What You Need To Know About Female Libido

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Want To Know How To Turn A Girl On And Increase Her Sex Desire?

Your girl always claims that she wished she had more sex drive, but she doesn’t know why she doesn’t. Are there ways to increase female libido without buying herbal supplements? Here are a few tips to learn about how to arouse a woman’s sex drive.

Help Her To De-Stress

Take over a daily chore that is normally hers. If you have the opportunity to get it done in secret, take advantage of the time to surprise her. Studies show that couples who split the housework evenly have a lot more sex than those who don’t. Equal participation in chores means less resentment. It also means that she is less fatigued. Resentment and fatigue are pretty serious libido killers.

If you have children, arrange for a weekend at a relative’s house. This will give your wife an opportunity to take a mental — and possibly physical — break from child care. She will be able to focus on relaxing and enjoy some valuable time for herself.

Offer to give her a massage and treat it as if you are a real masseur to get her in the mood. Play ambient music, light aromatherapy candles — lavender and ylang-ylang scented candles are very relaxing — and use massage oil or lotion. Or, you could just massage her when she has had a rough day at work, which may encourage her to have sex with you later.

Seduce Her Mind

It may sound trite, but complements are one of the best ways to turn a girl on and increase her sex drive. Women typically want to know that she is number one in your life and using words of love and caring can help you out in arousing her sex drive. Compliment how she looks and let her know that she turns you on. You may think she already knows this but even if so, she will love hearing it. You will be surprised at how much this can make a difference.

Talk dirty to her but start slow to feel out how she reacts. Do treat her with respect. Talking dirty is totally different from talking trash. Avoid using words that belittle her. Simple stuff like, “It feels so good to be inside you,” or “It drive me insane when you put your mouth there” should work just fine. You really can’t go wrong if you use your dirty talk to praise her body. Something like, “Your breasts are amazing.” Also you can tell her exactly what you want her to do: “Strip and climb on top of me,” or “Touch yourself for me.”

Romance Her

Romance can sometimes seem like a cliché but it can really set the mood if you pay attention to details. If you’re having dinner together put on some romantic music that you both like or use candles to light the room.

If you plan to go out, make it a special night by taking a walk on the beach or somewhere equally romantic. Just the right mood alone can sometimes make the difference in how a woman reacts to your advances.

To give her pleasant surprises is also romantic. You can do this by way of small gifts. Get her something that is meaningful to her, which will touch her heart or your relationship in general.

Certain gestures do not cost you a single cent but mean a lot to her. Kiss her at every opportunity can turn a girl on and increase her sex drive. Be soft and tender with your kisses and you will have her wanting more before you even know it. This is definitely one of the easiest ways to show her that you love her and you appreciate her for more than just sex.

Make Pleasure For Her The Top Priority

Ask her how she likes it. Maybe you are not doing it hard enough, deep enough, long enough or slowly enough. Maybe the angle or position or rhythm is bad. Maybe you are not being romantic or rough or talking enough or too much – who knows? Every girl is different. The only way to find out what will make it more enjoyable for your particular girl is to ask her and find out directly from her. Otherwise you are just guessing. Communication is the key to sex and libido.

When in bed, do take it slow. Sex isn’t a race so why would you want to hurry through it? Take your time to make her feel good by using foreplay. A certain light touch to her face, arms or hands can send a thrill into her body that perks up her sex drive. Run your fingertips up and down her stomach, across her breasts and down again to her thighs and legs. She will tingle all over from this and you will reap the benefits sooner than you think.

Go down on her. Show your appreciation for her and give her downstairs some individual loving. Start by performing a little oral on her inner thighs, vaginal lips and clitoris especially, to get her nice and wet.  Not only will this help get her in the mood, but she might be more willing to return the favor at a later time.

As you enter her, enter her very slowly. In fact, this is another good way to tease and please her and improve her sex drive — place just the head of your penis inside her and pull out. Do these six times and then plunge your dick all the way in. You will be rewarded with gasps of delight. Repeat this dick move four or five times until she is clawing at your back. The more pleasure she gets, the higher will be her sex drive.

When it comes to increasing a woman’s sex drive, you cannot try and force her to get to bed and expect her to enjoy it—instead, you have got to ease her into things and let her get to her sexual peak at her own pace. In doing so, you will find the entire sexual experience more enjoyable for the both of you.

You can transform your lovemaking by learning the best ways to turn a girl on by reading on further at Increase Her Desire For Sex and Dirty Harry’s Secrets.


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For Couples – Fun Things To Do

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Do You Want Sex To Be Fun?


