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How to arouse a woman? How to make her wet? How to get women horny? What are the ways and things you can make a woman sexually aroused? Read below for answers to these questions.

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In order to arouse a woman, you have to make an effort in your foreplay for her. What I mean foreplay here is not just the things you should do in the bedroom before sex. In facts, there are lots of things or preparations you should do. In my definition, foreplay has two aspects. One is the emotional part and the other is the physical aspect.


What is emotional foreplay? It is a series of things outside the bedroom that you have to do as a great lover or partner in making her feel totally comfortable with you. It plays an important role in building up sexual intimacy. To be good in your emotional foreplay, you will have to make her feel loved and appreciated.


You will treat her as a person you are deeply in love and not just an object or outlet to vent your sex needs. You have to be romantic by giving her pleasant surprises which can be some small gifts (which she has always wants) or in the form of gestures. When you are not with her, you can romance her with sms text messaging.


Communication and emotional connection are both very important foundation for a strong relationship. You need to be patient and listen to her without interruptions her needs, wishes, concerns and problems.


You must first resolve any underlying issues outside the bedroom if you want to have a great sex life. If she is not so keen in sex, you have to find out the reasons. Sometimes, she may be troubled by certain conditions such as vaginismus (painful intercourse) or excessive and colored vaginal discharge. Besides getting her to seek medical treatment, you can search online for some self-help guides on vaginismus cure and how to treat yeast infection.


Once you have taken care of the emotional aspect of the foreplay, you can now work on physical aspect of the foreplay. In order to be effective in pleasing and teasing your woman, you will have to take things slowly. The longer you build anticipation, the more pleasure she feels when you reach her hot spots. You do this by deliberately leaving out her most obvious erogenous zones (nipples, clitoris) initially and instead spending more time on her less obvious ones which can be more sensitive to stimulation during the early stage of foreplay.


To make it sensationally intense for her, you can practice some light bondage by way of blindfolding her. As she is not going to know where you will be touching her next, this can be very arousing to her. In touching her, you can impress her with your creativity. There are many things in your house that can be used as sex tools. For example, you can use lightly stroke her with light feather that can be very ticklish and arousing. While touching her, you can either sweet talk or dirty talk to her.


At this point, your main aim is to give her pleasure and make it mutually enjoyable. Though it is best to give her an orgasm, you should not make having an orgasm the main goal for every intercourse session. This will put undue pressure on your woman, making it difficult for her to achieve orgasm.


There is no one-size-fit-all way in arousing a woman. You have to customize or make special adjustments to the sexual techniques you master, in order to be effective in helping her to have the best orgasm she ever gets. You have to pay attention and observe how her body reacts to your move and touch.


Does she put her arms around you or caress you when you touch or penetrate her? If this happens, this means you are doing the right thing. Does she push you back or cover herself up? If this is so, you will have to make changes in your moves. Does she synchronize her movement with yours such as moving her hips in time with your thrust? If this is so, this means she is enjoying what you are doing to her. Does her breathing get more rapid? This is often a sign of she is quite close to orgasm.


How do you know if she is aroused enough? When she is wet down there, does this mean you can stop your foreplay? Many guys have this wrong assumption that when a woman is wet, this means she is ready for sex. Well, this is not so. When she is lubricated, it means her mind is starting to get sexual but still far away from the stage when she is about to orgasm. A clear sign of her been highly-aroused is when you see her vagina swollen or bulging due to increased blood flow to this region. You will see her clitoral hood covering her clitoris in contrast to the beginning when the clitoris is partially-exposed.


Though every woman is different, but for most women, the most effective way to arousing them is by way of clit stimulation, which is the easiest and best way to female orgasm. You can stimulate her clitoris by your hands, your mouth and tongue, your sex organ and sex toys. The best way is to let her have her first orgasm through clitoral stimulation before you enter her. She will then be very sensitive to your subsequent moves and will be able to achieve multiple orgasms.


What I suggest is 60% of your effort will be what you should do to please her when outside the bedroom. Once you do this well, you can be very sure, she will be very receptive to what you are going to do her in bed.  This is 60% emotional (laying the foundation) and 40% physical action in the bedroom.


For more ideas to make a woman want you, read on more to discover the Secrets of Female Orgasm and to find out What She Wants.

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Sex Tips – How To Make Her Want You




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Do you want to have a good time in bed? Do you want your partner to need you so much that she becomes the one who is initiating sex most of the time?


How to have great sex? To certain people, great sex is about rehearsing some sex positions that they read from a self-help book. But it is more than that. You have to arouse your partner and yourself every time when you jump into the bed. You have to be comfortable with what you are doing, your partner has to be aroused by you and you also need to be turned on by your partner. In other words, great sex should be mutually satisfying.


