Scar Treatment Home Remedies – How Best to Reduce Scar Visibility?

Scar Treatment Home Remedies – How Best to Reduce Scar Visibility? This post will discuss about how do scars form, the different types of scar, the 6 scar treatment home remedies you can use to reduce scar visibility and a video clip on how to get rid of scar spot tissue on face and legs.
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This post will discuss about how do scars form, the different types of scar, the 6 scar treatment home remedies you can use to reduce scar visibility and a video clip on how to get rid of scar spot tissue on face and legs.


Scars form when there is injury or trauma to the skin, especially when the dermis (the deeper layers of the skin) are injured. Greatly simplified, the process of a scar forming goes roughly like this.


Blood rushes to the wound site and begins to clot. Fibroblasts, remarkable little cells that help produce several different types of connective tissues and proteins, begin to deposit the foundation for collagen.


Collagen is the main structural protein found in our skin. However, the new collagen that is forming scar tissue is different from regular collagen, and tends to be inferior to ‘normal’ skin in its functioning. Still, it does the job-a pretty impressive one when you think about it.


Scar tissue looks different because the collagen that’s being laid down is made up of fibers that lie parallel to each other, instead of the regular randomized cross woven pattern that exists in undamaged skin. The scar tissue is tough, not as elastic or supple, nor do things like sweat glands or hair follicles re-grow in it.


Examples of Scar Types


Below are a few different types of scars that occur, summed up very simply, with some being more severe than others. How you go about remedying your scars will be easier if you know a bit about the scar itself!


Hypertrophic: Hypertrophic scars are raised above the surrounding skin, due to the body overproducing collagen. They typically present themselves as a red, raised, and thickened patches of skin. They often form when there is mechanical tension on the wound. They can fade over a period of two to three years.


Keloid: Very thick raised scars, more severe than hypertrophic scars, and may spread beyond the original wound site. They can also develop into benign masses. Keloid scarring, like hypertrophic scars, are raised from excessive amounts of stiff collagen fibers deposited on the wound.


Atrophic: The scar is sunken in the skin, giving it a typical “pitted” appearance, caused when underlying structures that support the skin are lost. Acne and diseases such as the chicken pox tend to leave atrophic scars.



Scars vs. Hyperpigmentation


Some of these remedies apply to hyperpigmentation, which is when extra pigment is deposited at the wound site. Hyperpigmentation is often seen in times after a bad bout with acne, and can give the appearance of there being a mark or scar.


How Best to Reduce Scar Visibility Naturally?


Different treatments and remedies and their results vary hugely from individual to individual, as it all depends on genetics, how you got the scar, how long you’ve had it, etc. So don’t be afraid to play around with these to see what works best!


Reduce Scar Visibility Tip #1 – Marula Oil


Long, long before it became mainstream, marula oil was used traditionally used by the Tsonga people of South Africa and Mozambique, where it is still used by many peoples in that region.


Marula oil is used for skin care-as a cleansing or massage oil, as a moisturizer- and even a dietary supplement. From food to medicine, the marula tree and the oil from its fruits have a long history of being extensively used.


The oil comes from harvested fruits that hold a nut, inside which rests a kernel. The oil is extracted from this kernel, and a considerable amount of work goes into the extraction process given the tough fibrous make-up of the nut. Once removed, the kernel is cold-pressed by hand for the oil, resulting in a small quantity the precious stuff.


The oil is extremely light, silky, absorbs quickly into the skin, and penetrates deeply. It has many uses, but in the case of scars it reduces redness and inflammation, and softens up the tough tissue.


The oleic acid enhances the ability of the oil to penetrate the skin, allowing other fatty acids to soak in and do their work. Use it plain or as a base oil-I’ll frequently add it to my scar butter.


You will need…

-Marula Oil




Rinse the scar and the area around it with warm water. Pat dry. Start with less oil and add more as you need it-if I plan on rubbing it in some I use more, if I am putting it on and letting it soak in on its own I use a little less. You don’t need much, just enough to cover the scar well. Reapply up to three times daily (or as needed.)