 Do you feel that sex is getting boring and want to try new things? Are you looking for some ideas to try with your lover? Do you want to surprise your partner and go out of the ordinary in your intimacy? Here are some ways you can do to spice things up tonight.


(1)   Engage In Blindfold Sex


Being tied up is erotic because it begins a power game. Let your woman tie you up, striptease you, then blindfold you and tease you to heaven using whatever comes handy. To make it more interesting, she can put some yummy treats like strawberries, honey or chocolate on the various hot spots of her body to get you to hunt for it using your tongue. Whenever each time you locate the ‘delicious spot’, she will grant you a sexual favor. 


Or the other way around: you tie her up and use various items to stroke her body. Experiment with the pressure of your touch and tease your partner by pausing before touching her again in an unexpected place – moving from one part of her body to another.  Allow you lips to trace the lines of her body, kissing and licking as you move down towards her vagina. This is an intense form of foreplay, because she cannot see what you are doing, which makes her anticipation that much more powerful.If she is willing, use her hands to touch her breasts and clitoris, and watch her play with herself.


(2)   Shave Each Other’s Pubic Hair


You shave her pubic hair and then let her return the favor. First, take a hot bath to soften the skin and hair. Second, use scissors to trim the length. Third, lie on the bed or on a table and start shaving him/her. If you like to be artistic you can shave her hair into the shape of a heart. You will definitely love the effect of her clean-shaven of her sexy bits which are normally hidden in fuzz. Many women find the whole area much more sensitive without the fur. Your hair-free erection will tend to look smooth and impressively bigger.


(3)   Film Yourself In Action


Make a video together while having sex and delete it after the act to prevent it from being accidentally leaked in the future. Watching yourselves having sex in the video and having sex at the same time can be a huge turn on for both of you. Making your own dirty sex tape can be a very sexy way to spend intimate time with your lover. You can even introduce role-play into the act by pretending you and/or your lover is someone else or some porn stars and stick to the roles throughout the session.


It is easy enough to get out your video phone these days and do a bit of amateur filming at the blink of an eye, so make use of new technologies. It doesn’t have to be a fully set up porn scene, just film yourselves together doing something you both like, then you can look at it later.


(4)   Have Sex At Unusual Places


This means just having sex at any place outside of your usual bedroom, which can be your car, public toilet, the clothing-trying room in the department store, a park, an alley, a crowded bus, in a cinema filming an erotic movie, a sheltered spot on the beach, or doing it at a hotel swimming pool at night and even skinny dipping there, etc. All these places offer the thrill of debauchery and the rush you get from anticipating being caught in the act is likely to lead to an all-night long of exciting sex.


One of the most popular places is of course the boss’ desk, preferably at night. Make sure that your wicked indiscretion is not witnessed by that ambitious co-worker with designs on your job. Of course do check for any security cameras that could record your naked frolicking, otherwise you might have some rather embarrassing explaining to do!


The key to having sex in public is to keep it decent and discreet. This means wearing appropriate clothing for easy access, and keeping the huffs, puffs and squeals down. Your thrills may not thrill too many other people.


(5)   Get Creative And Messy


Show your creative side with a little body paint. Take turns turning each other on and into a new work of art. Better yet, try playing with your food. Though it may sound a little cliché, your woman could be harboring a food fantasy. Champagne, strawberries and chocolate sauce are all popular choices for a little bedroom food play.


Work with what you have, whether it is an orange or an orange Popsicle. Just keep in mind that foods containing sugar can cause bacteria buildup, which can lead to yeast infections. Of course, cleaning up together could be just as much fun as getting a little dirty. Try something new! Never covered each other in whipped cream before? Try it! Never done it in the kitchen before? Try it!


Forget your inhibitions and try these fun things tonight! There are so many new things to try out when it comes to your sex life, even if you think you have tried it all, try it again, in a different color, with a different flavor or in a different place. Be brave! Be suggestive, talk about things you would both like to do; you will be surprised at what comes out. Don’t ever forget that the best sex comes to those who communicate.


To get more ideas on how you can enrich your sexual experience, you can click on Erotic Games and Improvised Sex.


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Female Orgasm – How To Be Intimate With Your Partner

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Your Way To Spice Sex Up Is A Click Away From Here


How to maintain intimacy in a relationship? How to keep the spark alive in a relationship? How to make sex pleasurable? How to cope if your partner has lost all interest in sex? You can do something about this by using these tips in your daily lives.


(1)   Meet her emotional needs


Sexual intimacy is more than just sexual intercourse. For women in particular, emotional intimacy is often closely tied to sexual intimacy. If there is excessive conflict or emotional disconnect in the relationship, a woman may shut down sexually. You have to give her enough attention and affection.


