What is the Best Way to Reverse Alzheimer’s, Boost Memory?

What is the Best Way to Reverse Alzheimer’s, Boost Memory? Can This Nutrition Reverse Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias? Natural health advocates have praised this nutrition for a long time, but it has fallen on the deaf ears of traditional medical practitioners. But doctors are probably going to wake up soon, as a new study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry revealed the amazing benefits of this nutrition for Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.

Can this Nutrition reverse Alzheimer’s, boost memory?


This Nutrition Reverses Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias


Natural health advocates have praised this nutrition for a long time, but it has fallen on the deaf ears of traditional medical practitioners.


But doctors are probably going to wake up soon, as a new study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry revealed the amazing benefits of this nutrition for Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.


Not only will it help those who take it, it will also benefit generations down the road.


Choline is a substance that resembles a vitamin. It is water soluble and, while your liver produces it in small amounts, you consume most of it through your diet. That is why it is called an essential nutrient.


Researchers have known for some time that high homocysteine levels in your body can contribute to Alzheimer’s disease. It has also been scientifically established that choline can reduce your homocysteine levels.


This made scientists wonder whether choline supplementation could be used to combat Alzheimer’s disease.


To investigate this, they bred mice to show symptoms of Alzheimer’s, after of which they put them on a regime of choline supplementation.


They then encouraged these mice to breed with each other, producing the first generation of new mice. The new mice did not receive any choline supplements aside from that which they received through their mothers’ intake inside the womb and during lactation.


Still, their brains displayed certain characteristics that make Alzheimer’s unlikely.


The researchers then encouraged them to breed with each other, thereby creating a second generation who never received any form of choline supplementation, not even through their mothers’ diets in the womb.


Surprisingly, even this generation enjoyed the structural brain benefits that reduced the risk of Alzheimer’s.


The researchers concluded that their mothers’ and grandmothers’ intake of choline supplements made the necessary modifications to their genes.


Choline makes two important changes.


Firstly, as mentioned earlier, homocysteine is an amino acid that causes Alzheimer’s-related changes in our brains, such as the formation of amyloid plaques. Choline reduces our homocysteine levels and thus prevents these brain changes.


Secondly, Alzheimer’s sufferers have overactive microglia, which are cells that clean up dead cells and other waste products from our brains. When these become overactive, they cause inflammation and the death of neurons in our brains.


Choline can reduce the overactivity of these microglia and can thus prevent the brain damage that they might cause.


According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey statistics that was released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the choline intake of Americans is far below the recommended daily intake, but due to the fact that choline deficiency does not have any immediate symptoms in the short term, it is generally not recognized as a problem.


If you would rather obtain it from food than from supplements, then you have lots of options.


You can find Choline in liver, eggs, milk, beef, chicken, salmon, shrimp, soybeans, tofu, other beans, wheat germ, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, almonds, peanuts, and sunflower seeds.


So, it is ideal that healthy varied diet should include enough Choline.


But there is another ingredient that is even more crucial and immediately important for brain health aside from Choline. And you can only get this ingredient in one way, as explained here…


The #1 Way to Cure All Diseases, Reverse Alzheimer’s, Boost Memory


I’m often asked: “If I can only do one thing, and one thing only to improve my health, what should I do?”


My answer is always the same.


There is one simple thing that drastically improves or cures almost all diseases plaguing the Western world today. It lowers blood pressure, improves type 2 diabetes and arthritis, prevents stroke and heart attack, and could completely eliminate ED in men.


And best of all, it doesn’t cost you a dime and is extremely pleasurable.

Now, you might tell me that you are not stressed at all. And I’ll reply that you’re wrong.


Or you could say that yes, there is stress but you can’t get rid of those factors that are causing it. And I’ll tell you, these factors are irrelevant as to how stress affects your health.


You see, a stress reaction is nothing more than an overload of stress hormones in your body. Cortisol and adrenaline are the best-known agents of this, but other hormones also play a key role.


So, there may not be any major stress in your life, but if you live close to a highway, get the flu, run a marathon (or other intense exercises), or even watch a thriller on TV, your stress hormone level is going to spike.


And even if you’re under a huge amount of stress, there is a simple way you can guide your body to lower your stress hormone level, even with these pre-existing stress factors in place.