Reduce Scar Visibility Tip #2 – Baobab Oil


This precious oil, like Marula oil, is high in essential fatty acids. 33% of the seed content is oil, with the majority of those oils being oleic and linoleic.  Oleic and linoleic will soften skin-in this case, the tough scar tissue-and moisturize the epidermis, where the visible part of your scar sits.


All of the fatty acids help regenerate outer epithelial tissues (basically, the cells that make up the outside of your skin), which is part of why it is so renowned for its abilities to heal our skin and reduce scars. It is thick and rich and remains on the skin longer after application. Again, use it as a base or a carrier or on its own!


You will need…


-Baobab Oil




Rinse the area with warm water and pat dry. Apply a light coating of enough baobab oil to cover the scar. Remember that it will sit on the skin for a while after application.


Reduce Scar Visibility Tip #3 – Fenugreek Paste


Fenugreek was always one of those remedies that I just steered clear of. Not because of any fault of its own-for some reason the name just always deterred me. But, eventually, I was able to get over that quirk of mine, and now find it a useful ingredient to have lying around.


Fenugreek is used for a range of ailments, from easing indigestion to reducing dandruff. It can also help with skin inflammation and irritation, such as that which may occur with a scar.


Anecdotal evidence suggests that it also helps to lighten skin, thus reducing the appearance of the scar or hyperpigmentation. In this case, making the seeds into a paste is the most effective way of getting their benefit.


You will need –


-Fenugreek seeds
-Warm water
-Something to grind up the seeds




How much fenugreek you’ll need depends entirely on the size of the scar. Start with a tablespoon or two, and if there is extra store in the fridge for up to three days.

Soak the seeds overnight in warm water, or until they are soft (even “slimy”) feeling. Drain and mash them up into a paste-a mortar and pestle works best for this.


If the mash is too thick, you can add just a smidge of warm water at a time until it is the proper consistency-thick but easily spreadable, not runny.


Rinse the area with warm water and pat dry. Apply enough to cover the scar and leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry.

I would suggest using your favorite lotion/moisturizer after this as it can be drying.


Reduce Scar Visibility Tip #4 – Fish Oil


Ah, fish oil. It’s one of those “it’ll cure whatever ails ya” remedies. Rich in our favorite fatty acids, fish oil taken in the diet and applied directly to scars can help reduce their appearance.


Some research has been done showing that they may even speed of the breakdown of fibroblasts, which are responsible for laying down all that extra collagen, even in scars as severe as keloids.


If you can take it as a dietary supplement, I always say go for it. It’s worth trying topically as well. Fibroblasts aside, it will moisturize the scar well and moisturizing means a better environment for healing to take place.


You will need…


-A high quality fish oil




Apply fish oil directly to the scar and/or take the appropriate dosage for a dietary supplement.


Reduce Scar Visibility Tip #5 – Lemon Juice


This one should come as no surprise. Lemon juice, in addition to having other benefits, is known to lighten skin. This is because it is thought to interrupt melanogenesis-basically the process in which melanin, the pigment that darkens skin, is formed.


It is also thought to reduce or break down the existing melanin in the skin as well. Be careful after applying lemon juice as it can make you a bit more sensitive to the sun for a bit after using it.


You will need…


-1 fresh lemon




Juice the lemon. Rinse the affected area and then apply directly. Do this up to twice a day as needed and be patient, as it isn’t instantaneous. Keep the leftover juice in the fridge for later use.


Reduce Scar Visibility Tip #6 – Sunscreen or Cover Up


This is more of a (very helpful) preventative rather than a remedy. When the sun- chiefly its ultraviolet rays-hits your skin, it damages it. Your body, well-equipped as always, rushes to defend and protect your sensitive skin by depositing melanin, a darker pigment that will give more protection against the harmful rays.


