Does Watching Porn Affect Your Sex Life?

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Is watching porn okay? If a guy likes to watch porn should his sex partner be concerned? Is it healthy or normal for a guy to watch porn frequently when he has a girl friend and a great sex life?


These are very common questions and concerns in men-women relationships. Let us first clear away some confusion about porn and its effects on building a healthy sexual relationship. A study by a group of scientists at the University of Montreal found that men watched porn that matched their own image of sexuality, and quickly discarded material they found offensive or distasteful.


Porn did not have a negative effect on men’s sexuality. Porn hasn’t changed their perception of women or their relationship, which they all want to be as harmonious and fulfilling as possible. Thus there is nothing abnormal or unhealthy with watching porn as long as we do not get too obsessive to the point that we choose porn over sex with our partner.


If this happens you should consider your feelings about porn. What makes you so obsessive about porn that your partner feels left out? Is it something about your partner that you are not happy with? Is it due to boredom or an escape from a relationship that is steadily losing some “sparks”?


In this case, you need to sit down to talk with your partner about the issues and concerns in the relationship. The talk must be in such a way that it does not lead to the pinning of blame or assigning the causes of the problems in relationship on her. The goal here is to work together with her to solve the problem. Putting the blame on her will only cause her to get defensive and leading to argument. If you find yourself unable to work this out alone, it could be helpful to talk to a counselor or sex therapist.


However in situation when you have a normal sex relationship and both of you has different views on porn and she is not satisfied with the role of porn in your relationship, there is also a need for both of you to sit down and talk. You need to ask yourself what you like about porn. Is it due to fantasy? Are there things you see from porn that you want both to try together?


At the same time, she can also sort out her thoughts about porn. Is it something that interests her at all? If so, she can pick those adult movies that meet her individual taste which can later progress to the stage that both of you can together choose the type of porn to watch together.


If she does not like the idea of having porn a part of the sexual relationship, she needs to explain the reasons and a compromise is needed in order to break this deadlock. If both of you can honestly share with each other feelings about porn and porn watching, the concern about the effects of porn on relationship can go away.


It is normal for us not to share all of our partners’ interests due to our upbringing and different life experiences. Relationship is about compromise and this means eventually one or both sides have to meet somewhere in the middle. Want to know more in order to unlock the secrets of great sex life? Go to Hot Sex and Endless Pleasure.




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How to Prevent Getting Bored with Sex in Marriage?

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Very often in most marriages, people get bogged down over various responsibilities such as parenting, building careers, or taking care of aged parents. These cause us to gradually neglect taking the time and effort to pay more attention to our spouse. It is either we are too tired or too stressed up for sex or even no time for sex. Some probably just rush over with sex, repeat the same action and position and naturally get bored over it. Sex does no necessary have to become boring in marriage.


Here are some ways to prevent your sex and marriage life from sliding into boredom:


(1)   Good communication is the key to healthy sex life in a marital relationship


Talk with one another often. Share with your spouse your sexual desires. Talk with him/her about your expectations on lovemaking.


(2)   Love for each other


Let your spouse know you care and always have him/her in your mind. Especially for women, they like positive feedback from their husbands in the form of verbal appreciation about their efforts, sacrifices and compromises they make in their marriages. Show her how much you care for her by helping out in some household chores such as washing dishes after meal, or at least clean up your own if you finish last, will help her a lot. Remember the special occasions such as marriage anniversary, her birthday, etc.


(3)   Willingness to reserve time for each other


As life gets busier and schedules become more hectic, plan for your sex encounter with him/her. Do make sex one of your top priorities. You also need to recognize that sex may not be perfect at times, so do not compare your sex life to what you see in movies or on television.


(4)   Try to cultivate the mood in advance


Being in a bad mood for most part of the day or ignoring your spouse during the day sets a bad tone for your lovemaking at the later part of the day. If you want an enjoyable sex experience at night, start the foreplay in the morning.


(5)   Be responsible


Both you and your spouse are equally responsible for keeping the romance alive in your marriage. Do not expect this to be a one-sided effort.


