9 Odd Things that Really HURT Your Workout Results


9 Odd Things that Really HURT Your Workout Results - In order to speed up your workout recovery, you should avoid these 9 odd things that really hurt your workout results.
How to Promote Muscle Repair, Replenish Lost Nutrients and Energy After Workouts


Everyone has “on” days and “off” days, but if you’re “off” at the gym you’ll likely be wasting both your time and energy.


Finding the time to work out is one of the biggest hurdles people face in fitting in exercise, after all, so when you make the time to do it, you want to be sure you’re maximizing your efforts.


Obviously, in order to be at your best, you’ll need a good night’s sleep and proper nutrition to fuel your body.


Far less obvious are the following 9 odds things that really hurt your workout results in very unexpected ways.


Don’t Let These 9 Odd Things that REALLY Hurt Your Workout Results


  1. Exercising Indoors, Especially In These Situations…


A dimly lit, crowded or smelly gym will zap your motivation, and if you don’t like where you’re working out you’ll be far less likely to do it. On the other hand, exercising outdoors offers numerous benefits (above and beyond the exercise itself), like decreased tension, anger and depression, and a greater likelihood of continued exercise.


According to research:


“Compared with exercising indoors, exercising in natural environments was associated with greater feelings of revitalization and positive engagement, decreases in tension, confusion, anger, and depression, and increased energy … Participants reported greater enjoyment and satisfaction with outdoor activity and declared a greater intent to repeat the activity at a later date.”


  1. Exercising Outdoors During Rush Hour …


Outdoor exercise is great … but don’t do it near heavy traffic when air pollution is likely to be at its peak. There are many reasons to avoid exposure to air pollution, but from a fitness standpoint, high levels of smog have been found to slow performance times in women athletes.


  1. Exercising Alone


It’s easier to skip a workout if no one is waiting for you to join them. Plus, research shows that working out in groups may lead to a greater endorphin release and higher pain tolerance compared to working out alone.


  1. Hormone Fluctuations in Women


During ovulation, higher estrogen levels may make your muscles more lax and prone to injury. It may make sense for women to consider gentler forms of exercise during ovulation for this reason, especially if you’ve been injured previously.


  1. Low Iron Levels


If you have low iron levels, you may suffer from fatigue and low endurance (even if you’re not anemic). One study found that blood lactate levels, which are used as an indicator of muscle fatigue, are also about 10 percent lower in women taking a daily iron supplement compared to those taking a placebo.


Correcting low iron levels lead to improved energetic efficiency in the female athletes. It’s estimated that about 30 percent of physically active women may be low in iron.


  1. Over the Counter Medications


Common medications can impact your workout in a variety of ways. Many increase drowsiness, for instance, while others may make you feel jittery. Ibuprofen and decongestants may increase your blood pressure, which could be dangerous during an intense workout.


  1. Not Taking Time for Recovery


Exercise is a form of stress and your body needs time to recover properly afterward. You generally need about 48 hours of recovery following high-intensity exercise, 48-72 hours after strength training and 24-36 hours after yoga. In addition to rest time, you also need to fuel your body properly after a workout in order to replenish lost nutrients and energy stores.


In particular, your body will typically use up the glycogen stores in your muscles for energy during exercise. Most experts recommend eating a healthful snack that contains both protein and carbohydrates within 30 minutes of your workout.


  1. You’re Too Used to Your Routine


Doing the same fitness routine day-in and day-out is not only boring but your muscles will quickly adapt to the movements. This means you’ll stop seeing additional results, unless you push yourself past this workout “plateau.”


Strive to include a wide variety of activities in your workouts to challenge your muscles in different ways, and use interval training to keep the intensity up.


  1. Soreness From a Previous Workout


When you work your muscles, it can cause tiny injuries or ‘microdamage” to your muscle fibers and connective tissues. This can lead to delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which typically occurs 12 to 24 hours after a workout.


According to the American College of Sports Medicine, DOMS is a side effect of the repair process that develops in response to microscopic muscle damage.


It can cause not only muscle soreness but also swelling, stiffness, tenderness to the touch and temporary reduction in strength to the affected muscles.


