16 Ways to Prevent and Get Rid of Cold Sores

16 Ways to Prevent and Get Rid of Cold Sores - A cold sore is not welcome on your face, or anywhere else, for that matter. Not only are they cosmetically unappealing, they can be downright painful. Here are 16 ways to prevent and get rid of cold sores
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A cold sore is not welcome on your face, or anywhere else, for that matter. Not only are they cosmetically unappealing, they can be downright painful. Let’s get over the fact they’re caused by the herpes virus. We all know it, and that aspect gets far too much attention.


Defining cold sores simply for what they are, they are small, fluid filled lesions that pop up generally on or around your lips. The blisters often group together, and after they break, a crust forms over the resulting sore.


There is no true cure for the virus, or the cold sores. The bright side is that there are preventative measures you can take that lessen outbreaks, severity, and duration.


If the bothersome blisters do show up, there are a decent number of home remedies for cold sores that may ease your discomfort, and help diminish their appearance.


Just because there is no cure, doesn’t mean you’re stuck using irritating prescription face creams or having a cold sore that hangs around for an eternity.


Below are 16 ways to prevent and get rid of cold sores


  1. Enjoy vanilla


Vanilla extract, the real, good, pure, vanilla extract, is a natural cold sore remedy some people swear by. The thought process is that its alcohol based, and running along those lines, makes it hard for the virus to thrive and either wipes it out or lessens the severity and length of the outbreak.


If you want to use vanilla to prevent and get rid of cold sores, try and get it organic, and try to start using it the second you feel the tingling set it.


You will need…
-a cotton swab or cotton pad
-pure vanilla extract


Soak cotton pad or swab in vanilla until thoroughly saturated. Apply directly to sore, holding the swab or pad in place for a minute or so. Do this four times daily until no longer needed.


  1. Snag some licorice


One of the more random natural remedies for cold sores that you can use is licorice. Glycyrhizic acid, an ingredient in licorice root, has been shown in some studies to stop the virus cells in their nasty little tracks-or at least counteract the symptoms of them. This is thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.


A way to glean something positive from this isn’t to go munch on a bunch of licorice whips, but rather get some licorice powder, and make a cream.


To prevent and treat cold sores, you can also try drinking licorice tea daily, though that doesn’t seem as effective as topical treatment.


You will need…
-1 tablespoon licorice root powder or extract
-1/2 teaspoon fresh water OR approximately 2 teaspoons petroleum jelly


Mix one tablespoon of licorice root powder to ½ teaspoon of fresh water, or however much you need to get the consistency of cream you want, making sure to add in small increments.


Another option to prevent and treat cold sores is to mix it with petroleum jelly, which on its own can help speed up the healing process of cold sores.


If you opt for this, start with a teaspoon of the petroleum jelly and mix it with the licorice root. You can work your way up to your desired consistency from there.


Gently dab (a cotton swab is handy for this) a thin layer over the sore, making sure to get it completely covered. Leave it on for at least several hours, or overnight if possible.


  1. Toss your toothbrush


Throw out your toothbrush after the blister has formed, and toss it once the sore has cleared up. A toothbrush is the perfect vessel to carry the virus, and you can end up triggering an outbreak in yourself if you re-use the same toothbrush again and again.


This is a preventative measure, since it can stop an outbreak or cut it short, it’s well worth doing.


  1. Hands off


It may sound obvious, but it can be near an impossible to resist picking at that crusty little (or big) patch by your mouth. Almost subconsciously you can end up bothering it, or very consciously, you just want to peel it off and be done with it.


Whatever your motive, resist touching the sore-even just reaching up to touch it and see if it somehow shrunk-as those actions can cause a bacterial infection. That’s the last thing you need.


They are also so highly contagious that even touching your sore and then accidentally rubbing your eye, or somewhere else on your body, could cause them to spread (they aren’t confined just to the mouth, you know.)


  1. Get milk


Putting a whole milk compress on your sore can help speed up the healing, and ease pain. The reason? Milk contains proteins known as immunoglobulins, which are essentially anti-bodies that fight off and prevent viruses-like herpes.