Here are a few things you can do that can help her to reach orgasm easily and make your ego feel a lot better.


(1)   Sensual touch


Touching is very important and is also one of the easiest ways to please her. Women respond very strongly to touch. Make sure you combine every of your touch with eye contact. Keeping eye contact with her will add an amazing amount of emotional intensity to your touch.


Take the time to caress her ears, nape and hair will be fantastic in heating things up. You kiss her softly on her back, chests or breasts, down to her tummy and inner thighs. You treat every area of the body as an erogenous zone, even touching and kissing those off-neglected areas such as the neck, throat, inner arms and eyelids. During touching, you pay attention to how she reacts to your various ways of stroking and adjust according to her preferences. All these moves will definitely turn her on.


(2)   Setting the mood


Setting a comfortable environment is the key to preparing for sex and ensuring a satisfying experience. Ambiance is very important for the proper sexual mood. Accentuate your room by getting some candles. It will be better to use scented candles such as chamomile which can help to relax the body and make the atmosphere more conducive.


Make sure the room temperature is not as hot as a furnace or as freezing cold as a refrigerator. Playing some instrumental music (or depending on what arouses your partner) is good for keeping her in the mood. Make the room smell sweet, relaxing and enticing.


(3)   Oral stimulation


Oral sex is a great gate-way to intercourse. Lick her slowly all around. It is only when her clitoris is swollen and her breath is getting short and rapid that you start to lick on it firmly. You explore the entire area around the clitoris with your tongue and lips. As she gets more aroused, you can spend more time directly stimulating her clitoris.


Try alternating between slow and fast, up and down, side-to-side tongue flicks when you are on her clitoris. Use your hand to supplement your tongue action by caressing the insides of her thighs, rubbing her breasts and squeezing her nipples. When you sense she is getting close, from her physical and vocal responses, you maintain a rhythm that suits her, providing consistent pressure on her clitoris until she reaches orgasm.


(4)   Be creative


You get a self-help book which tells about the various lovemaking positions. You read this together with your partner. After this both of you can discuss and decide the new positions that will be more intimate in lovemaking. Both of you can also experiment with role-playing by dressing (or even cross-dressing) and acting as someone you always desire to be. You can also use adult toys to help you last longer when you are stimulating your partner. You can consider light bondage such as blind-folding and hand-cuffing to sharpen the sexual response when one of the senses is being blocked out.


Lovemaking should always be comfortable and done in a way that satisfies both of you. Learning how to have great sex is essential to keep the relationship with your partner stronger.


Here are just 4 tips to get you started. Due to space constraint here, the rest of the other tips can be found at Hot Sex . To get some kinky ideas to have a different kind of sexual experience, you can visit Dirty Harry’s Secrets

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How To Arouse A Woman In Bed





In order to please a woman and make her want you more, getting her turned on is the single most important aspect of every sexual encounter. Luckily, there are many ways to go about achieving this. Following are just a few of those various techniques that can ensure your woman gets in the mood as often as you wish.


(1)   Make her feel good


A woman’s main sexual organ is her brain. The best and most effective way to turn her on is to make her feel good, relaxed and sexy. No matter how busy you can be, this step is not to be skipped. Going straight for the lower part of her body when her brain or mind is not yet ready can only turn her off.


For many women, getting in the mood requires being both emotionally and physically ready. Do not rush. Instead, you take the time to stroke her hair, rub her shoulders and basically just hold and touch her. When you are out in public, you hold her hand. Make sure you tell her that you find her to be beautiful and sexy.


Also do take the time to kiss her neck. Just press the tip of your tongue against her skin and kiss her softly. Kissing any part of the neck will get a woman in the mood. Do not miss her ear lobes, the back of her ears. Lightly nibble and kiss on these areas can also arouse her a lot.


(2)   Seduce her with dirty talking


This is another good way to seduce her brain and make a woman turned on. Do not be creepy about it and try not to be too vulgar unless you know that it gets her in the mood. Lean in close and whisper into her ear all of the things that you have thought about doing to her. For example, if you and your partner both enjoy it when you perform oral sex on her, try describing it from your point of view. Talk about how much you love touching her body and how it feels like to touch her with your tongue. The more descriptive you can get, the better dirty talk will be.


Once your partner is aroused, you can start complimenting her body. For the best dirty talk, do not say general things. Instead, you focus on one particular area of her body and describe it in detail, including what you like about it. For example, you can sit between her legs and talk about how you like to watch her open and close them.