So, you should be sure to give your muscles time for recovery before pushing them to their limits again. AND, you should keep a ready supply of Heal-n-Soothe, which is an all-natural inflammation fighter that promotes healthy muscle repair to minimize post-workout pain.


Heal-n-Soothe’s secret weapon for your recovery is its concentrated dose of proteolytic enzymes. These enzymes eat excess fibrin and scar tissue for lunch, helping every microscopic muscle tear to heal properly to deliver a full range of motion while reducing inflammation, tightness and pain.


These enzymes work at a cellular level, ensuring your workout recovery starts from the inside out (plus, it also contains 12 of nature’s best anti-inflammatory compounds), so you don’t have to worry about missing a workout due to pain.


Watch this Video HERE on how to stop delayed-onset muscle soreness from your training and workouts


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What You Should Know About BDSM





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Once in a while, you may hear something about bondage sex. Your lover has indicated he/she is okay with the idea of introducing some kind of bondage play into your lovemaking. To spice things up, you also want to try something different. Here are the things you should consider or look out for when you try bondage sex.


There are basically 2 different types of bondage sex –


(a)   Restraint


This can include spanking and whipping or just providing different types of sensational stimulation on your lover’s skin and genitals. A great way to start this is to restraint your partner and experiment with the different kinds of items to touch and massage your partner. This can be feather dusters, feather ticklers, ice cubes, warming lotion, comb, brush, fur massage mitt, vibrator, massage ball, paintbrush, leather belt, etc. Feel free to find items around your house. But make sure that whatever you use will not injure your partner. Do exercise caution.


(b)   Restraint with sensory deprivation


Besides restraining the submissive party, you will include depriving him/her of one of the 5 senses. The most popular sensory deprivation device is to use a blindfold. When a person is being blindfolded, his/her sense of touch becomes heightened. If this is to be combined with a little restraint, the anticipation of where you are going to touch him/her next is enough to get your partner totally turned on. Therefore when you do touch your lover, he/she is going to be very stimulated sexually.


When You Should Take Note


(1)   Only engage in bondage sex with someone you can trust


This is not to be tried in a one-night stand affair or in any short term flings. Think about this. You are going to totally surrender your body by being restrained and maybe even blindfolded. The trust you have in the other person that he/she is not going to do anything against your wishes is very important. This is unlikely to exist with someone you do not know or with someone you have not yet discussed your expectations and boundaries.


(2)   Safety


Always practice safe sex. Do not jump into any unfamiliar activities such as caning, whipping, candle wax dripping, etc. Some of the more severe acts require you to have an extensive amount of knowledge or you can severely injure your partner.


Always proceed with caution by starting with some light action, and then you can gradually increase the intensity or force of your strike. Doing this too strong too soon can only hurt your partner. Do rest after spanking to allow the sensation to get into your partner’s mind and skin. Rub your lover’s skin that has just been smacked with your hand or some other soft object.


Practice with your sex toy or tool before using it on your lover so that you will not accidentally hit a sensitive part of your lover’s body. This is especially with whips that can easily get out of control. You and your partner can practice together. Strike him/her while fully clothed in a non-sexual setting, just to test them with the power of your striking.


Whatever tools you choose, do not strike directly on any bony part of the body (spine, collarbone, elbows, knee caps and chin), neck or head, the lower back where kidneys are located and the back of knees. Do not tie anything tightly around the neck. Make sure the nose and mouth are not been covered. When you want to tie anything on any part of the body, make sure it is not too tight as to cut off blood circulation and that it can be removed quickly. Also make sure that the restraining item will not get tighter if he/she pulls on them.


Do not leave your partner’s arms or legs suspended in the air for too long because this can cause numbness due to the lack of blood circulation. When this is going to take a long time, allow some intervals when your lover can move his/her limbs to get the blood circulating. Never leave your partner alone when his/her movement is being restricted.


(3)   Communication


You have to know beforehand the limits of what you can do on your partner. These limits must be respected and abided by. Most people involve in BDSM have a safety word or words or any gesture that is being agreed upon to mean that you should stop all activity. Your partner will use these safety signals when he/she is uncomfortable to something so that you can stop what you are doing immediately.


(4)   Consent


The whole point of BDSM is for both of you to have fun and mutual enjoyment. You should not do this just to please your partner, or else you will never enjoy it. You also should not force your partner into it.