Milk also contains l-lysine. L-lysine helps inhibit the wicked work of an ammino acid called arginine, which has been shown to cause outbreaks, and may help speed up the healing process as well.


In short to prevent outbreaks, drink whole milk and get your dose of l-lysine. To help cold sores that have already erupted, make a whole milk compress to soothe the pain and fight off the virus.


You will need…
-1/2 cup to 1 cup of whole milk, plus a tablespoon or 2 extra
-cotton balls or cotton pads


Soak a cotton ball in approximately 1 tablespoon of milk, and apply it directly to the cold sore for several minutes. Before doing this you can either let the milk come to room temperature or, if you prefer, you can apply it cold.


Use a clean towel moistened with water to dab off the milky residue at the end. If you feel you need it, apply a dab of petroleum jelly.


  1. Wipe it out with hydrogen peroxide


Anyone who had a parent that put hydrogen peroxide on a scrape knows that it’s not exactly pleasant. The good news is that it’s a lot less traumatic to use at your own will, nor does it seem to hurt as bad now that you’ve grown up a bit. Love it or hate it, the solution can be an effective cold sore remedy.


Hydrogen peroxide disinfects, healing up speeding, and makes it hard for the surfaced sore to spread or worsen. The blister is already bothered and infected, at the very least virally, and keeping it clean can ultimately make it go away faster.


You will need…
-1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide
-cotton balls, cotton pads, or facial tissue


Soak a cotton ball in 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Use more if you feel it isn’t saturated enough.


Place the cotton ball directly on your sore- it’s probably going to sting-and hold it there for a few seconds, or dab it around. Let it be for 5 minutes or so, allowing it to do its job, before rinsing off.


  1. Be minty fresh


Peppermint oil is thought to have properties that directly kill virus particles outside of your cells, like the ones floating around an erupted cold sore which makes it a great option to prevent and get rid of cold sores.


It won’t help to ingest peppermint oil because it only attacks the virus escaped from your cells.


What we mean by it being “outside” of your cells is that herpes simplex virus usually resides beneath the skin, lurking and waiting for a trigger to make it rear its ugly head. When its’ erupted, it is accessible to treat with the oil.


When applied directly to a cold sore, people have found that the sore healed faster than usual-especially when applied at the very first sign of one.


You will need…
-Good quality peppermint oil
-1 cotton swab
-a bit of fresh water


First, use a bit of water to rinse the surface of the cold sore. Doing so gets away some of the surface gunk that would make it harder for the oil to really sink in and do its best.


Then, dip a cotton swab in clean water and then dip it into the peppermint oil. This is to dilute it a bit, making it less likely to irritate your skin. Try this twice daily until it is no longer needed.


  1. Take Echinacea


There are a couple of people I am quite close to who drink Echinacea tea religiously and swear by it. Every time I come down with a bug they give me the “I am not sick now am I?” look, with a meaningful nod at their mug of tea.


The reason they get away with their smugness is because Echinacea bolsters your immune system and its defenses, making it harder to catch bugs, and shortening how long you are affected by them.


While not yet proven it may help prevent cold sore outbreaks which often show when the immune system is weakened.


You will need…
-1 bag of Echinacea tea
-1 cup freshly boiled water


Place your bag in a mug and pour boiling water over it. Cover-a plate works well-and let it steep for 10 minutes. Squeeze the juice out of the bag when you remove it to get all the extra good stuff.


  1. Load up on vitamins E and C


Vitamins are good for us, and for our cold sores-and by good for our cold sores, I really mean bad for them. Vitamin C has been shown to boost white blood cell count, and white blood cells are the body’s defenders.


When something like an infection sets in the brave little cells head into battle, and having more of them means you’ll be more effective at fighting off the infection, which in this case is herpes.


Vitamin E, when applied topically, has been found to relieve the irritating and painful discomfort of cold sores, as well as minimize scarring.


You can get the vitamins through an oral supplement, oil (in the case of vitamin E) and-the best way-through your diet.