The skin of your scar is sensitive and will darken easily, so cover up or use sunscreen, and you can help prevent any burns or unwanted melanin making it more visible. Tanning or getting sunburned will ultimately *not* help your cause!


You will need…


-Sunscreen that is at least SPF 30




Apply sunscreen to the scar before exposing it to sunlight or keep it covered.


And above all else…


Be patient. There is no current natural remedy or medical technology that can guarantee the complete removal of a scar. Although some may certainly helpful, our bodies are pretty incredible of doing the job.


Trust in your body – it knows what it’s doing! When it comes to badly damaged or non-regenerable tissues, they are replaced by the laying down of connective tissue (think collagen!) This is a process called replacement-also known as scarring.


Regeneration is a type of healing in which new growth can completely bring back at least portions of damaged tissue to its normal state. Most of the time these two occur in tandem during the healing process.


Over the course of 2 sometimes up to 3 years the scar will continue to heal, replacing and regenerating. So don’t panic about a scar. Get a little help from some good remedies, trust your body and time, be patient, and all will heal.


Watch this Video – How to Get Rid of Scars Fast, Best Scar Treatment, How to Get Rid of Scar Spot Tissue on Face & Legs

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5 Myths and Facts About Your Sagging Face

5 Myths and Facts About Your Sagging Face - For most of us, our jangly jowls and hanging cheeks are a source of chagrin as we age. Here, five myths and facts about sagging face, plus ways to stop the droop
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Let’s face it: Sagging’s only cute if you’re a Shar-Pei dog.


For most of us, our jangly jowls and hanging cheeks are a source of chagrin as we age. Here, five myths and facts about sagging face, plus ways to stop the droop:


Sagging Face Myth #1 – Running causes your face to sag


FALSE. Sagging skin is due to two age-related reasons: loss of collagen, which gives skin its elasticity, and loss of facial fat, the absence of which causes skin to droop.


While your whole body bounces up and down while you’re jogging, it is highly unlikely that you’re jostling around enough to damage collagen, points out Las Vegas-based plastic surgeon Michael Edwards, MD, president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


A more likely cause? Long hours exercising outdoors equals more UV exposure, which over time breaks collagen down. Make sure you slather up with plenty of sunscreen before venturing outside, even in colder weather.


Sagging Face Myth #2 – Sleeping on your stomach causes sagging


FALSE. Your sleep position won’t actually cause sagging, but it can lead to sleep wrinkles: those creases and fine lines you see each AM in your bathroom mirror. They’re caused by your pillow tugging at delicate facial skin as you sleep.


When you’re younger, it is not an issue, as fresh, elastic skin bounces back easily, but as you age, skin becomes less resilient and can settle into these lines. Your best way to avoid this is to sleep on your back, says Dr. Edwards.


Some studies have found sleepers switch positions 11 times a night on average. But if you’re a die-hard tummy sleeper or flip flop through the night. you can try the Juverest, a so-called sleep wrinkle pillow.


This specially formulated pillow has a head cradle to encourage back sleep and graded steps to minimize contact between your face and the pillow if you do roll over onto your side.


Sagging Face Myth #3 – You can do facial exercises to reduce skin sagging


TRUE! But with a catch. They increase the size of facial muscles, which, while theoretically taking away some of the slacking skin, also causes expression lines, points out Dr. Edwards.


So while a few workout moves might help relieve basset hound-like eyes, they’ll probably also worsen crow’s feet. If you’re not opposed to getting some help from a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, you may get better results from Botox.


Sagging Face Myth #4 – Weight loss causes skin sagging  


TRUE. When you gain weight, the skin on your face stretches to go along with your extra padding, just like it does everywhere else. But if you’ve finally lost it, you may notice that you’re sporting under eye bags and a slack jaw.


As you age and your skin loses elasticity, when you stretch it out it won’t bounce back the same way it did when you were younger, explains Dr. Edwards. But don’t despair: products like Retin-A can help, as can injectable fillers such as Voluma.