I’ll explain this clearly in a second but first; how does stress affect your health?


There are four types of stress you’re faced with:


1) Emotional Stress – the most prevalent sources include divorce and the death of a loved one.


2) Mental Stress – when faced with difficult mental tasks. Playing chess or Sudoku are mild versions of mental stress.


3) Sensory Stress – Living near a feedlot (smells) or a railroad crossing (noise).


4) Physical Stress – working out or having high blood pressure are types of physical stress that could spike your stress hormone level. Eating unhealthy food that causes inflammation in your body could also lead to physical stress.


Moderate amounts of stress are essential for our health. When we workout, our bodies release adrenaline to boost our nervous system. Afterward, the adrenaline quickly drops when we relax.


But when you’re under a longer period of stress, like working long hours for a few weeks, your mind orders the release of cortisol. This is the long-term stress hormone and the effects are devastating.


Since cortisol is supposed to be used for dealing with things like starvation or long-lasting attacks by predators, it triggers our fight-or-flight response.


Any function that is not essential at the moment is shut down so that your body can survive on the least amount of energy, and with fight a threat or run away.


One thing that also is drastically reduced in this process is blood flow to the brain. The brain usually takes 25-40% of all your blood but rational thinking is not presumed to be needed to fight a predator. This is the reason that long-term stress is believed to cause Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.


Another system that is shut down is your digestive system. No wonder many people who are highly stressed suffer frequent heartburn.


Another digestive disease often caused by stress is IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, as it is presumed that you don’t need to digest your food while fighting off being eaten by a lion.


Ironically, cortisol makes sure that the food you do digest is turned straight into fat. After all, since you need to be able to survive harsh conditions, you will need body fat. That’s why in order to lose weight, you absolutely must tackle stress hormones.


Cortisol also shuts down a big part of your immune system, making you extremely vulnerable to the common flu, cancers, and other diseases.


This also causes a drastic rise in free radicals that boost your inflammation – leading to long-term inflammatory diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and all types of arthritis.


The deadliest of all diseases caused by stress is, of course, high blood pressure. Having chronic, dramatic spikes in blood pressure almost inevitably leads to either stroke or heart attack.


For more ideas to reverse Alzheimer’s, boost memory, watch this video – These 3 Vitamins May Stop Brain Loss And Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Now that was the bad news, here is the good news:


It is relatively easy to reduce the amount of cortisol in your body. You see, your own brain is the organ that orders the release of stress hormones. Nothing else. As such, your brain can stop its release on the spot. All you have to do is ask it…nicely.


The release of cortisol comes from the oldest, most primal part of your brain. It reacts to either the real or the imaginary threat that you perceive you’re under. The roar of a lion or a roar of a Jeep Wrangler is going to be processed in a very similar way.


The good news is that your logical brain is the commander-in-chief. The primal brain will at least somewhat obey its commands. So, if you consciously think and act in a way a relaxed animal/person would do, your stress hormone level will go down.


For example, when under stress, most people stop breathing or breathe rapidly and shallow. So, close your eyes and consciously take ten deep breaths while thinking about something beautiful and you’ll be more relaxed afterwards.


I really like using high blood pressure as a measure of stress hormone level. It almost always goes hand in hand and it’s amazing how quickly blood pressure drops when your stress hormone level goes down.


So, let’s look at a few concrete examples:


1) One study revealed that listening to relaxing classical music for just 10 minutes per day lowers blood pressure by 10 points (systolic) on the average.


2) Repeated studies have shown that going for a walk in nature has amazing relaxing and health benefits, along with drastically lowering blood pressure level.


3) A light workout several times a day has been proven to be more effective in lowering blood pressure than an intense workout a few times a week. That’s because intense workouts can boost cortisol levels, as opposed to the relaxing effect of a light workout.


One thing to keep in mind is that cortisol takes a while to leave your body. You’ll therefore probably not experience great improvements until after at least 24 hours, and since habits are hard to kill, we’re most likely talking a few days or weeks needed to cure any disease permanently.


But there is one method that works better than anything else in lowering blood pressure, reduce stress hormone levels, and improve or cure almost all other diseases.