Keep these words in your mind – trust, safety, communication and consent – before engaging in any act of BDSM or light bondage. If you can keep the safety and comfort of your partner in mind when doing this, you can both have a wonderful time. Want to find out more or want to try something different in your sex life? Click on Fifty Shades Of Grey and Fetish Fantasy

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How To Achieve Mutual Pleasure In Sex




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A love relationship is not just about sex although it is an important part of the relationship. In order for a relationship to work well sexually and non-sexually, communication is very important and you cannot do away with it.


If this is so, why some couples can’t talk things out when they are unhappy with their sex lives?


(1)   Not good in expressing themselves


By nature, most guys as compared to women are not as vocal. They do not like to talk and like to keep things to themselves. Or, they are not so good in expressing themselves which can likely cause others to misinterpret them. Therefore, some will choose not to discuss their problems with anyone including their spouses. This can only cause a build up of anger and frustration that may ‘explode’ at a time when it is most hurtful, doing serious damage to the relationship.


(2)   Afraid of hurting his/her feelings


Some people are afraid that if they are honest or frank to their lover, it will hurt their feelings. Therefore they choose to remain quiet. This unhappy feeling builds up over time affecting the overall relationship including their sex lives. It is better to keep those lines of communication open and risk hurting your partner’s feelings for a day or two. This honest but necessary conversation may result in long-lasting great sex between you and your lover.


(3)   Afraid of hurting his/her ego


Some people are afraid that if they are too blunt about their dissatisfaction, this can hurt his/her ego. However, you can voice out your needs and feelings in a loving and compassionate way. This can also give you the chance to learn about your partner’s needs and give him/her the best sex they have ever had. At the same time be willing to listen to your partner because he/she may have some unfulfilled needs as well.


(4)   Afraid of facing resistance or rejection


Some people are very used to their usual ways of doing things and seeing no need for any changes. When you suggest something new or unknown to them, they will get very uncomfortable because they are afraid of changes. But a little love, compassion and patience in explaining may ease their fear.


(5)   Do not want to look selfish


To overcome this concern, when you want to bring up any issue, encourage your partner to let you know what he/she feels is missing too. Though sex is something that is very individualistic, however it should not be treated as something that is too intimidating to talk about. You are concerned about your relationship and you want to make it better, stronger and more satisfying. The main goal should be mutual pleasure. If your partner truly loves you, he/she will listen and want you to be satisfied.


What To Avoid When You Bring Out An Idea


(1)   Talking in a blaming and accusing tone


Avoid saying things like, “You don’t do this or that”, or “You just do not want to believe or listen to me anymore”. This will prompt your partner to get defensive and he/she will emotionally ‘shut out’ everything that you said. The right way to approach this is to explain to your partner that you just want to experience new things with him/her and you want your lives together to be as enriching and fulfilling as possible.


(2)   Bring things up at the wrong time


Avoid bringing up any sexual issues right before, during or immediately after sex, when you are in the midst of a rush to do other things and after you have a stressful day at workplace. Do discuss at a time when both of you are in a relaxed state of mind and more open to discussion. You can create a cordial environment through arranging a nice dinner first and set a comfortable atmosphere.


(3)   Do not set a deadline


This can only cause unnecessary stress on your partner. Whether it is inside or outside of the bedroom, sex is not something to be rushed on. Great sex is something that you learn and build on through trials and errors and listening/understanding of each other needs.


Therefore put your fears and egos aside and start talking and listening to each other. If you do not discuss sexual an intimacy matters with your partner, you will be depriving yourself of wonderful life experiences. You can get more ideas on improving the sexual aspect of your relationship by clicking on Hot Sex and Eternal Flame

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What To Do If Sex Is Neither Enough Nor Satisfactory




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Do you remember when you first met your spouse and you were madly in love with each other? When you were not together, you kept thinking of each other from sunrise to sunset and you can’t wait to see each other. When you were together, you could not keep your hands off each other. Later on as you get more comfortable with each other, intimacy settles into a fixed pattern and it is unlikely to get better on its own. You will have to be open to new ideas and explore ways to strengthen the desire for one another as well as improving intimacy in the relationship.