Sagging Face Myth #5 – There are products that may help fight sagging skin


TRUE. You can slow down the sag from the outside in: Try topical products like over-the-counter retinols or prescription retinoids, which boost collagen production, and vitamin C serums, which help restore elasticity, advises Dr. Edwards.


In one study, a daily supplement of pycnogenol, a French pine bark extract, increased skin elasticity and hydration and increased production of hyaluronic acid, a skin plumping ingredient, by 44%, according to a 2012 German study (which was funded by the maker of the raw material used in the supplements).


Watch these videos –


The Best 5 Natural Remedies for Sagging Skin


Tighten Your Skin : Look 10 Years Younger With This 3 Ingredients Face Mask

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Is Exfoliation the Anti-Aging Secret You Need for Younger Looking Skin?

Is Exfoliation the Anti-Aging Secret You Need for Younger Looking Skin? Not so sure about exfoliation? What you’re about to read may make you want to reconsider. When it comes to anti-aging, exfoliation is one of the most effective ways to promote youthful skin. And that’s not all.
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Not so sure about exfoliation? What you’re about to read may make you want to reconsider. When it comes to anti-aging, exfoliation is one of the most effective ways to promote youthful skin. And that’s not all.


In addition to its main act of sloughing off dead skin cells and promoting softer, smoother skin, exfoliation can increase circulation, get rid of cellulite, and even assist the body with its natural regeneration process.


All of which result in brighter, firmer, more healthy-looking skin.


Curious to know more? We’ve got the 411 on all the ways exfoliation aids in anti-aging — plus, the most popular ways to exfoliate — ahead.


It aids in cellular turnover


As we age, our body’s natural ability to shed skin cells slows down a lot. Younger skin regenerates every 28 days, but over time the natural turnover rate declines.


According to the Lead Esthetician at True Botanicals, Kevin Dooley, “this can lead to a variety of changes and can result in clogged pores, change in texture, and dull skin.” No, thank you!


Fortunately, exfoliation can help speed things up by working to unclog pores and improve overall cellular turnover. This, in turn, allows the skin to operate at its best and results in smoother, softer, and healthier-looking skin.


It enhances absorption of topical skin care products


In addition to getting rid of dead skin cells and aiding in the body’s natural regeneration process, “proper exfoliation helps to enhance absorption of topical skin care products,” says Dooley.


“[Which] ensures maximum delivery of the potent nutrients in your everyday products to penetrate to the deepest layers of your skin, where the aging process initiates,” he adds.


It stimulates collagen and elastin production


Because of its ability to stimulate overall cellular turnover, exfoliation can also aid in collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin are crucial to anti-aging and youthful-looking skin.


That’s because they both work together to strengthen the skin’s structure and improve its ability to stretch and bounce back. As we age, our collagen and elastin levels decrease, so a boost in production can diminish wrinkles and result in more youthful-looking skin.


It boosts circulation and supports the body’s natural detoxification process


According to Yon-Ka Paris’ National Director of Education, Katherine Tomasso, “the stimulating action [of exfoliation] can also boost circulation and support the body’s natural detoxifying process.” This, in turn, can help fade the look of stretch marks, get rid of cellulite, and more.


In addition to softer, smoother, more supple-looking skin, exfoliation allows newer, healthier skin cells to develop.


As we’ve previously mentioned, sloughing off dead skin cells promotes cellular regeneration, boosts circulation and enhances the body’s detoxification process — all of which contribute to newer, healthier skin cells.


It brightens the skin and aids in moisture loss


Dead skin cells are not just the cause of rough, dry skin; they’re the cause of dull skin, too! Exfoliation can help slough off the dullness and promote a brighter, more illuminated complexion. But that’s not all.


If you’re using an exfoliant formulated with Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), you may see an increase in moisture levels.


“Alpha Hydroxy Acid has been shown to stimulate production of natural ceramides and hyaluronic acid to prevent moisture loss,” says Dooley. “It also targets hyperpigmentation by inhibiting melanin-triggering enzymes,” he adds.


