How Do I Get A Blowjob

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Give Him A Good Blowjob

Are you tired of not getting oral from your wife or girlfriend? She only wants plain intercourse. When you asked her to go down on you, she would make this face like you were asking her to eat dog food or something. Then when she did, she would just barely put the head in her mouth and rub it around a little bit. Then in about thirty seconds, she would quit, deciding she had given you enough oral sex for the day. Of course this is not your definition of a proper blowjob. How to get her to go down on you more and be more enthusiastic?


(1)   Keep Yourself Clean


You won’t get much oral sex of any kind if you are walking around with bushy and smelly balls. So make sure to always keep your pubic hair trimmed to prevent them from getting stuck in her mouth. Make a point to shower before sex if you want your girl to be comfortable in giving you oral. You may even want to consider using some spray deodorant down there. If she still cannot take the taste, try covering it up! Use sweet and sexy foods as part your sex play. Any girl with a sweet tooth will enjoy licking chocolate sauce, whipped cream or other decadent foods off any and all parts of your body.



(2)   Do Not Force It


Obviously it is wrong for a man to force a woman, either physically or with emotional coercion, to perform any sexual act. Oral sex is in some way very special, as some of us grow up thinking of genitals as “dirty.” For a woman, to care enough about her man to want to take “forbidden” parts into her mouth still requires comfort and may not be easy to overcome due to some of the old messages she gets. 


As she begins the long process of learning to give oral sex and getting comfortable with having her mouth below your waist, do not hold her head, do not give directions, and do not appear disappointed if she needs to quit well before you would wish her too. Let her take control of the situation and keep your hands off her head, both of which will make oral sex easy for her.


Praise the small steps she has taken and continue to let her know how much you really enjoy orally pleasing her, but be clear that you are not expecting her to return the favor until she is ready to do so because she is ready. This is one instance where patience, compassion and understanding really count.


(3)   Talk To Her


Have a heart to heart talk about not only oral sex, but your whole sex life with her. You must ease into it. First, talk to her. Listen to her concerns. Find out what she really thinks. Help her get in touch with her feelings by being supportive and wide open to whatever is true for her. Find out what she thinks about oral sex and what is holding her back from giving and/or receiving oral. When she answers, go deeper to get underneath her answer. Do this in an open and non-judgmental way. Respect her reasons.


But if when the two of you talk and she says no way, you just may have to respect that. Maybe when the two of you have been together a little longer and she feels safe and secure you may want to bring up the subject again. Keep the pressure off of her is compassionate and kind and who knows maybe she will begin to become a little more open to the idea.


(4)   Work On Those Issues That Can Be Overcome


She may feel that oral sex is unhygienic or sinful. Women have periods. This in a woman’s mind sometimes bothers them. A woman can still be clean and it is very enjoyable but maybe she is seeing it as dirty.  She may feel that his penis is not clean especially if they have had anal intercourse and the man does not have enough sense to clean it before asking her to suck on it.


She may not like the feeling of giving/receiving oral sex. Perhaps some women just don’t want to make the effort, and straight intercourse is simply easier. They are not thinking about pleasure anymore; sex is just a job. She may afraid that you will ejaculate in her mouth.


For a woman performing oral sex on a guy: sometimes if a guy gets overly into it, he will push himself further into her mouth, instead of allowing her to decide the length of him she wants to take in at any given time. This can make for a gag response if she is not ready for that length at that time.


Some of these concerns can be easily overcome but some may take time to get overcome (if the resistance is due to some beliefs or attitude), or may never be able to. For example, if any abuse happened when she was a child or anytime could turn her off. It would trigger some experience that happen that bothers her. You just have to respect that. If cleanliness or smell is the issue, this can be addressed by having a shower together before sex. If she does not want to swallow, you have to alert her when you are about to ejaculate.


(5)   Do Things Step By Step


Once you understand her objections, you can educate her, remove obstacles that block her, find compromises and do whatever it takes to make her feel comfortable. Begin-as-beginners together, by taking a very slow journey together to experiment with oral sex and enjoy whatever small progress you both make. Working through her fears and ignorance with patience and giving her examples that negate her beliefs is the path to passion.


Doing things step by step over time will alleviate her fears. If she does not know what to do, show her. If her beliefs hold her back, give her rational information to update her limiting beliefs. A good way to start is to get some sex education videos about oral sex to show that oral sex is all about giving and receiving pleasure and there is nothing sinful or to be afraid about it.


