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Here are 10 Biggest Arthritis Mistakes You Should Avoid


Here are 10 Biggest Arthritis Mistakes You Should Avoid - I see 10 common arthritis mistakes people make when dealing with joint pain. Read on to find out more.


Enjoy this special condensed report from Dr. Mark Wiley, excerpted from the new book Arthritis Reversed: 30 Days to Lasting Relief From Joint Pain and Arthritis


No one is perfect, not even doctors. Mistakes are OK when dealing with health and trying to recreate a better quality of life. It’s when you don’t realize you are making mistakes that real problems occur or that success is lost.


I see 10 common arthritis mistakes people make when dealing with joint pain. These are detailed more fully in Dr. Mark Wiley’s book Arthritis Reversed: 30 Days to Lasting Relief From Joint Pain and Arthritis


Here’s a quick synopsis of the biggest arthritis mistakes you should avoid


#1 Waiting too long to address arthritis


Waiting too long allows the condition to take hold and entrench itself in the body, to progress and to wreak havoc. Waiting allows arthritis to steal days and joy from your life.


#2 Undergoing arthroscopic surgery


Research that is now widely known and referenced indicates without doubt that arthroscopic surgery to “repair” arthritic joints and the space between them does not work.


#3 Avoiding exercise, being sedentary


The medical community is now changing its view and realizing that being active, moving around, taking walks and so on reduces the severity of arthritis.


Lubricating the joints, maintaining their range of motion, improving blood flow, and stabilizing the muscles around arthritic joints reduces inflammation and pain. Anyone can suffer arthritis, not just the sedentary and sick.


#4 Assuming you won’t get arthritis if you are “physically fit” and “eat right”


It is important to be healthy and fit; more people need to do this. Yet it is the people who train the hardest, who run and jump the most over prolonged period who wear down their joints and damage the cartilage between them.
#5 Not realizing or believing diet and nutrition play major roles in arthritis


One of the key components of osteoarthritis prevention and reversal is embracing an organic, nutrient-dense diet and taking nutritional supplements to reduce symptoms and shore up wellness.


Bone health, joint health, tendon and ligament and muscle health are vital to preventing and reducing the effects of arthritis.


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#6 Thinking doctors and medical specialists have all the answers


Although orthopedists and immunologists are highly educated in their field of treatment, they are often ignorant of the natural and holistic options and therapies available. It is important to note, however, that a medical specialist may  have the right option for you.


So keep an open mind in all cases and do look for multiple opinions and resources when considering the path you will take on your road to a better life.


#7 Not giving natural therapies their due time


Natural therapies that gently work the energy lines, the soft tissue and the skeletal system do work. They offer relief but they do so over time.


Please give natural therapies and solutions time to do what they do in a natural way. It is a mistake just to “try” them for a short period, or even a single time.


Watch this Video HERE from Dr Joel Wallach – Avoid Joint Replacement and How You can Reverse Arthritis


#8 Continuing on a treatment plan that’s not working


If you give a natural remedy the time necessary to work as it should, and it falls short for you or does not seem to help you, then it is a mistake to keep doing it.


On the same note, continuing along a plan of medication to mask symptoms of arthritis that is not successful in altering the condition in a positive way is also a mistake.


Continuing to do what is not working for you is stealing time from your life.


#9 Believing there are no more options left


There is plenty of hope when it comes to most cases of arthritis; believing there are no options left is a mistake. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to arthritis.


#10 Failing to take personal control of your situation


You are the one suffering, so relying solely on others to take care of your condition is a big mistake. It is only you who can change your lifestyle and habits, so become self-empowered and take control.


Fight Inflammation


In many cases, the condition that allows pain, illness and disease to take hold, making us feel unwell is chronic low-grade inflammation. Pain is certainly a major symptom of arthritis. However, pain is generally felt as a reaction to swelling or inflammation in the body. Pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong and in need of change.


You’ll find numerous ways to fight inlammation within the book, Arthritis Reversed: 30 Days to Lasting Relief From Joint Pain and Arthritis


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