5 Ways To Develop Stronger Vaginal Muscles For Greater Sexual Pleasure

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“My vagina has become so loose that during sex a penis cannot fill it. For this reason, I feel discomfort in having sex. Tell me what can I do?”


This is an embarrassing issue for many women who have the same concerns, particularly after having several children. A vagina usually loosens because of age or mood. Contrary to common belief, having sex or too much sex or giving birth does not normally loose the vagina because it is elastic and can revert to its original form after expansion.


It is difficult to know for sure if your vagina is loose because there is no standard tightness or size. Your sexual partner may feel that you are loose at down there but another guy does not hold the same view. However, if you have one of the following symptoms, it is an indication that your vagina is becoming loose:


(a)  You have trouble holding your urine and experience leak urine problem especially when you laugh, sneeze or cough


(b)  You have to insert larger objects inside you to feel the stimulation


(c)  You can insert three or more fingers inside you with little or no resistance


(d)  Your vagina does not completely close when you are not aroused


(e)  You have difficulty squeezing your vaginal wall against your index finger


(f)   You experience greater difficulties in reaching orgasm when you pleasure yourself


(g)  You cannot satisfy your partner like you used to


Before you try to tighten your vagina, you should get the facts clear about loose vagina and sex.


(1)  Does being tight is always a good thing?


For women, being tight is not always a good thing. This actually indicates you are not aroused or not ready for penetration. When a woman is sexually stimulated, her vagina naturally loosens as the cervix pulls up to allow for comfortable penetration. This means you should be looser instead of getting tighter during penetration.


(2)  Does active sex life cause your vagina to get loose?


The vagina is a muscular tube with elastic walls. Under normal condition, the vaginal walls touch each other. Your vagina may remain in its aroused state immediately after sex, but it will return to its tight state later. Having sex or the frequency of sex does not reduce the muscle tone of your vagina. On the contrary, sex should increase the muscle tone of your womanhood because this is a form of exercise. Your state of arousal determines the tightness of your vagina.


(3) Do pregnancy and sex cause permanent changes in the vagina?


With its elastic muscular walls, the vagina can change its size to accommodate any object inside it and then return to its original size prior to penetration. Giving birth should not cause much change to the vagina, unless there is some serious tearing after an episiotomy, a surgical procedure in which an incision is made through the perineum to enlarge the vagina during childbirth. As the average size of male sexual organ cannot be as big as a full-term baby, penetration will not loosen the vagina.


(4)  Does every man like his sexual partner to be tight down there?


Many women assume men like it tight. But some men may prefer a slightly loose vagina to facilitate harder thrusting and quickie sex. In any case, being tight is not good for you either because it can cause painful sex. Sometimes the problem does not lie with you, it can be due to the below average size of your partner’s sexual organ. The best way to overcome this is after penetration, you can close your legs together to create the gripping sensation against his manhood so as to provide greater friction and pleasure during intercourse.


How To Overcome The Problem Of A Loose Vagina?


Method Number 1: Pelvic muscles-strengthening exercises


You can learn how to do kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles which can help to increase their elasticity to give you greater sexual pleasure. They can improve your bladder tone so that you do not always leak urine. You can do the kegel exercises at any time and any where you want without anyone noticing and here is how:


(a)  When you are lying or sitting down, you contract the muscles that control your urination. You should feel the muscles squeezing your anus and urethra. If you are doing this correctly, your buttocks or stomach should not be feeling tight instead.


(b)  You squeeze (or contract) the pelvic muscles for 3 seconds and then relax for another 3 seconds


(c)  Repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times per session and do this at least 3 times a day


There is another way:


When you are peeing, you contract your muscles to stop the urine flow for about 3 seconds and then you relax to let the urine flow again. If you want to check whether you are using the right muscles, you insert one finger or two into your vagina and then tighten the muscles. If you feel your fingers being squeezed even slightly, you have located the pelvic muscles correctly.


In order to be effective, you need to do the kegel exercises regularly. You have to be patient because this can take 8 to 10 weeks to feel some noticeable improvement. If you feel you are not doing the exercises correctly, you can consult your doctor who will supplement the exercises with biofeedback that can measure muscle tension and offer quick feedback to track your performance and progress.


