore that is normally hers. If you have the opportunity to get it done in secret, take advantage of the time to surprise her. Studies show that couples who split the housework evenly have a lot more sex than those who don’t. Equal participation in chores means less resentment. It also means that she is less fatigued. Resentment and fatigue are pretty serious libido killers.

If you have children, arrange for a weekend at a relative’s house. This will give your wife an opportunity to take a mental — and possibly physical — break from child care. She will be able to focus on relaxing and enjoy some valuable time for herself.

Offer to give her a massage and treat it as if you are a real masseur to get her in the mood. Play ambient music, light aromatherapy candles — lavender and ylang-ylang scented candles are very relaxing — and use massage oil or lotion. Or, you could just massage her when she has had a rough day at work, which may encourage her to have sex with you later.

Seduce Her Mind

It may sound trite, but complements are one of the best ways to turn a girl on and increase her sex drive. Women typically want to know that she is number one in your life and using words of love and caring can help you out in arousing her sex drive. Compliment how she looks and let her know that she turns you on. You may think she already knows this but even if so, she will love hearing it. You will be surprised at how much this can make a difference.

Talk dirty to her but start slow to feel out how she reacts. Do treat her with respect. Talking dirty is totally different from talking trash. Avoid using words that belittle her. Simple stuff like, “It feels so good to be inside you,” or “It drive me insane when you put your mouth there” should work just fine. You really can’t go wrong if you use your dirty talk to praise her body. Something like, “Your breasts are amazing.” Also you can tell her exactly what you want her to do: “Strip and climb on top of me,” or “Touch yourself for me.”

Romance Her

Romance can sometimes seem like a cliché but it can really set the mood if you pay attention to details. If you’re having dinner together put on some romantic music that you both like or use candles to light the room.

If you plan to go out, make it a special night by taking a walk on the beach or somewhere equally romantic. Just the right mood alone can sometimes make the difference in how a woman reacts to your advances.

To give her pleasant surprises is also romantic. You can do this by way of small gifts. Get her something that is meaningful to her, which will touch her heart or your relationship in general.

Certain gestures do not cost you a single cent but mean a lot to her. Kiss her at every opportunity can turn a girl on and increase her sex drive. Be soft and tender with your kisses and you will have her wanting more before you even know it. This is definitely one of the easiest ways to show her that you love her and you appreciate her for more than just sex.

Make Pleasure For Her The Top Priority

Ask her how she likes it. Maybe you are not doing it hard enough, deep enough, long enough or slowly enough. Maybe the angle or position or rhythm is bad. Maybe you are not being romantic or rough or talking enough or too much – who knows? Every girl is different. The only way to find out what will make it more enjoyable for your particular girl is to ask her and find out directly from her. Otherwise you are just guessing. Communication is the key to sex and libido.

When in bed, do take it slow. Sex isn’t a race so why would you want to hurry through it? Take your time to make her feel good by using foreplay. A certain light touch to her face, arms or hands can send a thrill into her body that perks up her sex drive. Run your fingertips up and down her stomach, across her breasts and down again to her thighs and legs. She will tingle all over from this and you will reap the benefits sooner than you think.

Go down on her. Show your appreciation for her and give her downstairs some individual loving. Start by performing a little oral on her inner thighs, vaginal lips and clitoris especially, to get her nice and wet.  Not only will this help get her in the mood, but she might be more willing to return the favor at a later time.

As you enter her, enter her very slowly. In fact, this is another good way to tease and please her and improve her sex drive — place just the head of your penis inside her and pull out. Do these six times and then plunge your dick all the way in. You will be rewarded with gasps of delight. Repeat this dick move four or five times until she is clawing at your back. The more pleasure she gets, the higher will be her sex drive.

When it comes to increasing a woman’s sex drive, you cannot try and force her to get to bed and expect her to enjoy it—instead, you have got to ease her into things and let her get to her sexual peak at her own pace. In doing so, you will find the entire sexual experience more enjoyable for the both of you.

You can transform your lovemaking by learning the best ways to turn a girl on by reading on further at Increase Her Desire For Sex and Dirty Harry’s Secrets.


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