5 DIY Chocolate Spa Recipes for a Romantic Rendezvous


5 DIY Chocolate Spa Recipes for a Romantic Rendezvous -  Here are the 5 DIY chocolate spa recipes that you can try making at home to make your skin soft, glowing and beautiful
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To have a romantic time at home, convert your bedroom or bathroom into a lovebird den by choosing the best spa products, the right music, appropriate lighting, and foods that appeal to your senses.


The various items needed for home spa treatments include clean towels, massage oil, scented candles, salt scrub, and others. For food, you can choose dark chocolate, dessert wine, fresh fruit like grapes, and some of your favorite snacks that help release happy hormones in your body.


You can also make homemade facial cleansers and provide a lovely cleansing session to your spouse. Pampering yourself at least once a month can relieve your stress and rejuvenate your body inside out. So why not indulge your equally stress-relieving sweet tooth at the same time by having a chocolate spa treatment?


There are several spas and hotels nationwide that offer different spa treatments using chocolate as the main ingredient and theme. However, if you are on a budget and cannot afford to travel to the nearest chocolate spa, there are several homemade recipes you can use for your own chocolate spa treatment right in the privacy of your home.


Here are some of my favourite DIY chocolate spa recipes which you can use at the comfort of your home to pamper your body and your spouse’s.


DIY Chocolate Spa Recipe 1


What you need is 3 tablespoons granulated sugar, 1 ounce honey, 1/2 cup conventional cocoa powder and 1 ounce vanilla extract.


Stir the sugar with 2 tablespoons of honey to create a uniform mixture. Spread the mixture throughout the body in rhythmic circular upward movements emphasizing on knees, elbows and soles. Rinse off with water.

Stir the chocolate, vanilla and the remaining honey to create a homogenous mixture. Apply mask all over the body and let stand 10 to 15 minutes. Remove with water.


DIY Chocolate Spa Recipe 2


Combine 4 tablespoons ground coffee with equal amount of cocoa powder. Add 8 tablespoon whole milk to the mixture. Stir until you have a smooth paste.

With fingers or a make-up wedge, spread the mixture over face and neck. You may also apply the mixture to other areas of the body where extra softness is needed.


Leave the mixture on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Pat your body dry.


DIY Chocolate Spa Recipe 3


Take a handful of cocoa butter and warm it until it melts, but don’t overheat it. Mix the cocoa butter with ¾ cup of white sugar and ¼ cup of dark brown sugar to form a paste. You can then start scrubbing by spreading this paste over your body.


DIY Chocolate Spa Recipe 4


You will need 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder, 1 tablespoon of raw organic honey (or manuka honey) and ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract.  Combine the honey, cocoa powder and vanilla extract in a bowl and mix well. Then you add 1-2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil into the bowl, and stir the contents in the bowl to form a paste. If the paste is too thick, you can add a little bit more olive oil.


This step is optional. If you want, you can add 1 teaspoon of sweet almond oil to add an extra moisturizer to the chocolate body scrub. Lastly, you can either add 3 drops of lavender oil to make a chocolate lavender scrub or add 3 drop of essential orange oil to make a chocolate orange scrub.


You wet the parts of your body you want to exfoliate with the scrub. Hands, elbows and feet all benefit from a cocoa scrub because the skin on these areas is often dry. Gently rub the scrub onto the area using a circular motion. Rinse the area with warm water.


DIY Chocolate Spa Recipe 5


You will need ½ cup of cocoa powder, 6 tablespoons of whole cream milk, 3 tablespoons of raw organic honey (or manuka honey), 3 tablespoons of ground oatmeal, and 2 tablespoons of ground almonds, 3 drops of sweet almond oil and 3 drops of lavender oil.


You mix cocoa powder, milk, honey, oatmeal and ground almonds to form a paste and then you add in sweet almond and lastly lavender oil. You can now start scrubbing, applying the paste on your face, neck and body. Keep it there for 15 minutes before you rinse off.


