8 Simple Ways To Turn A Girl On

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There are certain things that women wish men could take note before trying to arouse them. Some women want very much to tell their men what they want but they are afraid that their frankness may hurt their guys’ ego. For many men who wonder why their partners are not so enthusiastic about sex, the followings are essentials you need to pay attention if you want to pleasure your woman sexually.


(1)  Keep it wet


When you and your girl get very aroused and you feel like sliding your naughty little fingers into her “love canal”, always make sure your fingers are not dry. This is because though getting a bit turn on by you, women normally take a slightly longer time to lubricate and your premature action can cause discomfort to her.


(2)  Her neck and ears are very sensitive to your stimulation


You need to be careful and not to look too desperate by immediately grabbing her breasts or sliding your fingers under her panties. It is better to tease her and build up the sexual tension first before reaching for her normal erotic hot spots. She enjoys the feeling of being kissed, nuzzled or licked on her neck. Just be gentle to her when you press your lips or tongue against her neck and you will soon hear her moaning right into your ear. The front of her neck is the most sensitive, but the whole region of the neck is equally great.


Ears are also a highly erogenous area and you can drive her crazy with some breathing, nibbling and licking. The trick is not to focus too long on one particular area. Instead, go from mouth to neck to ear to neck to breast, and so on.


(3)  No need to thank her for sex or after she gives you oral


This will make her feel like you are treating her as a call girl. You can show your appreciation in any other way you like such as: “You gave an excellent lick” or “I enjoy your licking very much.” Instead of going to sleep right away after sex, you cuddle her for a while to make her feel she is not just wanted for sex.


(4)  Delay your own orgasm


A woman expects her man to be patient and make an effort to stimulate her enough before he finishes his job. If you have this problem of ejaculating too soon before she gets wet enough, try to sort it out – go to see a medical practitioner, specialist or sex therapist. You can learn to control your ejaculation by practicing the start-and-stop masturbation technique. You stimulate yourself until you feel you are about to let go, you then stop for a few minutes to cool yourself down, before you resume the next round of self-gratification. You practice this patiently until you can do this alternate start and stop action for up to 6 times within each session.


(5)  Not too long inside her


A woman only wants her man to let go after she reaches orgasm for the first, second or third time. Beyond that she will start to feel discomfort, as the prolonged friction can cause her to get dry again.


(6)  Do not neglect the whole breasts


Most men mistakenly focus on the nipples and neglect the surrounding area. They ignore the fact that the entire breast is an erogenous zone. You can create this sensuous tension and slowly work your way towards the center with your tongue or finger. Circling brings the attention to the nipple, so that when you finally touch it, it will be a great turn-on for her.


(7)  It is better to trim your pubic hair


If you enjoy receiving oral sex, it is advisable to get your pubic hair trimmed. If you are too hairy down there, chances that some of your hair can get into her mouth are higher and this is a big deterrent for her in trying to please you orally.


(8)  She will do anything if you tailor your approach to her preferences


When you suggest something out of the blue or experiment some extraordinary acts on her before you understand her sexuality, you are more likely to turn her off. Where you touch her, how you touch her and how much pressure you use on touching her – for all these, you have to observe carefully her response before you continue with what you are doing. You can ask her questions like:”Do you want me to touch here a bit longer?” or “Do you like the way I touch you?” Once you show her you are taking into full consideration her needs, the chances are higher you can push her sexual experimentation threshold way beyond both of your imagination.


Here are the 8 things women like you to be cleared about and started with before entering the bedroom. It is always better to equip yourself with more than these and you can find out more from Hot Sex and Her Best Lover.

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Oral Sex Tips For Females

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Oral sex is one of those very intimate acts that guys enjoy a lot. When you are performing blow job on him, you have his full trust and he is at your mercy because you control every moment of his pleasure. It is the ultimate sexual gift you can give to your guy. Here are the best tips for great oral sex.


But before doing it, here are the precautions you should take:


(1)   Use a non-lubricated latex condom without spermicide; try flavored condom as an alternative

(2)   If you are giving it raw, avoid swallowing the discharged fluid in your mouth, spit it out if it happens to get into your mouth

(3)   Avoid sucking if you have bleeding gums, sores, abscess, or you have just gone to the dentist, because these could make it easier for you to get HIV or sexually transmitted diseases.


