Crazy Sex Ideas To Turn A Woman On

Inline image 1Do You Want Her To Enjoy Sex With You?

Are you looking for some really new crazy and sexy ideas to try on your lover? Do you want to try new things to spice up your sex life? Here are a few to get your started to turn an ordinary night into a night of incredibly hot sex.


(1)   Use Sexting


If you want to get your woman ready for a hot sexy night you should start the foreplay long before the actual action. The first thing to do is to prepare her mind by mentally warming her up. You can start with sexting. Technology is a great way to stay connected and build anticipation.


You can say something like, “I can’t stop thinking about how horny you make me!”, “I can’t believe just thinking of you is making me want you this much.”, “What are you wearing and what is the color of your panties?”, “I miss you so much. I need a picture.” Or, “Just a kiss isn’t going to be enough for me tonight. Start undressing now.”


If sex is getting routine, sending sexually explicit messages and pictures via text messages can set the tone for where you want the conversation to go. These can set off a chain of emotions including giggles as well as getting her hot, horny and wet.


(2)   Shower Together


Of course, this is more than just a shower. You can tease her by rubbing your penis against her buttocks, but do not penetrate yet. You take turns washing each other and have her give you a sensuous hand job while she applies soap on your penis. Don’t let her bring you to climax. Stop her when you are on the edge.


Then you reciprocate her effort by eating her pussy. You kneel down, spread her legs and lick her as if you are licking an ice cream cone. You suck her clitoris and insert your tongue into her pussy, darting in and out. At this stage, your purpose is to warm her up and not to make her orgasm yet. You stop before she comes. You will keep her in suspense and anticipation, driving her wild.


(3)   Give Her A Kinky Massage


If you really want to get a girl horny, give her a kinky massage. You can make this very visually stimulating by placing a mirror where both of you can get a view of what is going on from a different perspective. Use a little bit of massage oil and gently stroke her entire naked body. You can use food (such as whipped cream) to rub on her body or certain items such as cucumber, carrot and banana for inserting into some sexy places on her body.


You can bring in a variety of message-enhancing toys or sex toys such as vibrator or those improvised vibrators (back massager, electric toothbrush, and electric-powered razor) or even vibrating nipple clamps. You can take things further by blindfolding her and get her to guess the various types of objects you are using to touch her body. If she guesses it correctly, you will reward her by doing a certain sexual act she requests.


If you want to turn her on and pleasure her, make sure your massage covers all her sensitive areas such as her genitals, breasts and buttocks.


When massaging her buttock cheeks, you should also rub on the surrounding areas such as her hips, thighs and lower back. You can use your palms and fingers to vary the massage movement on the buttocks. You can slap on it once in a while to make this sexy buttock massage a little kinkier.


To caress her breasts, you can start by cupping your hand around her breast from underneath. Grab it and hold onto it up a little bit. You use your pointer finger and thumb to squeeze and rub the nipple. You can do this while you lick her clitoris. Or, you take turns to switch it up by sucking and licking on her nipples while you are fingering her down there. You can also encourage her to masturbate while you are working on her breasts.


(4)   Play Bedroom Games


A little bit of variety can go a long way to spice up your relationship. You can play some bedroom games to bring the erotic fun and excitement back to your relationship.


You can play this ‘Alphabet Game’ starting from A. You can both take turns going down the alphabet and kissing the body parts that begin with the letter you have.


A modified dice game will be fun with you and your partner assigning a sexual act for each number and combination of numbers on the pair of dice. You get to take turns rolling the dice and giving and receiving the sexual act as represented by the number you get.


You can try strip poker. Each time when someone loses, he/she has to remove an article of clothing.


(5)   Try Bondage


Bondage can be fun during sex if you use it correctly. You can add some silk scarves for gentle restraints to heighten her sexual desire. You have her hands confined or to blindfold her while you play and tease her. This will build her anticipation and have her begging for more.


