Can I Get a Permanent Cure for Herpes?


Can I Get a Permanent Cure for Herpes? Prevention is best, of course it is. A barrier (condom) will help stop the transmission of herpes; but what if you already have the condition it's a little late then. So, is there a way to get a permanent cure for herpes, can you stop herpes outbreaks. Read on.
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Usually when you pick up a virus of some kind, all you have to do is pay a visit to your doctor to get an antibiotic that will take care of it in a couple of days. If you ask your doctor, can I get a permanent cure for herpes, then you are not likely to be so lucky.
While herpes is a virus that is actually a similar strain as chicken pox, there is no known permanent cure for herpes available from your doctor. What that means is that if you visit your doctor you shouldn’t be asking, can I get a permanent cure for herpes, and instead should be focusing on finding ways to reduce the number of flare-ups and the blisters that come with it.


If you don’t want to be put in the position of asking, can I get a permanent cure for herpes, then step one should be making sure that you never have unprotected sex. If you are unlucky enough to have actually contracted herpes, then it’s not all necessarily doom and gloom.


There are some things that you can do to get the flare-ups under control, and all without having to resort to prescribed drugs. With that said, here are a few natural methods that you can use to control your condition, all of which should stop you asking, can I get a permanent cure for herpes?


Natural Herpes Remedies


If you have already herpes then you are probably well aware of the blisters and sores that accompany a flare-up or herpes outbreak as they are often called.


One of the most effective ways to naturally take care of them is by using baking soda. Dipping a dry clean cotton ball into baking soda and then using it to apply the baking soda to your blister will dry them out quickly whilst also helping to reduce the itching that come with them.


That is just one method to help you avoid the can I get rid of herpes question, so let’s take a look at some more.

Many herpes sufferers go out of their way to maintain a strict hygiene schedule. That means regularly washing hands, changing clothes and even bathing.


The feeling is that the can I get a permanent cure for herpes will be asked less frequently by following that schedule. Those that go this route often add Epsom salts to the bath water, as that has proven to be very effective at keeping flare-ups at bay.


Immune System


Another good way to prevent herpes outbreaks is to look at boosting the immune system. That usually means taking daily vitamins and supplements to keep flare-ups away.


Herbal tea and Echinacea have both shown to be effective at keeping herpes symptoms to a minimum, whilst also being good for your body in general.


How I come up with my own Permanent Cure for Herpes


According to traditional medicine there is no cure for herpes at this time, but by following some of those all-natural tips, you may not have to go to your doctor and ask, can I get a permanent cure for herpes?


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This method works for both men and women. It is suitable for use against Genital Herpes, Oral Herpes, Herpes Type 1 and Herpes Type 2.


She will share with you how to accomplish this permanent relief from out breaks without any drugs whatsoever and (that includes supplements and herbs formulation).


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Calendula Facial Mask for Dry and Sensitive Skin


Calendula Facial Mask for Dry and Sensitive Skin - The calendula facial mask has many advantages. Calendula works well especially for dry and sensitive skin. Because of its cell-rejuvenating properties, calendula helps blemished or sun-burned skin repair itself, while it soothes skin irritations and reduces redness.
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Worried About Your Facial Skin Care And Need A Solution? Are you looking for a skin care solution for dry and sensitive skin? If you have an herb garden, you might want to try to create your own skin care products.


One of the great herbs for skin is Calendula. Calendula (Calendula officinalis) also known amongst herbalist as “Mother of the Skin”, offers amazing skin therapy as well as many other medicinal and culinary values. Calendula is from the daisy family Asteraceae, and is known as Pot Marigold.


Calendula (officinalis) should not be mistaken for the garden plant marigold (Tagetes species) The name Calendula comes from the Latin word Calendae, which means first day of the month, as in its native climate the plant is said to bloom every month of the year.


Calendula has also been nicknamed “Reflections of the Sun”, in which Calendula displays bright deep orange and yellow colored flowers, which close up at night, and open during the day.


Calendula is both an anti-inflammatory and a wound healing herb.

Calendula also has wonderful skin healing properties and wax is a great moisturizer.


Using calendula oil helps to reduce swelling in inflamed, itchy skin. This makes calendula one of the top choices for healing skin due to rashes of all kinds, bites, and even cradle cap.


Because of its cell-rejuvenating properties, calendula helps blemished or sun-burned skin repair itself, while it soothes skin irritations and reduces redness.
Calendula contains many effective compounds. Ancient cultures recognized and used the healing properties of calendula. In some of the earliest medical writings, calendula was recommended for treating ailments of the digestive tract.


Calendula was used to detoxify the liver and gall bladder. The flowers were applied to cuts and wounds to stop bleeding, prevent infection and speed healing.


Calendula was also used for various women’s ailments, and to treat a number of skin conditions. During the American Civil War, calendula flowers were used on the battlefields in open wounds as anti-haemorrhagic and antiseptic, and they were used in dressing wounds to promote healing.


Calendula also was used in this way during World War I. Calendula has been historically significant in medicine in many cultures, and it is still important in alternative medicine today.


If you grow your own calendula flowers, this is a wonderful way to use them for a “start-to-finish”, do-it-yourself skin care regiment which is suitable especially for dry and sensitive skin.


Be careful here that you have the correct flower. For example, there are many types of marigold flowers, but the therapeutic marigold is Calundula officinalis, not the usual marigold you see in flower gardens.


If you choose to use your own flowers, be sure that moisture has been removed. When you dry them, dry them in a cool dark space. If you purchase the dried flowers be certain that they are organic, and that you purchase them from a reputable company.


Before applying your homemade calendula facial mask, you should know these things:


–      You must know your skin type very well! The reason you need to know the characteristics of your skin is that face masks are specific to each type of skin.


–      Thoroughly clean the face and neck with cleansing milk or a toner without alcohol for the result to be up to expectations!


–      Watch out for your hair, so it would not interfere in any way.


–      Apply the mask all over your face except the eyes and lips. On the lips you can use some simple honey for smoothness and softness.


–      While the mask is on your skin, try to stay relaxed, with low light “in background” and put on your eyes two slices of cucumber (or two tea bags of chamomile, or lime).


–      Most of the times, the mask should be kept on your face about 20-30 minutes.


–      Rinse your mask with milk, tea or hot water.


–      Also, avoid using any cosmetics for 2-3 hours after removing the mask.


To make this calendula facial mask, you will need 2 ounces of fresh calendula petals or dried calendula petals, finely grounded, 1 tablespoon of manuka honey and 1 tablespoon of milk cream or raw milk.


Grind you calendula petals in a coffee grinder or food processor. Then mix it with manuka honey and milk and apply on your face and neck. Rinse off after 20 minutes. You can use this calendula facial mask once or twice a week to get smooth and beautiful skin. This will solve your problem of dry and sensitive skin.


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