Make her small offers that she can say yes to, instead of big offers like oral sex, which will turn her off. If a woman can become comfortable kissing a man’s stomach, she might then become comfortable kissing his thighs.  To prepare her eventually for giving you the real oral, you can start with chocolate-favored condoms. Get her to fondle your penis or to put it in between her breasts, even take “3 little licks” without expecting more; the more she will start to become comfortable. In time she might become comfortable kissing your penis and it might take time before she is eventually okay with taking it into her mouth.  You may also reassure her that she doesn’t have to take you all into her mouth for it to be satisfying.


For a woman who does not like to receive because she does not feel comfortable with her own body, you have to look for ways to boost her self-esteem (such as giving her specific compliments time to time); ask her to do research on her vulva


Make sure that you are setting up ways she can win, ways you can reward her, ways you can give her plenty of orgasms to sexually satisfy her, turn her on to a level of arousal where she can imagine that it would feed her desire to have you in her mouth.


(6)   Give Her What She Wants


If she is not willing to pleasure you orally, unless you pleasure her orally as well, you will have to give in to her wishes. Sex of any kind is a give and take kind of thing. So, try giving her oral stimulation. Do not make her ask for it. Just do it! Be sure to learn the skills to give her orgasms through oral sex. If you can really blow her mind with oral she will be eager to blow yours in return.


In making this a mutually pleasurable experience, you can adopt the 69 position which is great because she can feel the sensations of receiving oral sex at the same time that she gives it. This causes her to associate feelings of intense sexual pleasure with giving you a blowjob. It is an incredibly powerful motivator for her to go down on you. After you have done this a few times she will get wet every time she thinks about your cock in her mouth.


The 69 position most women will like best is with the man on the bottom, and her on top. In this position, the angle can make it difficult because you have to strain your neck to access her clit. To prevent this, prop your head up with a few pillows. This will make you more comfortable during 69, and allow you to give her oral for longer.


The key aspects of getting her to give deep oral sex is to take your time, be nice and think of her feelings as well. As long as you think about those things, then you’ll have a much better chance of getting her to give deep oral sex and be more open to new things. For more tips and ideas to get greater pleasure from oral sex for you and your partner, click on Blow By Blow and Oral Delight Couple Kit.



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Female Orgasm – How To Make A Woman Orgasm First

When your girl had an orgasm, it was not caused by you. She had to put her hand down there to help out a bit. You want to give her an orgasm, just by you. You want to give her one inside her, a real great orgasm. You want her to experience a mind-blowing orgasm that she will never forget. How to do it?


While every woman is different, there are some basic steps you can follow so you will know how to make a woman orgasm. First, you must get her aroused. Here are some ways to give her the best orgasm that will make her beg for more from you.


(1)  Get Her In Right Mood

For a woman to be sexually aroused to the point of orgasm, she has to feel good about being with you sexually. She must be relaxed and comfortable. At the same time she also needs appreciation intimacy, passion, compliments, and attentiveness.


Every woman loves a good compliment. Make sure you are listening to what she has to say, and compliment her on achievements and other things that are not necessarily visibly noticeable. Try to stay away from compliments that are geared toward how she is looking.


To increase intimacy, you need to be attentive, be a good listener and maintain eye contact with her when you talk to her. You have to incorporate this behavior into your daily life, not just on the day you are going to have sex with her. This will show your sincerity. You are doing this because you love her and not just solely for the purpose of sex.


At times, you can surprise her with a gift. Depending on the size and tone of the gift, it can be an instant mood-changer or a nudge in the sexual direction. Obvious sex-inducing gifts include handcuffs and vibrators. But for a classier approach, consider getting her some sexiest lingerie. These things are incredibly skimpy, so the gift will tell her you appreciate every part of her body and she has nothing to hide. The best part about this gift is that it is more of a gift to you than her.


Encourage her to hop in the shower with you before bed. Ideally, this will lead straight to shower sex. Even if you don’t have sex in the shower, you will still have a great chance when you get out. Encourage her to leave her towel on as you both watch TV and relax. Therefore there is no need to rush into clothes; the towels provide easy access for both of you. Plus, she will appreciate your cleanliness and will be likely to explore parts she may otherwise shy away from. At this point, go in for a long make-out session to get her warmed up.


