What You Need To Know About Female Orgasm

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Make Her Orgasm, Make Her Want You!

Do you want to make her have an orgasm? Are you looking for tips and ways to make this happen? Here are some ways you can try them out.


(1)   Tune In To Her Needs


You are a good boyfriend or partner. You may have read a lot from certain self-help guide on sexual techniques. But that alone is not enough because each woman has her own special needs and you can’t get this knowledge from any guides. This requires good communication which means you have to find some ways to get her to be more open about her sexual needs.


Good communication is critical in all areas of life, but it is especially important when it comes to love and sex because romantic relationships are often the catalyst to help you heal childhood wounds. This also means they bring up all your insecurities, fears and unconscious expectations about love.


Initially this may not be easy especially if your woman is those that are quite conservative or just refuse to talk about sex. In this case, you have to approach this on a gradual and indirect way. The first thing you need to do is to strengthen your emotional intimacy with her, which is the major need of most women. She has to get very comfortable and she has to trust her man enough to be open about her needs.


To a woman, a relationship without emotional intimacy is empty and totally unfulfilling. Her feelings for her husband start to die. She becomes less interested in sex. How to improve emotional intimacy with her?


You have to make an effort to listen to her feelings (about anything, not just sex) and you also must be prepared to share your feelings with her. You need to be disciplined to set aside times to allow this exchange of feelings. You also need to take the initiative to resolve any distance or conflict that sets into your relationship with your wife.


Once you are able to achieve this, you can then include sexual topics in your ongoing talk with her. You can rely on some props to make it easier. For example, you can get a self-help sex guide and read this with her, or you can view with her some educational video about sex and use this as a platform for your discussion about sex.


(2)   Master The Art Of Penetration


Intercourse is not just about thrusting in and out alone. Her g-spot will never get a good feeling if all you are doing is deep thrusting. If you just use shallow dips, she will not get the thrill of feeling you tucked deep inside her. The way to do is to use a mixture of shallow and deep thrusting during intercourse. If you are able to do this, you will be able to last longer and she will have higher chances of reaching orgasm. How to do it?


You make love using the nine shallow dips and one deep thrusting method. Stop thrusting when you feel you are near orgasm. Use three slightly curved fingers to apply pressure, not too light and not too hard, to the perineum point (the area between the base of the penis and anus) to delay ejaculation. Hold and embrace your partner closely and comfortably. Continue shallow thrusting.

When you feel ejaculation is imminent, stop thrusting the penis. Pull back to approximately one inch of penetration but do not withdraw the penis entirely. Flex the pelvic muscle and hold to a count of nine. Alternately, flex the pelvic muscle nine times in rapid succession instead of holding the count. To achieve this, you need to strengthen your pelvic muscles by way of doing kegel exercises regularly. It will take several months to develop strong pelvic muscles, but it is worth investing your time on it if you want to have good quality orgasm for both you and her.


(3)   Master The Art Of Breast Massage


Women’s nipples are highly sensitive areas that when touched and fondled just right will really get her juices flowing. Some women are even known to have orgasms directly from nipple stimulation. Just be sure to be aware of her personal sensitivity in these areas, going as far as checking in with her by asking what she likes and doesn’t like.


First you knead her breast with both hands and work your thumb and the edge of your palm in the direction of the nipple. Use indirect stimulation by not touching the nipple while kneading the breast; it builds up the sexual sensors in her body. Once you have thoroughly kissed and massaged the breasts, you can begin to shift your focus on her nipples.


Using your thumb and index finger, gently and directly massage her nipples in a rotating motion moving clockwise and counterclockwise. Next, place your hands flat over her nipples and roll around them using the palm of your hands. Now, taking your thumb and forefinger, gently pull up on her nipples to slightly elongate them. Switch around the above movements every so often and see which ones she likes and gets most excited over.


These are just some of the basic techniques to make sex fun for you and her. For more tips and ideas, you can click on Great Lover.



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Female Orgasm – How To Have More Sex Without Even Asking For It

Inline image 1Make Her Enjoy Sex

Are you looking for ways to make sex great for you and your girl? Are you looking for ways to keep her turned on most of the time? Looking for tips to be better in bed? If you are, try some of these tips and you will have high chances to turn your girl on every time.