Let us get into the 4 phases of oral sex


Phase 1: Teasing him


Kiss his mouth, neck, ear lobes and bring your mouth down just far enough on his body so he will think hopefully you keep on going. Unzip and tease his “little brother” lightly with your hand while you kiss and lick all the areas around his genitals.


Phase 2: Meeting his “little brother”


Pull down his underwear to reveal the head of his genitals. To get him excited, run your fingers over the underside of his organ. Guide his sexual organ to your mouth and tease him with a couple of kisses before you move in for a closer lick.


Swirl the tip of your wet tongue over the head, down the shaft and back up again. Use one hand to hold the base of the genitals so that your forefinger is pointing towards your lips and make a loose fist with your other hand and slide it up and down along his organ, closing it when reaches the tip. Get the hand motion right first, and then add your mouth, letting your hand act as an extension of it. Move your mouth up and down, with your hands following the mouth movement.


You can twist your neck left and right so it feels your mouth is swiveling on his organ as you go up and down. Simulate the actual intercourse and lubricate his “little brother” thoroughly. Wrap your lips tightly around his organ and keep your teeth behind your lips, so that he feels like he is entering a tight vagina. Look into his eyes while stimulating him.


Phase 3: Pushing up his arousal level


When performing oral sex you need to put his “little brother” into your mouth as far as you feel comfortable. You can start shallow and increase the depth slowly. Pay attention to what is happening inside your mouth. Get him feel high by telling him how much you love sucking his “little brother”. Tell him how sweet he tastes. Men love women that can talk dirty.


You can spice up the oral technique with the “twist and swirl” motion. As you use your hand to masturbate him, twist it slightly when your hand reaches the head. At the same time, swirl the flat of your tongue around the rim of the head. Switch between mouthing it and licking it. Try flattening your tongue to create more surface area. Deep sucks and quick little teasing ones, feel great too.


When he gets high enough such that chances of him shooting into your mouth are greater, you can switch to testicle stimulation. Take one or both testicles in your mouth, suck gently and swirl your tongue around them. Lightly tug, squeeze and roll them around in the cup of your hand. Then you can go further down to lick his perineum (the area between his testicles and anus) and anus. You can also add in oral anal stimulation which involves licking, flicking or inserting a stiff tongue into the anal passage feels great for both sexes, because the area is highly sensitive.


Phase 4: The Eruption Phase


If you are shaking him off, run your hands up and down his “little brother”, squeeze it a little and then just jerk the head a little. Depending on him, this phase could be the end of foreplay as he chooses to penetrate you instead.


This roughly sums up how you can arouse your man orally and this is only one of the ways to turn him on. If you want to know more on how you can please your guy, you can click on Blow Job Techniques and Good Head Kit.

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How To Feel Good As A Woman Sexually

Everywhere she goes, people like to gather around her and all eyes follow her when she enters a room. She is comfortable of her body and appearance and confident with her sexuality. Do you want to be that woman?


You do not necessary have to have that supermodel look. Neither should you allow your beauty to be defined by others except by yourself. A female who feels sexually confident will be able to take responsibility for her own pleasure. She is able to feel relaxed enough to let go of her inhibitions and fully enjoy sex. She is not afraid to let her partner know her needs and desires and is comfortable with initiating sex.


The basic requirement to be a sexually confident female is to love herself and believes she deserves pleasure. Every woman can learn to cultivate her inner vixen. The first step in doing this is a change in attitude. Do not ask whether you are sexy. Instead you think you are. If you want to know how to get started to become a sexually confident woman, the following are some ways or self-training exercises you can try:


(1)    Pamper yourself all the time


You should throw away all those clothing to make yourself feel old, fat or not attractive. You should not even wear them at home. You do not need to blindly chase the latest fashion trends when you shop for new clothing. Most important you choose only those clothing that is matching your body as well as helping to project the positive/strong aspects of your body. For example, if you are of the skinny type, it helps if you wear loose-fitting clothes. Dress in colors that compliment your complexion. For example, if you have a fair complexion, you can wear darker color type of clothing as a sort of contrast to make the fairness of your skin stands out. Everyday you dress yourself in ways to make yourself feel good and attractive, not because of someone telling you what you should wear. Get a makeover, including hair, manicure, pedicure, makeup. For maintenance, treat yourself to one of these treats at least twice a month.