Note to self: add more AHA exfoliants into our skin care regimen.


Different types of exfoliation


Before we get into the most common ways to exfoliate, let’s discuss the different types of exfoliation. There are two ways to get rid of dead skin: Chemical exfoliation or physical exfoliation.


Physical exfoliation means that something is physically sloughing off dead skin — i.e., grains, a brush, and sometimes even a scalpel.


On the other hand, chemical exfoliation uses chemicals and acids to remove dead skin and aid in cell turnover.


Both types of exfoliants are effective and both types can promote softer, smoother, brighter, more youthful-looking skin. It all comes down to preference.


Popular ways to exfoliate


Now that we have the exfoliation basics covered, here are some of the most popular ways to exfoliate:


Sugar & salt scrubs:


Perhaps one of the most common ways to get rid of dry, dead skin is by using a salt or sugar scrub. This physical exfoliant is often formulated with a skin-nourishing oil, such as coconut oil. They work to slough off dead skin cells and nourish the skin at the same time.


Dry brushing:


Another physical way to exfoliate the skin? Through dry brushing. Dry brushing utilizes a dry, natural-bristle brush to slough off dead skin cells and promote better circulation within the skin. And that’s not all. Exfoliating the skin with a dry brush can also get rid of cellulite, firm and tighten the skin, and help reduce the look of stretch marks.




One of the most popular ways to chemically exfoliate the skin is through the use of peels. At-home facial peels utilize Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA) to penetrate the skin and remove dead skin cell buildup.


Read thisEverything You Need to Know About the Benefits of Light Therapy from AEDIT AESTHETIC EDIT


Watch these Videos


How Often Should I Exfoliate My Face?

How to Exfoliate for Different Skin Types | Wish Beauty 101 | Wishtrend

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  • Methods to treat unsightly eye bags, dark eye circles and “racoon” rings.
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Kim Kardashian’s Post-Pregnancy Home Butt Workouts

Kim Kardashian’s Post-Pregnancy Home Butt Workouts - Are you looking for ways to do some home butt workouts to lift your saggy butt? The home butt workouts I’m going to show you today are going to be very low impact and you can do them at home with me right now. Read on to find out more.
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Are you looking for ways to do some home butt workouts to lift your saggy butt?


If you do, this is a Video HERE for you to learn some home butt workouts


The home butt workouts I’m going to show you today are going to focus on the butt. They’re going to be very low impact and you can do them at home with me right now.


For the first exercise, we’re going to use a chair. It’s going to be a “supported squat.”

By balancing with a chair, make your legs wider than hips distance apart and your toes can point out. Take a deep breath in and when you exhale you’re just going to sit back just like you’re sitting down into a chair and then, come right back up.


So, we’re going to do this twenty times and every time you do it, squeeze the butt at the top to get that firm, lifted butt. Make sure that your spine is straight, your heart is lifted, and you’re really targeting in to those butt muscles.


We’re using the chair to make sure that we’re not putting too much pressure on our legs, on our pelvic muscles or the pelvic bones. We’re slowly just squatting down and coming up.


If you’re really focusing in on those butt muscles, it doesn’t take a lot to really get good results.


Squats are GREAT for getting a nice, round, FIRM butt just like that butt Kim Kardashian is famous for.


You don’t have to leave your home to get a good workout. You don’t even need a chair, you can use the wall. Or if you feel safe enough to let go of the chair, you can also put your hands on your hips.


But, if you’re recovering from a pregnancy, you want to take it really slow and you don’t want to go too fast.


Squeeze the butt together every time you come up. This is what’s going to give you a sculpted, round butt.


For the next exercise we’re also going to use the chair to do “kick backs.”

We’re going to do 1 leg at a time for ten kicks to the back.

Engage your core and use your butt muscle to lift that back leg. Keep your leg as straight as possible.