Seduce her with a massage before intercourse. This is one of the all-time best ways to get her juices flowing. Massages are fantastic because for one, no woman will turn them down, and two, they can easily be transitioned into foreplay. Begin with a massage, and then start exploring her body with your hands, once it is apparent she is into it, start using your lips and take it to the next level. Finally, as you end the massage, whisper something in her ear and buckle up! Even if you don’t have sex right then and there, you can be assured she will be in a giving mood the next time you do it.


 (2)   Build Anticipation


After you have gotten her aroused with some kissing/touching, don’t ruin things by diving in for the goods too fast. In order to make a woman orgasm, take your time and let her anticipation get stronger. This will make her orgasm more intense, when she will have one.


You will kiss every single erogenous spot on her body. Some great places to start are her ears, eyelids, neck, throat, shoulders. As you are kissing her, rub your hands firmly up and down her back.


Gently scratch her back as you are kissing her, and softly but firmly slide your hand up under hair at the nape of her neck and give a nice squeeze. Now, gradually move your kissing downward towards her breasts, kissing the upper area, and still rubbing her lower body with your hands.


Do not go straight for the breasts! Go back to kissing her on the lips and do not go for her nipples yet! Kiss them in slow circles, leaving the nipples for last! When you get to her nipples, lick them gently, alternating between the two. When your mouth isn’t on one, your finger should be on the other


Move down to her stomach, and use the same slow, anticipation-building style. Try to kiss every inch of it! Slip your tongue under her waist to tease her once in a while, and “accidentally” graze your chin over her “area”, breathing heavily over it.


Kiss her on the mouth again. Next, you will take her right leg and starting at the foot, kiss every inch of it. This should take a while and she will love every second of it! Then, when you get to the “good spot”, breathe heavily over her clit, letting her feel the heat! Then go back to her left leg and do it all over again! By the time you get back down to her “area” she will be begging you to give her more!


(3)   Stimulate Her Till She Orgasms


Your tongue can be your partner’s best friend, as many women particularly enjoy orgasm from oral sex. If you want to know how to make a woman cum and more importantly to keep her coming back for more, this is where you can get high marks.

Using your tongue, gently caress your partner’s clitoris. A light licking back and forth is a good start, gradually graduating up to more firm flicking. A steady rhythm is important, but do not forget to pace yourself. If she jerks or recoils, you might have been too eager, so ease up for a minute.

As she responds by getting more and more aroused, keep the pace fast and enhance her experience by penetrating her vagina with your fingers, lightly at first and then sliding in and out to simulate the penetration of a penis. Or, you can also tongue-fuck her, if you want to. You will notice her breaths getting shorter, muscles tensing, and back arching, among other responses. Keep the tongue-flicking going steady until she reaches orgasm.

For more tips and ideas to make your girl enjoy having sex with you, click on Hot Sex and/or Dirty Harry’s Secrets.


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Sex Tips – How To Turn A Woman On And Make Her Want You

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Want Her To Get Addicted To You Sexually?


Are you wondering how to get a girl to really wet or even to orgasm easily? Are you opened to experiment with different things just to see her pleased? Do you want to know what can turn a girl on the most? If you are, here are some ways to do it.


(1)   Be Romantic


All women are hopeless romantics, whether they admit it or not. Because of this, romance provides you with a direct route into her pants and her heart. Here are some ways to be romantic to her.


You can plan a romantic getaway with her. You could pick a destination if she does not have any specific place that she would love to visit.


At times you can surprise her with a gift, which you know she always yearn to have. There are other types of gifts you can give her to get her riled up. Try gifting her with sex toys, sexy lingerie or a soft bath robe that will turn on your girl with little effort on your part.


Or else, just do anything special for her. If she is not very materialistic, do any of the following things to make her really happy: Give her a full body massage, clean up the house, or cook her a nice homemade dinner.


You can also consider doing something that both of you enjoy. It would not be a big deal if both of you do not have many hobbies in common. If that is the case, then figure something out. Let’s say your girlfriend is very into salsa dancing. Take a few classes with her if you are open to learn it. By taking the dancing lesson together, you are rekindling the love with your girlfriend unconsciously.


(2)   Set The Mood


A clean surrounding creates a charming and good vibes.  Better make your bedroom neat and remove all the clutter, just like a hotel room.  Light up fragrant candles so as to make the room more romantic. Make your night a very sexy and fun one by having sexy toys


Then, set the mood at “sexual heat”: put on her favorite music, prepare her favorite drink, light some scented candles, and spray some fragrant air freshener in your bedroom and bathroom (for some great ambiance enhancers. Get both of you immersed in the romantic setting by acquiring a woman-friendly erotic film to help ignite her sexual desire.