Communicate with your girlfriend or wife and sharing your thoughts with each other. Even if you spend 15 minutes on a daily basis talking to each other minus the kids and everything else, your sexual life is bound to improve.


A listening ear is equally important because it shows you are treating her with respect. She needs you to acknowledge her feelings; she needs to know that what she is saying is registering with you. Even if you do not agree with her, your acknowledgment of her emotions lets her know that you are not dismissing them by overlooking them and rushing to suggest a solution


Make sure to resolve any conflicts that you may have. It will help in increasing the closeness that you feel with your partner leading to a better sex life. Resist any desire to use critical, resentful, or sarcastic words. If you think that your relationship needs outside help, get help from a marital therapist. It may be the best thing that you may do for your marriage.


Be a supportive and chivalrous partner. If you find her struggling with something, offer her a helping hand to assist her. Go with her when she runs errands to the mall, grocery store, or bank. If you are able to help your partner cope with her stress she is likely to rebound more quickly and have more sexual energy. At times, when the whole world seems to desert her, you have to stand up to the occasion and protect her. This can make a huge difference when it comes to pleasing women, sexually or emotionally.


Give her more gestures of love throughout the day. Hold her hands while crossing the street or while sitting in a café, touch her now and then for no reason at all, and let her know that you can’t keep your hands off her. Even if she brushes your hand off, she will still blush on the inside knowing how irresistible you think she is!


Be romantic and give her pleasant surprises. If you want your woman to feel loved and pleased with you all the time, learn to create magical memories that’ll make her smile each time she thinks of you. Do pay attention to the small details such as remembering her special days, however insignificant the occasion may be to you.


(2)   Boost her confidence


Feeling physically desirable helps reduce inhibitions and makes sex more appealing. Low self-esteem or body image issues, weight gain, aging and pregnancy can impact self-image. For women, flattering lingerie and good (usually dim) lighting can help.


Be sure to compliment your partner’s appearance both in sexual and nonsexual contexts. For example, if she looks particularly good when she is getting dressed for work, be sure to mention it. This reinforces that you truly find her attractive and that your compliments are not merely a ploy to get her into bed. If your partner has gained a significant amount of weight recently, commit to getting healthy together. This can avoid making herfeel that she has to measure up (or down) in order to be attractive to you.


(3)   Understand each other’s sexual needs


Frustration accumulates when a husband and/ or wife are not able to communicate about problems, desires, fears, or a host of other regularly unspoken issues that impact their sexual experience. So, be open with your spouse or lover. Do not be afraid to talk about sex.


Being open and talking to her about sex with your spouse is one of the most important factors in having an intimate relationship with them. This can really open the channels of communication and you can both explore things that you really like while having sex. You can talk about your sexual fantasies and about things that both of you may want to try. What you like and what you do not like sexually. At the same time, let her know that you are truly interested in what she wants and likes. Do not ever make your spouse feel like she cannot communicate her desires and needs to you.


(4)   Be willing to try new things 


Doing the same things sexually may just lead to boredom for you and your partner. So, try something new such as incorporating massages and baths into your foreplay. Try a new place instead of the bedroom. Read erotic literature or watch erotic movies. Get some flavored lubricants or try new arousal gels. Anything that can spice up your sex life and making each other feel good and turning each other on is an important factor in improving intimacy.

Try new sexual positions, especially those can improve intimacy. The modified woman-on-top position is ideal for lots of touching and intimate caresses as well as allowing you to maintain eye contact with each other. She can sit on your lap facing you, wrapping her legs around your waist and her hands around your neck. Or you can sit on the floor with your legs straighten out and leaning back on your arms so that she can sit on your lap. She can then lean back and extend her legs behind you.


Keep in mind that sexual intimacy is multi faceted and not just about intercourse. So, make sure to spend quality time with each other, work at improving communication, and try new ways to increase your sexual intimacy. For more tips to help you better your sex life, you can click on Make Her Wet and Dirty Harry’s Secrets.


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Female Orgasm – How To Ejaculate

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The Way To Best Female Orgasm Is A Click Away From Here

Are you looking for ways to make a girl ejaculate or squirt? What causes female ejaculation? How to give a girl a squirting orgasm?


All women can ejaculate, but because so many women expect a huge gush of fluid they often ejaculate without even realizing it. They expect a gush but they may only have a few drops of ejaculate, and they may just pass off that extra wetness as extra vaginal fluids rather than ejaculate.


