Sex Tips – How To Turn A Woman On And Make Her Want You

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Want Her To Get Addicted To You Sexually?


Are you wondering how to get a girl to really wet or even to orgasm easily? Are you opened to experiment with different things just to see her pleased? Do you want to know what can turn a girl on the most? If you are, here are some ways to do it.


(1)   Be Romantic


All women are hopeless romantics, whether they admit it or not. Because of this, romance provides you with a direct route into her pants and her heart. Here are some ways to be romantic to her.


You can plan a romantic getaway with her. You could pick a destination if she does not have any specific place that she would love to visit.


At times you can surprise her with a gift, which you know she always yearn to have. There are other types of gifts you can give her to get her riled up. Try gifting her with sex toys, sexy lingerie or a soft bath robe that will turn on your girl with little effort on your part.


Or else, just do anything special for her. If she is not very materialistic, do any of the following things to make her really happy: Give her a full body massage, clean up the house, or cook her a nice homemade dinner.


You can also consider doing something that both of you enjoy. It would not be a big deal if both of you do not have many hobbies in common. If that is the case, then figure something out. Let’s say your girlfriend is very into salsa dancing. Take a few classes with her if you are open to learn it. By taking the dancing lesson together, you are rekindling the love with your girlfriend unconsciously.


(2)   Set The Mood


A clean surrounding creates a charming and good vibes.  Better make your bedroom neat and remove all the clutter, just like a hotel room.  Light up fragrant candles so as to make the room more romantic. Make your night a very sexy and fun one by having sexy toys


Then, set the mood at “sexual heat”: put on her favorite music, prepare her favorite drink, light some scented candles, and spray some fragrant air freshener in your bedroom and bathroom (for some great ambiance enhancers. Get both of you immersed in the romantic setting by acquiring a woman-friendly erotic film to help ignite her sexual desire.


It may sound “wussy” to go to such trouble to seduce a woman who is already attracted or committed to you, but women turn on to such stimuli, both on an unconscious level through their senses and in consciously thinking that you care so much about her to put in a lot of effort. That thought alone will get her in the mood for sex. This would probably be like foreplay for the mind.


(3)   Prolong The Foreplay


Women love foreplay and real foreplay to her means starting out as far from her genitals as possible. Start with mental foreplay by putting a note in her purse or briefcase, telling her what you are going to do with her when you get home. During the day, you can text her a few hot messages, just to turn the heat on in her mind. The anticipation is one of the best aphrodisiacs. The point of doing this is to create high tension sexual desire. So that once you move on to the bed, she has more or less been mentally warmed up.


Instead of diving right in, start by kissing her passionately from head to toe. Kiss her very lightly at the tip of her lips, then draw back, and look into her eyes. Start kissing again. Lick her lips, bite her kindly. Again, remember anticipation, its key! Note that the hands, fingertips, neck, tongue, face are sensitive areas of the body because they have more nerve endings.


Do put a lot of your focus on her neck. Women tend to go wild once their neck is so much as lightly touched. If you really want to get her into the mood, make sure to spend a significant amount of time working on her neck by lightly gliding your fingers across it, kissing it, lightly nibbling on it, and more. Also do kiss anywhere on her body that bends — neck, elbow, waist, bikini creases, etc. These spots tend to be really sensitive.


You can further turn her on by offering her an erotic massage. Learn some massage techniques and gently try a few on her head, neck and shoulders. Use your tongue and hangs to tease and please her neck, shoulders, back and even her feet, if that is your style. To spice things up a bit you can also blindfold your partner, as this will heighten her other senses. Because she does not know where your lips will land next, her body will be in a state of constant anticipation.


(4)   Get Wild And Kinky


Ask her to tell you her fantasies or to email them to you. That way she won’t feel awkward when telling you and she will have some time to mull things over. To encourage her to be more open and honest, you can create a “fantasy box” for her to keep in the bedroom. Get her to write down her sexual fantasies and put them in the box. Whenever things get dull or routine in the bedroom, pull out a slip and act out the fantasy!


Spelling out her naughty thoughts creates an atmosphere of intimacy, which is more important than what she actually writes. When a woman fantasizes about being in male-dominant sexual encounters, it is rarely out of a desire for a rougher hand, but more a case of the man taking control so he is responsible for her orgasm, and she is not under pressure to per­form.


To satisfy this need, you can experiment with some light bondage. Prepare her by telling her what you will do to her tonight. Demand that she prepare for it by wearing your favorite “slave” outfit and making herself beautiful. When the time comes, order her to get down on her knees and submit to her “master.”