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DIY Green Tea and Chocolate Facial Mask for Anti-Aging Skin Care


DIY Green Tea & Chocolate Facial Mask for Anti-Aging Skin Care - Green tea and chocolate facial mask is great for detoxifying the skin. Both ingredients help to stimulate circulation, helping to bring impurities to the surface to be removed during this facial treatment. Read on to find out how you can make one for yourself.
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Green tea and dark chocolate are both great sources of antioxidants – nature’s answer against free-radical damage to our skin and body, defending us from environmental damage and premature aging. They also have anti-inflammatory properties, thus helping to calm pimples and irritated skin.


Green tea has a high percentage of polyphenolic acids, which are a type of essential antioxidant that we must obtain through food consumption.
It works on both the dermis, which is the middle layer of our skin which contains sebaceous glands, and the epidermis – which is the upper layer of the skin that has the contact with the outside world.


Green tea decreases skin inflammation, prevents UV sunlight skin pigmentation – and hence reduces the risks of photo aging. In addition, green tea improves the collagen structure, which weakens during the years.


These activities make green tea into a good weapon in sensitive skin and anti-aging skin treatment.


Not only the green tea has preventive activities; it also cures the UV damaged skin cells from within.


In homemade facial mask recipes, you can use the green tea in practically any type of skin: Especially while it benefits both the sensitive skin treatment and the ageing one.


This ingredient can benefit your skin also if it is dry; because it stabilizes you skin pH and improve its barrier function.


As for chocolate, scientists have already found that cocoa can contain more antioxidants per cup than red wine or green tea do. The magnesium which is present in cocoa helps in producing progesterone which tackles hormone or stress related breakouts.


The latest good news about chocolate, from the Journal of Nutrition, is that ingesting certain compounds in cocoa can smooth the skin and decrease its sensitivity to the sun. German researchers conducted a study in which woman drank a 7 ounce cup of hot chocolate a day for 3 months. Results of the study showed a reduction in wrinkles of up to 25%.


One possible explanation for this result is that the antioxidant properties of the flavanols that can be found in cocoa beans give the skin extra protection against free radicals. Free radicals are the reactive forms of oxygen generated when UV light hits the skin. It is well established that the ageing of the skin caused by sunlight is largely the result of damage to the skin’s proteins caused by these free radicals.


When you mix green tea and chocolate together you will have a powerful blend of antioxidants that your skin will love. This green tea and chocolate facial mask is also great for detoxifying the skin. Both ingredients help to stimulate circulation, helping to bring impurities to the surface to be removed during this facial treatment.

You can use this incredibly simple yet effective mask once a week which soothes your skin, helps in healing acne, fighting aging and making your skin clear.


To make the green tea and chocolate facial mask, you will need1 tablespoon of green tea. (If you have green tea bags with you then you can cut the tea bags and take out the green tea from it.).You can powder the green tea if you want. Next you add 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder in it. After this you will add 2 teaspoon of either manuka honey to make a smooth paste. Mix nicely and your paste is ready to be used


Apply the paste on your face and neck, avoiding the eye area, for 20 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water. Your skin should feel soft and supple after this treatment. This green tea and chocolate facial mask suits oily as well as dry skin. If you break out once then do not worry because this green tea and chocolate facial mask will detox the skin, and with regular use it will be of good help.


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Try this Strawberry Chocolate Facial Mask to Get a Radiant and Healthy Looking Skin


Try this Strawberry Chocolate Facial Mask to Get a Radiant and Healthy Looking Skin - The chocolate facial mask has many advantages. Chocolate happens to be a powerful antioxidant. It helps free the skin of radicals that cause wrinkles on the surface. When combines with strawberry, it makes a more portent facial mask. Here is how to make your own strawberry chocolate facial mask.
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Homemade skin care can be as easy as mixing up a small amount of oatmeal and milk and making a body scrub that costs you pennies on the dollar compared to comparable products at the grocery store.


Plus, they are fun to make, you know exactly what went in them and if you have any form of allergic reaction, you don’t have to make any more than what you need at a time.


Sometimes store bought items lose their potency before you can use it at all. By making your own products, you can have as little or as much as you need.


You may find it hard to believe that anyone would “waste” good chocolate by not actually eating it, but there are a few beauty tips that say it can do some very cool things. Since we know now the benefits of cocoa solids on skin, you could make a do-it -yourself facial mask using organic dark cocoa powder.