Now, we’re going to use that same leg and kick out to the side for ten. So, instead of alternating the legs, we’re isolating the same leg and on that same butt muscle.


This is going to get you more results in HALF the time.

You just want to get your workout over with when you have a new baby at home. You definitely don’t want to spend a lot of time working on your butt, that’s why you want to do these effective moves really fast.


All right. Now, let’s do it on the left side. Ten kick backs.

Make sure you’re keeping your spine lifted and your heart is lifted up. Make sure you’re breathing.

Keep that butt muscle engaged the whole time. You’re really sculpting while you’re chiseling away at that butt fat.


Now, on the left leg we’re going to do sidekicks. Kicking up and down.

Never go too far because you don’t want to put too much pressure on those pelvic muscles especially after a pregnancy. Your body has been through a lot and you want to be really gentle with yourself.


And what’s great about these home butt workouts is that they’re gentle, but also very effective.


For the next exercise, have a towel around you or anything that’s going to be comfortable for your knees. We’re going to come down onto the floor.

These are going to be “butt pulses” where you place your palms on the ground, making sure your knees are evenly distributed all the way.


Then you’re just going to lift that right leg up like you’re putting footprints on the ceiling.

We’re going to do ten of these. Again, we’re not putting any pressure on the abdominal area because the walls of the abdominal area are pretty weak right now. We’re really targeting the butt.

You can feel it starting to burn fat. That’s a good thing.


Do the left side. Put those footprints on the ceiling. You can feel that left glut muscle really starting to work right now.

It’s burning. But the good news is that you don’t have to do it for very long in order to get really great results.


You can place the towel down in order to support your back. Setting up for bridge pose, your feet are hips distance apart and your hands are palm flat on the floor. You’re going to lift your hips up and down.


We’re going to pulse for ten and every time you squeeze your butt cheeks together. This is going to really give you a nice, firm butt.

You want to get rid of the cellulite and all that extra fat that women hold while they’re in pregnancy.


We’re training our butt muscles to be tight and lean while we’re burning off that butt fat. The higher you lift your hips, the more you are engaging those butt muscles.


Think about how you want to sculpt your butt. This is where you envision your best butt you can imagine. Just when you think you want to give up, keep going.


Kim Kardashian works hard for that butt and I know she’s going to be getting her butt back in no time because she knows what it takes. Just a little bit of attention.


Now, we’re going to lift one leg and up and down for ten. This is where we’re isolating into that butt muscle. Feel the burn, that’s a good thing. Keep it going. Now, let’s go for the other side with the left leg. Squeeze the butt.


This is what separates you from every other woman who says they want a great butt.


Well, you are actually creating it right now. Chisel that butt, drop that butt fat. Go ahead and squeeze your knees up to your chest.

That was a home exercise.


You can do what Kim Kardashian can do to get the best butt of her life even before she had a baby.

Do these home butt workouts and you too will see the best butt of your life!


By Andrea Albright, she is an exercise specialist, fitness and weight loss expert and creator of the My Bikini Butt program. This is a step-by-step guide for losing weight while shaping and toning the lower body trouble areas like your legs, butt, hips and thighs.


This program can significantly reduce cellulite and is designed to work in just 28 days without starvation diets, giving up your favourite foods, or killing yourself at the gym.


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What is Really Best Natural Relief for Painful Joint?


What is Really Best Natural Relief for Painful Joint? Please don’t sit in agony with joint pain for another day. Read on here to discover the best natural relief for painful joint.
Best Natural Relief for Painful Joint! Click HERE!


If you have joint pain, you’ve probably tried using a heating pad thinking that it is the best natural relief for painful joint. But have you ever noticed that the pain comes right back as soon as you turn it off? That and it’s difficult to get most heating pads to stay put where you need them.


By the time you’ve awkwardly held the pad around your knee or elbow for 15 minutes, you’ve probably incurred a new set of aches and pains as a result. And how is that ultimately helpful?