Get Her Prepared


The best way to get a girl to ejaculate is to focus on her g-spot, which is about two inches inside the front vaginal wall, it is the urethral sponge (the paraurethral glands), erectile tissue that surrounds the urethra similar to the erectile tissue in a penis. But you can’t just thrust your fingers inside her immediately. This is because at normal times, it is not easy to locate her g-spot.


You can have better chances of locating the g-spot when the area is swollen, which will happen only when she is aroused. This means you have to get her mind and body ready for sex. Sometimes, this may start hours before you have sex. Start kissing and caressing her for several minutes and focusing all of your attention on her, but avoid touching her genital area.


Set a romantic vibe with soft soothing music, candles, flowers and chocolate. Whatever your girl likes, do it for her. Treat her like a princess, pamper her and cater to her.Be gentle and sensitive to get her in a relaxed mood in order to get her aroused


Stimulate Her Clitoris


Though your objective is to locate her g-spot, but you should not forget her clitoris. This is because most women reach orgasm by stimulating their clitoris when they masturbate. The clitoris is the starting point for female orgasm. It is the most sensitive part of the human anatomy and the only organ meant only for sexual pleasure.


It is located above the vagina and is covered by a clitoral hood. When your partner opens her legs, gently spread her inner and outer vaginal lips near the top to open the hood. You will be able to see and feel a small mound of slightly hardened flesh. This is the clitoris. Some women like direct clitoral stimulation. Others prefer indirect. You can stimulate her clitoris using your mouth/tongue, fingers or a vibrator. Pay attention to what your partner likes.


Stimulate Her G-Spot By Fingers And/Or By Using A Rabbit Vibrator


To stimulate the g-spot, you need to insert a finger or two (palm side up) into the vagina. Make sure to use perfect hygiene. Pay attention to the length of your nails. Gently curl your fingers upward while you are looking for the g-spot. The woman may feel the need to urinate, but this isn’t so. As the g-spot swells, it presses against the urethra and after a few seconds the urge to urinate usually passes.   


It can take seconds or several minutes before your girl will ejaculate. The sensation can be subtle or obvious, every woman is different, and she may also react to different stimulation or may not respond at all. But this is no big deal; by all means have fun trying, because this needs some practicing or she may not get used to this yet.


Continue moving slowly and experiment with changing the pressure and angle of stimulation. You may want to flick your fingers along this area in an alternating fashion. You can also press the palm or fingers of your other hand onto the flesh of her pubic mound, giving her urethral sponge pressure from within and outside the vagina. Encourage her to let go and bear down while tilting the pelvis upward can make the difference between a traditional orgasm and one with ejaculation.    


G-spot or vaginal orgasms are different from clitoral orgasms, they have a deeper feeling. Ejaculation in females is quite different then in males. While male ejaculation has a thick texture to it, the female ejaculation is clear and water like, with a slightly oily feel (a little like saline fluid). It is mostly odorless but can have a slight musky smell and is salty to taste. After she ejaculates, the after affects can last seconds to ten or more minutes. Much like a male, some women will tend to feel weak and tired, while other women may want to do it again.


Sex Positions To Stimulate Her G-Spot


These three positions align the head of the penis directly toward the g-spot. Let your girl guide you on which position she prefers.


Penetrating your partner from behind is the perfect way to hit the g-spot, which is a highly sensitive area inside the vagina. Have her get on her knees and rest her elbows on the bed or ground. Then, gently arch her back so that her buttocks are sticking up in the air. When you enter her, the sensation will be heightened for both of you.


When a woman is on top, she has total control over the depth and angle of penetration. The easiest way to provide direct g-spot stimulation is to have her lean back slightly, and keep her knees on the bed. This will angle the head of the penis directly into the g-spot. 


Normal guy on top sex doesn’t do a whole lot for the g-spot, but it can easily be switched up for more g-spot contact. Have her put a pillow or two underneath her bottom, and put her legs straight up in the air or on your shoulders. Slowly enter her, and put her feet flat on your chest. The pillow changes up the angle of penetration, aligning the penis with the g-spot for every thrust. 


By utilizing these instructions, you are well on your way to learning how to give a girl squirting orgasm. For more tips and ideas to give your girl greater pleasure from sex, click on Instant Orgasm and Make Woman Orgasm


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Female Orgasm – How Do I Make A Girl Squirt

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The Way To Get Your Girl To Experience Powerful Orgasms Is Only A Click Away From Here

Do you want to give your girl the best orgasm? Do you want to increase the chances of your girl having a squirting orgasm? How to give such intense orgasm to your girl? Read on.