Method Number 2: Using vaginal cones or ben wa balls or oak gall


These are weighted devices about the size of tampons that you put inside you to offer some assistance when performing kegel exercises. When using vaginal cones, you start with the lightest cone, insert it into your vagina for about 15 minutes and then squeeze your muscles to hold it in place. You do this for twice a day while you carry on with your activities. After you are able to hold the first cone in place, you can then change into the next heavier one and gradually work your way up to the heaviest. The ben wa balls serve the same purpose in giving you a bit of resistance when doing kegel exercises.


Method Number 3: Using neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES)


This method places a probe (that generates electric current) inside the vagina. The electric current stimulates the pelvic muscles causing them to contract and relax. NMES is performed every 1 to 4 days and lasts for 20 minutes in each session. Some health care provides perform these sessions in their offices while others prescribe home units for their patients.


Method Number 4: Using Neocontrol chair


This is a special chair that uses magnetic fields to stimulate pelvic muscles. This is conducted by a nurse or technician in an urologist’s office. Each session lasts for 20 to 30 minutes and is done twice a week for about 8 weeks.


Method Number 5: Surgical/laser treatment


Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure to restore the muscle tone of the vagina by removing the excess lining of the vaginal wall. The surgeon will also repair soft tissues to decrease the diameter of the vagina.


Laser treatment can also be used to treat structural defects and tighten muscles. This is a fairly bloodless procedure administered with local anesthesia and you can walk immediately after the surgery is over. There will be some mild swelling and light bleeding in the 1st 24 hours after the procedure and this should lessen or disappear within a day or two. Your doctor will probably advise you to abstain from sex, use tampons, or douche for at least 6 weeks.


Whatever treatment you choose, make sure you are doing this not just for your partner but also for your own good. Your goal should be for the purpose of a pleasurable and satisfying sexual experience.  Now is the time for you to get in touch with your sexuality again to enjoy better sex and achieve orgasm easily. For more information, you can click on Tighten Vagina and Kegel Exercisers.

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Oral Sex Tips For Men To Get Women Wanting For More

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Cunnilingus, the technical term for performing oral sex on women, can be quite a daunting task for an inexperienced guy. To be an expert on it, you have to be an observant person paying close attention to her body signals (her breathing, her movement, the changes in the color/temperature of her skin, her moaning), willing to experiment, going through trial and error to see what works as well as listen carefully to what she may be telling you. Whatever you do is for your partner in that moment and not based on what you saw in porn, or previous oral sex experiences. If you are looking for the fastest way to get her orgasm, it is through oral sex and not by way of penetration.


Here are 8 things to take note when you give her oral sex:


(1)   Keep yourself clean


You have to wash your hands and cut your nails to reduce the risk of infection on her. Unless she likes the feel of your moustache brushing against her skin, you should shave regularly too.


(2)   Coping with her smell


Some guys probably cannot bring themselves to face their partners’ genitals because of the smell down there. This can be due to her diet and other factors affecting her chemical makeup. If you are anxious about this, it will be good to have a shower together before you go down on her.


(3)   Get yourself familiarize with her body parts


Female genitals consist of the external genitals (which are the portion that are easier to see and touch) and the internal sexual and reproductive organs (which you may or may not be able to reach). The most visible part of the external genitals is collectively known as the vulva which includes the mons pubis, the outer and inner labia or lips, the clitoral hood and the vaginal opening.


The mons pubis is the area where most of the pubic hair is grown. The outer and inner labia or lips are the 2 “rings” of skin around the opening. The labia will meet at the top of her opening into a little hood that covers the clitoris.


The part of the clitoris which can be seen or felt is actually the tip of the clitoris which extends into the body and down in 2 roots to either side of the vagina. When she is fully aroused, the clitoris will look a bit like an erected male organ.


(4)   Proceed slowly


Most women do not like to be rushed because they need some warming up before they can get into the mood. Though this is all about performing oral sex on her, this does not mean going immediately for her clitoris. You start by kissing her lips, ears, neck and slowly move down to her breasts, licking and sucking her nipples to prepare her for the ultimate stimulation. You will next move to the belly, kissing around her navel before brushing your lips against her inner thighs.


(5)   Both of you should be physically comfortable


Besides using pillows, you choose an oral sex position that keep both of you comfortable and relaxed allowing you to move around easily. Depending on your preference you can go on your knees to stimulate her with her either standing in front of you, or sitting at the edge of bed or chair.