Tie her gently with a soft bondage item, such as the silk bondage sash and tease her with a feather or a tickler or give her a light spanking. Keep in mind that even sensual bondage can get painful. Find a word that will help both of you know when to stop.


Whether you are using rope, linen, or chains, you have to make sure she can easily be set free within five seconds. Be sure to remain attentive to your partner the whole time. Listen to her emotions and respond to her feelings. If you feel she is not enjoying herself, then be sure to stop or change your tactics.


These tips will help both of you to have a more enjoyable and pleasurable time. For more ideas and tips, click Turn Her On.



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What A Woman Wants Most From A Relationship

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Are You Looking For Great Sex?



Do you want to have a great sexual relationship with your partner or wife? Have you ever wondered why she is not involved in the relationship sexually? There can be many factors behind this, but one of the most common reasons is that her emotional tank is empty.


As guys, we can enjoy sex without every other part of our life being just right. But for women, the sexual relationship is directly tied to the rest of the relationship. When a woman thinks of intimacy, she generally wants to begin with emotional intimacy.


Emotional intimacy depends primarily on trust and frequently involves both you and your partner sharing feelings and emotions with each other in order to gain understanding and offer mutual support. It is necessary for human beings to have this form of intimacy on a regular basis for them to develop and maintain good mental health.


A woman needs to feel an emotional bond before sex begins.  If you are connecting with her and meeting her needs, then the sexual relationship tends to go well. If her needs are unmet, you can be sure the reception in the bedroom can seem quite cold.


For a man, intimacy generally means physical intimacy. That is how they feel close to their partner. That does not mean they do not have an emotional connection, because for a lasting relationship, this is required. However, aside from sex as simply sex, men also need the physical intimacy to feel loved. Sex alone is just not enough. The emotional connection must be there for it to be meaningful. Performing without feeling will be just like going through the motion.


Here are some emotional needs that women have and you have to meet these needs, if you want to have a deeper connection with your woman.


(1)   Give Her Time


It is not about quantity times as some men may think it is, but rather quality time. Being in the same room with her all day but not paying any attention to her amounts to quantity time but actually having positive interactions between the two of you is quality. 


Women want to be with their man. They enjoy it when we spend time with them. So, do make an effort to be with your partner or wife. Do schedule time to spend with her on a regular basis, perhaps once a week. You do not have to do something elaborate. Just be together. In the process of being together a lot, many surprises come along to make the time enjoyable as well.


(2)   Have A Heart-To-Heart Talk


Consider understanding your wife’s heart your greatest life adventure.  Women are mysterious and complex.  They love to be loved, sought after, and pursued.   Engage in conversations that lead to self-disclosure and heart–to-heart talks. 


Talking with your partner is the only way to truly connect emotionally, if you do not keep the lines of communicate open; neither one of you will know what the other wants or needs. As men we prefer to keep things on the surface. Nobody gets hurt that way, except our wife. Your wife wants to learn who you are. She wants to know your inner thoughts, your struggles, and your pain. So, quick, easy answers will come across as you are not keen to talk to her.


If she asks about your day, she wants to know all the details. Do share your experiences with her; by telling her about your day, work, or hobbies. Show her you want her to know about you by volunteering information about yourself, instead of waiting for her to ask.


Spending time together allows for these conversations. Since it takes a while for many men to open up, you might consider spending enough time with your wife to allow time to open up. If you are a woman reading this, I encourage you to make it as safe as possible for your husband to open up, as this will be a struggle for him.


To show your keen interest in her, you can also ask her how her day was, or about her hobbies or work. Listen to her responses. Show you are listening by leaning forward, nodding occasionally, and making eye contact. Tell her you understand what she is saying by re-phrasing what she has told you. Then you can progress into deeper questions about her interests, life, or past — once you feel comfortable doing so.


(3)   Be Romantic And Thoughtful


Women thrive on romance. You may not be the romantic type, but your wife wants to be romanced, so be romantic to her. Romance is the action of spend loving time with your wife. It is the action of winning her heart all over again. Though you are married, you still need to win her heart. There are many ways to do this. A simple way to find out is to ask your wife what she likes, and then do it.


