The Small Changes That Turn Her On

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How to increase a woman’s libido? How to get your woman in the mood for sex? How to get your wife interested in sex again? What I am going to discuss in the following paragraphs should help to answer these 3 questions.


(1)   Horizontal doggie


In this sex position, the man lies on his back with legs spread, knees bent and feet flat on the bed. The woman, who will be facing away from him, is on her hands (or elbows) with her knees between his legs. This position hits her G-spot very nicely. Stimulation can be increased with her using one hand to tickle/massage his scrotum or grab/squeeze the base of his genitals and the other hand stroking her clitoris or any other erogenous region that is highly sensitive to her. With her legs in between his legs squeezing her vaginal walls against his genitals, this can make her seem tighter than usual and he feeling his male hood bigger in size psychologically.


(2)   Be consistent


Most women reach orgasm from repetitive and continuous stimulation as opposed to hard or varying pressure. Therefore you should treat her moans and sighs as signals for continuing at the same pace and not as a request to apply more pressure. On average, a woman can take between 3 to 30 minutes to reach orgasm from oral sex. If your tongue gets tired, you switch to using your finger or penis to keep her arousal level from going down. Hen she starts to come, keep whatever lovemaking technique you are using to go at the same pace and do not stop until she tells you to.


(3)   Getting her feedback


Men often make assumptions about what a woman wants based upon what they have done with other women. But women are not all the same. For example most guys know what a clitoris and where to find it. But this does not mean they can get a woman to reach clitoral orgasm. A touch on her clitoris that is enjoyable for one woman may feel like nothing special or may even be painful for someone else. Some prefer indirect stimulation. How can you find out how she likes to be touched? Try asking her simple yes-or-no questions such as “Does this feel good?” Do not distract her with those open-ended questions. To bring a woman to orgasm, she has to be able to relax and let go. Yes-or-no questions can ease her into providing you with more detailed and helpful information on how to pleasure her.


(4)   Making sex more sensual


If you want to make sex a more sensual experience, you need to slow down. Slow sex is not just about endurance or adopting complicated sex positions. It is about really been there in the moment and mutual pleasuring. You can create a more conducive bedroom environment for slow sex by moving the TV to another room, shutting down your computer, switching off your cell phone and installing romantic dim lighting.


The following is what you can do to slow down for mutual pleasuring


(a)    Massage

(b)    Deep, lingering kisses

(c)    Teasing her with your fingers and mouth

(d)    Give her tender and erotic touching


Here is a bonus tip: You touch her breasts. How? You use your thumb and index finger to gently massage her breast, first clockwise and then anti-clockwise. You then place your hand over her areola (the colored skin surrounding the nipple) and roll it with your palm. You end this by gently pulling her nipple. Why is this effective? The nipple contains receptors called Meissner’s corpuscles, cell that adjusts to varied stimuli like the friction of a shirt or the moisture of a tongue. The longer you tease around the nipple, the more intense direct stimulation will be. You repeat the process on her the other breast.


(5)   Giving her positive feedback


Women are vocal creatures and at times feel insecure. A woman needs a little extra reassurance to make sure that is still special in your eyes. You shower her with compliments about connectivity. You tell her how sexy she is when she looks into your eyes. This makes her feel good. When she feels sexy, she is most likely to act sexy.


To a woman, sex is an expression of love. The just-mentioned 5 ways will help to deepen your emotional, psychological and even spiritual bond with your lover. Of course, you can always do better and if you are keen to do so, you can click on Hot Sex and Turn Her On.

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The Things That Can Always Bring A Woman To Orgasm

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How to please a woman? This has always been the top question in most men’s mind. Here I am going to share with you the ways that can turn a woman on that can help you to get more dates or to improve the intimacy with your wife.


(1)   Dare to try new things


Boredom and predictability can be a passion killer. People can change. The things that can arouse her in bed 4 to 5 years ago may not necessarily have the same orgasmic effect on her now. Of course, you can go and buy an online sex guide to read about the lovemaking techniques. However, before you use those of your newly acquired knowledge on her, you still need to communicate with her, get her feedback, and read her body signals to see what works and what does not work. You “tailor-made” your techniques to her sexual needs. You set up simple codes she can use during lovemaking: “up” or “down” for which erotic spot to put your hand on. Or, when you are stimulating her, you ask her, “How does this feel, one to 10”? , and you adjust your pressure on her erogenous zone accordingly.


