3 Ways To Impress A Girl And Give Her What She Wants

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Today I am going to discuss about how to improve relationship with your woman. In order to achieve this, you have to do the 3 little things. These are how to communicate effectively with her, how to boost intimacy with her and how to please her sexually.


(1)   How to communicate effectively with her?


(a)    Women are vocal creatures and compared to men they like to talk a little more. After a long day, a woman likes to talk about her life, what she does, the people she meets every day and the things that happen to her or around her. She wants her man to be willing and excited to hear about the things she says and to share the same with her.


(b)   Besides talking about her own stuff and the things that happen to her, a woman also appreciates open and honest communication. She likes her man to have the courage to be open that can both tell her what he is thinking and accept what she is thinking.


(c)    To get into deeper level of communication with a woman, it will not only be just talking about how you feel or think about certain things, it will also include the more challenging part of telling her what you need from her. If you are particularly upset about an issue, it is always a good idea to vent out your frustration by writing it down on a piece of paper before approaching her. This will provide you an outlet to release any negative emotions as well as allowing you to present your issue in a rational way. You will probably have to set up some ground rules with her to allow both of you to talk about anything as long as you ask nicely. In the event of any differences, you can compromise and reach an agreement both can live with and then set a time to follow up to see how you and her can deal with the issue.


(d)   Communication is not just talking. You need to listen to avoid interrupting your partner. Give her your full attention rather than second guessing what she is going to say. Listen with an open mind and maintain good eye contact. Listen to not only your spouse’s words but also her feelings. What is spoken is equally as important as what is not spoken such as facial expressions, body language and tone of voice.


(2)   How to boost intimacy with her?


The 3 ways to strengthen your emotional and physical connection with her are talking, touching and giving space for each other.


(a)    When talking about what you need in a relationship, it is better to package your request in the form of compliment. This will avoid your request from being look like a complaint which can trigger defensive behavior. For example instead of asking her to watch less TV, you can compliment her and tell her how much you enjoy when she spends time with you.


(b)   Studies have shown that kissing, massaging, stroking and caressing all help in the release of endorphins in the brain that can create a feeling of closeness to each other. Non-sensual touching can build up tension that leads to stronger connection and more intense sexual encounter. At times, you give your spouse an unexpected hug, a surprising romantic kiss or a teasing tickle.


(c)    Taking time to pursue your own interests, the way you did when you were single. You do not have to completely lose the person you were before you met your partner. If you suppress your own interests just to accommodate your partner, this can in the long run breed resentment and sabotage your relationship.


(3)   How to please her sexually?


This requires understanding women sexuality (or paying attention to her needs), the willingness to be open and trust in each other.


(a)    Ask her what she wants? Some will tell you while others will show you. Watch how she makes herself happy. You need to watch, learn and apply the same pleasuring technique she uses. Once you know what arouses her, you can mimic the movement and bring her to orgasm faster.


(b)   You can discuss her desires out of bedroom. Maybe when chatting with her over a glass of wine, you can ask her questions to find out what can trigger her into the mood for sex. Does she want massage, erotic movies or bathing to be included in foreplay? Sometimes women are more open to talk about their sexual needs when they are not bound by the bedroom walls.


(c)    When making love to her, you watch for signs she is closing to climax such as subtle deepening in the color of her labia caused by increased blood flow. You rest a hand on her stomach to feel for the muscular contractions that occur right before her orgasm. Be consistent and continue with your stimulating act on her until she asks you to stop.


(d)   Most women love oral sex and you do this in a gradual and teasing way. You first kiss her inner thighs and her inner and outer lips (labia), then work your way inside her using firm, broad strokes with your tongue. You watch her hips for a clue to the rhythm she likes. You listen to her gasps and moans as you experiment with the different techniques.


(e)    You give her positive feedback because she wants to hear how good it feels, how she makes you feel, how she looks, or you talk dirty to her. If you give her the reassurance she needs, she will feel sexy and most likely to act in a sexy way. This can in turn arouse you.


To improve your relationship with a woman in order to get her into the mood, you have to tune in totally to her needs and feelings. It is only after you know what she wants that you can customize or tailor-made your sexual techniques to get her to reach orgasm easily and quickly. To explore further on this topic you can click on Hot Sex and Turn Her On.

The Small Changes That Turn Her On

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How to increase a woman’s libido? How to get your woman in the mood for sex? How to get your wife interested in sex again? What I am going to discuss in the following paragraphs should help to answer these 3 questions.