Vitamin C rich foods include
-red berries
-red and green bell peppers
-spinach (little did Popeye know he was onto a cure for cold sores)


Vitamin E rich foods include
-leafy green vegetables
-whole grain


  1. Corn starch paste


If you’ve worked with corn starch before in your attempt to prevent and get rid of cold sores, you’ll be familiar with its fine, almost silky, texture-it seems like it could be soothing to a cold sore, doesn’t it?


I would say so, and it can indeed help relieve the itchy burning pain of a sore when directly applied.


The less obvious reason as to why corn starch makes a pleasant home remedy for cold sores is the fact that it neutralizes the pH of the sore- the virus thrives in an overly-acidic environment-and creates an alkaline state (alkaline is the opposite of acidic.)


To seek relief, and shorten the duration of your cold sore, simply whip up a silky-smooth corn starch paste.


You will need…
-1 tablespoon of corn starch
-1 teaspoon of fresh water to start


Measure out 1 tablespoon of corn starch and place in a small bowl. Mix in 1 teaspoon of fresh water. Add more water slowly until you achieve a paste-like consistency.


Put a dab on your cold sore before bed, and rinse off gently with water in the morning. Do this nightly until cold sore is gone.


  1. Dab on some witch hazel


The leaves and bark of North American witch hazel have been used medicinally for years, namely by Native Americans, and have now become quite commercialized.


Nowadays you don’t have to worry about tracking down a plant and stripping off its leaves and bark since you can find a bottle of witch hazel, or witch hazel hydrosol, at just about any pharmacy or general store.


Since it does not produce enough oil to sell as an essential oil, the hydrosol is a distilled liquid version. It has been shown to help with a number of maladies, particularly in skin care, with emphasis on acne, bruises, insect bites, blisters and, if you hadn’t guessed by now, cold sores.


You will need…
-1 teaspoon of witch hazel
-cotton swab or cotton pad


Soak a cotton pad or the end of a cotton swab in witch hazel. Dab directly onto your sore, and leave on. Do this 1-2 times daily as needed.


  1. Grab some aloe gel


The go-to for soothing minor skin irritations, aloe vera gel can provide quick relief from the pain of a cold sore once it blisters. It also fights off bacteria that may be irritating the sore more, and may make it go away faster.


Being so dependable, aloe is often touted as being one of the best natural remedies for skin problems there is. The best way to benefit from it is to have an aloe plant.


They’re not hard to come by, they’re hardy (I got one when I was five and it managed to survive my care for years,) and best of all, they’re useful and inexpensive. If you cannot get an aloe plant, find a good gel sold in stores.


You will need…
-1 aloe plant OR ½ teaspoon of aloe vera gel


Break off the end of one fleshy, succulent, leaf. Directly apply the gel to your sore. If you absolutely cannot come by a plant, dab a cotton swab in roughly ½ teaspoon aloe vera gel and apply directly. Leave on.


  1. Ice it


Looks aside, cold sores hurt. They can really, really hurt. Think about what they are-little fluid filled boo-boos that burst, blister, and form a crust. Kind of like constipation, they aren’t taken very seriously.


If you complain about constipation pain-which can land you in the E.R., by the way-all people think is “poop” and then they tune out. With cold sores, most people think “herpes” and then move on-especially since cold sores are so common.


To numb the pain that some people just don’t understand (and the injustice of it all) try holding an ice cube directly on the sore for as long as possible, and then put on a dab of petroleum jelly.


The jelly will help keep bacteria out, and will lessen that tight, skin-splitting sensation that sometimes happens when a blister gets too dry, as it might after using an ice cube. It’s along the same lines of how licking chapped lips makes them worse.


You will need…
-1 to 2 fresh ice cubes, or an ice pack
-A bit of petroleum jelly


Take a nice chilly ice cube, which would be most of them, and hold it on your sore for as long as possible, or use an ice pack. When you’ve finished, pat any obviously remaining water gently from the sore and apply a dab of petroleum jelly.