These are the 3 easy blood pressure exercises I designed to bring my blood pressure below 120/80. Most people reach their goals within a week, but I’ve had clients say their blood pressure returned to normal the very first day. Try these exercises out here and gain optimal health in 2019…


This post is from the Brain Booster Exercise Program created for the purpose of helping to reverse Alzheimer’s, boost memory. It was made by Christian Goodman Blue Heron health news that has been recognized as one of the top-quality national health information websites.  This is an all-natural system that utilizes the power of exercises to slow down, prevent, or even reverse memory loss and boost your brain with energy and power. These exercises work to deliver as much nutrition and oxygen to your starving brain as possible and begin the restoring of the damaged brain cells.


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How to Better Predict Mini-Strokes Risk Like a Doctor?

Simple 20-Second Home Test to Predict Mini-Strokes Risk - Many people have had, without even knowing it most of the time, what’s called mini-strokes. Read on to learn about a simple 20-second test that can predict mini-strokes risk.
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Simple 20-Second Home Test to Predict Mini-Strokes Risk


If you are able to predict mini-strokes risk, then you will be able to avoid being hit by stroke.


Many people have had, without even knowing it most of the time, what’s called mini-strokes.


These can drastically influence many cognitive skills; but more seriously, be an indicator of a big stroke coming up.


Japanese researchers have developed a simple, 20-second test, to see if you’re at risk of a big stroke or have unknowingly suffered mini-strokes.


The best part: you can do this test right now to predict mini-strokes risk. It doesn’t require any tools or test kits. And it’s absolutely free.


Researchers at the Center for Genomic Medicine at the Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan have discovered that a person’s ability or inability to perform a Warrior III yoga pose for 20 seconds is an accurate indicator of risk of stroke.


The Warrior III is a pose whereby a person stands on one leg, bends at the waist, and splays the arms out at the side, essentially making a “T” with the body.


5 Steps to Predict Mini-Strokes Risk


Here is how to do it step-by-step to check for mini-strokes risk:


1) Stand straight with your legs shoulder with apart.
2) Lift your arms up reaching for the sealing.
3) Now bend forward – making our hips form a 90 degree angle and your upper body and arms pointing at the wall in front of you.
4) Finally lift one of your leg straight up – making your arms, upper body and one leg form a straight line as the other leg stands on the ground… forming a “T”.
5) Hold this position for 20 seconds.


In the study involving more than 1,400 men and women, the participants were scanned using an MRI to assess their mini-stroke history. Then, they were told to plant one foot and stand in the Warrior III position for 20 seconds.


Participants who had trouble standing on one foot with the arms out for the whole 20 seconds were shown to have a much higher rate of having had mini-strokes already.


The participants were also rated on their memory and cognitive skills. Those, too, were found to be lower in participants who had already had strokes.


The smaller stroke events commonly referred to as mini-strokes can have an impact on balance, coordination, language, and memory that are too small to notice at the time of the event.


However, changes in a person’s ability to perform certain tasks over time can be used, as with this balance test, to assess for risk before more expensive and riskier tests might be needed.


Strokes, even the small ones, can increase a person’s risk of developing dementia and also of suffering a larger stroke event in the future, so eliminating the risk is the goal for doctors determining stroke risk.


Whether or not you passed the test, keeping your cardiovascular health in tip-top shape is essential.


The most important thing to do is to make sure your blood pressure is under 120/80. Nothing contributes to stroke and heart attack like high blood pressure.


By far, the easiest and most effective way I know to lower blood pressure naturally are 3 easy blood pressure exercises. Thousands of readers have used these exercises successfully. Click here to learn more about these easy blood pressure exercises and try them out for your self…


And if your cholesterol is too high, click here to bring it down to normal – in 30 days or less – by cutting out one single ingredient you didn’t even know you were consuming…


Watch these 2 Videos


Preventing a Mini-Stroke -TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack)

Signs and Symptoms of a Mini Stroke


This post is from the High Blood Pressure Exercise Program. It was created by Christian Goodman Blue Heron health news that has been recognized as one of the top quality national health information websites. 


This program will provide you the natural high blood pressure treatments, natural recipes to cook healthy meals and useful strategies to build a healthy diet with the aim to help you to maintain and stabilize your blood pressure.


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