(2)   You inject fantasy into lovemaking


Indulging in fantasies can lead to hotter lovemaking and greater intimacy. To get a woman to reach orgasm, she needs to clear her mind off any hidden fears. Fantasy is a good way for her to distract her from any thoughts that may kill sex drives. So, how do you bring fantasies to your lovemaking? One way you can try is to read her or watch with her an erotic story before things heat up. Erotica can help her to get in touch with her deepest, darkest and most sensual fantasies. Another way is to whisper provocative sentences to each other in turn; building a fantasy tale she can get lost in.


(3)   You allow her to set the pace and tone in the bedroom


A man is expected to take the lead in sex. The problem is sometimes when a guy gets too engrossed in what he is doing that he may neglect her sexual needs. You let her control the pace and intensity of lovemaking (either from the start or for the whole of the bedroom session, depending on the mood), so that you can both know what is best to turn her on. The more aroused she is the better for you. Encourage her to be on top because this sex position can allow her to take advantage of a full range of positions such as facing you, facing away or even sitting cross-legged on you.


(4)   Going beyond the commonly known erotic spots


Most of us already know that if we stimulate any one of the following erotic spots – her clitoris, G-spot and urethra, this can get a woman to orgasm easily. A sex expert, Quilliam, suggests going beyond these erogenous zones to tease what some call the U-spot which is an area between her clitoris and vagina, located near the entrance to her urethra. You stimulate this area using your finger in soft, circular motions. Urethral nerves are highly sensitive therefore pleasuring this region can send her into a soft, melting form of climax. Of course, before you do this to her, make sure your hands are clean because this area is infection-prone.


(5)   You slow down to give her chance to go into the stage of orgasm


When she is almost quite close to climax, you temporarily stop stimulating her sensitive areas. You then kiss her for a few minutes and move on to her other less sensitive areas of her body. After a while, you go back to stimulate her orgasm-triggering spot again. You can repeat this “switch on” and “switch off” motion for a few times before you make the “final assault” to send her into the point of no return orgasm stage. This start-and-stop action can increase the intensity of her orgasm.


So, these are the 5 easy ways to give a woman an orgasm. Practice makes perfect. Therefore keep on doing this to “wake up” the untamed sexual instinct that is lurking in her subconscious. If you are keen to be the one and only one man in her world that can rejuvenate or raise her sexual desire, you can click on to Hot Sex and Turn Her On.

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Advanced Oral Sex Tips To Please Women Sexually

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If you have already mastered the basics of performing oral sex on women and are looking for some advanced tips to keep women sexually addicted to you, you may find new ideas below. You should not restrict yourself to just one technique in performing cunnilingus. In trying to bring a woman to orgasm, you should be adventurous, creative and be attentive to what your partner is telling you both verbally and non-verbally.


Here is how:


(1)   Writing ABCs with your tongue


To get her gradually into the orgasmic stage, you use your tongue to “write” from A to Z on your partner’s vulva and clitoris. While doing this, you need not follow strictly the sequence of the alphabets because your main objective here is getting both of you to enjoy the whole lovemaking process. This is a very creative way in using your tongue to drive her wild and in the process you will be able to find out which “alphabets” she prefers.


(2)   Maintain visual contact


While you are busily licking the area between her legs, once in a while, do make some eye contact with her. This gives you a sort of feedback loop for both of you to indicate how much you enjoy what is happening and to give her that naughty and lustful look that can turn her on.


(3)   Give her room for maneuver


It is important to allow her to adjust her body so that your tongue is on the right spot. Therefore you should not read too much on her occasional fidgeting as a sign of displeasure. It will be better if you can get her to tell you or show you what works and what does not work.


(4)   Get creative with your tongue


You can experiment with the way you use your tongue to see how she likes to be licked. A tongue that is curled up or rolled into a tube feels different from one which is wide and flat. The tip of your tongue feels different to her than the side edge or the middle flat part of the tongue.