Warm Her Up


Women take longer to become aroused. They do not like it when you blatantly want to have sex. Therefore if you want to get lucky later in the evening, start by piquing her interest early. To turn her on, you need to make her horny first. To do this, you should at all times be seducing your woman in some manner. It may be subtle, it may be obvious. But it must always be taking place.

Women absolutely love being seduced. They love the way it feels. They feel beautiful and sexy. They feel desired. They get to feel all the things that women love to feel. And it results in them wanting to celebrate being a sensuous woman.

Even in an ongoing relationship, a woman wants to be seduced by her man. Always keep an air of sensuality. When your woman thinks of you, she must think thoughts of being seduced. You can even do this when you two are apart. A great way to do it is to send text messages.


Sexting can be extremely hot for a woman. Women are much more auditory than men. Therefore reading something sexy like how badly you crave her taste will help to plant the seed of anticipation in her head.


At other times, when you are at home, you can start with an innocent rub on her back gently or a brush against her body with your hands or any part of your body. Then you walk away to do something else. You return after a while to kiss her and at the same time running your hands through her hair. You then stop to do other things and then come back to kiss her neck. You do this a few times a day or continuously do this only without sex for a few days and she may get so aroused and jump onto you.


A seduced woman can be sexually aroused just as quickly as a man. In fact, even faster when you continuously and properly seducing her mind. You do not need to force her to do anything. Instead you bring her sexuality out in her by leading her mentally to want it. Once you lead her mind and her body will follow. Make her hungry for it, and then when you feed her, satisfy her beyond what she even knows she is capable of, thus leaving her even hungrier for the next time. This will get her addicted to you mentally and sexually.


Make Her Orgasm


The more areas you stimulate, the more intense the orgasm will be. Therefore you should try to find out at least ten hot spots on your girl’s body that can drive her wild. The way to do is to take time to kiss every part of her body to see how she responses.


Though touching her breasts is an obvious choice, but you have to make sure you are doing it right. Do not just focus on the nipples; instead you pay attention to the whole breasts. Some research has discovered that the nipples are not the most sensitive part of the breasts.


In fact the degree of sensitivity is at its highest from the area around her areola and as you move closer to the nipple the sensitivity gets lesser. So you should not squeeze and turn the nipple as if it is a door knob.


The proper way is to pay attention to the tops of her breasts first (above the nipple), followed by the bottoms, the sides, and then the nipples. Many people do not realize that the tops of the breasts are actually the most sensitive part of the breast. Lick it. Nibble it. Caress it.


When you get down to between her legs, you do not just focus on the clitoris. You should stimulate the surrounding area as well. You treat the entire pubic region or vulva like a clock with her clitoris at noon position.


Many women are especially sensitive between the areas of 2 and 3 o’clock, so that’s a good place to start, she says. And don’t forget to use your fingers. By incorporating both tongue and manual stimulation, you will give her a variety of different sensations.


If you want her to enjoy oral sex, make sure she knows how crazy you are about her body, by telling her how much you love the way she looks, tastes, and smells. Research has shown that women who are more comfortable with their genitals are not only more open to receiving oral sex, but they enjoy it more and orgasm more.


Now that you have some ideas about how you should do to turn your woman on. You should put these ideas into practice and start having the wild sex life you deserve. For more ideas and tips to have a better sex life, you can click on Make Her Want You In Bed.



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Sex Tips – How To Turn A Man On Enough For Him To Get Hard

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Want To Make Him Get Hard?

How to turn a guy on? What are the things that are hot and sexy to him? What can really get him excited about you? If you want him to get hard down there and become the best he has ever had, then put the following tips into practice.


(1)   Sexy Dressing


Guys get turned on by a girl who wears matching clothing that can accentuate her body curve. Just watching a girl’s breasts take shape in her perfectly fitting tight top is a definitely turn on for any guy.


The art of seduction is not about revealing all, but knowing how to cover it all and yet make a man feel like he has seen it all.  Guys love it when a girl wears sheer clothes that are so thin and flimsy that all they need is a light source on the other side to see every curve on her body through the light.


You can turn up the heat by adding some sexy lingerie. Pick up some really sexy lingerie in bold colors, like red or black. Bold lacy or satiny lingerie is an instant turn on for any man, just as long as you know how to bend when he is watching you.


(2)   Play The Teasing Game


Guys are surprisingly touchy between the sheets, and teasing a man makes every touch sensational. Begin by telling him that he cannot touch you, but that you can touch him. Instead of heading straight for his package, mix up your sexual touches such as hard massage, long nail strokes, surprise pinches, all over his body to pique his pleasure.