Or, you can get her knees bend or her legs rest on your shoulders. Another way is to position your head at right angle to her genitals so that you will be licking her side-to-side instead of the usual up-and-down motion when you use other oral sex positions. Other option is to get her adopt a squatting position so that the whole area between her legs will be just above your mouth. At all times it is perfectly alright to adjust and switch positions until you feel comfortable.


(6)   Do not neglect other parts of her body


As the clitoris (the biological equivalent of male sexual organ) is a highly sensitive area, you should not spend too much time licking directly on it. You move your tongue to explore the outer and inner labia. You can glide your tongue further down to the perineum (the area between the anus and vaginal opening) before you return to her clitoris.


(7)   Try with different kinds of strokes


Most women prefer repetitive motion of the tongue with firm pressure. Quick tongue flicks against the clitoris may irritate some women. It is best to ask about her preference whether she likes your tongue to lick in a circular motion or up-and-down or side-to-side.


An alternative good way to gauge her preference is to observe how she masturbates, where she touches, how much pressure she uses on each area and how fast she moves her fingers. You can ask her to place her hand on top of your hand to show you how she likes to be stroked. This should give you plenty of ideas in how you can drive her wild with your tongue and hands.


(8)   Maintain a steady space


Do not stop half way. If you are tired, switch to using your hand or a sex toy to stimulate her. Some women may need a little bit extra time to get sexually excited and in this case you just have to be patient and not to make her feel pressurized which can dampen her mood.


By now, you should have a rough idea about the basics of giving her oral sex. What you need to remember here is to choose a position that is comfortable to both of you, take your time and most important to check with her how she likes you to stroke and lick her. For more fun ideas to spice up your sex life, you can click on Lick Pussy and Oral Kit.

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8 Simple Ways To Turn A Girl On

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There are certain things that women wish men could take note before trying to arouse them. Some women want very much to tell their men what they want but they are afraid that their frankness may hurt their guys’ ego. For many men who wonder why their partners are not so enthusiastic about sex, the followings are essentials you need to pay attention if you want to pleasure your woman sexually.


(1)  Keep it wet


When you and your girl get very aroused and you feel like sliding your naughty little fingers into her “love canal”, always make sure your fingers are not dry. This is because though getting a bit turn on by you, women normally take a slightly longer time to lubricate and your premature action can cause discomfort to her.


(2)  Her neck and ears are very sensitive to your stimulation


You need to be careful and not to look too desperate by immediately grabbing her breasts or sliding your fingers under her panties. It is better to tease her and build up the sexual tension first before reaching for her normal erotic hot spots. She enjoys the feeling of being kissed, nuzzled or licked on her neck. Just be gentle to her when you press your lips or tongue against her neck and you will soon hear her moaning right into your ear. The front of her neck is the most sensitive, but the whole region of the neck is equally great.


Ears are also a highly erogenous area and you can drive her crazy with some breathing, nibbling and licking. The trick is not to focus too long on one particular area. Instead, go from mouth to neck to ear to neck to breast, and so on.


(3)  No need to thank her for sex or after she gives you oral


This will make her feel like you are treating her as a call girl. You can show your appreciation in any other way you like such as: “You gave an excellent lick” or “I enjoy your licking very much.” Instead of going to sleep right away after sex, you cuddle her for a while to make her feel she is not just wanted for sex.


(4)  Delay your own orgasm


A woman expects her man to be patient and make an effort to stimulate her enough before he finishes his job. If you have this problem of ejaculating too soon before she gets wet enough, try to sort it out – go to see a medical practitioner, specialist or sex therapist. You can learn to control your ejaculation by practicing the start-and-stop masturbation technique. You stimulate yourself until you feel you are about to let go, you then stop for a few minutes to cool yourself down, before you resume the next round of self-gratification. You practice this patiently until you can do this alternate start and stop action for up to 6 times within each session.


(5)  Not too long inside her


A woman only wants her man to let go after she reaches orgasm for the first, second or third time. Beyond that she will start to feel discomfort, as the prolonged friction can cause her to get dry again.


(6)  Do not neglect the whole breasts


Most men mistakenly focus on the nipples and neglect the surrounding area. They ignore the fact that the entire breast is an erogenous zone. You can create this sensuous tension and slowly work your way towards the center with your tongue or finger. Circling brings the attention to the nipple, so that when you finally touch it, it will be a great turn-on for her.