  1. Wear sunscreen-even on your lips


Exposure to light, namely UV light, seems to be a very contributing factor in outbreaks. When you hit the beach, or even just go for a summer time stroll, apply sunscreen to your face, and apply lip balm with an SPF value of no less than 15.


Indeed it may take you longer to get a crazy tan, but it’s a very, very, small sacrifice to make when you think of the painful cold sores erupting, and damage to your skin.


  1. Wash it all away


You don’t have to go dump every single thing you own when you get a cold sore, but like your toothbrush, its best to get rid of some things that come in contact with your lips/mouth area-such as lip balm, or make up tools.


In addition to this, wash your hands each and every time you touch, or even think you touch, your cold sore. While you’re always contagious, it’s easiest spread the virus when there’s an open blister and you may keep causes outbreaks if you continue using contaminated items.


  1. Quarantine right away


The moment you feel the tingling sensation that precedes a cold sore flare up, start your treatment. Since there is no “cure” sometimes preventative measures work best, and nipping it in the bud seems to help boost the effectiveness of the treatment afterwards well as shorten the sores existence.


When it all comes down to it at the end of the day, you have a virus that will never go away completely until a true cure is found for herpes simplex. That being said, your world does not have to come to a crashing halt when a sore pops up.


Use common sense, try to get to it in the beginning, and patiently treat it, keeping in mind that the remedy that works best for you will probably take some trial and error.


Since you’ll probably be living together for a while, it’s good to remember that the less you bother your cold sore (i.e. picking at it or using unnecessarily harsh chemicals) the less it will bother you.


You can also watch this Video HERE to learn about other ways to prevent and get rid of cold sores.

Wet…or dry? A word on cold sore living conditions


There are generally two chains of thought when it comes to treating cold sores. One is to dry them out, while the other is to keep them moist. Some people say the virus festers in a moist environment, others say it makes no difference and you’ll be uncomfortable with a dry, cracked, split, scab.


There isn’t much official research done on this, but from personal experience, I’d have to toss in with the “wet” lot. Putting a dab of petroleum jelly on a sore is a life-saver. The pain of a dry scab ripping open again and again is too much for me-not to mention I WILL pick at it if it’s all crusty.


Perhaps with a bit more clout is the Mayo Clinic which, according to their website, also endorses the moist route for treating cold sores.


By Claire Goodall (a bee-obsessed natural-convert from Minnesota) who is a holistic health lover. She is the author of Everyday Roots Book.


It’s a Book that she creates to help you replace the toxic products and medications in your home with healthier, all-natural alternatives.


It contains 215+ effective home remedies and covers everything you will need to protect your family and save money every month.


For more details about her book, take a look at the Everyday Roots Book.

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What Are Really Important for a Successful PMDD Diet?

What Are Really Important for a Successful PMDD Diet?  So can a PMDD diet change all of this and get your life back on track? The answer is yes... and no. But there are indeed many PMDD super foods to eat and many foods to stop eating that will help you to relieve PMDD symptoms.
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What are the Elements of a Proper PMDD Diet Plan?


If you have PMDD, or suffer from sever PMT/PMS which is close the full blown condition, then you are very familiar with the terrible heartbreaking symptoms that can be life destroying for some women. The mood swings, the crying, the depression, the violent outbursts.


Also the physical symptoms of aching joint and muscles, lack of sleep or way too much sleep, the lethargy and many more. This really is something that can sideline you from the things in life you love and damage your relationships as well.


So can a PMDD diet change all of this and get your life back on track?


The answer is yes… and no. There are many PMDD super foods that can really help speed along a rebalancing of your hormones and mood regulating brain chemicals and many foods to stop eating that will help your body do the same.


However diet is just one part of really taking control of your PMDD to eliminate it completely.


That being said, diet is a major part of this so you should at least start to implement a PMDD diet to your lifestyle to begin this transformation!


Some elements of a PMDD Diet are:


Eat More Unsaturated Fats – Unsaturated fats are what dieticians like to call ‘good’ fats. These are fats that are not bad for you like saturated fats are, and instead can be very beneficial!


Foods that contain unsaturated fats are foods like fish, nuts, spinach, and oils such as sunflower oil and olive oil.