The fact is heat can be a wonderful form of pain relief. But not all heat is created equal. You know that deep, penetrating heat you get when you sit outside in the sun? This is because of a specific wavelength of light known as far-infrared rays (FIR).


Unlike ultraviolet rays that are associated with sunburn and skin cancer, FIR is safe and will not burn your skin. What it will do is penetrate deep into your body, and while you cannot see FIR with your naked eye, you can feel it as a source of heat.


Far-infrared rays lead to vibration effects at the molecular level, which improves transportation of oxygen and nutrients, ultimately helping to support regeneration and healing. One of its primary uses is for treatment of muscle aches and pains, because the heat is capable of penetrating down two to three inches.


Your ordinary heating pad cannot compare, because its heat only penetrates two to three millimeters. This is why the tissue cools off almost immediately after you turn off the heat.


The ISO Wrap Isolates Heat to Your Joints


With our FIR Deep Heat collection of far-infrared heating pads, the heat stays with you for up to six hours. Better still, the ISO Wrap is specifically designed for joint pain relief, with cut-outs that allow you to wrap the pad around your joints comfortably, and Velcro straps to hold it in place.


ISO is short for isolate, because you’ll be able to isolate the heat to the area your need it most. It has heating stones that hold on to heat for hours, so you can take it with you, basking in its soothing warmth long after you’ve “unplugged.”


But this alone is not the ultimate pain relief secret …


What’s BETTER than Heat Alone? Heat plus Joint Regeneration …


Super Joint Support is a blend of all-natural ingredients designed to nourish, support and possibly even regenerate your joints, thanks to the hydrolyzed collagen type II and other joint super nutrients it contains.


By strengthening cartilage and replenishing the synovial fluid that helps lubricate your joints, hydrolyzed collagen improves joint comfort and mobility.


Hydrolyzed collagen is important, in particular, because it contains glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) such as hyaluronic acid (HA) and chondroitin sulfate, which help promote joint cushioning and lubrication. Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II may even help to rebuild cartilage.


In addition to Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II, Super Joint Support contains six additional joint pain remedies, including:


  1. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
  2. Glucosamine Sulfate Potassium
  3. Chondroitin Sulfate Sodium
  4. DL-Phenylalanine
  5. White Willow Bark
  6. 72 Ionic Trace Minerals


This natural formula is a ground-breaking way to reduce and even eliminate joint pain while rebuilding and regenerating your cartilage.


It aids in detoxification while fighting inflammation and supplying the nutrients your body needs for optimal joint health.


It even contains vitamin C and vitamins D, K2 and B12 for optimal bone health.


So what does this have to do with heat?


Heat Helps Direct the Collagen Right Where You NEED it MOST!


When an area of your body gets hot, your body tries to cool itself off by sending more blood to the area as a natural protective mechanism. This increase in circulation then brings in more of the nutrients and other compounds in your bloodstream right into the area you need healed.


So take your dose of Super Joint Support, wait 15-30 minutes, then wrap your foot, knee, hips, shoulder, elbow or hands with the ISO-Wrap. Like a soothing laser beam, the heat will stimulate blood flow to the area and, in turn, encourage the directing of collagen right to your joints, drawing it in like a magnet.


When you combine the ISO-Wrap with Super Joint Support, you won’t waste a drop … all of the collagen and other joint-building nutrients go where you need them to go … it is ultimately the best natural relief for painful joint.


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Please don’t sit in agony with joint pain for another day. Knock it out with the ultimate one-two punch: Super Joint Support and then the secret weapon — targeted deep-healing far-infrared heat.


Watch this Video HERE to learn about other natural relief ideas for painful joint


By Jesse Cannone – Creator of the International Best-Selling Back Pain Treatment Program “Lose the Back Pain System” and Best-Selling Book “The 7 Day Back Pain Cure”


Unlike most treatments which only deliver temporary relief, if any at all, muscle balance therapy delivers lasting relief to 8 out of 10 people who use it because it addresses the underlying cause of the pain, not just the symptoms.

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