Who do not like chocolate? The sweet flavour make chocolate preferred by women and men, from young children to adults but for women, chocolate also can increasing body weight. In addition to increasing the body weight, chocolate is also believed to be able to make some problem on the teeth, and dangerous for diabetics.


However, believe it or not, chocolate actually has some super nutrients of its own. In fact, chocolate actually has antioxidants that can maintain heart health, lower blood pressure, and cause relax feelings. That is not less important, that chocolate can be used as cosmetics for the beauty.


Chocolate really can be used as material to beautify the skin.  Chocolate contains catechins and flavonoids that are useful for skin health, such as maintaining skins softness and skins humid, tighten and refine the skin, anti-aging and also prevent wrinkling in the face.


The catechins found in cocoa absorb UV light, which may contribute to the recent findings that daily cocoa consumption actually reduces UV sensitivity in the skin. These catechins are also responsible for improved blood flow, which is so important for healthy skin.


Flavonoids are also a little understood nutrient in cocoa with substantial health benefits to the skin. Recent studies show that a diet rich in flavonoids decreases sensitivity of human skin to UV light and helps maintain skin health by improving skin structure and function.


Recent scientific studies have suggested chocolate boosts the serotonin in the brain that produces a calming effect and stability. Stress has been identified as a cause of acne. If chocolate stimulates the serotonin and calms the nerves, then chocolate could ironically be found to assist in acne restraint.


As in all things, moderation is the key. Eating large quantities of chocolate is undesirable since it is a rich source of calories that can lead to obesity and a host of diseases. Stick to small but regular amounts of dark chocolate if you want healthy skin.


Still, this shouldn’t stop you from harnessing the nutrients in chocolate in helping you to get clear glowing skin. Don’t you know you can create your own face mask using chocolate as one of the base components?


The chocolate facial mask has many advantages. Chocolate happens to be a powerful antioxidant. It helps free the skin of radicals that cause wrinkles on the surface. The honey used in the mix holds it all together. Not only does it taste great, but it softens your skin!  It’s not difficult to make this kind of mask.


My favourite chocolate facial mask is one which combines with strawberry which makes a more portent facial mask. Known by the Native Americans as “Heart-Seed Berries”, strawberries have been around for thousands of years. This delicious “fruit” has a lot of history, and with that long history comes many interesting facts that you may not have known about.


Believe it or not, strawberry can work wonders in the beauty department. Rubbing crushed strawberries on teeth has been said to whiten the teeth. Using it as a facial mask may help make the skin look younger and smoother, and applying it to the hair may actually help beautify the condition of the hair.


Madame Tallien, an important social figure during the French Revolution, had the luxury of bathing in 22 pounds of fresh strawberry juice daily because she believed that this luscious fruit preserved her beauty.


To make a strawberry chocolate facial mask, you need 1 tablespoon organic dark cocoa powder, 1 mashed ripe strawberry, 5 drops of either tea tree oil or lavender oil and 1 teaspoon of manuka honey.


You mix everything together to form a paste and apply on your face. Rinse off after 20 minutes. This strawberry chocolate facial mask will leave your skin feeling renewed, refreshed, nourished, firm, smooth, and deeply moisturized as well.


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Love Making – How To Make It Fun

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Want to satisfy a woman enough during sex to make her crave it? Want to make her cum more easily and preferably over and over again? Looking for tips on how to blow her mind, keep her coming back for more? These bedroom shortcuts will help your wife or girlfriend reach orgasm in a jiffy. Try these tricks to get her dripping wet in bed.


(1)   The right temperature

 Make sure the room is at a comfortable temperature prior to engaging in sex. Use a fan during intercourse to keep from overheating. Even a slight chill can hold off an orgasm. A room temperature of 27 degree Celsius is good for sex.

 (2)   Start sweet

Sweet treats on her tongue will ring her brain’s reward bells, making her ripe for arousal. Seduce her by hand-feeding her fruits with unusual textures such as pomegranates.

 Chocolate may work as well. Not only can chocolate add some color to your sex lives, it is also believed that chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins, which provide a sense of pleasure or pain. Apparently, chocolate contains a natural substance that allegedly stimulates the same reaction in the body as the feeling of falling in love.