Eat Less Saturated Fats – Obviously saturated fats are ‘bad’ fats that are often this way because of being refined, or are just naturally fatty.


Foods such as whole dairy foods, fatty meat, fried food, and potato chips/crackers are very guilty of this.


Eat Less Packaged and Refined Foods – Foods that are packaged and refined and chemically altered to last longer on supermarket shelves have been stripped of many nutrients and often have other chemicals added that really mess with your hormones. Avoid these were possible!


Increase Protein Intake – Protein has been shown to really help with regulating mood, hormones and PMDD in general. High protein foods should be a must in your diet such as eggs, soybeans, tofu, low fat yogurt and lean meats.


Watch this Video HERE to understand more about how to implement a PMDD Diet Plan


For more information on all aspects of eliminating PMDD including exactly how to implement a PMDD diet, how to improve your mental state to alter your hormones, how to take control of your sleep cycle and many other methods that all tie together into a PMDD treatment that really works – click HERE to discover more.


By Jane Pritchard, who is the developer of PMDD Treatment Miracle – a self-help program for treating premenstrual dysphoric disorder. She is an ex-sufferer of PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) condition for many years.


She spent a lot of time in finding natural methods for curing her PMDD problems. As a result, she created this self-help guide to show other sufferers on how to cure their PMDD problems in only 12 hours at the comfort and privacy of their own home. For more details about this self-help guide, click HERE


Health Warnings – Here are 8 Sure Symptoms of PMDD

Health Warnings - Here are 8 Sure Symptoms of PMDD . To determine if you have Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, or PMDD for short you will need to know the symptoms of PMDD to watch out for.
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What are the Signs and Symptoms of PMDD?


If you have quite extreme cases of PMS/PMT during the week before your period starts then you might have what is called Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, or PMDD for short.


This is a disorder that is now recognised by psychiatric authorities as something more than just PMS, but as a separate condition that is much worse, and has serious long term psychological and physical effects.


To determine if you have this condition you will need to know the symptoms of PMDD to watch out for.


If you have most of these symptoms of PMDD listed below then you should consult your doctor to be sure.


Another thing to note is that these symptoms of PMDD must occur before the onset of menses.


Most sufferers start feeling these symptoms of PMDD one week prior, but sometimes more in extreme cases.


Irritability – You become annoyed and irritated at things and people including close friends and family that would usually not bother you all that much. This is an internal feeling more than an outward reaction which would be anger as explained below.


Depression – Some women become extremely withdrawn and sad leading to an overwhelming depression. Some cannot even find the will to get out of bed some days, and others might burst into tears for no reason at all.


This state of mind can be extremely difficult to deal with and the fact it does not last more than a week or two can be confusing for yourself and for those around you.


Extreme sensitivity – The inability of a sufferer to take any slight criticism during this period which makes her easily get angry, sullen, sad, or generally moody.


Breast tenderness and pain – This can be light, to extremely painful and irritating. The pain and sensitivity is often centring on the nipples but can vary form woman to woman.


Anger – Some women become so angry they erupt in outbursts and lash out at anyone including those they love and are usually very patient with like spouses and children


Weight gain and bloating – Often due to water retention, but sometimes due to overeating as your appetite can increase due to hormonal imbalances.


Headaches – This is quite self explanatory. These can become full blown migraines for some women completely incapacitating them and making work and home life unbearable.


Insomnia or sleeping too much – Your sleeping habits can be thrown into confusion with this symptom of PMDD leading to sleeping too much or too little.


You may want to watch this Video HERE from National Centre for Biotechnology about symptoms of PMDD.


If you think you might be suffering from extreme PMS or possible PMDD from this list then I encourage you to see your doctors to be sure.


However If you want to know more information about the symptoms of PMDD and also about how you can eliminate it from your life without drugs in an all natural way, click HERE to find out more!


By Jane Pritchard, who is the developer of PMDD Treatment Miracle – a self-help program for treating premenstrual dysphoric disorder. She is an ex-sufferer of PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) condition for many years.