(2)    Wearing sexy lingerie


You should wear sensual fabrics that make you feel good against your skin. Wearing a pretty matching bra and party, silk boxes or throng set underneath your work clothes or everyday clothing will help you feel sexy and a little naughty. This will put you in the mood for sex and throughout the day will have you looking forward to the moment you finally get to have sex. It will also serve as a lovely surprise as he undresses you.


(3)    Block out all those negative sexual messages


Replace them with positive, motivating and inspiring messages. If you have been sexually abused and this unhappy experience causes you to feel ashamed or repressed about sex, you should seek professional therapy. Do not read all those magazines and avoid watching those movies and advertisements that belittle women and make you feel inadequate. Choose the type of people you befriend with. Stay away from those people who like to make negative comments about you and make you feel less beautiful. Dump your boyfriend if he is such a verbally abusive guy. Life is too short and you deserve to have a guy who can accept and love you as what you are.


(4)    Adopt a positive attitude towards life


You have to stop comparing yourself to others. Until you stop doing this, it will be very hard for you to feel comfortable about yourself. There is also no need for you to seek approval from others. You have to recognize that everyone is unique in his/her own ways and has different strengths.


Stand in front of the mirror everyday and say some positive things about yourself. Hilda Hutcherson, a sex therapist, suggests saying this: “I am a sexy, sensual woman. I deserve sexual pleasure. I, and I alone, own my sexuality. I know how to bring pleasure to myself and my partner. I love my body.”


Get to cherish your body. Walk around your home naked when there is no one around. Each time you walk pass the mirror, you look and appreciate the smooth curves of your body. When you walk, you hold your head high, back straight, shoulders back, chest out and let your hips sway gently from side to side. This will make you feel sexy.


(5)    Head to the gym


Exercise can improve your self image. It also releases the feel-good endorphins that lift up your moods so that you are “in the mood” more often. A sexy, toned body will give you the confidence to make love in any position even with the light on.


(6)    Create a romantic atmosphere in your room


Put in a little bit of effort playing with the light in your room. Do not spread light all over the room; lights that illuminate the specific points of focus are great for making a room look beautiful. Each space is going to be different, the furniture that is in the space, how it is positioned, the size and angle of the walls, the height of the ceiling. Avoid those glaring overhead fluorescent lights; instead install lights that shine from the side because this can help to highlight the shape of your body.


(7)    Read biographies and self-help books


Read biographies of successful people and see how many normal, everyday people like you can accomplish the “impossible” during tough times. Go and read some sex manuals and be willing to experiment and try new techniques. You can consider clicking on to Hot Sex and Her World.

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Sorting Sex Myths From Facts – What’s Average Penis Size; How Long Should Men Last In Bed?

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From time to time, we are fed with a lot of information about sex from friends, magazines, movies and hearsays. After a while, when we repeatedly hear the same kind of information about sex we tend to treat this as the total truth.


This is especially so in societies where sex is a taboo topic and there is no sex education which render getting the facts about sex difficult. What should be the average size of male genitals and does trying to enlarge them work? How long should men last during intercourse? In the next few paragraphs, we will talk about these topics one by one, therefore read on.


What should be the average size of male genitals?


We tend to associate masculinity with the size of male genitals. Of course there is really no such relationship but a lot of guys still want to increase the size of their “little brother”. Even a minority of women indicate they prefer a bigger size. However, for the vast majority of partners, the size of male genitals does not matter.


There is also this myth that a male genital is the main way to pleasure a woman. In his book She Comes First, Ian Kerner, a New York-based sex counselor cites a study that reports women reaching orgasm about 25% of the time during intercourse, compared with 81% of the time during oral sex.


OK, what should be the average size and does trying to enlarging it work?


In a state of erection, the average size should be between 4 to 6 inches. Under normal condition, it should be around three and a half inches.


If you are still keen on increasing the size of your organ, here is a rundown of your options.


The vacuum pump is often used to help men with erectile dysfunction. You put your “little brother” into a cylinder which is attached to a pump that sucks out the air. The resulting vacuum draws extra blood into the genitals, making it bigger. To maintain this erected stage, you put a tight ring around your organ to prevent blood from flowing back to other parts of the body. The pump has no lasting effect on the size because once the ring is removed, it will return to the original size.