(1)   Horizontal doggie


In this sex position, the man lies on his back with legs spread, knees bent and feet flat on the bed. The woman, who will be facing away from him, is on her hands (or elbows) with her knees between his legs. This position hits her G-spot very nicely. Stimulation can be increased with her using one hand to tickle/massage his scrotum or grab/squeeze the base of his genitals and the other hand stroking her clitoris or any other erogenous region that is highly sensitive to her. With her legs in between his legs squeezing her vaginal walls against his genitals, this can make her seem tighter than usual and he feeling his male hood bigger in size psychologically.


(2)   Be consistent


Most women reach orgasm from repetitive and continuous stimulation as opposed to hard or varying pressure. Therefore you should treat her moans and sighs as signals for continuing at the same pace and not as a request to apply more pressure. On average, a woman can take between 3 to 30 minutes to reach orgasm from oral sex. If your tongue gets tired, you switch to using your finger or penis to keep her arousal level from going down. Hen she starts to come, keep whatever lovemaking technique you are using to go at the same pace and do not stop until she tells you to.


(3)   Getting her feedback


Men often make assumptions about what a woman wants based upon what they have done with other women. But women are not all the same. For example most guys know what a clitoris and where to find it. But this does not mean they can get a woman to reach clitoral orgasm. A touch on her clitoris that is enjoyable for one woman may feel like nothing special or may even be painful for someone else. Some prefer indirect stimulation. How can you find out how she likes to be touched? Try asking her simple yes-or-no questions such as “Does this feel good?” Do not distract her with those open-ended questions. To bring a woman to orgasm, she has to be able to relax and let go. Yes-or-no questions can ease her into providing you with more detailed and helpful information on how to pleasure her.


(4)   Making sex more sensual


If you want to make sex a more sensual experience, you need to slow down. Slow sex is not just about endurance or adopting complicated sex positions. It is about really been there in the moment and mutual pleasuring. You can create a more conducive bedroom environment for slow sex by moving the TV to another room, shutting down your computer, switching off your cell phone and installing romantic dim lighting.


The following is what you can do to slow down for mutual pleasuring


(a)    Massage

(b)    Deep, lingering kisses

(c)    Teasing her with your fingers and mouth

(d)    Give her tender and erotic touching


Here is a bonus tip: You touch her breasts. How? You use your thumb and index finger to gently massage her breast, first clockwise and then anti-clockwise. You then place your hand over her areola (the colored skin surrounding the nipple) and roll it with your palm. You end this by gently pulling her nipple. Why is this effective? The nipple contains receptors called Meissner’s corpuscles, cell that adjusts to varied stimuli like the friction of a shirt or the moisture of a tongue. The longer you tease around the nipple, the more intense direct stimulation will be. You repeat the process on her the other breast.


(5)   Giving her positive feedback


Women are vocal creatures and at times feel insecure. A woman needs a little extra reassurance to make sure that is still special in your eyes. You shower her with compliments about connectivity. You tell her how sexy she is when she looks into your eyes. This makes her feel good. When she feels sexy, she is most likely to act sexy.


To a woman, sex is an expression of love. The just-mentioned 5 ways will help to deepen your emotional, psychological and even spiritual bond with your lover. Of course, you can always do better and if you are keen to do so, you can click on Hot Sex and Turn Her On.

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Tips To Keep A Healthy Sex Life

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What a man should say or do to get the sex he wants? This is probably the most-often thought about question that many men are trying to look for answers to. In a relationship, the flame of passion that both have in each other may run the risk of it flickering away and then goes off. However, you still can do something to rekindle your love life by experimenting with different ways to have sex. This will push the boundary of your current sexual relationship to uncharted territories that can reveal a sexual desire or interest you may not have known of before. The following tips may help spice up your sex life.


(1)   Do not put undue pressure on her


Putting pressure on your partner to try something new usually does not work. You cannot force someone to do something and even if they do it just to please you; chances of them enjoying it are less than if they are doing it for their own interest or fun. You have to ease her into the fantasy zone by getting her acclimatized first, like whispering some sexy things in your partner’s ear.


(2)   Set the ground rules


If you want to explore new sexual possibilities with your partner, it is a lot easier if both of you can agree beforehand that each side can ask for anything in a nicely manner and to take no for an answer. It helps a lot if both of you can work together to establish some ground rules before you get to propose anything new about sex.