Before playing bondage games, you have to make sure your partner is willing to give them a try. You do not want to whip out the handcuffs and all of sudden she just freaks out by this kind of rough sex. It is better to talk to each other the likes and dislikes before beginning any bondage sex.


Sex may become dull as a relationship matures, but it doesn’t have to be. Use these five tips to get more sexual pleasure and improve your overall sex life. When you are ready for more ideas to brush up your lovemaking skills, you can click on Kinky Sex.




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Female Orgasm – How To Tease And Turn A Woman On

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Women Love To Be Teased. Do You Want To Be Lucky With Women So That You Won’t Be Sleeping Alone?

You probably have known or heard a lot that sexual foreplay is an important factor in making love. This is because women take time to get their bodies heated up for sex and they adore men who can make them feel loved, wanted and appreciated totally as a person. So you have to learn to be patient and use all your senses to tease her and turn her on till she reaches the brink of climax, then you relax for a while before you start to tease her all over again. This involves self-control on the part of the guy and he must also know when is the right time to go all the way to make her have an explosive and squirting orgasm. Below are some ideas about how you can do it so that she will always be begging you to get inside her.


(1)   Be Unpredictable In A Pleasant Way


Being too predictable as a guy is always boring to women. At times, you have to confuse her, keep her guessing and wondering what you are up to or what you are going to do next. You have to be unpredictable to the extent that it surprises her pleasantly in order to turn a woman on. How to do it?


You can do it by using the two steps forward and one step backward way. For example, you kiss her when she does not expect it (one step forward); when she begins to respond aggressively, pull away (one step backward) or just walk away as if nothing happens and then you later come back to give her a naughty peck on her cheek (one step forward).


This also works well especially when she is doing certain thing such as washing dishes and unexpectedly, you give her a kiss from behind and walk away and later you do this again. You can even do this in a way so that it will look like she is the one initiating.


You do this kissing action or touching her in a non-sexual way which does not necessarily lead to sex at night to make this unpredictable since this may or may not lead to sex. You do this for a few days until one fine day; she cannot resist this anymore, so that she will turn the table and want you to satisfy her.


You heighten her arousal, stop and then you arouse her again.  Just as suddenly you arouse her and you hold off from further action abruptly and not yielding to her wishes. This will help you to gain a lot of control over the relationship in the bedroom. This will simply drive her crazy. In the end, she will ‘surrender’ to all your mischievous stimulation. She will love it because women love to be with a man who is in control.


(2)   Build Up The Sexual Tension And Expectation


When you are ready for action, you also have to get her mentally ready too. You do this by creating some sexual tension and expectation, gradually building this up and pushing her nearer to the brink of her climax. How to achieve this?


You do this by adopting the indirect approach. You do not go directly to the final objective. Instead you move first to the surrounding area near the objective and gradually inch your way to the target. By approaching the surrounding area first, you give her body ample time to warm up for penetrative sex. You are taking the time to turn her on.


For example, even if you are focusing on her breasts, you do not go straight for her nipples. Instead you focus on her outer breast, the top, the bottom and the sides. It is until she can’t stand it any longer that you work your way to her nipples.


Although women do not necessarily want lots of foreplay every time they have sex, but at times they do want you to take the time to tease and please them. Women love it when guys do not go straight for their hotspots and instead explore other, more subtle areas of their bodies.


You can do this in another way to warm her up mentally by telling her how you plan to undress her slowly while caressing each body part or telling her how you plan to use your tongue to arouse certain areas like her neck, back and inner thighs.


Or, better still, you can talk about everything besides sex, but in a sensual manner. You look deep into her eyes while discussing your day at work. You tell her how hard it was and that you can’t wait to come home. This will stimulate her mind, as well as her body.


(3)   Make It Last Longer


This requires a lot of self-control on your part in trying to delay your orgasm. Inside, you are actually quite desperate and can’t wait to finish her off, but on the surface, you appear cool. If you act desperate, you will turn her off.  