Make an effort to remember her birthday, anniversaries, and holidays that are important to her. Show her that you care for her by celebrating these events without being reminded. However this should not be limited to these special occasions. Though you do not have to give a woman gifts every day, but sending regular tokens of appreciation would be highly recommended. If you show a woman your romantic side even if it is just once in a while, you will be able to get in touch with her emotions.


(4)   Recognize Her Effort And Contributions


How often do you praise your wife? Do you speak well of her in front of the children? Are you her biggest fan? Shower your wife with praise. Be captivated by your wife’s beauty. Make her feel special by commenting on a specific item she is wearing or how her hairstyle really brings out her beautiful eyes. Flattery can be your friend but do not over-do it. This step requires paying attention to her and noticing different positive qualities in her. If you find it difficult to praise her, start taking notice of all the little things she does well and make a big deal out of it.


Women love to be honored and praised for their beauty.  Frequently and sincerely find things about your wife’s appearance, personality, talents and anything praiseworthy and tell her about it. She will feel emotionally charged from this simple action.


(5)   Non-Sexual Touching


Physical intimacy does not always mean sex. Women generally like to start with hugging, kissing, and other forms of physical intimacy before sex begins.  Initiate loving physical contact, such as an unexpected hug or a stroke on the cheek, will help you connect emotionally with the woman you love.


Rediscover the Lost art of Kissing.  When was the last time you and your wife made-out?  Enrich your kissing experience by changing tempo, intensity, include teasing and nibbling, and hold her face close. Replace those daily pecks to lingering ten seconds kisses.


Practice the Two Minute Miracle. Make the two minutes before you leave and the first two minutes after you reunite focused on emotionally connecting with your spouse.  As you leave the home take time to embrace your wife, kiss her (a ten-second kiss is much better than a one second peck) and ask her if there is anything you can do for her.  When you return home, find her and hug and kiss her before you do anything else.  This ritual is miraculous in its ability to create feelings of closeness in marriage.


Physical contact can improve a relationship and cause two people to feel closer and stay in a relationship for a longer time. If you consistently initiate some sort of loving physical contact every day, your woman will feel more connected to you emotionally.


(6)   Be Supportive


Stay by her side physically and emotionally.  Being her man means providing her with help whenever she needs it. Women want to know that no matter what happens their husband supports them.


When your wife has a bad day, be there for her. Listen to her without judgment or frustration. Support her in any way you can, whether that is verbal, emotional, or other ways of supporting her. Encourage her, rather than yelling at her or blowing her off. Take her struggles seriously.


Besides this, she also needs your emotional protection, which is protection from people who may be harassing her or in some way making life difficult for her. You can protect her by standing up to that person and letting them know that your wife is to be treated with respect.


You might be the type of man who would rather avoid trouble than pursue it. But if you choose to stay next to her, no matter how hard things get, you will be able to get in touch with her spirit, which is something most men cannot do.


Do you know the difference between lust-based sex and love-based sex?  When a woman feels like her body is a vehicle to please her husband, this is lust-based sex or women often call it “duty sex.”  On the other hand, if she is able to feel that sex can be an amazing experience being a beautiful blend of physical, emotional, and spiritual feelings, this will be  love-based sex.  


The best thing men could do is to bond with a woman on an emotional level by getting in touch with her heart and soul. If you do this, the woman of your dreams will not just want to jump into bed with you, but will also want to stay with you in the long run. Do you need some more tips to have a great sexual relationship? Click on Women’s Deepest  Desires and/or Give Her Mind-Blowing Orgasm.


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For Couples – How To Have Exciting Sex

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Want To Discover The Secrets Of Hot Sex?


Are you interested to know what other couples are doing to keep the level of excitement up, especially if you have been in a relationship for a long time? Do you want to know how to keep your relationship fresh and stave off boredom or complacency? How to keep your sex life as exciting as it is now? Here are some ideas you can use to spice up your sex life and better your relationship.


(1)   Keep The Communication Open


To keep a relationship alive, it is important to communicate and learn about each other, every single day. Your partner may be irritating you and may not be aware of it and if you can let him/her know about how you feel, this can help to resolve underlying issues in the relationship before they spillover to the bedroom. In the process of doing so, this can bring both of you closer to each other, emotionally and sexually. 


Withholding your frustration will not stop your partner from doing the same thing again. If something hurts you or is holding your partner back from achieving something better, talk about it over a cup of tea/coffee or even wine, or when both of you are in a relaxed  mood.


Finances and money issues play a big part in any long term relationship. Monetary satisfaction in a long term relationship can be achieved only if both of you discuss ways to save, invest and spend.