(3)   You lay the groundwork first


Whatever you want to try, make sure you know how to do it in a way that will be pleasurable and safe for both of you. If you want to try anal sex for example, make sure you know the safety tips and techniques to avoid painful anal sex. If you want to film your whole lovemaking act, make sure you explain clearly to your partner the rationale of doing it and how you are going to do it. For example, you can talk about your plan to inject some fantasies to this by filming this under the scenario of a kidnapper/hostage setting, letting her imaginations run wild, to get her gradually accept your idea.


The main point here is to arouse her mind and her body will follow. Going back to the example about filming the lovemaking process, people are not excited about watching their own-directed porn. But they like it because exhibitionism and voyeurism are two of the most important types of fantasy that capture both men’s and women’s imaginations.


(4)   You let her to take control


Sometimes partners are put off or threatened by trying something new because they think it indicates something goes wrong in the relationship (that you are bored, that you are having an affair, that you are not interested in them anymore, etc). One way to overcome this is to give your partner control over your suggested activity or make her part of the process. When you include fantasy into lovemaking, you can get her to take charge of shopping for costumes, accessories and other items.


(5)   Encourage her to share her fantasies with you


Get her to talk about her fantasies and the things that turn her on. Is it her as a cowgirl or you as the Batman? Is it being tied up or you doing the tying? Most important, be non-judgmental. Exploring a fantasy is all about making a woman feel that she is not a freaky pervert for having them. A study by the University of Vermont shows that nearly 25% of people feel guilty about their fantasies. So, you should encourage her to share her fantasies with you.


Brain scans of women during sexual arousal have shown that the areas of the brain that process fear, anxiety and emotion are nearly shut down. In other words, a woman needs to be completely and free of any anxiety in order to reach orgasm. Therefore if you want to have the best sex of your life, you introduce a fantasy or something new while she is deep in her comfort zone. For more amazing ideas to get the sex you want, click on to Hot Sex and Eternal Flame.


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The Things That Can Always Bring A Woman To Orgasm

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How to please a woman? This has always been the top question in most men’s mind. Here I am going to share with you the ways that can turn a woman on that can help you to get more dates or to improve the intimacy with your wife.


(1)   Dare to try new things


Boredom and predictability can be a passion killer. People can change. The things that can arouse her in bed 4 to 5 years ago may not necessarily have the same orgasmic effect on her now. Of course, you can go and buy an online sex guide to read about the lovemaking techniques. However, before you use those of your newly acquired knowledge on her, you still need to communicate with her, get her feedback, and read her body signals to see what works and what does not work. You “tailor-made” your techniques to her sexual needs. You set up simple codes she can use during lovemaking: “up” or “down” for which erotic spot to put your hand on. Or, when you are stimulating her, you ask her, “How does this feel, one to 10”? , and you adjust your pressure on her erogenous zone accordingly.


(2)   You inject fantasy into lovemaking


Indulging in fantasies can lead to hotter lovemaking and greater intimacy. To get a woman to reach orgasm, she needs to clear her mind off any hidden fears. Fantasy is a good way for her to distract her from any thoughts that may kill sex drives. So, how do you bring fantasies to your lovemaking? One way you can try is to read her or watch with her an erotic story before things heat up. Erotica can help her to get in touch with her deepest, darkest and most sensual fantasies. Another way is to whisper provocative sentences to each other in turn; building a fantasy tale she can get lost in.


(3)   You allow her to set the pace and tone in the bedroom


A man is expected to take the lead in sex. The problem is sometimes when a guy gets too engrossed in what he is doing that he may neglect her sexual needs. You let her control the pace and intensity of lovemaking (either from the start or for the whole of the bedroom session, depending on the mood), so that you can both know what is best to turn her on. The more aroused she is the better for you. Encourage her to be on top because this sex position can allow her to take advantage of a full range of positions such as facing you, facing away or even sitting cross-legged on you.


(4)   Going beyond the commonly known erotic spots


Most of us already know that if we stimulate any one of the following erotic spots – her clitoris, G-spot and urethra, this can get a woman to orgasm easily. A sex expert, Quilliam, suggests going beyond these erogenous zones to tease what some call the U-spot which is an area between her clitoris and vagina, located near the entrance to her urethra. You stimulate this area using your finger in soft, circular motions. Urethral nerves are highly sensitive therefore pleasuring this region can send her into a soft, melting form of climax. Of course, before you do this to her, make sure your hands are clean because this area is infection-prone.


