Is Circumcision Good For Sex





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What are the effects of circumcision on your sex life? Does foreskin matter when it comes to sex?


Video Clip about a Highly-Respected Jewish Doctor’s (Dr. Dean Edell) View on Circumcision


The function of foreskin


To answer the above questions, first, we need to know what role the foreskin plays in your sex life.


The foreskin acts as a shield for the sensitive glans (head) of the penis. It keeps the glans moist and prevents it from brushing against your underwear. Frequent rubbing of the glans against fabrics can gradually cut down the sensitivity of the glans. This can also cause the skin over the glans to get thicker and drier and less sensitive.


The foreskin is an area rich with nerve endings and is very responsive to stimulation. Inner foreskin and frenulum (an elastic band of tissue under the glans that connects to the foreskin) are the most sensitive areas of the foreskin.


During intercourse and masturbation, the foreskin slides along the head of the penis. This sliding motion stimulates both the foreskin and the head of the penis. Also the existence of natural lubricants on the foreskin means there is no need to use any lubricants for sexual intercourse and masturbation. Actually, this can cut down the possibility of painful intercourse for the female partner.


It is widely believed that painful intercourse is due to the lack of lubrication from the female partner. But it can also be due to the lack of natural lubrication as a result of the removal of the foreskin. To compensate for the decreased sensitivity, there is a tendency to thrust vigorously, which is another reason for dyspareunia (painful intercourse).


The foreskin cuts down the friction between the penis head and vaginal wall. Without the foreskin, there will be a lot of constant direct rubbing of the head against the mucous membrane on the vaginal wall. This also explains the pain and the tendency towards dryness that some women experience when having sex with a circumcised male.


How to have greater mutual sexual pleasure for a circumcised male


(1)   Choose the best sex positions that are mutually pleasuring


(a)    The woman-on-top position is a good choice because it allows a woman to adjust the speed and depth of penetration. To make this position more pleasurable, she can move her lower body up and down instead of the normal back and forward motion. She can alternate between deep and shallow thrust to both stimulate the clitoris and the g-spot. When she leans backward and rests her hands on your legs, the sensation will spread to her clitoris and at the same time her lower part of the body will be opened up for you to fondle.


(b)   Another position to consider is the side-to-side position. Both of you will face with each other, with the female partner raising one of her legs up to facilitate penetration. This position will prevent vigorous thrusting. The female partner can choose to rest her leg over your body to offer greater stimulation of the inner vaginal walls. She can also choose to keep her leg raised to offer you a bigger range of motion which can help her to get intense clitoral stimulation.


(c)    The modified doggie position with the female partner resting her arms flat on the bed with a pillow under her belly. She can arch her back upper or lower to control the depth of penetration. This is the perfect position to hit her g-spot. You can use a circular motion to offer more stimulation to the highly sensitive parts near to the vaginal opening.


(d)   The modified missionary with support where she positions her buttocks near to the edge of the bed. You will put one or two pillows or a wedge under her pelvis region. After you enter her in a standing position, you bring her legs together to create this tightness feeling on the penis for greater sexual pleasure. This position offers both stimulation to the clitoris (during shallow thrust) and the g-spot (during deep thrust). This position is also great for guys with premature ejaculation problems. When you stand, part of the blood flow to the penis will be diverted to your legs which will prevent extra sensitivity.


(e)    The penetration in kneeling position is quite similar to the above position with only two differences. Her buttocks will not be near to the edge of the bed and you will enter her in a kneeling position. You will still put one or two pillow or a wedge under her pelvic region and hold her legs together.


(2)   Use lubricants


The best is to use water-based lubricant which can be applicable to all situations. Oil- and petroleum-based lubricants are not suitable if you use condom. Before you enter her, apply some lubricant on your palm and rub your hands together to warm it up. Then spread it over the tip of the penis and down to the shaft before you enter her.


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