It may sound “wussy” to go to such trouble to seduce a woman who is already attracted or committed to you, but women turn on to such stimuli, both on an unconscious level through their senses and in consciously thinking that you care so much about her to put in a lot of effort. That thought alone will get her in the mood for sex. This would probably be like foreplay for the mind.


(3)   Prolong The Foreplay


Women love foreplay and real foreplay to her means starting out as far from her genitals as possible. Start with mental foreplay by putting a note in her purse or briefcase, telling her what you are going to do with her when you get home. During the day, you can text her a few hot messages, just to turn the heat on in her mind. The anticipation is one of the best aphrodisiacs. The point of doing this is to create high tension sexual desire. So that once you move on to the bed, she has more or less been mentally warmed up.


Instead of diving right in, start by kissing her passionately from head to toe. Kiss her very lightly at the tip of her lips, then draw back, and look into her eyes. Start kissing again. Lick her lips, bite her kindly. Again, remember anticipation, its key! Note that the hands, fingertips, neck, tongue, face are sensitive areas of the body because they have more nerve endings.


Do put a lot of your focus on her neck. Women tend to go wild once their neck is so much as lightly touched. If you really want to get her into the mood, make sure to spend a significant amount of time working on her neck by lightly gliding your fingers across it, kissing it, lightly nibbling on it, and more. Also do kiss anywhere on her body that bends — neck, elbow, waist, bikini creases, etc. These spots tend to be really sensitive.


You can further turn her on by offering her an erotic massage. Learn some massage techniques and gently try a few on her head, neck and shoulders. Use your tongue and hangs to tease and please her neck, shoulders, back and even her feet, if that is your style. To spice things up a bit you can also blindfold your partner, as this will heighten her other senses. Because she does not know where your lips will land next, her body will be in a state of constant anticipation.


(4)   Get Wild And Kinky


Ask her to tell you her fantasies or to email them to you. That way she won’t feel awkward when telling you and she will have some time to mull things over. To encourage her to be more open and honest, you can create a “fantasy box” for her to keep in the bedroom. Get her to write down her sexual fantasies and put them in the box. Whenever things get dull or routine in the bedroom, pull out a slip and act out the fantasy!


Spelling out her naughty thoughts creates an atmosphere of intimacy, which is more important than what she actually writes. When a woman fantasizes about being in male-dominant sexual encounters, it is rarely out of a desire for a rougher hand, but more a case of the man taking control so he is responsible for her orgasm, and she is not under pressure to per­form.


To satisfy this need, you can experiment with some light bondage. Prepare her by telling her what you will do to her tonight. Demand that she prepare for it by wearing your favorite “slave” outfit and making herself beautiful. When the time comes, order her to get down on her knees and submit to her “master.”


Tie her gently with a soft bondage item, such as the silk bondage sash and tease her with a feather or a tickler or give her a light spanking. Keep in mind that even sensual bondage can get painful. Find a word that will help both of you know when to stop.


Whether you are using rope, linen, or chains, you have to make sure she can easily be set free within five seconds. Be sure to remain attentive to your partner the whole time. Listen to her emotions and respond to her feelings. If you feel she is not enjoying herself, then be sure to stop or change your tactics.


These tips will help both of you to have a more enjoyable and pleasurable time. For more ideas and tips, click Turn Her On.



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For Couples – How To Have More And Better Sex

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Looking For Ways To Spice Up Sex?


Is sex getting routine for you? Are you bored of the same action in bed? Do you sometimes feel tired to have sex?  Do you feel that something is lacking in your love life that you feel like you are just going through the motion when having sex? If this is you, you are not alone. Many lovers get stuck in a sexual rut. But this does not mean you have to settle for occasional and/or boring sex. Here are some things you can do to break the cycle of boredom.


(1)   Talk To Each Other


Communication is the lifeblood of every relationship and the foundation for great sex. Good and effective communication includes being a good listener, paying close attention to the spoken words but also the tone of voice and body language used, in order to get a complete understanding of what is being spoken.


Couples often complain that they do not have much time to really communicate with each other, not with taking care of the kids, holding down one or more jobs, doing household chores and paying bills. If your children do not have a normal bedtime routine, make one. Putting the kids to bed at a reasonable hour gives both of you time to unwind from your day at work or other family responsibilities, allowing both of you the needed time to focus attention on each other.


