How Can You Get A Girl To Enjoy Sex

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She is so beautiful and you are very much in love with her. But she is not sexual. She does not have orgasms easily and all she does is lay there all still like she is dead, doing nothing. You are always the one initiating sex. How to get her to enjoy sex? How to get her to have an orgasm?


(1)   Make her your number one priority


The brain is the most important sex organ. Connecting to her emotionally, which is making her feel loved is a significant part of stimulation. You must communicate with your lover. Ask why she feels the way she does, find out about her needs and what can be done to help her. It is a two way street. Women love being acknowledged, valued, loved and wanted. It is not just all about sex. Do you tell her you love her? Do you show it?


You need to escape the humdrum of daily life and reserve some time for her. Relax and focus on her. Bring back the wooing, kissing, cuddling, talking and needing. Touch her often and not just sexually. Kiss her even when it is not going to get you laid. Take long walks, hold hands and tell her how much you love her. The thoughtful notes and gifts and phone calls home in the middle of the day to let her know you are thinking about her will make her feel loved.


Do what you can to take stress out of her life. Volunteer to lighten some of her household tasks. Arrange for someone to watch the kids even for a few hours also help a lot for her. When do you have sex it shouldn’t be at all about your orgasm. It should only be about pleasing her for a while until you are the best at it. When you are able to do these, it will gradually build up her feelings and it will make sex greater when it does happen.


(2)   Be patient


Making love is a slow process for a woman and may have to start many hours in advance, by fondness and attention from the man she loves. Women need a much longer foreplay than men. Start by whispering sweet words in her ear and slowly undress her until she is naked. Always look back at her eyes after you look at her body so you can connect with her soul. Look her up and down showing her you are admiring her body. This will connect you with her on a very deep level.


Then you push her very slowly to lie down on the bed. Take one of her feet and start kissing it, including sucking a little bit on her toes, and including kissing both the inside and outside of the foot. Next, you start kissing up the inside of her leg from her ankle up to the inside of her calf, slowly tasting the skin using both your lips and tongue. When you get to the back of her knee, kiss there with the flick of your tongue (as this is a very sensitive part of a woman’s body).


Now make your way to her thigh, kissing there softly. Work your way toward her butt, and slowly kiss her there making your way to her lower back where it’s very sensitive. Continue working your way up her back, kissing every inch.  As you get close to her neck, gently pull her hair back away from her neck and push it aside. Start kissing her neck, eventually working your way to her ear. As you are kissing her ear, press your body against hers and whisper some sweet words or talk dirty to her. Breathe in her ear. Let a little moan go in her ear. This will get her extremely hot. Feeling the pressure of your body against hers as you’re doing this will turn her on even more.


Work your way down her body and repeat the same thing on the other side. Every time you circle around her body, don’t forget to give her a deep kiss so that she feels your passion. Then slowly flip her over and do the same thing on the other side beginning with working your way up both legs. Be sensitive, all the time, to what she likes and what she wants to hear.


Don’t even think about licking her pussy yet until she is ready. You need to have patience. She may not get an orgasm until after 20 minutes or more. And sometimes it will not work, even if you do everything right. You need to love her anyway.


(3)   Make her orgasm first


Most women will not achieve orgasm through an ordinary genital sexual intercourse. And men often are tired after their orgasm. Because of this, it may be best to ensure that your woman has an orgasm before the man. She will still be excited afterwards, and will enjoy your orgasm.


Assuming that you have done the above step to kiss every inch of her body – front and back – she is going to be dripping wet with anticipation. Now it is time to hit pay dirt. Kiss her inner thighs on both sides after you have worked your way up both legs.


Work your way around her vagina lips by kissing them ever so slowly. Take your tongue and work it around the outside of her vagina lips on the outside, slowly circling around the entire outside of her vagina. Now take your tongue and slowly circle it on the inside of her vagina lips. Every time you circle past her clit, she will let out a sigh or a moan. Now instead of just going next to her clit and working it, kiss her whole body again from head to toe.


Make one last trip around the front of her body, and do not forget to kiss her passionately and deeply. When you deeply kiss her, make sure to put your entire body on her body. At this point she is going to want to have sex with you, but you are not finished with her yet.


