Spinach and Sea Kelp Powder for Healthy Skin


Spinach and Sea Kelp Powder for Healthy Skin - Are you looking for a safe and cost-effective way to get a healthy skin? Read on to find out more.
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If you are looking for safe, non-surgery and chemical free way to a healthy skin, you should take a look at natural ingredients such as spinach and sea kelp.


Various scientific studies show that spinach contains 13 different flavonoid compounds, which offer you’re a host of health benefits. These flavonoid compounds act as antioxidants which preserve the health of your cells and also help your skin look younger and healthier.


Raw spinach is also rich in amino acids, carotenes, Vitamins A, C, E, K and B complex, iron (which helps your skin to get enough oxygen), iodine (which has anti-inflammatory agents), zinc (which helps you to fight pimples), magnesium, potassium and more.


The combination of these nutrients in spinach increase the body’s natural rate of collagen production, which makes your skin look young and healthy.


Studies show that spinach is packed with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory nutrients that slow down the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.


The vitamin A, C, beta-carotene and lutein present in spinach all serve as powerful antioxidants that help protect the skin from sun damage and wrinkle-causing elements.


Lutein and beta-carotene helps retain moisture and improves elasticity of the skin. Keeping your skin hydrated and supple are the key secrets in keeping wrinkles at bay.


The high amount of vitamin A in spinach also promotes healthy skin by allowing for proper moisture retention in the epidermis, thus fighting psoriasis, keratinization, acne and even wrinkles. Iodine in spinach helps treat skin diseases and strengthens the immune system.


Being rich in vitamin K and folate, spinach gives you a clear complexion by minimizing acne, bruising on the skin and dark circles. The bounty of vitamin and minerals in this vegetable give you quick relief from dry itchy skin, thus providing you with a radiant complexion.


As mentioned earlier, spinach is effective in clearing up acne. To get rid of acne, you can make a face mask by blending spinach with little water and applying it on your face for 20 minutes. This will remove dirt, oil and inflammation from your skin, thus refreshing and rejuvenating it from within.


You can also drink spinach juice with other vegetable juices mixed in the following proportions, ½ tomato, ¼ cucumber, 1 carrot, 1 celery, ½ red pepper, ½ cup cabbage, 1 green onion and a handful of spinach. Blend these ingredients to get the juice and drink it daily. This is effective for skin healing and prevents acne.


As stated earlier, spinach is a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A improves skin tone whereas vitamin C plays an important role in the repair as well as growth of skin cells. The amazing antioxidants and nutrients in spinach even out your complexion, making your skin look radiant.


Spinach is rich in vitamin B which protects your skin from the harmful ultra violet rays that cause sun damage, skin cancer and pre-mature ageing of skin.


Vitamin E which is also present in spinach is an important form of antioxidant for women. Vitamin E is linked to reproductive health in women. It also helps promote healthy skin, nails, and hair. Research has shown that it may prevent heart disease, cataracts and even cancer.


One of the vitamins that will promote healthy nails is Vitamin A. This vitamin for nail growth can be found in green and leafy vegetables such as spinach.


Lack of vitamin A can cause your nails to become dry and brittle that may hinder normal nail growth. Vitamin B-complex also is one of the vitamins for nail growth. This vitamin can also be acquired from spinach.


Hair loss is often a result of the deficiency of iron. This mineral strengthens the hair strands by enabling the blood cells to carry oxygen to the hair follicles which is essential for healthy hair growth and strong strands.


Deficiency of iron causes anaemia which results in hair loss among other adverse effects. Spinach is rich in folate and iron. While folate aids the creation of red blood cells, iron helps them carry oxygen, thus combating hair loss.


Now, let’s talk about sea kelp which is a type of seaweed or marine algae that is available in powder form. It may be brown, green or red, and is rich in various nutrients such as minerals and proteins.


Sea kelp can also be applied topically and is an ingredient in many natural skincare products. Sea kelp has a variety of benefits, but one of its most common uses is for creating healthy skin. It is an important part of a skincare regimen for those who are concerned about aging, as well as those of all ages who deal with skin blemishes.