The risks in using vacuum pump are temporary impotence, blisters, bruises, ruptured blood vessels and discolored and thickened skin. The tight ring should not be around your organ for more than 20 to 30 minutes at most because this can cause tissue damage.


Another enlargement option includes devices that you clamp on the genitals to stretch it for sometimes as long as 8 hours a day with tension or weights. Whether does this work is questionable but the risks for this method are tearing of the tissue, burst blood vessels and possible fracture of the genitals.


There are 2 basic surgery methods that involve lengthening and widening the genitals:


(a)    Making surgical cut to the suspensory ligament tissue that is attached to the male organ to make it looks longer. To prevent the ligament from re-attaching, you will probably need to put weights or stretching devices to your genitals for about 6 months.


(b)   Taking fat from elsewhere in the body and inject it into the shaft to widen the genitals. But this may not be effective because the fat can get partially absorbed.


A newer surgery method uses implanted allograft, tissue obtained from dead bodies. Another method uses on overweight guys involves removing the fat at the base of the genitals by way of liposuction.


Such surgeries are quite expensive and range from US$5,000 to over US$20,000. Like plastic surgeries, they may not work and known complications include scarring, infections, loss of a normal erection angle, decrease in sensation and impotence. So far, no major medical organization has approved of these surgeries. Therefore, you should be wary if you come across those male organ enlargement advertisements that promise miracle result next time and think carefully is it worthwhile taking the risks before messing with your “little brother”.


How long should men last in bed?


A common cut off time to define premature ejaculation is 2 minutes but some guys cannot last past 30 seconds. Either they let go before or immediately upon penetration. This pretty normal because men are wired to ejaculate quickly and stressful situations can make them let go faster.


So, what should be the average time that men can last in bed? According to study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, it is 5.4 minutes.


A few techniques have been suggested to help men to prolong their time to ejaculation which involve certain drugs (such as anti-depressants, Priligy), de-sensitizing cream, “climax control” condoms and the start-and-stop masturbation technique to manage the sexual response.


However, some are of the opinion that rather than trying to use distraction technique or decreasing stimulation it will be better to give in to the sensation. According to Seth Prosterman, a clinical sexologist and licensed marriage and family therapist, the way to learn to last longer is by getting used to the intense stimulation to increase the frequency of intercourse and feel every sensation of being inside your partner and enjoy it.


Can men have multiple orgasms?


Central to the concept of male multiple orgasms is the confusion between ejaculation and orgasm in men. Because most men tend to orgasm easily and for most young men ejaculation is also a routine response to sexual stimulation, most people cannot differentiate between orgasm and ejaculation which are 2 separate physiological and psychological experiences. It is only when men learn to separate them that it is possible to have more than one orgasm for each ejaculation.


In other words, having multiple orgasms for a man does not mean having multiple ejaculations in a lovemaking session. It is learning to control your ejaculation and hold it back while you experience several non-ejaculatory orgasms.


Some people advocate using Kegel exercises to strengthen the PC muscles to control ejaculation. There is a valve on the prostrate that switches on and off before urination and ejaculation. The PC muscle stops this valve from opening, allowing an orgasm without ejaculation. The idea is to keep doing this 5 to 6 times in a row by squeezing your PC muscle and holding it for a few seconds and breathe in deeply whenever you feel you are almost quite close to the point of letting go during your masturbation session.


Often the key to sexual satisfaction is not about numbers such as size or how long should you last. It is more about understanding yourself and your partner’s desires and finding out how your partner likes to be aroused and this applies to both men and women. If you want to get more inspiring ideas on how to achieve greater sexual satisfaction in your love life, you can click on Last Long In Bed and Extended Pleasure.

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7 Ways To Overcome Low Male Libido

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Conventional thinking is it is usually women who have a low libido while men’s sex drive is always as strong as ever. The truth is a lot of guys are finding that though they have the will and desire they may no longer as energetic as they used to be in the bedroom. Men who have a reduced sex drive usually do not like to talk about this even to their partners. Their women are afraid that if they dwell too much on this topic, it may hurt their men’s ego or either they feel themselves no longer attractive to their men. According to Louanne Cole Weston, a California-based sex therapist, in those relationships that have the issue to discrepancy of frequency and desire, about 40% of them is men wanting less.