Grind up against her. Let her feel how turned on you are. Kiss her deeply. When you are done kissing her, look into her eyes and smile. Then take your tongue and flick it down the front of her body until you reach her clit. Start licking her clit ever so gently using circular side to side motions. Now start kissing her entire vagina with your lips. You alternate between kissing her vagina and licking her clitoris. Take your time. The longer you take, the bigger she is going to erupt.


Now tell her to take her hands and spread her lips apart for you. Now take your tongue and start licking her whole vagina again then go right to her clit. Alternate side to side and up and down, until you find the pressure that she likes. Next, you take one finger and slip it inside her as you are licking her. Curl it up about an inch and a half inside her and find her g-spot. Start rubbing her g-spot ever so gently while you’re licking her. Her g-spot should feel very spongy. Once you find her g-spot, increase the pressure on her g-spot and increase the pressure with your tongue. You will now have a woman who is going to explode with ecstasy.


Under normal circumstance, your girl should reach orgasm. But women still can enjoy sex even if they do not get an orgasm. They enjoy the nearness and intimacy, the fondling and the feeling of love and desire. A request from the man that she must have an orgasm can be a problem for the woman. In spite of this, you should try to learn to satisfy her.


(4)   Do not neglect after-play


Both foreplay and after-play is equally important to a woman. It is no secret that almost every woman loves it when her man finishes doing his thing only to flip her around and hug her in the spoon position. That is the goldmine of affectionate actions. Flipping her around isn’t even necessary, but chances are that she still wants some kind of bodily touching. A woman normally feels vulnerable after sex and something as small as wrapping your arm around her can make all the difference in reassuring her that she is not just wanted for sex. But if you are real tired after sex, just wrap your arms around her, say something like, “you wore me out, babe” and nap away. The bottom line is to ensure that your woman lying next to you feels secure after sex.


Do you want to get better in sex? You can get the rest of the tips from here and/or this place.


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The Things That A Woman Does Not Normally Tell You

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A lot of guys get most of their knowledge of sex from watching porn. The problem is most of what you see in porn is not a close reflection of the reality, giving you misleading ideas about sex. Here is a list of things that porn does not tell you about sex. Read below if you want to have a greater understanding of female sexuality and learn how to please a woman.


(1)   Do women have certain vagina size?


You often hear about penis size, but what about vagina size? Just like each guy has different penis size, the same applies to women too. If a woman is a virgin, her vagina is definitely smaller than other women who have sexual experience. A virgin has a flap of skin inside the vaginal canal called the hymen which will break when enough force is exerted during penetration, causing light to moderate bleeding. Sometimes the hymen can break unexpectedly when young girls engage in quite vigorous sport activities such as cycling or horseback riding.


Under normal condition, the vagina lays flat and expands when a penis or a vibrator is inserted inside. When she is not aroused, the average vagina size is about three to four inches long. But when she is highly aroused, her vagina may even double in size to accommodate you. If you want to have deeper penetration, make sure you give her about ten to fifteen minutes of foreplay to get her aroused and ready for intercourse.


(2)   How to relieve painful sex?


When a woman is giving birth, her vaginal muscles will be stretched to accommodate the baby during natural delivery. This means her vaginal muscles are very flexible. For a woman who has a partner with above average penis size of six inches, causing her painful sex, she can work on her vaginal muscles to stretch them out and make it more comfortable to accommodate a larger penis. This can be done by experimenting with inserting herself sex toys of different sizes, starting from small and gradually increasing the size of toy. This can be made easier and more comfortable if lubricant is used to prevent accidentally tearing the vaginal muscles.


(3)   How does sex help women?


If something is not used, it will lay waste. If this drags on for too long, it may lose its normal function. You have already known that exercises can strengthen your muscles. The same logic applies to sex. The vaginal muscles need to be regularly exercised or they will become weak. If a woman does not have sex for a very long time, the delicate tissues inside will get thin and can begin to break down. Regular sex can help to keep a woman’s genitals in peak form.


Besides regular sex, she can keep her vagina in good ‘working condition’ by means of Kegel exercises. These are aimed to strengthen her vaginal muscles. She can do this on her own for about ten seconds and two or three times a day by clenching her vaginal muscles, the same way she does when she holds back her urine.