Slowly head downtown with playful licks that start at his chest and move down his stomach. Trace your fingers up and down his torso as you kiss in circles around his groin and inner thighs but do not touch his penis. To make this even more arousing, you can use the locks of your hair to stroke and tickle his hot body. He will soon be begging you to take him into your mouth.


You can take this one step further by wearing some clothing that is revealing, but that covers up some of your best bits. As things get going, leave on one item of clothing. Pulling your thong aside for him to enter you torments him because he cannot see every last inch of your body. It also creates the kind of have-to-get-you-now urgency that is just so hot.


(3)   Arouse Him Seductively

You wake him up in the morning by brushing your bare boobs against his back. Once in a while, you join him in the shower wearing a white tee and nothing else. Once you get soaked, he will get a front-row seat to a hot wet T-shirt contest.  


While you’re both at work, text him a picture of how hot your bare legs can look in your new heels, or you send him a text that says, “I want you in my bed when I get home”. 


When you are watching TV together, drape your body across his lap with your stomach facing the sky. Then, arch your back so that your boobs stick out. He won’t be able to keep his eyes away.  


When the TV show is over, you can sit on his lap. Try it. As long as you sit in the right place, you will feel something hard forcing its way up in less than a minute, even if the guy is trying hard to concentrate on losing the erection.


Cook dinner in a tight pencil skirt, heels, and a see-through blouse with a sexy black bra underneath. Do not let him touch you until after you eat. 


(4)   Surprise Him Sexually


Sometimes your man may feel like he wants sex more than you, so why not make him feel wanted by surprising him? Surprise your man with a few sexy tricks up your sleeve and he will love you for it.


Give him a good reason to get up in the morning. Wake him up with your mouth. No guy will turn down a morning blow job. When you and your guy are just relaxing in a sofa watching TV, surprise him by unexpectedly stripping and masturbating while he watches.


You can give him some unexpected cool treatment down there. You pop a simple pair of silky panties in the freezer a day before you are ready for action. Then loosely wrap the icy fabric around his package and gently slide it up and down. The coolness combined with the satiny smooth texture provides a surprising sensation.


But you have to act fast when you do this because the heat coming off from your man’s below-the-belt region can cause the panties to return to normal temperature soon. So once the panties hit room temperature, go the opposite route and really warm things up. Then use it to rub his member in an up-and-down motion. Not only is the warming sensation soothing, but it also brings the blood flow to his groin area, increasing his arousal.


When you give him oral sex, you slide a finger into your mouth and tickle his penis at the same time you are stimulating him with your lips and tongue. It is an unexpected new sensation for him.


(5)   Be Sexually Confident


A sexually confident girl is a huge turn on for any guy. Getting the opportunity to date a girl who can take control and dominate him in bed is a fantasy that all men dream of.


You do not need to do it all the time, but an occasional romp where you play the mistress can work wonders in turning him on. Hold him by his hair and push him down, spank him, and command him to do your bidding.


Take the lead in bed and show him your moves. Missionary is cozy and loving, but having other positions and tricks up your sleeve will only turn him on more and desire you more.


Gone are the taboos of having a vibrator in your bedroom arsenal. You can bring in some sex toys to spice things up. Many stores sell sex toys that you can see and buy in person. If you still are a little shy, thousands of online stores have these toys for you to browse and buy online with complete privacy. Whether you shop in person or online, there is literally an endless amount of products to choose from.


You can try one or all of these tips at the same time. The point is for you to choose what you like and what makes your love life better. Just by showing you care by going the extra mile will excite your partner. For more tips and ideas to turn a man on, you can click on Drive Him Wild In Bed




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Oral Sex Positions To Make A Girl Orgasm

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Make Her Cum Fast And Hard


Most women love oral sex. Cunnilingus which is oral sex involving the female genitals is more important to most women than intercourse because oral sex increases the chances of reaching orgasm. A man who has good cunnilingus skill will never need to worry about his dick size because oral sex is highly pleasurable to most women. Good oral sex for a woman takes time and effort; enthusiasm for the act, the giver must be comfortable in doing it and a desire to please your woman.


If you are giving cunnilingus, try these oral sex positions to get her keep begging more from you.


(1)   Side Position


This is one of the most comfortable positions both for the giver and the receiver. For a really unusual experience, try having her lying on her side while you rest your head on one of her thighs with the other thigh of hers drape loosely around your neck. She may need to pull back the skin above her clitoris to give you clear access.