(7)  It is better to trim your pubic hair


If you enjoy receiving oral sex, it is advisable to get your pubic hair trimmed. If you are too hairy down there, chances that some of your hair can get into her mouth are higher and this is a big deterrent for her in trying to please you orally.


(8)  She will do anything if you tailor your approach to her preferences


When you suggest something out of the blue or experiment some extraordinary acts on her before you understand her sexuality, you are more likely to turn her off. Where you touch her, how you touch her and how much pressure you use on touching her – for all these, you have to observe carefully her response before you continue with what you are doing. You can ask her questions like:”Do you want me to touch here a bit longer?” or “Do you like the way I touch you?” Once you show her you are taking into full consideration her needs, the chances are higher you can push her sexual experimentation threshold way beyond both of your imagination.


Here are the 8 things women like you to be cleared about and started with before entering the bedroom. It is always better to equip yourself with more than these and you can find out more from Hot Sex and Her Best Lover.

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Oral Sex Tips For Females

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Oral sex is one of those very intimate acts that guys enjoy a lot. When you are performing blow job on him, you have his full trust and he is at your mercy because you control every moment of his pleasure. It is the ultimate sexual gift you can give to your guy. Here are the best tips for great oral sex.


But before doing it, here are the precautions you should take:


(1)   Use a non-lubricated latex condom without spermicide; try flavored condom as an alternative

(2)   If you are giving it raw, avoid swallowing the discharged fluid in your mouth, spit it out if it happens to get into your mouth

(3)   Avoid sucking if you have bleeding gums, sores, abscess, or you have just gone to the dentist, because these could make it easier for you to get HIV or sexually transmitted diseases.


Let us get into the 4 phases of oral sex


Phase 1: Teasing him


Kiss his mouth, neck, ear lobes and bring your mouth down just far enough on his body so he will think hopefully you keep on going. Unzip and tease his “little brother” lightly with your hand while you kiss and lick all the areas around his genitals.


Phase 2: Meeting his “little brother”


Pull down his underwear to reveal the head of his genitals. To get him excited, run your fingers over the underside of his organ. Guide his sexual organ to your mouth and tease him with a couple of kisses before you move in for a closer lick.


Swirl the tip of your wet tongue over the head, down the shaft and back up again. Use one hand to hold the base of the genitals so that your forefinger is pointing towards your lips and make a loose fist with your other hand and slide it up and down along his organ, closing it when reaches the tip. Get the hand motion right first, and then add your mouth, letting your hand act as an extension of it. Move your mouth up and down, with your hands following the mouth movement.


You can twist your neck left and right so it feels your mouth is swiveling on his organ as you go up and down. Simulate the actual intercourse and lubricate his “little brother” thoroughly. Wrap your lips tightly around his organ and keep your teeth behind your lips, so that he feels like he is entering a tight vagina. Look into his eyes while stimulating him.


Phase 3: Pushing up his arousal level


When performing oral sex you need to put his “little brother” into your mouth as far as you feel comfortable. You can start shallow and increase the depth slowly. Pay attention to what is happening inside your mouth. Get him feel high by telling him how much you love sucking his “little brother”. Tell him how sweet he tastes. Men love women that can talk dirty.


You can spice up the oral technique with the “twist and swirl” motion. As you use your hand to masturbate him, twist it slightly when your hand reaches the head. At the same time, swirl the flat of your tongue around the rim of the head. Switch between mouthing it and licking it. Try flattening your tongue to create more surface area. Deep sucks and quick little teasing ones, feel great too.


When he gets high enough such that chances of him shooting into your mouth are greater, you can switch to testicle stimulation. Take one or both testicles in your mouth, suck gently and swirl your tongue around them. Lightly tug, squeeze and roll them around in the cup of your hand. Then you can go further down to lick his perineum (the area between his testicles and anus) and anus. You can also add in oral anal stimulation which involves licking, flicking or inserting a stiff tongue into the anal passage feels great for both sexes, because the area is highly sensitive.


Phase 4: The Eruption Phase


If you are shaking him off, run your hands up and down his “little brother”, squeeze it a little and then just jerk the head a little. Depending on him, this phase could be the end of foreplay as he chooses to penetrate you instead.