Another option she can consider is to use Ben Wa balls. These are small weighted balls that are inserted into the vagina to strengthen its muscles. She will need all of her vaginal, anal and pelvic floor muscles to keep them inside the vaginal canal. In the beginning, you can get for your woman lighter weight ones that have a strong attached to them. To give her more pleasure, you can get for her those silicone or vibrating ones. As she slowly gets used to them, she can use heavier balls such as metal or glass balls, which will exercise her muscles more and more. Another option is vaginal tightening cream which works in the same way that anti-wrinkel cream does on your face.


(4)   Is it normal that she smells down there?


A normal vagina has an odor, but is usually not very pungent. A yeast or bacterial infection can make it smell more pungent. Her diet can also affect the way she smells down there. It is unnecessary to do anything about this. This is because a woman’s genitals are designed to be self-cleaning. Therefore douching is not needed and can actually do more harm than good. At normal times, a woman has natural vaginal secretions to protect herself against yeast or bacterial infections. Besides this, her once-in-a-month menstruation is another natural cleansing process. If in doubt, get her to see a doctor. It is only after being confirmed by a doctor that this is not life threatening, she can then go to a pharmacy outlet to get some over the counter creams.


Compared to men, a woman’s body is more biologically complicated. It serves your interests and hers to equip yourself with more knowledge if you want to have a better sex life. If you are keen to find out more, click here. For ways to derive more pleasure from sex, you can also visit this place.


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Female Orgasm – How To Turn A Girl On



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If you want to know how to make a girl orgasm, you need to know how to turn her on, arouse her mind and excite her all at once. Great sex is more than just sexual techniques.  Everything starts from the brain. There are many ways to arouse a woman, but there is no doubt that arousing her mind will get her body going. A girl’s arousal starts from within, and as long as you know just how to excite her mind, you’ll definitely be able to get her tingly and wet in no time. Here are some ways you can arouse a woman and make her orgasm easily and quickly.


(1)   Stimulate her mentally


Women like their mind stimulated as well as their sex drive so it is important to say and do things that stimulate her mind as well as her body. You can start by paying her sincere compliments. When you are outside of the bedroom in a quiet, safe zone (e.g. a quite night in front of the TV), tell her how much you enjoy when she does certain things to you. Even if you haven’t had sex yet, you can tell her how much pleasure she’s given you when kissing or playing around. Compliment how she looks and let her know that she turns you on. You might think she already knows this but even if so, she’ll love hearing it. You will boost her sexual self-esteem with you, which is critical to her psychological ability to reach an orgasm.


You can also stimulate her by giving her pleasant surprises.Surprise her with a small gift. Erotic gifts are BEST for this.By buying a gift you are triggering a sexual response not because you are giving her a gift, but because the spontaneous thought you are showing her is that you are thinking of her which makes her “feel” important. By giving an erotic gift you are setting the tone for her mind to wander and it won’t be long before she is begging to try her new toy.


(2)   Start slowly


Take your time to make her feel good. Spend as much time as she needs teasing all over her body to drive her crazy. Start slow, and then gradually build up the intensity. Don’t head straight for the bulls eye. You love her kitty and her breasts, but they aren’t the only places with lots of nice nerve endings.


Begin kissing her slowly at first, keeping your desire to devour her in check.  Women are particularly stimulated when their many erogenous zones are kissed, nibbled, and suckled.  Before removing her clothes you can kiss her mouth without tongue, and then with tongue.  Kiss her neck, ear lobes, shoulders, and upper chest.  The long process of kissing her before removing clothes will continue increasing her arousal.


When you begin undressing a woman, it should be slow and enticing.  Remove her clothes one article at a time.  Keep in mind that sometimes leaving something on can also be erotic.  Begin by teasing her. Remove her blouse but not her bra.  Continue kissing and caressing her through her bra, until she is ready for you to touch her breasts directly.  Use slow, rhythmic back and forth movements to stimulate her breasts.  You can circle the breast with your hands or your mouth.  Slowly her nipples will become erect, indicating her arousal.


After stimulating both breasts like this, you can remove her bra.  Removing a woman’s bra can be quite tricky. If you are not sure how to do this it can be an awkward moment.  The best way to learn how to do this is to practice when you partner is not at home.  Practice fastening and unfastening the clasp so the next time you have the chance the movement is smooth and fluid.