(5)   Include other parts of your body to stimulate her


Besides using your tongue, you can use other parts of your body on your partner’s genitals as well. Your chin, your nose and cheeks create different sensations and pressures when each of these parts is rubbed against the vulva and clitoris.


(6)   Tongue penetration


Some women enjoy the sensation of her partner’s tongue going inside her. As always, every woman is different, therefore this tongue thrusting method may not be applicable to every woman. Even for women who like this, some like a fast in-out motion while others like slow penetration.


     (7) Make some noises


The noises or moaning that you make when you give her oral sex can let your partner feel you are enjoying and this can get her feel relaxed and progress into orgasm easily. In addition to this, the vibrations on your lips as well as your exhaling will serve to enrich her sensations and raise her arousal level.


(8)   Add in some sucking motion


You can intensify her enjoyment by taking her labia (lips) or even clitoris into your mouth and gently creating a sucking sensation. Some women prefer a powerful sucking while others may just be contented with a hint of it. You can add in some more stimulation by moving your tongue when part of her labia or clitoris is in your mouth.


(9)   Add in some ice cubes or sex toys


At some point when you give her oral sex, you can slip some ice cubes into your mouth to increase the sensation and sensitivity of your stimulation effort. Move the ice-cube(s) in your mouth so that sometimes it is in your cheek to provide the alternative hot and cold sensation. You can also either use a small vibrator for external stimulation or a dildo for penetration or even something to wear on your tongue to spice up your oral stimulation.


(10)  Use your fingers


When she is high and excited, apply some lubricants on your fingers and gently insert them into her vagina. Move them in and out using short but firm strokes while you are licking her clitoris. This may not be suitable for all women, but quite a lot of them enjoy the experience of clitoral stimulation and penetration.


Try these 10 oral sex tips tonight to give her an unforgettable orgasmic experience. The way to get her enjoy sex with you is to be observant and willing to try. If you want to be that great lover she can live without and if you are eager to explore further on how to achieve this, you can click on Eat Pussy and Oral Kit.

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Understanding Her Sexual Response Cycle

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The best way to know more about female orgasm is to have better understanding of her sexual response. For women, achieving orgasm is a continuous process. Within this process, there are 4 phases of sexual response cycle.


Phase 1: Excitement


This happens after physical and/or psychological stimulation from kissing to fantasizing. You let your hands wander all over her body but avoiding direct contact with her clitoris. However, you can tease her a bit to build up the sexual tension by gently rubbing your palm over her vaginal lips. Her breathing gets slightly heavier than normal and her heart rate and blood pressure increases. Blood rushes to the genitals and other parts of her body, causing enlarged breasts, swollen labia, expanded clitoris, elevated uterus and lubricated vagina. Her muscles get tensed.


Phase 2: The Build-Up


The increased stimulation gets her heated up. Blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate and muscle tension continues to rise. You can make more direct contact with the clitoris by rubbing the head of the clitoris in a circular motion, but not for too long. Alternate this with rubbing the sides along the opening in an upward and downward movement.


Phase 3: Orgasmic


She will experience powerful contractions of the uterine, vaginal, anal and the lower abdominal muscles (about 5 to 12 synchronized contractions occur one second apart). Blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate reaches peak. She may hear her screaming to you, “Faster! Faster!” Now is the time to get in there and get the job done!


Phase 4: Resolution


After she has been sexually satisfied, blood in genitals begins to drain. Uterus returns to normal position. Breasts reduce in size. Heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure decreases.


For more information on how to get the whole cycle started, click on Hot Sex and What She Wants.

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Why She Says No To Sex

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Ever wonder why she is no longer keen to have sex? There could be tons of reasons that affect a woman’s interest in sex. Some factors are obvious while others may not be so. It maybe difficult to pinpoint accurately what the problem is, so here is a list of the possible reasons that maybe affecting her sex drives.