Another dirty talk technique you can use is simply telling your partner all those naughty sexual thoughts you have, such as watching her perform oral sex on another woman. Because this is pure fantasy, you know this is something that is unlikely to happen in real life and neither do you want it to happen. Encourage your partner to share her sexual fantasies. The more open you are, the easier it will be for her to let loose. Lightly kiss her on the ear from time to time while telling her all these. Do not spoil the mood by sticking your tongue in her ear in a rough way.


(3)   Tease her with aphrodisiacs


Confucius once said over 5,000 years ago, “Food and sex are part of human nature.” Therefore when it comes to making a woman horny, one of the most effective ways is to play around with aphrodisiac. Obviously, the most common is chocolate; however, there are numerous others less obvious options to choose from that can help bring out that dormant sexual desire that you are looking to release from your partner. Incorporate these aphrodisiacs into snacks, deserts and meals.


(4)   Pamper her with a seductive massage


No woman in her right mind is going to turn down a massage. As such, you offer your woman a massage; just incorporate some seemingly innocent and subtle actions into the massage that can get her attention and/or raise her desire to have sex. Whether you let your hands ‘do the walking’ on her body or you gently put the print of your lips on her neck as you rub the tension out of her shoulders, adding a seductive element to a massage is a sure bet to get her love juices flowing.


The above 4 ways to turn a girl on can be done inside and/or outside of the bedroom, with clothes or without clothes. But if you take the time to practice on her properly, for sure, it will be very hard for you to stay fully clothed because she will not allow you to and more than that she may start grabbing the lower part of your body. If you want to find out more ways to arouse a girl, you can click on Hot Sex and Best Lover

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How To Get Her In Bed With You

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To arouse a woman, you need to work on 2 aspects: physical arousal and emotional connection. Some men mistakenly focus solely on physical arousal. However, you have to work on both the physical and emotional aspects to turn her on if you are in a relationship.


Here are 5 tips to arouse your partner:


(1)   Create the mood


If you want her to be less shy in bed, you have to give her a little push by setting the mood. Look at lovemaking as if it is a theatrical piece which you need the right lighting, right mood, right props and costumes. You can foster the romantic mood with sensual music, candles, soft fabrics, sexy toys or buy her sexy lingerie. You can stretch your imaginations and creativity by setting the mood not just in the bedroom, it can also be in the living room, kitchen or just about anywhere you can think of. You can also add some romance to your day by leaving a note at somewhere she can only see it. Or, you can pour a glass of wine, or sparkling water and give her some chocolate/ice-cream when you see her after work.


(2)   Make her feel appreciated


If she is stressed and overburdened she will not be in the mood to get turned on. You can volunteer to take over some jobs so that she will not get too bogged down. To make her feel appreciated, you can tell her how much you love her, her character, her cheerfulness. Give her pleasant surprises by occasionally getting her a small gift to show how much you appreciate her. Give her sincere and specific compliments such as telling her how sexy she is, when her way of dressing turns you on, or telling her how delicious the food she prepares when you enjoy her cooking of particular dishes.


(3)   Seductive touching


Most women like to be warmed up a bit before being touched in an intimate way. This is because kissing, massaging, stroking, caressing and all other forms of physical contacts can help in the secretion of Oxytocin, the bonding chemical. Touching and kissing her tenderly. Touch her hands, arms, face, neck and back before going to the more erotic areas. Cuddling, or any comforting non-sexual touch like the massaging of shoulders, neck, foot or back, hand-holding can make her feel safe, comfortable and warm.


When you restrict your partner’s senses, it can create some sexual tension. Try having your partner put on a sleep mask and listen to music through the earphones while relaxing quietly on the bed. Next you stroke her body lightly with a feather or silk scarf. This can heighten the sense of touch when other senses are taken away.


(4)   Indulging in fantasies


Fantasy can be loads of fun and leads to mental arousal as well. To turn your fantasy juices on, you can read and watch erotic stories. Erotica can help you to discover your deepest, darkest and most sensual fantasies. You can also do some dirty talking by sharing your sexual fantasies with her and talk about things that excite your partner.


(5)   Be attentive


Do pay close attention to your partner’s signals in daily life. Observe the specific type of actions, activities or events that can turn her on and focus your effort on nurturing or facilitating their happenings from time to time. When in bed, pay attention on where and how she likes to be touched. To better understand her preferences, you can ask her questions like, “Do you like that?” or “Should I keep doing that?” Tailor your lovemaking techniques to her sexual preferences instead of blindly following the advice from sex guide books. You can learn more about those sex tips but be selective and choose those that work on your partner.


By now you should know how to turn her on by trying these tips to keep the passion in your sex life. You can also explore further into this by clicking on Hot Sex and What She Wants.