(3)   Tease her down there


As you sense her longing increase, begin to slowly move your hands toward the lower half of her body.  She’s almost naked now but keeps her underwear on for another minute or so. It can be very exciting for a woman if you do not suddenly pull down her panties but instead explores with them on for a while. Instead of taking them off, you can begin touching the inside edge of her panties from front to back.  Exploring her buttocks and then moving back to touch and feel for her wetness before exploring further.  The key is to focus on building anticipation rather than going straight for direct stimulation. This will get her excited, and make her more sensitive.


(4)   Get down to business


Eventually you can remove her panties and explore her inner thighs, circling her whole vulva and eventually touching her clitoris.  Often the clitoris is the most important missed part of a woman’s body. Failing to stimulate the clitoris is like trying to help a man have an orgasm without touching his penis! This is because up to 98% of the orgasms women experience come from direct stimulation to the clitoris. 


Most women reach orgasm after having their clitoris stimulated for 5-20 minutes. Stimulating a woman’s clitoris can happen orally or using your hands; both are effective. Oral and hand stimulation can often provide her with an even greater chance of success of reaching orgasm. Since the clitoris is the most sensitive spot on a woman’s body, it is much better to go with a light touch that isn’t too prolonged and then go back to it sporadically. When touching her clitoris, always make sure that your finger is lubricated by her juices or your saliva. A dry finger on her clit hurts like hell and is a big turn off. Combine light flicks of your finger or tongue on her clit and long strokes in and out with your fingers. Then, alternate by putting your penis back in and then going back to finger and oral stimulation. You’ll both have an explosive sexual experience.


One trick to helping a woman achieve maximum pleasure is to bring her close to orgasm and resist the urge to push her over the edge.  Women experience more intense orgasms when they are stimulated and brought to the edge of orgasm and allowed to relax.  Once this happens one or two times, when she finally does have her orgasm it is much more powerful. Each time she gets close her longing and desire increase, and when she is finally able to release that energy, the built-up desire makes the orgasm even more powerful.


(5)   Go for it and make her come in any position


Due to the position of her clitoris, it is extremely difficult for most women to achieve an orgasm from the standard missionary (man on top) position alone. If you are on top and pumping inside of her, try lightly stimulating her clitoris with a moistened finger at the same time (find out if she prefers to have you play with her clit directly, or from the outside of the hood of her clitoris. Some women are too sensitive down there and it hurts, while others love it) or get her to play with it while you penetrate her with your penis.


One of the easiest ways to make her orgasm is to get her on top, because it will allow her to stimulate her clitoris against your body and control the speed, penetration and length of the strokes to her satisfaction. Her on top is the easiest way for her to orgasm by far, but you need to work out the right rhythm and technique for each woman – not all women are the same.


Some women prefer sex lying side-by-side facing each other (push her head down sometimes to allow her to see you pumping her), doggy style or back to front. Have fun experimenting. Observe how she responds to, but don’t change positions too often and too quickly. She will lose her concentration and that is a big part of how a woman reaches an orgasm. Let her get caught up in the emotion and delve into the feelings, thoughts and sensations that will drive her to orgasm. Help her along by groaning with enjoyment at times, breathing heavily to express your enjoyment and using your masculine facial expressions to show her how into it you are.


Just use these tips on how to turn a girl on and you will definitely be able to arouse her and give her some of the best orgasms she’s ever had! Do you want to make sex more sexy and exciting? Check it out at Hot Sex and /or Dirty Harry’s Secrets.




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Sex Tips – How To Please A Man

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Is your sex life getting monotonous? Do you want to you give your man the best intercourse ever in bed? Use these tips on how to please your man in bed and make him desire you and want you more than ever!


(1)   Look sexy


The art of seduction isn’t about revealing all, but knowing how to cover it all and yet make a man feel like he has seen it all. Wear something that will reveal all without showing anything. A thin tee or a plain white see-through shirt can be a great turn on for your guy. If you want to turn him on just a bit more, you can let your nipples stick out. Choose some really sexy lingerie in bold colors, like red or black. Bold lacy or satiny lingerie is an instant turn on for any man, just as long as you know how to bend and put when he is watching you.


(2)   Take control

Men do like taking control of sex, but at times, it’s more relaxing and exciting to be violated by a girl they desire!

Instead of the weekly routine of quietly getting on top of each other in turns, play the lead, and he’ll love that. It’s a secret fantasy for all men, and they absolutely love it when a girl takes control and has her way with him. Dominate him, tie his hands to the bed post or order him to do your bidding. While this may border on a fetish, it’s still exciting for any man.