(2)   Sitting Position


She sits on the sofa or chair and spreads her legs as wide as she can. She will spread her vaginal lips with her fingers while you go down on her. You will position at between her legs and licks her clitoris. If she pulls her legs back, her anus is exposed for oral and/or manual stimulation and her perineum is available for you to massage as well.


This position allows you to use both your mouth and hands to pleasure her. If either of you is stretching up or hunched down to get in this position, try to find another chair or stool to sit where you can be more comfortable.


(3)   Rear Entry Position


This position allows you to give her analingus at the same time. She adopts a position in which you use to have rear entry sex, kneeling on all her fours, with her chest supported by cushions, while you kneel behind her and press your face against her exposed vulva.


Alternatively, she can do away with the cushions and kneel on all fours with her bottom facing you. You slide up underneath her and lick her clitoris. You may need a pillow behind your head to get to the right height.


(4)   She Sits On You


This is incredibly erotic for a woman, especially if she is into domination. You lie on your back on the bed or floor and your knees bent upwards at an angle with your feet flat on the bed or the floor. She kneels over you, then leans backwards so her weight rest against your knees. Her vagina will be located over your mouth giving your tongue easy access.  


Alternatively, she can do a “reverse cowgirl” sort of move and face your feet instead. This is a great way to provide both anal play and clitoral stimulation.


(5)   Standing Position


She stands facing away from you, possibly bracing herself against the wall, sofa or table. You will kneel behind and between her legs. Alternatively, you can sit on the floor and lean against the edge of a couch or bed and she will stand spread-legged over your face. This position gives you and her a great deal of control; you are free to lick and suck at will, while she can lower her body for more pressure, raise it for less pressure, or rock forward and backward to change the area of focus.


She can also stand facing you with one leg up on a chair or couch. You will sit on the floor and give her oral pleasure in this position. To get to the right height, you can sit on a stool or pillow or she can wear high heels.


For more idea and tips to pleasure a woman, you can read on further at Lick By Lick and Oral Kit.



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How Do I Get A Blowjob

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Give Him A Good Blowjob

Are you tired of not getting oral from your wife or girlfriend? She only wants plain intercourse. When you asked her to go down on you, she would make this face like you were asking her to eat dog food or something. Then when she did, she would just barely put the head in her mouth and rub it around a little bit. Then in about thirty seconds, she would quit, deciding she had given you enough oral sex for the day. Of course this is not your definition of a proper blowjob. How to get her to go down on you more and be more enthusiastic?


(1)   Keep Yourself Clean


You won’t get much oral sex of any kind if you are walking around with bushy and smelly balls. So make sure to always keep your pubic hair trimmed to prevent them from getting stuck in her mouth. Make a point to shower before sex if you want your girl to be comfortable in giving you oral. You may even want to consider using some spray deodorant down there. If she still cannot take the taste, try covering it up! Use sweet and sexy foods as part your sex play. Any girl with a sweet tooth will enjoy licking chocolate sauce, whipped cream or other decadent foods off any and all parts of your body.



(2)   Do Not Force It


Obviously it is wrong for a man to force a woman, either physically or with emotional coercion, to perform any sexual act. Oral sex is in some way very special, as some of us grow up thinking of genitals as “dirty.” For a woman, to care enough about her man to want to take “forbidden” parts into her mouth still requires comfort and may not be easy to overcome due to some of the old messages she gets. 


As she begins the long process of learning to give oral sex and getting comfortable with having her mouth below your waist, do not hold her head, do not give directions, and do not appear disappointed if she needs to quit well before you would wish her too. Let her take control of the situation and keep your hands off her head, both of which will make oral sex easy for her.


Praise the small steps she has taken and continue to let her know how much you really enjoy orally pleasing her, but be clear that you are not expecting her to return the favor until she is ready to do so because she is ready. This is one instance where patience, compassion and understanding really count.


(3)   Talk To Her


Have a heart to heart talk about not only oral sex, but your whole sex life with her. You must ease into it. First, talk to her. Listen to her concerns. Find out what she really thinks. Help her get in touch with her feelings by being supportive and wide open to whatever is true for her. Find out what she thinks about oral sex and what is holding her back from giving and/or receiving oral. When she answers, go deeper to get underneath her answer. Do this in an open and non-judgmental way. Respect her reasons.