She spent a lot of time in finding natural methods for curing her PMDD problems. As a result, she created this self-help guide to show other sufferers on how to cure their PMDD problems in only 12 hours at the comfort and privacy of their own home. For more details about this self-help guide, click HERE


Holistic Treatment for PMDD Revealed Here

Holistic Treatment for PMDD Revealed Here  - While there are many drugs that will mask the symptoms of PMDD most women realise that you need to cure the root causes of this disorder which can only really happen with a holistic treatment for PMDD. Read on to find out more.
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Why You Should Adopt Holistic Treatment for PMDD?


PMDD or Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder as is its full name is a condition that can very well ruin a woman’s life if it is intense enough.


Often described as severe PMS/PMT, this is a disorder that is characterized by severe mood swings, depression, aches and pains, sleeping problems, and damaged relationships because of these mood swings.


While there are many drugs that will mask the symptoms of PMDD most women realise that you need to cure the root causes of this disorder which can only really happen with a holistic treatment for PMDD.


Holistic means that you need to consider the psychological, physical, and social aspects of your life to really make an impact on any condition you have be it mental or in your body.


PMDD is classed as a psychological condition for example, but the root causes of the condition stem from a hormonal imbalance that has a knock on effect to the mood regulators in your brain which is a very physical thing.


So to treat PMDD holistically and naturally without medicine, you need to look into a range of techniques that will deal with each symptoms and each part of the underlying causes at the same time.


What you will find is that each part in isolation will help, but the more parts of this holistic cure you implement the more powerful each one becomes in combination with others.


For instance, one major part of a holistic treatment for PMDD is your diet and your sleeping patterns.


Changing your diet to eliminate some of the foods that really unbalance your hormones is one key aspect and so is getting a good night’s sleep.


What you eat will help you get a better night’s sleep, and in turn a better night’s sleep will help you digest your food and balance your hormones much better.


Sleeping better or changing your diet in isolation will help but together they are greater than the sum of their parts.


Now add in vitamins and herbal supplements, psychological tricks, stress reduction and other natural remedies for PMDD treatment and you have a holistic treatment regime that will all coalesce into something that will eliminate PMDD for good.


So if you want to learn all of the essential details on a natural, holistic treatment for PMDD then click HERE for a step-by-step guide that will give you back control of your moods, your life, your health, and your relationships with your loved ones.


You can also watch this Video HERE to learn how to reduce extreme PMS symptoms naturally.


By Jane Pritchard, who is the developer of PMDD Treatment Miracle – a self-help program for treating premenstrual dysphoric disorder. She is an ex-sufferer of PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) condition for many years.


She spent a lot of time in finding natural methods for curing her PMDD problems. As a result, she created this self-help guide to show other sufferers on how to cure their PMDD problems in only 12 hours at the comfort and privacy of their own home. For more details about this self-help guide, click HERE


Here are 6 Remarkable Natural Treatments for Gout


Here are 6 Remarkable Natural Treatments for Gout - These are the 6 natural treatments for gout you can follow if you are suffering from intense, painful, swelling joints.
An All-Natural, 100% Safe Treatment for Intense, Painful, Swelling Joints


About 3 million Americans suffer from gout, a form of arthritis that leads to intense, painful swelling in your joints. Many people experience their first gout attack in their big toe, which may feel like sharp, intense pain along with swelling and stiffness.


The site of the attack will also be red and hot to the touch. After the big toe, gout may be felt in your ankles, heel and insteps, your knees, wrists and fingers and even your elbows.


Most gout attacks go away on their own without treatment, and there can be months or years before another attack occurs. However, if they occur frequently or if your attack was severe, you may find yourself developing anxiety over when the next gout attack may strike.


Gout is caused by an excess of uric acid in your body. Uric acid is a normal waste product, but if your body produces it in excess … or is unable to effectively remove it … it can lead to deposits of urate crystals in and around your joints. These needle-like crystals are responsible for the pain that gout sufferers know all too well.


What Causes Uric Acid Build-Up and Gout?