What Makes A Healthy Relationship Works?


Basically, for every long-term relationship to flourish and be successful, you need to have three key elements which are intimacy, desire or passion and commitment. Not all relationships have these three key elements. Some relationships have only one or two of the key elements.


If a relationship is only pure passion or desire without any intimacy and commitment, it is best described as infatuated love or infatuation. If a relationship has both passion and intimacy but no commitment, it is only romantic love and many dating relationships fall into this category. If what is left in a relationship is only commitment, this will be empty love and many long-term couples fall into this category. A relationship consisting of only intimacy and commitment but lack of passion is more of a companion type of relationship. Though better than empty love but is still less than satisfactory and is a trap for long-term relationships. A relationship that has passion and commitment but no intimacy is best described as a passionate, whirlwind courtship that has quickly moved to marriage, with not enough time to build intimacy.


How To Strengthen Desire And Intimacy In A Relationship?


It is anticipation, rather than obligation and pressure that fuels desire. In any long-term relationship, it is necessary to anticipate sex in the same way as you would for other activities such as dinners, concerts and social gatherings. Though this may conflict with the idea about being spontaneous and romantic, however in reality, we are often so overwhelmed by the many responsibilities that sex is likely to be put at lower priority. You cannot count on spontaneity to make things happen. There is nothing wrong with planned, intentional sexual dates. To enhance the sexual experience in your ‘dates’, both of you can make special requests on how to turn on each other. This will establish a positive cycle of anticipation, satisfaction and regularity.


Another way of building anticipation is to put an idea into your partner’s head about something that seems fun and exciting which is going to happen in the not too distant future. You keep referring back and touching upon this topic. It will serve to put your partner in a different mind state and feel excited even if nothing particularly exciting is happening at the time.


For example, you remind your wife about the romantic dinner you have planned to try a new cuisine on a particular night. As you keep reminding her, you will build up her anticipation and make her feel excited to see you when you return home. You tell your boyfriend about how you are going to make love to him like crazy tonight. You remind him by texting about it to keep him thinking about this. You can be sure he will be rushing home to see you tonight. Making things exciting by keeping your partner in a constant state of anticipation by way of planning intentional sexual dates or anything that seems fun, exciting or unusual will in turn enhance desire.


Intimacy (which is the feeling of closeness, sharing and connection) is another important component of sexual desire. Marital sex involves integrating intimacy and eroticism. Sexual desire is strong when both parties value emotional and sexual intimacy (or connection).


How Do You Increase Intimacy In A Relationship?


Here are some ways you can practice on.


(1)   You need to learn about each other’s emotional needs and not take each other for granted. You have to find out about what things that can allow your partner to feel loved and valued by you. You have to continue to do the little things and use the same sort of thoughtfulness and caring gestures you did when you were first courting. It is unlikely that both of you share the same emotional needs. Therefore, you avoid making the mistake of only showing love in the same way that you like to receive love.


You make intentional, regular and daily deposits into each other’s emotional bank account in ways that your partner recognizes as loving, caring behavior. This may require having you to get out of your comfort zone. If your partner needs to be touched and you are not the touching type, it is time for you to learn a new language of love. This can be uncomfortable to you at first. But if you refuse to change your way, it will be sending her the message that you do not care enough to learn to love her in the way she wants to and you will only want to do things in your own way.


(2)   You strengthen the connection with each other by tuning in to each other’s feelings and needs, intentionally looking for ways to express caring, spending time with each other and having fun together.


(3)   You express fondness by touching each other affectionately every day. Tender touch is a fundamental need for human beings. Touch is healing and is also a way of expressing love and acceptance. When someone touches you it is like they are acknowledging you.


(4)   When you are upset or angry about something your spouse has done, you can try to be more understanding and forgiving of each other to prevent the barriers to communication from affecting intimacy.


Remember that you need desire, intimacy and commitment to keep a relationship strong. With good communication, you are able to understand each other’s needs. Based on this knowledge of each other’s needs, you make an effort to do the little things regularly to show you care. You use anticipation to drive passion or desire by setting aside time for passionate moments and by feeding fun and exciting ideas by setting aside time for passionate moments which you intend to make them happen. If you can do these, you will continue to have great sex, regardless of how long you have been in the relationship.