But if when the two of you talk and she says no way, you just may have to respect that. Maybe when the two of you have been together a little longer and she feels safe and secure you may want to bring up the subject again. Keep the pressure off of her is compassionate and kind and who knows maybe she will begin to become a little more open to the idea.


(4)   Work On Those Issues That Can Be Overcome


She may feel that oral sex is unhygienic or sinful. Women have periods. This in a woman’s mind sometimes bothers them. A woman can still be clean and it is very enjoyable but maybe she is seeing it as dirty.  She may feel that his penis is not clean especially if they have had anal intercourse and the man does not have enough sense to clean it before asking her to suck on it.


She may not like the feeling of giving/receiving oral sex. Perhaps some women just don’t want to make the effort, and straight intercourse is simply easier. They are not thinking about pleasure anymore; sex is just a job. She may afraid that you will ejaculate in her mouth.


For a woman performing oral sex on a guy: sometimes if a guy gets overly into it, he will push himself further into her mouth, instead of allowing her to decide the length of him she wants to take in at any given time. This can make for a gag response if she is not ready for that length at that time.


Some of these concerns can be easily overcome but some may take time to get overcome (if the resistance is due to some beliefs or attitude), or may never be able to. For example, if any abuse happened when she was a child or anytime could turn her off. It would trigger some experience that happen that bothers her. You just have to respect that. If cleanliness or smell is the issue, this can be addressed by having a shower together before sex. If she does not want to swallow, you have to alert her when you are about to ejaculate.


(5)   Do Things Step By Step


Once you understand her objections, you can educate her, remove obstacles that block her, find compromises and do whatever it takes to make her feel comfortable. Begin-as-beginners together, by taking a very slow journey together to experiment with oral sex and enjoy whatever small progress you both make. Working through her fears and ignorance with patience and giving her examples that negate her beliefs is the path to passion.


Doing things step by step over time will alleviate her fears. If she does not know what to do, show her. If her beliefs hold her back, give her rational information to update her limiting beliefs. A good way to start is to get some sex education videos about oral sex to show that oral sex is all about giving and receiving pleasure and there is nothing sinful or to be afraid about it.


Make her small offers that she can say yes to, instead of big offers like oral sex, which will turn her off. If a woman can become comfortable kissing a man’s stomach, she might then become comfortable kissing his thighs.  To prepare her eventually for giving you the real oral, you can start with chocolate-favored condoms. Get her to fondle your penis or to put it in between her breasts, even take “3 little licks” without expecting more; the more she will start to become comfortable. In time she might become comfortable kissing your penis and it might take time before she is eventually okay with taking it into her mouth.  You may also reassure her that she doesn’t have to take you all into her mouth for it to be satisfying.


For a woman who does not like to receive because she does not feel comfortable with her own body, you have to look for ways to boost her self-esteem (such as giving her specific compliments time to time); ask her to do research on her vulva


Make sure that you are setting up ways she can win, ways you can reward her, ways you can give her plenty of orgasms to sexually satisfy her, turn her on to a level of arousal where she can imagine that it would feed her desire to have you in her mouth.


(6)   Give Her What She Wants


If she is not willing to pleasure you orally, unless you pleasure her orally as well, you will have to give in to her wishes. Sex of any kind is a give and take kind of thing. So, try giving her oral stimulation. Do not make her ask for it. Just do it! Be sure to learn the skills to give her orgasms through oral sex. If you can really blow her mind with oral she will be eager to blow yours in return.


In making this a mutually pleasurable experience, you can adopt the 69 position which is great because she can feel the sensations of receiving oral sex at the same time that she gives it. This causes her to associate feelings of intense sexual pleasure with giving you a blowjob. It is an incredibly powerful motivator for her to go down on you. After you have done this a few times she will get wet every time she thinks about your cock in her mouth.


The 69 position most women will like best is with the man on the bottom, and her on top. In this position, the angle can make it difficult because you have to strain your neck to access her clit. To prevent this, prop your head up with a few pillows. This will make you more comfortable during 69, and allow you to give her oral for longer.


The key aspects of getting her to give deep oral sex is to take your time, be nice and think of her feelings as well. As long as you think about those things, then you’ll have a much better chance of getting her to give deep oral sex and be more open to new things. For more tips and ideas to get greater pleasure from oral sex for you and your partner, click on Blow By Blow and Oral Delight Couple Kit.



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