One of the best ways to tease your girl is to make foreplay, sex and everything in between last longer. When she spreads her legs wide apart to welcome you inside, you take the time and allow only the tip of your penis to gently rub against her vaginal lips.


Most probably, she will begin rubbing herself on you trying to get you inside her. You do not give in to her wish. When you see that she is about to go crazy with desire, you let only the tip of your penis enter her and thrust in and out slowly.


If she says “faster”, you go slowly. If she says “deeper”, you then stop altogether for a moment. The fact that you are not doing as she says will present her with a challenge and make her want you even more.


The problem is, once most guys begin they find it hard to stop. During intercourse, you try not to come as fast as you can and instead aim to last for around fifteen minutes (from foreplay to ejaculation).


You can train yourself to delay orgasm by doing Kegel exercises, which is to squeeze and release your PC muscles as if you are stopping and starting the flow of urine. This will help to tighten your PC muscles so that you can better control your ejaculation. When having sex, you use small, shallow movements rather than deep thrusts. This should help you to last longer.


First you arouse her out of the blue in a pleasant way (two steps forward and one step backward), then you escalate the arousal but you do this in a painstakingly slow way and the whole process needs you to exercise enough self-control to delay your orgasm. By doing this, this will stimulate her desire and she will want sex as much as you do.


Are you keen more tips to please a woman in bed? You can get the rest of the tips from Great Lover.



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Basics Of Orgasm For Women To Make It Fun Mutually

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DoYou Want Your Girl To Enjoy As Much As This Girl Here?

Are you happy with your sex life? Does she orgasm as often as she wants to? Does she look bored during sex? Do you want to be her best lover and give her a good time in bed? Read on for some ideas to make sex good and satisfying for both of you.


(1)   Good Sex Starts With Good Emotional Foreplay


To get a girl to enjoy sex better, she needs to feel connected to the guy emotionally. You should always need to focus on making her feel loved and emotionally connected to you. It will make her enjoy the night a lot more. How to have good emotional foreplay?


You have to make her feel special and wanted when she is with you. Never make her feel like an accessory in your arm. Do not take decisions on her behalf, unless she requests you to do so. Even if you do not agree with her totally, try to understand her how she arrives to certain decision or opinion and try to see things at her angle. A woman values more from a guy who is able to share her feelings than to give her any suggestions.


Be her supportive and protective partner in her life. If you find her struggling with something, offer her a helping hand to assist her. Do not be lazy around her, and do not think twice before offering your help. Be willing to rise up to the occasion to defend her when the whole world seems to desert her.


Be romantic and give her pleasant surprises. If you want your woman to feel loved and pleased with you all the time, learn to create magical memories that will make her smile each time she thinks of you. Do not forget her special days such as anniversaries and birthdays. If you can make the effort to remember her special days and plan for it in advance, she will fall more in love with you with every new special occasion.


For a woman, making her feel comfortable about herself is one of the most important things she needs to have when she is with a man. When you are making love with your girl, make her feel loved and comfortable, and compliment her body or any other specific regions that you find sexy. Women love a man who boosts their ego in bed. Overlook her awkward spots and do not stop complimenting her body. She will bring out the sexy minx inside of her and give you a better time in bed.


All these may sound boring, troublesome or time-consuming to you. But this is the most essential thing to do if you want to be with a girl for long term. If you want to please her in bed or want her to enjoy sex with you, you have to please her first before you are in bed with her.


(2)   Good Foreplay Starts With Good Kissing


Do not under-estimate the power of kissing because women’s lips are their Number One Erogenous Zone. When you kiss her, you hold her face with your hands. This makes it easier to pull her closer into the kiss. Also, it is an intimate gesture that lets her know that you are planning to take it a little further. It is nice to start out more gentle and have it turn into something else. You want to have lips slightly parted with just a little bit of pressure from your lips to hers.