Making time to be alone with each other should therefore be a priority if you want your sex life to be better. Meaningful communications do not have to only be about personal crises. Endless talk of problems will turn off a partner, no matter how sympathetic he or she is. The time spends together should not be used to discuss the kids, jobs, bills or other stress related topics. Instead the sole purpose of the time together is to connect with each other as friends and lovers.


When disagreements occur, avoiding or refusing to talk about them can breed anger and resentment that can hurt your sex life. It is not that happy couples never argue. Most couples have disagreements. But in a mature relationship, power is not defined by winning an argument or getting one’s way. True power comes from knowing how to discuss differences fully and honestly. Successful couples know how to argue with class and dignity. They may disagree, but in the end, they end up understanding and respecting each other’s differences.


(2)   Give Sex A Temporary Break


At times the pressure to perform may cause you to feel tired of sex. To alleviate the pressure, you can hold off on having sex for a few nights. Skipping sex for a couple of days is a form of delayed gratification. Waiting enhances the anticipation factor, making you more turned on, so when you do have intercourse, it will be better and more fun.


You can also consider forgoing full-on sex and focus on foreplay. If you only have foreplay for a day or two and get each other really worked up, it will make the sex much hotter when you actually do it. Sometimes just simply cuddling each other will do. Affection and tender physical contact are also important investments in your happiness and, ultimately, a better sex life.


(3)   Do Exciting New Things Together

Participating in adventurous, thrilling activities outside the bedroom (a trip to an amusement park, motorcycle riding, cycling and surfing lessons) with your other half can spice things up. Engaging in novel, arousing activities with a partner can reignite that giddy early sensation of being in love. If you both find sailing or water-skiing exciting, for example, that rush-like feeling can carry over into bed. By doing things you both enjoy, you will enhance the connection between both of you, which can improve the overall relationship.


(4)   Do Not Take Each Other For Granted


The main problem in every long term relationship is the tendency to take each other for granted. After so many years together, we become too comfortable with each other. We no longer feel the need to do or say anything to please and impress each other.


One way to overcome this is to take turns to please other by. By forgetting yourself and homing in on his or her pleasure, then switching, you can discover new erogenous zones.  So tell your partner or lover that tonight is all about him or her. Give him or her massage to clue in to untapped erotic territory, like his or her ears, feet and nipples. Focus on his or her reactions such as moans, grunts and a rapid-fire heartbeat so that you will know what drives him or her wild, and concentrate on those areas. Later (or even the next night), pull a role reversal.


Another form of taking each other for granted is reflected by the way both of us start to neglect our appearance. Brush or comb your hair, brush your teeth, take a bath or shower every day, put on some makeup, get rid of those old nasty sweats and put on an outfit that shows that you care about your appearance.


Ladies, put your hair up in a nice clip instead of a “scrunch”, or take the time to curl your hair and make yourself look nice for your husband. Get rid of the granny panties and wear some underwear that is attractive and sexy for your man. There isn’t much that can diminish the romantic feelings between husband and wife than to see your spouse looking frumpy and disheveled.


Taking care of yourself and your body, by keeping fit will both improve your health and increase your energy and sexual appeal. You don’t have to run a four-minute mile to feel that way. Even a brisk 30-minute walk revs your heart and clears your head. Or sign up for a gym membership, put your favorite songs on your iPod and work out with your honey. In fact, studies show that people who stay healthy and active have a better sex life than their couch potato friends.


Passion ebbs and flows in every relationship, but romance can last forever if you make the effort. Hold hands in the movies and when you walk down the street. Lean over and give your partner a kiss just because. Be a little naughty and send a sexy text message. Do something special and unexpected for each other.


Express genuine appreciation and gratitude for the things your spouse does; compliment and flirt with your husband or wife. Take a shower together; give each other massages; make out on the couch without thinking that it is not “good enough” unless you go all the way, like the way you did when you were dating.


Pay close attention to subtle hints and comments about something your husband or wife wants or needs, and purchase it for him or her as a surprise. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. Pay close attention to clues for birthday, holiday or anniversary gift ideas, making a point to write them down so you won’t forget and end up struggling to find a gift your spouse really wants.


Has your partner mentioned a concert or sporting event he or she has interest in attending? Buy some tickets and go as a couple. Does your spouse enjoy craft shows, museums, art festivals or amusement parks? What are you waiting for? Buy some tickets and go! Do you often hear your partner singing or whistling a tune on the radio that he or she likes? Find out who the artist is and buy the CD that includes the song.