Where is the g-spot? The g-spot is located on the front vaginal wall (facing the belly) about one and a half to two inches from the vaginal opening. Some women report that it is an erogenous zone which, when stimulated, can lead to strong sexual arousal, powerful orgasms and female ejaculation. It is loaded with sensitive nerve endings and when been sexually stimulated, becomes engorged with fluid which will be released when she climaxes, giving rise to squirting orgasm.


Get Her Mentally Prepared


The g-spot is most easily located when the region is soaked with fluid, which can only happen when she is aroused. This means you cannot just dig your fingers inside her right away and expect her to reach orgasm in a few minutes. You still cannot skip the normal foreplay.


Try to get her sexually excited long before hitting the bed. Make her feel good about herself by romancing her. Kiss her from head to toes and kiss a little bit longer on those areas that are especially sensitive to stimulation. As you kiss her, you whisper a mixture of sweet compliments and dirty remarks to arouse her brain. This will increase blood flow to the pubic area. Tease her to increase the sexual tension by touching her everywhere but not her sexy hot spots down there.


Stimulate Whole Vulva Region (Vaginal Area)


Because the g-spot is hard to find if it is not full of fluid and swollen. Therefore you have to make your girl wet first. In fact, for a woman, the area surrounding her vaginal opening is more sensitive than inside her vagina. This means you have to stimulate this region first before you reach for her g-spot.


The clitoris which is located on the top of her vaginal opening is an area you have to stimulate when it comes to helping your girl to achieve orgasm. The perineum, the area between the vaginal opening and anus, is especially sensitive to stimulation. The vaginal lips also respond to gentle stimulation. You can massage the whole vulva region using your fingertips in a circular motion.


You combine your hand movement with oral contact to heighten her sexual pleasure. This will lubricate the vaginal tunnel. Use your tongue and lips to explore the entire vaginal area. Move your tongue in slow, circular motions. Suck lightly on her clitoris. It will be best if you can make her have her first orgasm through stimulation of her clitoris.


Going Deeper


Manual stimulation of the g-spot with fingers is the easiest way to give your girl a g-spot orgasm. Gently insert your middle and ring finger to a depth of about two inches into the vagina, reaching towards the front of the vaginal wall. Gently stroke the area, looking for a smooth, soft area, which should be the location of the g-spot.


Your palm should be facing you, while your middle and ring fingers are inside her vagina. You should be keeping your fingers curled so that they push upwards on the g- spot. Simply use a back and forth motion, much like the thrusting you would do during intercourse. Keep thrusting with your fingers curled while you rub on the front of the vaginal wall and she should eventually experience her first g-spot orgasm. For some women, this will come with female ejaculation.


If you have trouble locating the g-spot or stimulating her to orgasm, don’t despair. Remember that finding the g-spot can be tough, even for women. It is also simply harder to find the g-spot in some women. If this is the case, you can get the help of a sex toy. You can use a regular vibrator or a special G Spot vibrator which is specially designed with a bend that allows you to better reach and stimulate the g-spot.


It is significantly more difficult to stimulate the g-spot through penetration, but it is definitely possible. To hit her g-spot during intercourse, use sex positions where you are thrusting into her at an upward angle rather than straight in. You can try hitting the g-spot in doggy style, the woman-on-top position and the modified missionary position.


When she is on her hands and knees, you should have her arch her back and keep her head up while you thrust downwards to maximize your chances of hitting the g-spot. You can also add pillows or a specially-designed cushion under her belly to adjust for better angles.For an extra kick, encourage her to rub her clitoris. Just make sure you do not thrust too deeply, as you will miss contact with the g-spot. Focus on slow, shallow thrusts for the best results.


When she is on top and asks her to position her hips in the right way for a g-spot orgasm. The easiest way to provide direct g-spot stimulation is to have her lean back slightly, and keep her knees on the bed. This will angle the head of the penis directly into the g-spot. 


When she is lying flat on her back in the missionary position, put a pillow or two or a love cushion underneath her bottom. Then, lift both her legs up into the air, and let them rest on your shoulders. The pillow changes up the angle of penetration, aligning the penis with the g-spot for every thrust. 


There you have it, the ways you can use to increase your girl’s chances of having a g-spot or vaginal orgasm. Give these ideas a try tonight, and she will be happy that you did!  But don’t be discouraged if it does not work right away. Sometimes it takes practice for this to happen, as it is a rather delicate and tricky bodily function. Your girl will definitely appreciate that you have made an effort to learn how to sexually please her, and she will be eager to pleasure you in return!


For more tips and ideas to improve your bedroom skills so that you can give her the best sexual experience she ever had, click on Give Her Earth-Moving Orgasms and/or Secrets Of Female Orgasm.




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