Discuss about family matters and how either of you can deal with it. Talk about kids and their lives ahead. If you don’t have kids yet, talk about when you intend to have them and how you can plan for them. Matters such as these are better spoken earlier than later.


Do talk about your dreams and aspirations with your partner and make sure you know your partner’s wants and dreams in life too.


To build effective communication in a relationship, you need to learn to be truthful. By lying or feeling suspicious about your partner, you are not helping the communication in the relationship. Be truthful with each other and never give your partner the opportunity to doubt you. To encourage the mood for communication, avoid ridiculing or criticizing each other’s views.


To increase communication in a relationship, make plans with your partner to go out at least one evening in a week and/or to find some activities to do together as a couple during the weekends.


(2)   Be Romantic


One of the disadvantages of long term relationship is the tendency for lovers or couples to take each other for granted. They are getting too complacent have stopped trying to be nice and to impress each other. They assume they know each other well. Even favors and special gestures are taken for granted. By doing so, those special gestures will not be special anymore and will become like obligations. Always remember to acknowledge a gesture, however small it may be if you want to understand the secret behind knowing how to keep love and sex alive in a relationship.


To keep the spark alive in your relationship, you have to treat your partner as if you are dating and to romance him/her outside the bedroom. You have to give each other pleasant surprises everything now and then. Once in a while, you pop into his/her workplace and go out for lunch together. You can surprise your partner by taking her to a weekend getaway to a nearby place. At times, on your way back home, you pick up your partner’s favorite dessert for a late night treat. You give each other inexpensive well wrapped gifts every now and then. It could be chocolates, flowers, a game CD, or even a potted plant.


You remember and celebrate with your partner those special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and birthdays. You take the initiative to please your partner and make him/her to feel special to keep the love alive in the relationship.


You dress to impress each other in bed and out of bed. A different style of clothing or different hairstyle or even a new tiny tattoo on any part of your body can trigger new feelings for each other. You can go out and buy some hot lingerie together. To look good to each other naked, you keep yourself physically fit and attractive. You watch your weight and diet and preferably exercise together.


(3)   Try Or Add Something New


Every now and then, do something different such as going to a new city, a new beach or to any place you haven’t been before, take a cooking class together, do yoga with each other, or take dancing lessons. If both of you like animals and like to take care of them, you can get a dog, a cat or even a goldfish. This will open up a wide range of new conversations, which is a great way to keep a long-term relationship interesting.


In bed, you try new sex positions; have sex in different places other than your bed, at different times of the day. You both make a trip to a sex shop or go online to get sex toys. You may also consider bringing in the whips, chains or cuffs, or pour some candle wax. If you are the one who are always taking charge in bed, once in a while you let your partner to take the lead and be his/her sex slave for a day. Just keep an open mind to explore the entire world of sex possibilities.


Click Fun Games and/or Creative Sex to continue reading about how to have a better love life that is strong on communication and enjoyable in bed.





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How Do I Get A Girl Horny

Click Here For More Help To Get Your Girl Horny

If you want to arouse a girl emotionally and turn her on, you have to know how to get her in the mood. While men are often visually stimulated; women need to be stimulated in more ways. A woman needs to feel emotionally and physically stimulated to be aroused. When you are trying to get a woman in the mood, just remember that you do not rush and that you should take things at her pace. If you can achieve these things, you will get a girl horny and wet in no time.


(1)   Be romantic


For many women, getting in the mood requires being emotionally ready, as well as physically ready. Take the time to stroke her hair, rub her shoulders and basically just hold and touch her. Hold her hand when you are out in public. Make sure to tell her that you find her to be beautiful and sexy. At times, give her pleasant surprises with some small gifts or pamper her with a nice meal at her favorite restaurant. Of course, most important is you need to remember her birthdays and any other days that are important to her. This shows that you care.


(2)   Talk dirty to her


Imagine the things you want said to you, the flip it around and talk to your girl. Know what turns you on about your woman then turn those thoughts into words. One of the ways to talk dirty to your lover is asking her a basic question, like “What color you are wearing inside?” Most likely, she will get the idea what you are saying and answer back with something dirty. This works great while on the phone, but if you are together, lean in close and whisper into her ear all of the things that you have thought about doing to her throughout the day. Lightly kiss her on the ear from time to time while telling her this. Do not stick your tongue in her ear in a rough way. No one likes that.