Without removing your lips from hers, tilt your head a little more to the side and open your mouth about halfway. You don’t want to have your mouth wide open as it may be a little too much to start with and become a turn off. Begin sucking on her lips, one at a time and be careful not to be too rough. Also pay attention to the ultrasensitive border around her lips. Use the tip of your tongue to trace the edge of her upper and lower lip.


Then slowly slide your tongue into her mouth. Take your time and do not come on too strong. If she presses her lips together and tries to prevent this from happening, don’t keep going. It may not be the right time.  If she accepts this, you will notice that she opens her mouth a little more and makes the exchange easier for both of you. You are now French-kissing with tongue. At this point, French-kissing with tongue turns into something that you personalize. The movements that you make and the length of the kiss are up to you.


Do not confine to just kissing her lips. The entire area between her jawline and shoulders is an erogenous zone, but there is one particular destination that will spark more goose bumps than any other part. It is that little indentation where the neck connects with the collarbone. The skin is thinner there, and there is not as much fatty tissue underneath, so the sensations are stronger. In other words, touching this area feels damn good.


As you kiss down her neck, trail the tips of your index and middle fingers from one shoulder to the dip in the center, lingering to swirl your fingers in a slow, circular motion. Then move your mouth over the spot and kiss it, using your breath to warm the area. The combination of the heat and touch relaxes the body, turning her on. When you touch her here, her entire chest becomes more sensitive, including her breasts, which increases her pleasure.


(3)   Try New Things On Her With Her Permission


The primary reason why sex starts to get boring is because it can get rather repetitive after a while. The typical foreplay-followed-by-missionary-position sex may be the most comfortable of all positions and it may feel intimate too, but every now and then, try something new just to bring a change into your bedroom. Try role playing, dirty talking or a few sexy games in bed.


Having sex anywhere besides the bed in your bedroom can really help add some spice. For the adventures couples try somewhere outdoors or in the car. For those that want to keep it more tamed you can try a different room of the house, or near an open window (if you want to make it more wild and outrageous) or even just a chair in your bedroom.


Bondage might seem much too extreme for most couples. But adding a few tie-up games or even a blindfold to your normal sexual activities can really kick up the spice factor. Start out slow. You can use a handkerchief to tie your partner up or as a blindfold. Keep communication open and do not push boundaries too fast.


Many people feel that adding toys will take away some of the intimacy of sex. Others are just intimidated with the choices and not sure what to suggest to their partner. A good way to avoid these common concerns and make it fun is to go shopping together to a sex shop or online. Just when sex starts to get predictable, bring an interesting twist into it.


Do up the ante on your sex life with these tips. If you need more tips to kick start your sex life into high gear, click on Love Master.


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Sexual Health – How To Keep An Erection Last Longer

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    Male Reproductive Anatomy 

Do you want to last long enough to make a girl orgasm? Do you want to have a stronger and longer erection? Do you want to keep an erection and avoid losing it halfway?  Read on to find out the answers to these questions.


(1)   Get For A Health Check Up


The first reaction from most guys who experience erection problem is to go and look for pills. I will suggest it is better to know the underlying causes first before going for any Viagra tablets.  This is because such pills only treat your symptoms but not the underlying causes. I am sure you do not want to spend the rest of your life to be very dependent on those expensive pills or to risk yourself to look for some less costly but non-medically proven pills online.


A trip to the doctor for that long-delayed thorough health checkup can determine if you are sick, fatigued, overly anxious or overly stressed. Any of these factors can put a hefty dent in your ability to have an erection. A trip to the doctor can also ensure that you are not suffering from any other health conditions that could affect your sex drive. If you are taking certain medications, such as antidepressants, this could also affect your overall desire for sex. 