How do you define low libido? According to Weston, there is no definite answer because it is very subjective. A man who feels he has a low libido problem has to find this quite distressing to himself and his partner. On the other hand, there are couples who do not view sex as a high priority and yet they still like each other, do not fight. They find true joy in what they are doing together, feeling perfectly okay and do not want to change the situation.


What are the common causes of low male libido? The leading reason is medication especially those anti-depressants and anti-hypertension drugs that have this side effect of diminishing sex desire. Tired, stress and excessive drinking and smoking are other causes. For couples who have been together, anger can often hurt one or both partner’s sex drive.


Now that we have listed out some of the possible causes of low male libido and the next thing is how to overcome this. Here is how:


(1)   Mentally connect with your partner


Couples who communicate well with one another and share activities together are often more active in sex. You should share with one another your sexual desires and fantasies and how both of you like to be aroused. Talk with your partner about the issue of low sex drive and be careful not to put any blame on her. Some suggestions for beginning the talk:


(a)    I have been thinking about ……………

(b)   What do you think about ………………

(c)    I like to talk about ……………………..

(d)   I want to have a better understanding of your point of view


(2)   Sort out relationship differences


Marriage can get rocky. Sometimes you have to talk about difficult subjects including division of responsibilities, financial matters, relationships with in-laws, methods of child upbringing, just to name a few. Here are the strategies you can use for difficult talk:


(a)    Show respect to your spouse

(b)   Important to listen to one another without interrupting

(c)    Do not jump to conclusions about what your spouse is saying

(d)   Respond without being critical of what your spouse has said

(e)    Be aware of body language and never assume yes even if your spouse does not say no.

(f)    Maintain eye contact to show interest in what your spouse say

(g)   Back up your concerns with facts

(h)   To compromise and reach an agreement both can live with and then set a time to track the progress

(i)     Know when to get help which means if differences cannot be resolved both of you should approach a marriage counselor


(3)   Seek medical help


If the low sex drive is due to certain medication, or other physical or sexual health problem, you should see a medical practitioner as soon as you can. He/she can then determine the causes of your problems and work with you to come out with solutions and if necessary to refer you to someone more qualified to handle your issues.


(4)   Shared responsibilities


When something crops up in a relationship it is not just his or her problem. Even though the problem may start from one person, but if this is allowed to drag on, the problem will eventually become both parties’ problem. It is therefore necessary to recognize that both need to take responsibility for romance and to work together to build up an intimate and successful marriage. Both of you should reach joint decisions on ways to rekindle sex life as well as improving on the other aspects of your relationship.


(5)   Try to set the mood in advance


Being grouchy all day or ignore your partner hurts the chance to have great sex in the evening. You should build up the tension/expectation by making sure your partner knows you have romance in your mind well in advance and continue to work up to the movement over the span of several hours. You can set the mood with flirtatious talk, proper lighting, proper music, proper food and proper settings. Go and rent some romantic or sexy movies and choose those that you know will light your partner’s fire and watch them together.


(6)   Show your spouse you care


Volunteer to take up some household tasks and take turns in taking care of kids when either one is not around or busy. Do not forget anniversaries and birthdays. Give a small and unexpected gift just because you love your spouse. You should make an effort to have fun together such as cooking a romantic dinner with your spouse, spontaneous trip, walking with your spouse along the park or beach, hiking, schedule date nights, lunch dates, etc. At times, do something extraordinary such as putting a blanket on the floor in your bedroom and enjoying an intimate picnic with one another, making out in the back seat of your car or rent a motel room near your place. To spice things up, you can give your spouse an unexpected hug, a surprisingly romantic kiss or a teasing tickle.


(7)   Cultivating healthy lifestyle habits


Engage in regular exercises such as running, walking, swimming or any other activity you can enjoy with your spouse. Have a balanced diet and avoid excessive drinking and smoking. Manage your stress by recognizing that nothing is perfect and despite your best effort you cannot determine the outcome of everything you do.


To overcome low libido you have to work jointly with your spouse on issues that happen outside of the bedroom first. This is an ongoing process requiring true communication which is the key to a healthy and active sex life. If you need additional inspiring ideas to work towards this goal, you can click on Hot Sex and Improve Libido.

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