As for what causes excess uric acid to accumulate in your body, there are a number of factors, including:


Fructose-rich foods and beverages: Fructose induces uric acid generation in your body. Consuming fructose-rich beverages like soda and orange juice, for instance, is associated with an increased risk of gout in women and men.


Certain medications: Low-dose aspirin, diuretics and immunosuppressants may raise uric acid levels.


Excess alcohol: Too much alcohol, especially beer, which is high in purines, may raise uric acid levels and gout risk. In one study, men who drank the most alcohol had double the risk of developing gout as non-drinkers.


According to Harvard Medical School:


“Beer drinkers increased their risk by 50% for every daily serving, while those who drank hard liquor increased their risk by 15% for each drink.”


Red meat and shellfish: These are high in purines, which are metabolized into uric acid.


Kidney problems: Your kidneys help your body keep just the right amount of uric acid in your bloodstream, but if they’re not functioning properly an excess of uric acid may accumulate.


How to Treat Gout Naturally: 6 Natural Treatments for Gout


There are drugs available to treat gout, including allopurinol, which works by reducing your uric acid levels, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to block pain and inflammation. But these drugs do not treat the underlying causes of gout, which can be a lifelong problem.


This means you could potentially need to take these medications for life, exposing yourself to a risk of long-term side effects. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to treat, and prevent, gout naturally:


  1. Eat Cherries


Cherries contain anti-inflammatory antioxidants including anthocyanins and bioflavonoids, which may lower your uric acid levels. People with gout cut their risk of recurrent attacks in half by eating about 20 cherries a day. Cherry extract was also associated with a 40 percent reduction in gout flare-ups.


  1. Lose Weight


Losing weight helps reduce uric acid in your blood, and being overweight is a risk factor for gout. So staying active and eating right to maintain a healthy weight are important to prevent and treat this condition.


  1. Limit Your Intake of Sugary Drinks


Drinking one sugary soda a day raised the risk of gout by 74 percent compared to those who drank soda less than once a month. Drinking two a day raised the risk by 97 percent. Orange juice, which is also rich in fructose, was also problematic, raising the risk of gout by 41 percent among those who drank it daily and 142 percent for twice-daily consumption. As mentioned, excess alcohol should also be avoided.


  1. Drink Coffee


If you enjoy coffee, there’s good news. Long-term consumption is linked to a lower risk of gout in both women and men. Don’t overdo it, of course, and avoid added sweeteners, but a couple of cups of black coffee a day may be beneficial.


  1. Consume Plenty of Vitamin C


Vitamin C, either from dietary sources or via a supplement, is associated with a lower risk of gout, as higher vitamin C intake significantly reduces serum uric acid levels. Foods rich in vitamin C include kiwis, bell peppers, tomatoes, papayas, dark leafy greens, broccoli and citrus fruits.


  1. Proteolytic Enzymes


Gout is, at its foundation, an intense acute inflammatory reaction. This is why the first line of treatment for gout is typically anti-inflammatory therapy with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


Before resorting to anti-inflammatory drugs, watch my Video Here, which uncovers quick and easy ways to reduce inflammation.


Try limiting refined foods and sugar, which are pro-inflammatory, and focus instead on eating an anti-inflammatory diet. You should also embrace relaxation strategies, as stress can cause and exacerbate inflammation.


And, importantly, try the all-natural anti-inflammatory Heal-n-Soothe, which has 12 natural inflammation-fighting ingredients, including systemic proteolytic enzymes. bromelain, turmeric, devil’s claw, boswellia extract, rutin, ginger extract and more.


You simply won’t find a more powerful natural anti-inflammatory anywhere else, which is why anyone facing gout, must give this a try. And don’t worry, there’s absolutely no risk involved.


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By Jesse Cannone – Creator of the International Best-Selling Back Pain Treatment Program “Lose the Back Pain System” and Best-Selling Book “The 7 Day Back Pain Cure”


Unlike most treatments which only deliver temporary relief, if any at all, muscle balance therapy delivers lasting relief to 8 out of 10 people who use it because it addresses the underlying cause of the pain, not just the symptoms.

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