(3)   Know her erogenous zones


Different women get turned on in different areas and all women have different hot spots. If you really want to please your woman, you must know the hot spots her body. Some like their ear nibbled, their nipple brushed, or the nape of their neck licked. Find a spot by trying out some different places on your girl’s body, the more she moans, the more she likes it, and the wetter she will become. This requires you to be extra alert during foreplay. Pay careful attention to how she responds to different sex moves, and listen carefully to what makes her moan. Typically, women enjoy caresses in areas such as their breasts, hips, and lower back.


(4)   Give a sensual massage


No woman in her right mind will turn down a massage at the end of the day. Therefore you can start with a seductive massage to get her in the mood naturally. During the massage, incorporate little gestures aimed at getting her attention. These gestures can be anything from being a little more explorative with your hands than you have to, to adding gentle kisses on the back of her neck or down the spine as the massage takes place.


In giving her a hot sensual massage, keep an eye on your partner’s reactions. If you massage over an area that seemingly brings an emphasized form of relaxation, then use that to your advantage and go back to it occasionally. Throughout the massage, add elements of teasing to the mix. Gently brushing over the genitals or rubbing the inner thigh are fantastic ways to hint towards sex, but not act on it; which in turns gets her excited and more dependent on your actions. You can take it further by sliding one of your legs between hers as you stroke her inner thigh, caressing her back, gripping her butt. Stimulate her body with yours; this is the type of friction and foreplay she will enjoy.


(5)   Make her orgasm


One of the single best ways to arouse a woman is to perform oral sex during foreplay. During the massage session that gets a little steamy, transitioning to oral sex will definitely get her in the mood and wanting more, whether you go all the way or not. The easiest way to make her orgasm is by way of clitoral stimulation.


Because the clitoris is so sensitive, you can stimulate it by gently massaging the areas that surround either with your hands or tongue. This includes the inner thighs, vaginal lips and all around the clitoris. You can start with soft, gentle motions and try using the palm of your hands or a softened tongue, so the contact is not so direct. As your partner becomes more aroused, switch to faster, more direct movements on the clitoris using your finger tips or hardened tongue. When you successfully stimulate the clitoris and arouse your girl, it will become hardened – just like an erect penis. It might also become a slightly darker color. Continue with what you are doing until she reaches orgasm.


(6)   Get into position to make her cum again


You can try any one of the positions below.


Missionary with pillow support – While on her back, put a pillow or a love cushion under her butt, lift her hips, and bring her legs up and back toward her shoulders. This move allows you better ease of thrusting and deeper penetration — a perk for both of you. Plus, it can stimulate her G-spot. Then with the addition of clitoral rubbing and this will takes her over the edge in a bigger way than a normal missionary position


Reverse girl-on-top – This position is the easiest way for achieving orgasm. It allows her to dictate the pace and depth of thrusting, and at the same time gives easy access to the clitoris. She can touch her clitoris, or rub it against your pubic bone to achieve orgasm. To make it more pleasurable, instead of straddling you, get her to put her legs together, feet flat between your legs. The benefits of this are twofold: With her legs together, the fit is even tighter, making the sensations more intense. Plus, there is increased G-spot stimulation, which combined with the clitoral strokes, makes for an explosive orgasm.


Face to face straddle – You sits and she straddle you so you are face-to-face. She will have a lot of control over the speed, angle, and motion because she can use your arms and legs to help her maneuver. Rather than just moving up and down, which can be especially tiring for you, she can sway forward and back, rubbing her clitoral area against you. In addition to the freedom of movement, there are a few other benefits to this booty move. If she leans back just a little bit, she will get greater G-spot stimulation and you will be able to play with her clitoris. Plus, her breasts will be perfectly aligned with your mouth, adding a whole other layer to the sexual experience.


Still keen to get more tips to have sex that is enjoyable for you and your lover? You can get the rest of them from Great Sex.


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How To Make Love The Right Way And Have The Hot Sex You Want

Click Here For Ideas To Improve Lovemaking

Learning how to turn a woman on is an essential part of the sexual experience. When done right, this will build trust and arousal, both of which are necessary for moving on to sexual intercourse and ultimately orgasm. It is therefore very important that you need to learn how to arouse a woman and turn her on, you can enjoy love making together and be in a healthy sexual relationship. Here are a few tips to learn about how to arouse a woman so that she can reach orgasm easily.


(1)   Be romantic.