Your man would find the whole idea of lying back in bed with his eyes closed while you play with him pretty tempting. He can relax and just enjoy your touch, with no pressure of performance or trying to satisfy you. Seriously, which guy wouldn’t like that?

After all, there’s a lot of psychological pressure on a man to perform well in bed and satisfy you. And when you take control of him, he can feel free to drift into pleasure land without a care about anything else.


(3)   Touch him


There is one way to guarantee that you can give your man satisfaction and that is to give him total body sex. Give him passionate kisses to send chills all throughout his body. Kissing on his ears, his neck, scratching his scalp, digging your nails into the back of his neck and scratching all the way down can contribute to pleasure.


Use your fingers and nails to trace along his forearms will give him a sensation he probably never knew he had. The skin is extra thin on his forearms so feeling your nails digging deep will definitely drive him wild.


Suck on his fingers to mimic oral sex. Feeling those warm and wet lips of your tracing along his fingers will make him desperately want to feel that warm mouth of yours on another part of his body.


Digging your nails deep into his thighs will drive him wild because not only is the skin sensitive there but it is also so close to his penis and the closer you are without touching it, the more you are going to drive him absolutely wild.


(4)   Give him a hand job


Have your man lie on his back, and then sit between his legs, facing him. Make two tight rings around his penis with the thumb and index finger of both of your hands, placing the rings one on top of the other in the middle of his shaft. Slide the rings in opposite directions, going back and forth from the base to the head simultaneously. This is a torrid twist on the usual one-handed up-and-down motion. He will feel incredible friction, especially if you start off torturously slow, building up speed as he gets more and more pumped and then slowly down to keep him in a holding pattern. To make this move even more mind-blowing, squirt some lubricant into your hand.


Do not forget his frenulum, which is that tiny knob of flesh underneath the crown of his penis, where the head connects to the shaft. A bundle of nerves meets at this point, so when you touch it, you set off an amazing chain reaction of rapture.


There is another area not to be missed as you move further down, which is the perineum (the area between the base of his penis and the anus). Beneath the perineum is his prostate gland – an organ with major orgasmic power. Therefore, a few strokes here will bring him to the brink.


(5)   Give him a blow job


With your man lying back and his penis stiffly pointing skyward, hold the base with your fingers to steady him. Brush your closed yet relaxed lips against his head, rubbing it across your wet mouth as if you are applying lipstick. You can heighten the sensation by opening your lips a bit, rubbing his head between them. Occasionally take the whole head in your mouth, and then go back to rubbing the tip against your lips. He will feel like he is getting a tighter, wetter version of the vagina.


When you are pleasuring your man in bed with fellatio, you can spice it up by trying out different positions. A particular favorite is if you sit on the edge of the bed while he stands in front of you, for some reason guys like fellatio more if they are standing up. Another great fellatio position that guarantees your man’s pleasure is if he lies on his back and you kneel at his side to suck him, this way he can fondle your breasts at the same time.

(6)   Bring him to orgasm


The ultimate way to pleasure your man in bed is to bring him to orgasm. This doesn’t mean you have to swallow. You can suck him until he is about to ejaculate and then let him finish off on your breasts.

Or you can ride on him. Getting on top takes the control away from your man, but your sexual confidence will end up turning him on a lot more. Push him onto the bed, let him know just how horny you are and sit on top of him. He will understand that you want to take the lead, and he will definitely be excited to see that he is turning you on so much that you want to control the sexual act.

Now that you know the basic tips on how to please a man, you can read the rest of the tips at here and/or this place.



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How To Make Love The Right Way And Have The Hot Sex You Want

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Learning how to turn a woman on is an essential part of the sexual experience. When done right, this will build trust and arousal, both of which are necessary for moving on to sexual intercourse and ultimately orgasm. It is therefore very important that you need to learn how to arouse a woman and turn her on, you can enjoy love making together and be in a healthy sexual relationship. Here are a few tips to learn about how to arouse a woman so that she can reach orgasm easily.


(1)   Be romantic.


Romance can sometimes seem like a cliché but it can really set the mood if you pay attention to details. If you are having dinner together put on some romantic music that you both like or use candles to light the room. If you plan to go out, make it a special night by taking a walk on the beach or somewhere equally romantic. Just the right mood alone can sometimes make the difference in how a woman reacts to your advances.