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Why She Says No To Sex

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Ever wonder why she is no longer keen to have sex? There could be tons of reasons that affect a woman’s interest in sex. Some factors are obvious while others may not be so. It maybe difficult to pinpoint accurately what the problem is, so here is a list of the possible reasons that maybe affecting her sex drives.


(1)   Experimenting new sexual acts unexpectedly


Some people enjoy rough sex, violent role-playing and even a little bit of pain, while others can find this disgusting. For example, some women may not like the idea of anal sex. While it is fine in trying new things to spice up your sex life, it can be a turn off if you do not first try to find out how comfortable she is on your new suggestions. If you want to explore new sexual possibilities with her, it is a lot easier if you both agree that you can ask for anything as long as you ask nicely, you have enough knowledge (such as precautions and ways to avoid painful anal sex), you have clear reasons for trying something new and most important to take no for an answer.


(2)   Perverted dirty talk


Most of us can appreciate a little dirty talk. When you get high, all kinds of things can come out of your mouth. First you whisper a fantasy in her ear, then you get too carried away going into too much psycho detail and before you can go any further, she suddenly finds some excuses to turn down your sexual advances. If you want to avoid scaring her in bed, keep these psychopathic little tales to yourself.


(3)   Psychological issues


Confidence and stress are both major obstacles to a healthy sex life. She has bad self-image such as feeling her body is no longer as curvy as before especially after childbirth. The best thing you can do is to reassure her that she is desirable. Find something good about her and remind her how great she is as often as you can. If she is stressed, giving her a relaxing massage and a little bit of pampering will be a great help.


Besides confidence issues and stress, feeling anxious about sex due to various reasons (probably due to childhood abuse, rape or other fears) can hurt her sexual desires. She needs to find out the reasons for her anxiety and to overcome them and the best thing you can do is to be supportive. Of course, this will take time, but with patience and good communication, this can be dealt with and eventually resolved.


(4)   Emotional matters


She is very dissatisfied with you probably feeling that you neglect her. The only thing you can do is to find out the reasons and to think of some kind of adjustments you can make. She is trying to assert herself. She behaves in this way to compensate her sense of helplessness in other aspects of her life such as she has a nasty boss, a dominating close friend or an overprotective mother. The way to overcome this is to compliment on her sexual abilities and prowess. If you can acknowledge how much you appreciate her in bed, she may realize that trying to prove her status is not necessary.


She wants to manipulate you. There are a few options here: give her what she wants, give her something similar to what she wants, reason with her, wait it out (in the mean time, you gratify yourself) until she returns to her senses. She is bored. In this case, you can take her to a sex shop and get anything that is fun for both of you. Get a self-help book on how to spice things up. She is or maybe cheating. This is quite serious and after knowing the reasons for cheating on you, you have to decide for yourself if you want to forgive her or to move on.


(5)   Lack of exercise


Women who often exercise tend to have higher sex drives and their periods less painful and pre-menstruation syndrome less severe or obvious. This is because the small chemical and hormone changes as a result of regular exercise can deliver the desired effect (such as preparing her body for pregnancy) instead of disrupting the chemicals in the brain that do damage to her mind and body. What you can do here is to suggest some physical activities you can do together such as jogging, rollerblading, cycling, rowing boat, playing tennis or ballroom dancing.


(6)   Pre-menstruation syndrome


This can affect her for days before her period. Her stomach gets bloated, she experiences cramps and her mood swings as unexpectedly as the weather. The best thing to do is to pretend you are deaf and avoid arguing back and at the same time encourage her to do some exercise and any other stress-relieving activities, but not sex of course.


(7)   Unhealthy diet and lifestyle


Eating too much junk food can first cause overweight and the chances of contracting all kinds of chronic illness (such as diabetes, hypertension). Needless to say, this can affect sex drive. Unhealthy habits such as smoking and taking party drugs (such as ecstasy pills) can in the long run damage both health and sex drives. Some women can get irritated if you lecture them about proper diet and healthy lifestyle. The best way you can do in this case is to practice what you preach and let her learn by your example.


(8)   Medication



Birth control pills which can inhibit the production of estrogen and certain prescription drugs (such as those for high blood pressure) can curb sex desire. A way to handle this issue is she can talk to the doctor to prescribe alternative drugs.


(9)   Certain illness


Problems with the thyroid and adrenal glands and the removal of the uterus can lower her testosterone (sex hormone). In this case, she has to consult her doctor to come out with options that she can help to regain some of her sex drives.


Knowing what turns her off is the first step towards improving both you and her sex life. If you want to know what and how you can turn her on, you can check this out at Hot Sex and All That She Wants

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