(1)   Experimenting new sexual acts unexpectedly


Some people enjoy rough sex, violent role-playing and even a little bit of pain, while others can find this disgusting. For example, some women may not like the idea of anal sex. While it is fine in trying new things to spice up your sex life, it can be a turn off if you do not first try to find out how comfortable she is on your new suggestions. If you want to explore new sexual possibilities with her, it is a lot easier if you both agree that you can ask for anything as long as you ask nicely, you have enough knowledge (such as precautions and ways to avoid painful anal sex), you have clear reasons for trying something new and most important to take no for an answer.


(2)   Perverted dirty talk


Most of us can appreciate a little dirty talk. When you get high, all kinds of things can come out of your mouth. First you whisper a fantasy in her ear, then you get too carried away going into too much psycho detail and before you can go any further, she suddenly finds some excuses to turn down your sexual advances. If you want to avoid scaring her in bed, keep these psychopathic little tales to yourself.


(3)   Psychological issues


Confidence and stress are both major obstacles to a healthy sex life. She has bad self-image such as feeling her body is no longer as curvy as before especially after childbirth. The best thing you can do is to reassure her that she is desirable. Find something good about her and remind her how great she is as often as you can. If she is stressed, giving her a relaxing massage and a little bit of pampering will be a great help.


Besides confidence issues and stress, feeling anxious about sex due to various reasons (probably due to childhood abuse, rape or other fears) can hurt her sexual desires. She needs to find out the reasons for her anxiety and to overcome them and the best thing you can do is to be supportive. Of course, this will take time, but with patience and good communication, this can be dealt with and eventually resolved.


(4)   Emotional matters


She is very dissatisfied with you probably feeling that you neglect her. The only thing you can do is to find out the reasons and to think of some kind of adjustments you can make. She is trying to assert herself. She behaves in this way to compensate her sense of helplessness in other aspects of her life such as she has a nasty boss, a dominating close friend or an overprotective mother. The way to overcome this is to compliment on her sexual abilities and prowess. If you can acknowledge how much you appreciate her in bed, she may realize that trying to prove her status is not necessary.


She wants to manipulate you. There are a few options here: give her what she wants, give her something similar to what she wants, reason with her, wait it out (in the mean time, you gratify yourself) until she returns to her senses. She is bored. In this case, you can take her to a sex shop and get anything that is fun for both of you. Get a self-help book on how to spice things up. She is or maybe cheating. This is quite serious and after knowing the reasons for cheating on you, you have to decide for yourself if you want to forgive her or to move on.


(5)   Lack of exercise


Women who often exercise tend to have higher sex drives and their periods less painful and pre-menstruation syndrome less severe or obvious. This is because the small chemical and hormone changes as a result of regular exercise can deliver the desired effect (such as preparing her body for pregnancy) instead of disrupting the chemicals in the brain that do damage to her mind and body. What you can do here is to suggest some physical activities you can do together such as jogging, rollerblading, cycling, rowing boat, playing tennis or ballroom dancing.


(6)   Pre-menstruation syndrome


This can affect her for days before her period. Her stomach gets bloated, she experiences cramps and her mood swings as unexpectedly as the weather. The best thing to do is to pretend you are deaf and avoid arguing back and at the same time encourage her to do some exercise and any other stress-relieving activities, but not sex of course.


(7)   Unhealthy diet and lifestyle


Eating too much junk food can first cause overweight and the chances of contracting all kinds of chronic illness (such as diabetes, hypertension). Needless to say, this can affect sex drive. Unhealthy habits such as smoking and taking party drugs (such as ecstasy pills) can in the long run damage both health and sex drives. Some women can get irritated if you lecture them about proper diet and healthy lifestyle. The best way you can do in this case is to practice what you preach and let her learn by your example.


(8)   Medication



Birth control pills which can inhibit the production of estrogen and certain prescription drugs (such as those for high blood pressure) can curb sex desire. A way to handle this issue is she can talk to the doctor to prescribe alternative drugs.


(9)   Certain illness


Problems with the thyroid and adrenal glands and the removal of the uterus can lower her testosterone (sex hormone). In this case, she has to consult her doctor to come out with options that she can help to regain some of her sex drives.


Knowing what turns her off is the first step towards improving both you and her sex life. If you want to know what and how you can turn her on, you can check this out at Hot Sex and All That She Wants

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