(2)   Have confidence


Women like men who know what they are doing, because this makes them feel good about themselves. Therefore, you should not show signs of nervous while having sex, and never tell woman things that make you look like you do not know what you are doing. This may turn her off. A good way to build confidence is to have knowledge. Therefore in your free time, go and read some books on sexuality, so that you can know about a woman’s erogenous zones, how and where to stimulate her, how to give her oral and about the various sex positions which can bring a woman to orgasm faster.


(3)   Find out what she wants.


Reading about self-help guides on sex alone is not enough. This is because every woman’s body is different, and requires a unique approach to make her scream. During sex, let her know that she can ask for the kind of stimulation she wants. If you really want to please your woman, you must pay attention to physical signals. If she is panting, moaning and arching her back, you are probably on the right track. Learning to interpret her body language will help you become that much better in bed.


(4)   Take a shower together


Having shower with your girl can lead both of you to some good clean fun in the naughtiest way. There is something sexy about lathering up together and getting slippery together in a steam filled room. Take turns to wash each other. If you are feeling particularly naughty, try a little landscaping in the nether region.


(5)   Give her a hot massage


In giving a very hot massage, start out as you would with any normal massage. Rub from her shoulders, lower back, buttocks, and thighs and down to her feet. At this point, avoid the sexy part of the massage and just focus on releasing the tension all over her body. Switch back and forth between your palms and fingers to help keep you from getting tired before you’ve massaged her full body.


Then you flick her over and start the same process again by rubbing her whole body right down to her feet. Focus on her hot spots, including her breasts, hips and inner thighs to make the full body massage sexier. Pay special attention to her inner thighs for a more sexy massage. As you rub her inner thighs, her vaginal lips will part slightly. This gives you a great view, and it will indirectly stimulate her clitoris. To make the massage even sexier, make eye contact with her regularly, compliment her body and describe what you’re seeing to her and why it arouses you.


(6)   Incorporate kissing and some massage-enhancing toys


While massaging her, you can start gently kissing parts of her body. If she is seated in front of you, gently kiss the back of her neck and move down; if she is lying down, there are plenty of options to get creative with. Ensure you continue massaging as the kissing begins; you want to keep the relaxation and pleasurable sensations going.


You don’t have to depend only on your hands to give a hot erotic massage. Incorporate the use of massage oils so your hands can glide easily across her body. Consider using a variety of massage-enhancing tools or sex toys like a vibrator.


(7)   Bring her to orgasm


Move back down to her thighs and move her legs apart. Spread her vaginal lips slightly and lightly move your finger from the base of the vagina up to just below her clit. If she feels wet, then you know she is ready for clitoral stimulation.


Use one or two fingers to make light circles around her clit. Use her physical cues to guide you. Continue the circular motions, periodically moving back to the base of her vagina for more lubrication. Eventually, switch up the movement to quick back and forth motions. Slowly gain speed until you are moving very quickly. The consistent, rhythmic movement will help her reach orgasm.

(8)   Get into position to make her orgasm again


Once a woman has had an orgasm her body is the most ready for a man to enter her. To help her have a vaginal orgasm, experiment with the position that feels the best. Typically this position is the one that puts the most pressure from the penis on the G-spot. You can consider any of the following positions.


Doggie with pillow under her belly – In this position, her buttocks will be raised higher by the pillow. Instead of staying even with her body, you move up as high as you can. The goal of this is so that as you thrust, you are hitting the top inside wall of her vagina (where her g-spot is located).


Missionary with pillow under her back – Start inside of her in missionary and rest her legs on your shoulders. Place your hands under her lower back and lift her up so that as you enter her, you are thrusting up and in and hitting the top of her vagina (g-spot). This is sure to trigger an amazing orgasm.


Girl on top with her leaning back – Have her get on top facing you. Have her put her feet forward on the outside of your body and ask her to lean backward. As she rides you, you thrust straight up which means you will be thrusting up and in. You can do this either on bed or on a chair or sofa.


Learning how to please a woman in bed can be a challenge for any man. Although every woman’s needs and preferences are different, these basic tips can help you please a woman in bed without spending ages deciphering the secrets. Now if you want to take your love life to the next level, you can read the rest of the tips on how to give her the best sex from here and/or this place.


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