(6)   Building up intimacy in your marriage


This involves more than having good sex. It is an ongoing process of discovery on each other. Intimacy is achieved when both of you can share thoughts, opinions and feelings with one another. You can increase your marital intimacy by:


(a)    Spending time together as a couple such as taking a hand-holding-hand walk together; watching a romantic movie together; arranging dates for lunch, dinner in his/her favorite restaurants or going to the cinema or picnic. Schedule date nights or free time alone when kids are away or in bed or arrange for someone to temporarily watch your kids

(b)   Having fun together whether it is going on a spontaneous trip, dancing, hiking, walking on a beach, reading a book together, hosting a party for friends, taking a shower or a Jacuzzi bath together, etc.

(c)    Surprising one another such as giving him/her an unexpected gift out of love (not out of guilt); writing a romantic note for your spouse and leaving it at unexpected but accessible places in the house.


Of course, there are more than 6 ways to keep the passion alive in your marriage. You can dig deeper into this topic by visiting Hot Sex and Dirty Harry’s Secrets.


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How You Can Foster Greater Sexual Intimacy Through Touch?

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Do you know you can develop greater sexual intimacy with your partner by touching? Through sexual touching, you will be able to discover some unknown aspects of your own as well as your partner’s sexuality. This is best done when you are in a relaxed mood.


Here is how you can increase sexual intimacy by touching:


(1)   Relax and take your own sweet time


Indeed this is not meant to be a hurried activity or a “quickie” kind of sex. Set aside some time to do this, at least give yourself an hour.


(2)   Think of this as a kind of meditation


You have to clear your mind of other thoughts and be in a state of calmness in order to concentrate on your touching. You can do this after you have exercised or finished yoga.


(3)   Put your partner at ease


Begin this with a hot, relaxing bath. If your partner has some physical pain, put him/her in a comfortable position with the help of pillow, blanket, floor mat or chair.


(4)   Create the conducive atmosphere


Make sure the room temperature is not too hot or too cold, and the lighting is not too glaring or too dim. Play on some soothing music. Kenny G’s type of saxophone music will be great.


(5)   Say something nice to your partner about which parts of the body you like


Stay focus on the parts of the body that turn you on and tell him/her how much you love these attractive areas that can keep you admiring at for ages.


(6)   Watch closely your partner’s response


Observe carefully how he/she reacts to your touch and how you feel when your hands are in contact with certain parts of the body. Do pay attention to the details such as any changes in the breathing, the changes in facial expression and possible changes in the surface of the skin.


(7)   Make full use the different parts of your body


You can use your fingertips, the palm of your hand, the back of your hand or the side of wrist, or probably the tip of your nose/tongue/toes. You can be a bit imaginative or creative as long as this does not cause any discomfort to him/her.


(8)   Trying the different ways of touching and alternating the degree of pressure


You can rub, scratch, tap, tickle or lick to increase the fun of touching. Do change the strength of your touch by switching slowly back and forth between firm and vigorous touch to soft and gentle touch.


Touching is just one of the many ways to build closer sexual intimacy with your partner. You may want to read about other ways at Hot Sex and Better Love Life.



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Is Increasing Your Semen Volume Really That Important?


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For centuries, people have been selling products claiming that they will help to increase semen volume. Do you think these products are necessary?


Let us clarify the differences between semen and sperm. Some of us seem to confuse semen with sperm assuming that they are the same thing. Semen refers to the fluid that is expelled from the penis during ejaculation. Semen itself contains the sperm which makes up only about 1% of the semen (fluid).


According to a 2010 World Health Organization study, the amount of semen a man ejaculates ranges from 0.8 milliliters to 7.6 milliliters and the average is around 3 to 5 milliliters. This is about a teaspoon which can hold up to 5 milliliters of fluid. The amount of semen a man ejaculates reaches its peak volume during the age of 30 to 35 and then decreases progressively to the lowest after reaching 55 years old.


What we like to know is – does increasing semen volume really matter? Perhaps the reason some guys believe they need to increase their semen volume is because they think there is a relationship between semen volume and fertility. They feel that they will stand a better chance of having make offspring and more if they have more semen.