Romance can sometimes seem like a cliché but it can really set the mood if you pay attention to details. If you are having dinner together put on some romantic music that you both like or use candles to light the room. If you plan to go out, make it a special night by taking a walk on the beach or somewhere equally romantic. Just the right mood alone can sometimes make the difference in how a woman reacts to your advances.


(2)   Have confidence


Women like men who know what they are doing, because this makes them feel good about themselves. Therefore, you should not show signs of nervous while having sex, and never tell woman things that make you look like you do not know what you are doing. This may turn her off. A good way to build confidence is to have knowledge. Therefore in your free time, go and read some books on sexuality, so that you can know about a woman’s erogenous zones, how and where to stimulate her, how to give her oral and about the various sex positions which can bring a woman to orgasm faster.


(3)   Find out what she wants.


Reading about self-help guides on sex alone is not enough. This is because every woman’s body is different, and requires a unique approach to make her scream. During sex, let her know that she can ask for the kind of stimulation she wants. If you really want to please your woman, you must pay attention to physical signals. If she is panting, moaning and arching her back, you are probably on the right track. Learning to interpret her body language will help you become that much better in bed.


(4)   Take a shower together


Having shower with your girl can lead both of you to some good clean fun in the naughtiest way. There is something sexy about lathering up together and getting slippery together in a steam filled room. Take turns to wash each other. If you are feeling particularly naughty, try a little landscaping in the nether region.


(5)   Give her a hot massage


In giving a very hot massage, start out as you would with any normal massage. Rub from her shoulders, lower back, buttocks, and thighs and down to her feet. At this point, avoid the sexy part of the massage and just focus on releasing the tension all over her body. Switch back and forth between your palms and fingers to help keep you from getting tired before you’ve massaged her full body.


Then you flick her over and start the same process again by rubbing her whole body right down to her feet. Focus on her hot spots, including her breasts, hips and inner thighs to make the full body massage sexier. Pay special attention to her inner thighs for a more sexy massage. As you rub her inner thighs, her vaginal lips will part slightly. This gives you a great view, and it will indirectly stimulate her clitoris. To make the massage even sexier, make eye contact with her regularly, compliment her body and describe what you’re seeing to her and why it arouses you.


(6)   Incorporate kissing and some massage-enhancing toys


While massaging her, you can start gently kissing parts of her body. If she is seated in front of you, gently kiss the back of her neck and move down; if she is lying down, there are plenty of options to get creative with. Ensure you continue massaging as the kissing begins; you want to keep the relaxation and pleasurable sensations going.


You don’t have to depend only on your hands to give a hot erotic massage. Incorporate the use of massage oils so your hands can glide easily across her body. Consider using a variety of massage-enhancing tools or sex toys like a vibrator.


(7)   Bring her to orgasm


Move back down to her thighs and move her legs apart. Spread her vaginal lips slightly and lightly move your finger from the base of the vagina up to just below her clit. If she feels wet, then you know she is ready for clitoral stimulation.


Use one or two fingers to make light circles around her clit. Use her physical cues to guide you. Continue the circular motions, periodically moving back to the base of her vagina for more lubrication. Eventually, switch up the movement to quick back and forth motions. Slowly gain speed until you are moving very quickly. The consistent, rhythmic movement will help her reach orgasm.

(8)   Get into position to make her orgasm again


Once a woman has had an orgasm her body is the most ready for a man to enter her. To help her have a vaginal orgasm, experiment with the position that feels the best. Typically this position is the one that puts the most pressure from the penis on the G-spot. You can consider any of the following positions.


Doggie with pillow under her belly – In this position, her buttocks will be raised higher by the pillow. Instead of staying even with her body, you move up as high as you can. The goal of this is so that as you thrust, you are hitting the top inside wall of her vagina (where her g-spot is located).


Missionary with pillow under her back – Start inside of her in missionary and rest her legs on your shoulders. Place your hands under her lower back and lift her up so that as you enter her, you are thrusting up and in and hitting the top of her vagina (g-spot). This is sure to trigger an amazing orgasm.


Girl on top with her leaning back – Have her get on top facing you. Have her put her feet forward on the outside of your body and ask her to lean backward. As she rides you, you thrust straight up which means you will be thrusting up and in. You can do this either on bed or on a chair or sofa.


Learning how to please a woman in bed can be a challenge for any man. Although every woman’s needs and preferences are different, these basic tips can help you please a woman in bed without spending ages deciphering the secrets. Now if you want to take your love life to the next level, you can read the rest of the tips on how to give her the best sex from here and/or this place.


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