For a detailed road map on how to make passion and intimacy an important part of your  relationship, you can click on Hot Sex and Turn The Heat On

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How To Prevent Sex Life From Further Deterioration Into Boredom




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When sex becomes part of a relationship, it can run the risk of becoming a routine. But once you realize that boring sex is not something you should live with and you can always keep it fun and exciting, that is when you can start working together as a couple to improve intimacy in your relationship.


Here Are Some Ways To Keep That Passionate Spark Alive Now And Throughout Your Relationship


(1)   Recognize that intimacy is more than just sex


It is important to remember that intimacy should not be restricted to what you are doing in the bedroom. Setting aside special times to be intimate with one another, for example, cooking together, going to the park or zoo, giving each other a massage, or taking up ballroom dancing. The aim is to create more opportunities for both of you to have fun together as a couple.


(2)   Sharing your thoughts with each other


You have to realize that even if your partner has been with you for quite a while do not mean he/she can totally read your mind and make you happy. Therefore, you need to let your spouse know more about your sexual likes and dislikes in a non-confrontational way. The more both of you get more comfortable in exchanging with each other your needs, the more likely you can experiment and try new things.


When disagreements occur, hold hands throughout the entire discussion without letting go, as this works very well in greatly reducing the likelihood that you may say something that you regret later. Good and effective communication includes being a good listener, paying close attention not just to words that are spoken but also to the tone of voice and body language, in order to get a complete understanding of what is being spoken.


(3)   Put in special effort to make it happen


Saying that you are busy should not be used as a never-ending excuse for the lack of effort in freeing out some special time just for both of you to be alone together. Get temporary or part-time help to take care of the kids, get takeout or engage a food catering service instead of making dinner, to allow you more time to relax. This will make it easier for you to unwind and reconnect with your inner thoughts and emotions. In this way, you will be able to get into the mood easily to enjoy the intimate moments with your partner.


Do not take for granted the power of a simple soft touch, a romantic dinner or a bubble bath together. These are the precious moments that can both build and preserve intimacy that is so essential to a satisfying life with one another.


(4)   Create opportunities for fun


All of us know the bedroom is a couple’s safe heaven but this does not mean all of your romantic activities need to start and finish there. You can create that romantic atmosphere at any place in your house. For example, you can lay out a soft blanket in the living room, light some candles and enjoy each other’s company with a bottle of red wine and strawberries. After years of being together, many couples become almost robotic in their foreplay and lovemaking ritual. Monotonous routine can easily douse the romantic fire in your relationship, so spice things up with some creativity.


(5)   Try something different


Monotony is the enemy of passion. It is easy for couples to get comfortable in doing the same things over and over again. Any activity that will encourage change and growth will more than likely to bring the spark you use to experience when courting back into the relationship.


You can ask your partner to tell you three of his/her fantasies and you get to choose one to act out. When your partner’s turn comes, you tell him/her three of yours and he/she will select one. In order for your partner to believe that you want to hear his/her real fantasies, you can offer a believable example. Otherwise, he/she may think you are only expecting to hear something that is just ‘right and nice’ which is not his/her true intentions. Try something like this: “You know I am open to whatever that really excites you, whether it is being tied up or pretending I am someone else, you name it.”


You can also try one new thing each fortnight. Start off with something simple such as having a bath together, giving each other a foot massage, and taking off her top or his shirt without using your hands. Then you can move into things like making love with his/her hands being tied together and masturbating in front of each other. If you are excited about what your partner is doing or how he/she behaves, show it, better still, say so. The biggest turn-on of all is seeing how much you are so excited or aroused by your partner.


(6)   Try flirting


Flirting is something that comes naturally in a new relationship. Keeping flirtation alive throughout a long-term relationship will help you to maintain a healthy, passionate relationship. Flirting sends natural stimulant surging through the body, creating an instant emotional ‘high’ quite similar to an orgasm. From time to time, send him/her sexy texts or notes to each one describing bits of him/her you find so sexy. Pretending you have just met him/her and act as you did at the beginning of courtship.


So, use these tips from now onwards to keep sex alive in your relationship. When you are ready to try something new and different, you can click on Hot Sex and Eternal Flame

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