(2)   Overcome Stress


Stress can play a huge role in male sexuality, affecting both a man’s performance and his ability to enjoy intercourse. Do away with sources of emotional and mental strain in your life. Take five minutes each day to relax and clear your head, just close your eyes and enjoy some quiet moments. Learn yoga or other relaxation techniques for reducing and controlling stress. Eliminating your stress will help you last longer in bed. If you’ve recently moved, changed jobs or experienced another stressful event, you might just need a week or two to recover before your sex drive roars back into action.


(3)   Keep Fit


Your heart is the most important muscle for sexual performance. Your heart is responsible for pumping blood to your penis for erections that last. Exercise plays a key factor in increasing your sexual endurance and helping to get your heart and entire circulatory system in the best shape possible. Start by taking long brisk walks at least three times a week, when you feel your endurance increasing try jogging at least once a week.


You should also include weight lifting exercises to tone and strengthen the muscles; for those unusual sexual positions you may find yourself in. You can use free weights or whatever type of workout equipment that is available to you. As your muscles get stronger so will your sexual endurance.


Keep your cardio days (jogging, walking, swimming and cycling) and strength training days as removed from each other as possible. That way your cardio won’t hinder gains in strength and size. For instance, doing a tough cycling workout after you hammer your legs with squats and lunges aren’t a good idea if your goal is to build bigger legs. Save your cardio for the next day, or even two days later, to rest your legs.


If you must do cardio and weights on the same day, choose a form of aerobic work that emphasizes body parts your weight lifting didn’t focus on that day. So, if your cardio choice is rowing, which works your upper body as much as it does your legs, row on a day when your weight session doesn’t concentrate on your upper body.


Whichever route you choose, just be sure to hit the weights first. You don’t want to wipe yourself out before your weight routine—you won’t get the most out of your session, and lifting when you’re tired can be dangerous.


Because of the thrusting nature of sex from a man’s perspective, a good sex exercise routine should include building up your thigh muscles. Whether you are in the missionary position, doggy style, or standing up with her lying back on the bed, you will need to thrust into her vigorously for extended periods. Having strong thigh muscles and a solid lower body will allow you to do this hard and fast, without getting fatigued too soon.


(4)   Exercise your PC muscles regularly


The Pubococcygeus muscles (PC muscle) runs from your pubic bone to your tail bone. PC muscles control the flow of semen and urine, the firmness of your penis during erection and the shooting power of your ejaculation. They are important, and if kept very strong, will see you into your golden years with a fantastical hard on.


To exercise your PC muscles, squeeze your rectum as if you are holding back a bowel movement and hold it for a ten second count. Do this at least three times daily for ten minutes. Just before you urinate, hold it for as long as you can, do this at least once daily. Holding your urine back will also work your PC muscle. By doing this exercise, you will be able to have better sex by being able to better control your orgasms and ejaculations, and last longer.


(5)   Delay Your Orgasm By Squeezing


This method for delaying orgasm should be employed during sexual intercourse whenever you feel that you are about to come. It can be employed by either you or your partner. Grasp the base of your penis and apply gentle, constant squeezing for several seconds or until the desire to ejaculate is gone. Then, resume sex. There may be some loss of erection, which should return once foreplay is resumed. The squeeze technique may be safely used more than once to control ejaculation.


(6)   Use A Penis Ring


A very easy way to keep an erection is to use a penis or cock ring during sex. A cock ring is an adjustable plastic band that fits over the base of the penis and behind the testicles. A cock ring gives a man a rock hard erection, and desensitizes the penis so he can keep an erection longer. For safety reasons, a cock ring should not be used for more than 20 – 30 minutes at a time.


(7)   Use A Penis Pump


A penis pump is a device that fits over the penis for enhancement of the penis. The penis pump creates a suction that will allow your penis to become hard. It is used like a vacuum to create hardness.


It is used to enhance the enlargement to help men with erectile dysfunction to maintain an erection. Apply a cock ring to your penis before using the penis pump will enable you stay harder for a longer period of time. The penis becomes harder by the pumping action. The pump makes the penis become enlarged while the band or ring keeps the erection.