This roughly sums up how you can arouse your man orally and this is only one of the ways to turn him on. If you want to know more on how you can please your guy, you can click on Blow Job Techniques and Good Head Kit.

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How To Feel Good As A Woman Sexually

Everywhere she goes, people like to gather around her and all eyes follow her when she enters a room. She is comfortable of her body and appearance and confident with her sexuality. Do you want to be that woman?


You do not necessary have to have that supermodel look. Neither should you allow your beauty to be defined by others except by yourself. A female who feels sexually confident will be able to take responsibility for her own pleasure. She is able to feel relaxed enough to let go of her inhibitions and fully enjoy sex. She is not afraid to let her partner know her needs and desires and is comfortable with initiating sex.


The basic requirement to be a sexually confident female is to love herself and believes she deserves pleasure. Every woman can learn to cultivate her inner vixen. The first step in doing this is a change in attitude. Do not ask whether you are sexy. Instead you think you are. If you want to know how to get started to become a sexually confident woman, the following are some ways or self-training exercises you can try:


(1)    Pamper yourself all the time


You should throw away all those clothing to make yourself feel old, fat or not attractive. You should not even wear them at home. You do not need to blindly chase the latest fashion trends when you shop for new clothing. Most important you choose only those clothing that is matching your body as well as helping to project the positive/strong aspects of your body. For example, if you are of the skinny type, it helps if you wear loose-fitting clothes. Dress in colors that compliment your complexion. For example, if you have a fair complexion, you can wear darker color type of clothing as a sort of contrast to make the fairness of your skin stands out. Everyday you dress yourself in ways to make yourself feel good and attractive, not because of someone telling you what you should wear. Get a makeover, including hair, manicure, pedicure, makeup. For maintenance, treat yourself to one of these treats at least twice a month.


(2)    Wearing sexy lingerie


You should wear sensual fabrics that make you feel good against your skin. Wearing a pretty matching bra and party, silk boxes or throng set underneath your work clothes or everyday clothing will help you feel sexy and a little naughty. This will put you in the mood for sex and throughout the day will have you looking forward to the moment you finally get to have sex. It will also serve as a lovely surprise as he undresses you.


(3)    Block out all those negative sexual messages


Replace them with positive, motivating and inspiring messages. If you have been sexually abused and this unhappy experience causes you to feel ashamed or repressed about sex, you should seek professional therapy. Do not read all those magazines and avoid watching those movies and advertisements that belittle women and make you feel inadequate. Choose the type of people you befriend with. Stay away from those people who like to make negative comments about you and make you feel less beautiful. Dump your boyfriend if he is such a verbally abusive guy. Life is too short and you deserve to have a guy who can accept and love you as what you are.


(4)    Adopt a positive attitude towards life


You have to stop comparing yourself to others. Until you stop doing this, it will be very hard for you to feel comfortable about yourself. There is also no need for you to seek approval from others. You have to recognize that everyone is unique in his/her own ways and has different strengths.


Stand in front of the mirror everyday and say some positive things about yourself. Hilda Hutcherson, a sex therapist, suggests saying this: “I am a sexy, sensual woman. I deserve sexual pleasure. I, and I alone, own my sexuality. I know how to bring pleasure to myself and my partner. I love my body.”


Get to cherish your body. Walk around your home naked when there is no one around. Each time you walk pass the mirror, you look and appreciate the smooth curves of your body. When you walk, you hold your head high, back straight, shoulders back, chest out and let your hips sway gently from side to side. This will make you feel sexy.


(5)    Head to the gym


Exercise can improve your self image. It also releases the feel-good endorphins that lift up your moods so that you are “in the mood” more often. A sexy, toned body will give you the confidence to make love in any position even with the light on.


(6)    Create a romantic atmosphere in your room


Put in a little bit of effort playing with the light in your room. Do not spread light all over the room; lights that illuminate the specific points of focus are great for making a room look beautiful. Each space is going to be different, the furniture that is in the space, how it is positioned, the size and angle of the walls, the height of the ceiling. Avoid those glaring overhead fluorescent lights; instead install lights that shine from the side because this can help to highlight the shape of your body.


(7)    Read biographies and self-help books


Read biographies of successful people and see how many normal, everyday people like you can accomplish the “impossible” during tough times. Go and read some sex manuals and be willing to experiment and try new techniques. You can consider clicking on to Hot Sex and Her World.

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