(5)   Stay Physically Connected


Keep your relationship from feeling too platonic by making sure that nonsexual touching is a part of your everyday interaction with your partner. That means a warm hug, an arm around the waist, a shoulder massage or caressing your partner’s hand.


Begin each day by physically touching your spouse with hugs and kisses. Hold hands while sharing a cup of coffee or tea together; place your hand on your spouse’s leg while sitting together watching the morning news; gently caress your spouse’s face.


Just sitting on the couch together watching television is an excellent opportunity to physically touch each other can get the romantic sparks flying. When you climb into bed each night, affectionately cuddle and hold each other for several minutes, rather than immediately turning away from each other to fall asleep. The more you practice spending time being affectionate and feeling more connected, the more your passion for each other will grow.


Keeping the fire alive in your relationship may be challenging, and sometimes it’s more work than we want to do, but the rewards are well worth the effort you put forth each and every day. Click on For Him and/or For Her  for more ideas, advice, tips and clues into how you as a couple can get out of your relationship rut and get those home fires burning all over again.



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Oral Sex – How To Give A Guy The Best Blow Job

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Do You Want To Make A Guy Addicted To You?

Oral sex is something every guy loves. Watching a woman licking and sucking his penis is every guy’s idea of heaven on earth, because this ‘little banana’ represents about 80% of his ego. Many women are aware of this fact and want very much to know how to give him a mind-blowing mouth job. While some women can adequately please their partners orally, others try to imitate what they see in adult films, which is not the best way to give a guy a blow job. Below here are some tips on how to give your man an amazing blow job that he will never forget.


(1)   Be Enthusiastic


The most important thing about performing oral on your man is to show him you are enjoying doing it and you want nothing more than to pleasure him with your mouth and tongue. Show some passion and enthusiasm when you are giving him head. Let him know how much you enjoy it by giving him a moan or groan and making some sucking noises. This can turn him on even more.


(2)   Be Confident


The most important thing about giving your man a blowjob is to be confident when doing so. One of the ways to build confidence is to be knowledgeable about the possible hot spots on his penis. There are specific areas on a man’s penis which can increase the likelihood of orgasm, but a lot of women miss these completely.


Most girls assume that they have to work on the whole shaft but it is usually the tip that is super sensitive. You can drive your guy crazy by just spending a bit more time on the tip. Pressure is also very important. Consistent pressure and evenly squeezing with your hand and lips is what will make him cum.


(3)   Take Your Time


Many girls just want to pop it and get it over with. But if you want to make your man’s toes curl, you have to pretend that his penis is an ice-cream cone and do the same thing you will if it is. Make your tongue as flat as possible, because this can help to cover more territory. Then slowly run your tongue along his penis from tip to base, leaving no spot unlicks. Slowly suck and squeeze his soft penis with your lips to let his erection build in your mouth. He will love the feeling of having his entire penis in your mouth as he is getting more aroused.


(4)   Maintain Eye Contact


Make sure you glance up and hold his gaze every once in a while when you are sucking him. Add a devilish gleam in your eye as this is going to drive him absolutely crazy. To make it easier to maintain eye contact you can prop his head up on a few pillows so he can look down and see you in action.


(5)   Hide Your Teeth

Keep your teeth out of the way by wrapping your lips over them when giving oral sex, so as not to accidentally scrape or bite him. His penis though looks hard but is actually quite delicate. Once in a while, a guy will enjoy your teeth gently scraping against his penis, but most of the time, he will not want your teeth to sink on his shaft.


(6)   Use Your Hands


The best oral sex usually incorporates some hands-on action to help you to reach the areas that your mouth is not able to reach due to the possibility of getting a gag-reflex. As you put the penis tip in your mouth, use your hand to stroke the shaft of the penis up and down, clockwise and then anti-clockwise in a fluid motion.


Or, you can make a figure of O with two fingers around his shaft, forming a ring. As your mouth moves down his shaft, this ‘ring’ will slide upwards to meet your lips. When your mouth retreats towards the penis tip, the ‘ring’ will move down to the base of his shaft. This will create the illusion that you are taking him all in while in reality it is more like three-fifths.


(7)   Give Him Oral Anal Stimulation


Licking, flicking or inserting a stiff tongue into the anal passage and thrusting feels great for both sexes. This is because the area is highly sensitive with many nerve endings. Lots of guys love this, but many are too shy to tell you.


If you are ready to take the plunge and want to learn about how to really turn your partner on, you can read on further from Blow By Blow and/or Good Head Kit.



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