Men who have a congenital bleeding disorder should never use a penis pump under any circumstances. Serious damage could be done to your health. Before using a penis pump, talk with your doctor about your overall health and well-being. He or she can describe how the penis pump works and if it is the right choice for you.


We all have erectile dysfunction at some time in our lives, probably due to stress or other causes. Relax and follow these tips. If you believe you can do it, then you can. Give yourself some time. Your sexual performance will definitely be on the rise and your sex partner will surely thank you.


Do you want to know more about how to improve your sex life? Click Get Hard Erection.



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For Couples – How To Stay In Love

Click Here For More Help To Improve Sex Life

Gone are those days when both of you were so passionately in love with each other. Both tried to impress each other; both would display the most desirable part and you were curious to explore each other physically and emotionally. When the relationship matures, priorities change as child-care responsibilities and effort to build up your career occupies a more important position. Both of you start to take each other for granted and as a result the intimate passion for each other goes downhill. But there are still ways for you to rekindle the flames of passion in your relationship.


(1)   Open Up To Each Other


The first step to get back that passion for each other is to have a good talk with each other, not just a shallow talk. This is very important because talking can bring both of you closer together; whether this takes place over the dinner table or in bed.


Spend at least five minutes to sit down together and talk about those funny and interesting things. Laugh at the same thing will break the ice and link you back to the emotional closeness with a partner.


Pillow talk is also a great way to build intimacy and passion with your partner. But don’t use pillow talk time to bring up issues in your relationship or to discuss chores, work, family or friends. Share each other’s fantasies, worries and fears. Also try talking dirty to each other to get some passion into your lives.


(2)   Utilize The 5 Senses Of Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell And Taste


Wear a sexy nightwear. You can look good to each other by regular exercises. You can leave notecards with loving messages or even special innuendos in special places such as in a lunch box, the bathroom mirror, under the pillow, etc. Or, you can do this by texting. Sexy messages that indicate you have your partner in your mind all day long are bound to get you amazing results.


Use lightings that illuminate your bedroom with a soft, yellow glow. This will make your naked body look more radiant and beautiful. Watch porn/romantic movies or read the Kama Sutra together.


Compliment each other generously to show appreciation for effort in ‘investing’ in the relationship. Whisper in a soft husky voice and talk dirty to each other. Listen to mood music or any songs that turn you on, especially those songs which could have heard in one of your lovemaking sessions.


You can moan while cuddling or even while kissing. It is a great way to show your appreciation by letting your lover/partner knows that you are enjoying what is going on.


Give each other a hug or kiss at every opportunity. Such simple actions can evoke the mood for sex. Pamper your lover with a sensual massage. Touch each other’s erogenous zones before penetration.


Wear perfume behind the ears to smell fresh and nice. The smell of perfume can excite your partner and get him/her into the mood to make love. You can also use fragrant massage oils to rub each other for a few minutes before having sex to smell great and turn your partner on.


Body-paint each other with edible cream and take turns to lick the cream off each other’s body. A moderate amount of urine can heighten the pleasure if you want to be a little bit kinky in spicing things up. In daily life, include those foods that can increase passion into your diet, such as onion, grapes, oyster, avocado and water-melon.


(3)   Flirting Or Seducing


This can make a woman’s body to produce the hormone oxytocin, which can cause vibrating sensation when she is passionate. The bonding effect of this hormone can also draw her closer to you. So, do not hesitate to seduce her.


(4)   Pay Attention To Your Partner


You need to be physically and mentally focused on your partner during sex. Your partner needs your presence and certainly do not want to get this feeling that while you are lying beside her, but your mind is at somewhere else. Your emotional involvement is what your partner desires the most.


Be good to each other, love one another and talk openly, these are all keys to build a stronger relationship which will result in more frequent and better lovemaking. For more related tips to how to do this, click on Great Lover


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