Though these claims have yet to be proven by any independent research, many companies which sell pills that promise to boost semen volume said that these products can increase masculinity, sexual pleasure and fertility. Let us now examine each of these touted benefits one by one.


Does producing greater volume of semen make men feel more masculine? This is probably more psychological than factual because there is no way to prove this “theory”! Someone who ejaculates half a teaspoon amount of semen may feel very masculine about himself while another guy who can produce more may not feel masculine at all. So far, no scientist has yet to put this idea to any testing. More over, we do not really know how many men ever care about their semen volume and how this affects their sense of masculinity or their enjoyment of sex.


Does more semen volume lead to greater sexual pleasure? Again, this idea is unproven and unlikely to be correct. This is because there are no many nerve endings in the tubes through which the semen passes through as it leaves the penis, so this alone is not possible to cause any “high” sensation.


How about the linkage between higher semen volume and greater fertility? There has been a lot of confusion over sperm density and overall semen volume with some people thinking they are referring to the same thing. Sperm density is the amount of sperm in the seminal fluid (semen) while semen volume is the total amount of seminal fluid. For men with fairly high sperm density in their semen, you can safely assume higher semen volume means more sperm and better chances of impregnating their spouses. On the other hand, for men with low sperm count in their semen, merely increasing the volume of semen is not going to have any effect on the amount of sperm. Therefore, if men want to boost their fertility they should go to the doctor to explore the possibility of increasing their sperm count rather than resorting to those touted pills that only claim to raise their semen volume.


So, you may be curious to know if those pills you occasionally come across been promoted through junk emails and websites, really work to increase semen volume? Till now, we have yet to see any independent, peer reviewed research to support their claimed benefits.


Many companies which sell these pills often refer to some research studies to back their claims. But if you have read more about these research studies you will realize that these studies do not specifically refer to their products. Often these companies quote the research contents out of context to give a false impression of what these research materials are trying to prove.


The bottom-line here is we should not rely on any unproven over-the-counter or online drugs to boost your sex life. Besides going to the doctor, you can also find out more about this on Hot Sex and Better Love Life.


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How to Uncork Your Wife’s Inner Sexual Wilderness?

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Social norms have caused women to deliberately suppress their sexuality and deprive them the right to enjoy sex as much as men do. Just like a wolf hiding under a sheep skin, inside every woman is a sex Goddess who is waiting to “break out from her skin” under the right conditions. Here is how you can awaken the sex goddess inside your wife.


(1)      Tell your wife to just “let go”. Being too self-conscious or trying to maintain the “good girl” image will prevent your wife from enjoying sex.


(2)      Get your wife to love her body. Most women are raised with distorted negative messages about their bodies in general and their genitals in particular. Get her to love and accept her body as it is, even though it may not be of “super model” type.


(3)      Make her feel sexy about herself by telling her how attractive and irresistible she is.


(4)      Get her into the mood by watching with her movies that have strong sexual content or share with her some erotic reading materials. Encourage her to fantasize.


(5)      Explore and discover. Take the time to find out about her likes and dislikes as well as her erogenous zones. Try a variety of sexual positions.


(6)      An overworked and stressful wife is less likely to feel and behave in a sexy way. Help her with some simple daily chores such as taking out the trash, folding the laundry and washing dishes, etc.


(7)      Accompany her for some lingerie shopping and help her to choose those pieces that look sexy to her. Giving her some special jewelry or her favorite perfume to wear can help her to feel more attractive and sexy.


(8)      Get out of the normal routine. Grab her, give her a surprise passionate kiss and start making out with her when she least expects it or experiment with having sex in different places of the house and in different positions. Try morning or afternoon sex for a change.


(9)      Surprise her with some small gifts or arrange romantic dinner at home or at her favorite restaurants. Plan and reserve fun moments with her such as special, romantic evenings or trips will make her fell loved and may bring her into the mood.


(10)    Sexual fantasizing. Just for a moment, stop looking at her just as your wife. Get crazy, allow your imagination to run wild and think of her as a naughty sexpot and encourage her to play the part. Find out about her sexual fantasies and make them come true.


Want to be the man that makes her feel you are the best choice? Read on more from Hot Sex.



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