(5)   You slow down to give her chance to go into the stage of orgasm


When she is almost quite close to climax, you temporarily stop stimulating her sensitive areas. You then kiss her for a few minutes and move on to her other less sensitive areas of her body. After a while, you go back to stimulate her orgasm-triggering spot again. You can repeat this “switch on” and “switch off” motion for a few times before you make the “final assault” to send her into the point of no return orgasm stage. This start-and-stop action can increase the intensity of her orgasm.


So, these are the 5 easy ways to give a woman an orgasm. Practice makes perfect. Therefore keep on doing this to “wake up” the untamed sexual instinct that is lurking in her subconscious. If you are keen to be the one and only one man in her world that can rejuvenate or raise her sexual desire, you can click on to Hot Sex and Turn Her On.

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8 Premature Ejaculation Treatments


Am I ejaculating too fast? How to last longer in bed to please her? Have you been asking yourself similar questions lately? If you do, there is nothing to be ashamed about. Premature ejaculation happens to almost 40% of men at some stage of their lives. Do you want to do what you can to prevent this from affecting your sex life? Keep reading as I discuss the ways to improve sexual stamina.


(1)   Using start-and-stop masturbation technique to control ejaculation


You can learn to control ejaculation like the way to control urination. One of the ways to overcome premature ejaculation is by mastering the start-and-stop masturbation technique. You stimulate yourself close to the point of no return and when you feel you are about to let go, you stop for 15 seconds before you resume your hand job. During subsequent sessions, you gradually increase the number of stops to 6 per session.


(2)   You squeeze the tip of your manhood


The area below the head of your “little brother” is one of the most sensitive areas when comes to sex. During your lovemaking session, when you feel you are quite close to releasing your sticky secretion, you pull out and squeeze on this sensitive zone for a few seconds. This will force blood out of your genitals and momentarily represses the ejaculatory response. As you cool down slightly, you then re-enter her.


(3)   You gently pull your scrotum


The scrotum is the pouch of skin enclosing the testicles. Sometimes it can be quite disruptive to some guys (including me) to ask them to pull out half way because the sensation may cool down too rapidly that it needs to take a bit of time later to get it up again. Therefore, instead of pulling out, you gently grab your scrotum which can help to delay your orgasm.


(4)   You train your PC muscle


The PC muscle controls your urination. If you can learn how to use your PC muscle to control your urination then you will have no problem in controlling your ejaculation later. When you are half-way in urinating, you stop the flow and count up to 3 before you let go again. The more often you practice this, the better you are able to control your PC muscle and your ejaculation later.


(5)   You pleasure your woman first


Most of the time when we have performance anxiety problems, it is because we focus too much attention on ourselves which is quite stressful. It is easier said than done if I tell you not to worry too much. A better way to handle this is to switch focus to your woman in order to divert attention away from your anxiety. What I am saying is you focus your effort to make her orgasm. One of the easiest and fastest ways is to give her clitoral stimulation. You can use your fingers, your tongue and the tip of your manhood to brush or rub against her clitoris. Actually most women do not care how long you can last after they have orgasm. Once a woman get her orgasm, even if you ejaculate quickly after penetration, she will still feel sexually satisfying.


(6)   You change the way in penetration


You press the tip of your “little brother” against her clitoris. During your intercourse, you focus on the small, shallow movements that penetrate the first 2 to 3 inches of her vagina. When you penetrate her, you do it in circular motion to avoid over-stimulating the tip of your manhood. During the lovemaking session, you breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth. This will slow your whole excitement and put you back in control


(7)   You change your sex position


You ask her to adopt the she-on-top lovemaking position. She can either face you or her back towards you when she straddles on you. Ask her to go slow so that your “little brother” will not get overly stimulated and ejaculate too soon.


(8)   You masturbate before sex or go for the second round


Ten minutes before you have sex, you masturbate to let off some “body heat”. After your 1st ejaculation, it will usually take quite a while to get the next ejaculation. Alternatively, you can go for the second round of sexual intercourse. Most men can last much longer in the 2nd lovemaking session. But this method can only work if you have a short refractory period.


So, you can now try one or more of the above 8 ways to let you last enough to pleasure women in bed. For more amazing ways to perfect the art of lovemaking, you can click on to Last Longer and Greater Sexual Stamina.

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