If your lady absolutely loves chocolate, why not dip your stick in some and let her have a taste of Mr. Dick? You’d be surprised at how enjoyable fellatio can feel when a woman has the pleasure of devouring a chocolate-covered member.


            (3) Stimulate her breasts


Women tend to be very proud of their breasts. Not only are they showing them off more than ever before, but they want you to pay serious attention to them during foreplay and lovemaking.


Many guys do not know how to stimulate a woman’s breasts in a way that will be pleasing to her. Simply grabbing a breast as though it was cookie dough and chewing on the nipple is going to get you nowhere fast.


Just like with anything sexual, you want to start off slowly and softly. You do not want to grab your lover’s breasts too hard, and you do not want to start pinching her nipples right away. You want to lead up to more direct and aggressive stimulation only after you have sufficiently gotten your girl turned on.


During foreplay, gently brush the tops, bottoms and sides of her breasts first. Gradually move towards her nipples, paying attention to how she responds. As things heat up, her nipples will become flushed with blood and the sensory receptors will become primed for direct stimulation. You can then harden your tongue and flick it back and forth and slowly take it into your mouth, at which point you will begin to suck and nibble simultaneously. If her nipples are not hard, you can usually manipulate each one by sucking it and then releasing it from your mouth whilst inhaling so that it creates an icy sensation.  In this way, you will kick-start the blood flow and lubrication down below, starting her slow build-up.


        (4)  Head downwards


Go slow during manual stimulation. If she is not wet, don’t start playing with her clitoris before you have touched, kissed and sucked her in other places such as her lips, neck, earlobes, nipples, tummy, lower back, buttocks, inner thighs and toes.


When she is ready, lightly brace the heel of one hand just above her clitoris. Now, run your ring and middle fingers along the length of her outer vaginal lips. Graze the skin at first, adding pressure as the tension builds. As she becomes aroused, brace your hand on her mons – the fleshy area that covers her pubic bone – and tease the clitoris with the middles and tips of your fingers as you move your entire hand.


You can vary the motion, firmness of your touch, and the speed with which you touch her. Your main aim is you should be turning her on and you should feel the clitoris swelling and expanding. Ask her to tell you what she likes, when she wants it harder or softer, faster, slower, or differently, and when she wants you to keep doing what you are doing.


           (5)  Enter her deep


 Penetrating as deep as possible during sexual intercourse is a great way to connect emotionally and physically with your lover. Choosing sex positions that allow for deeper penetration can help her to cum faster and your sex life even better. Try these positions to go deeper inside her.


             (a)  Doggy style


This is probably the best sex position for going deeper to stimulate the g-spot. By entering her from behind as she bends over, your penis will stimulate her cervix. This sends pleasure signals to her brain through the vagus nerve. You can experiment with the way you position your pelvis to find out what feels best to you and your woman. By tilting your pelvis towards your stomach, your penetration will be shallower, or by arching your back and tilting your pelvis away from your stomach, you will be able to go deeper.


            (b) Ankles-on-shoulders missionary


You can modify the missionary position to create the deepest penetration possible, while still being able to be eye to eye with your girl. You get your girl to bring her legs back towards her stomach and hook her ankles on your shoulders. With you on top, you arch up a little so that your torso is away from her body. By adjusting the distance between your torso and her body, you will be able to experience the difference in penetration depth between this modified missionary sex position and traditional missionary.


            (c) Woman on top

This position allows your girl to control pretty much everything, the speed, depth and angle of thrusting. As a result, this often allows a woman to have an orgasm more easily than if the position is reversed and you are on top. To get deeper penetration when she is on top, you spread your legs with knees bend to allow her to push her pelvis down closer to yours and let her vagina to slide all the way down to the base of your penis. This is a great position for female orgasm, because the closer her pelvis is to yours, the more friction will be created during sex, offering stimulation to both the clitoris and vagina. You can experiment with different pelvic positions to find out which one feels the best to you and your woman and allows for the deepest penetration.


Looking for more tips to get her enjoy sex? You can read the rest of them from here and/or this place.

Source: luv2sex.info

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