Sea kelp is packed with vitamins and nutrients, many of which are considered beneficial to easing the effects of acne. The iodine in kelp also helps balance the thyroid, which means the surging hormones that often lead to adolescent acne are kept under control.


Some people are bothered by the moles on their skin. These tiny brown marks are natural, but if they occur in certain places, they can leave a person feeling self-conscious.


Sea kelp benefits skin by lightening the moles and in some cases, causing the moles to disappear. Applying kelp topically over the course of weeks often has a vanishing effect on moles.


Sea kelp might also be helpful in removing skin tags, which are tiny flaps of skin that occur on various parts of the body. Both moles and skin flaps increase in occurrence as a person ages.


To harness the anti-aging nutrients in spinach and sea kelp, you can combine both of them together to create a facial mask. You will need some fresh spinach leaves and 1 tablespoon of sea kelp powder.


You separate the spinach leaves from the stems and boil the leaves. After this, you put the boiled spinach leaves into a blender to be grinded into paste. Then you add the sea kelp powder to the spinach paste.


Spread the mixture in a thin and even layer over your entire face and neck. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse the mixture from your face using room temperature water. Pat the skin dry with a towel. Do this regularly to get firm and wrinkle free skin. You can refrigerate the mixture for up to 3 days.


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How to Treat Back Acne Naturally?


Are you looking for safe and effective ways to treat back acne? Are you sick of the painful, raised pimples on your back that stop you from wearing the clothes you like? Read on to find out more.
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Are you looking for safe and effective ways to treat back acne? Are you sick of the painful, raised pimples on your back that stop you from wearing the clothes you like? Like any form of acne, you can easily treat back acne and never have to worry about it again.


Back acne scars may not be as noticeable as facial scarring but they can be just as embarrassing and annoying. Back acne is often caused by problems with hygiene and sweat trapped from tight fitting clothing. Pores on the back may become blocked up with the trapped sweat and can then become inflamed and infected.


Hormones can also cause back acne. Because the skin is much thicker on the back than what it is on the face, back acne can be harder to treat that facial acne.


The only thing with back acne is that reaching around to your back to apply the necessary cleanser, toners, and other ointments can be a task. Just as trying to clean your back or to scratch your back thoroughly, applying back acne treatments can be discomforting and bit of a nuisance.


Some different circumstances apply as far as the aggravation of back acne is concerned. Sweating and the constant rubbing of tight fitting clothes especially during athletics can cause more inflammation than acne on the face.


The first thing that you need to do is to realize that back acne is treatable, and can be cured naturally. Don’t worry about what others have told you. You are not on your own and with the information that I am going to share with you; you can be completely free of back acne real fast.


Many of the conventionally produced skin care products often contain poisonous substances, which were synthetically derived from petrochemicals. These ingredients have the potential for causing cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders, allergic respiratory reactions, and skin and eye irritations.


Many chemicals found in skin care products don’t cause immediate visible signs of toxicity, but affect our health negatively over time through repeated use. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we can do something about it.


If you want to get rid of acne naturally, you can make your own acne care products on the basis of all natural ingredients which not only save you money, but also ensure that both your body and skin are not unduly taxed by toxic and allergenic ingredients.


Even better, acne care products using simple, natural ingredients are easy to make. You can pick up most of the ingredients you will need on your next trip to the local shops. Supermarkets and natural food stores carry almost everything you will need, and specialist ingredients should be available in your pharmacy.


The following are some of the ways you can get rid of back acne naturally


Geranium Essential Oil


Essential oils such as Geranium Essential Oil are particularly effective on acne skin problems because they are anti-bacterial, antiseptic, healing and they also soothe the mental stresses which can make acne worse.


Geranium Essential Oil is derived from the leaf and stalk of the Pelargonium graveolens, from the Geraneaceae family. The graveolens species has a much rosier smell compared to the odoratissimum species, which has more of an apple scent. The Pelargonium graveolens is the most prized of the Geranium Oils.


Also a highly-regarded antimicrobial, but with gentler action and scent, Geranium essential oil is a very worthwhile addition to the home medicine chest. Geranium has exceptional healing properties for the skin, creating balance between oily and dry states, and is useful for both over-oily and over-dry conditions.


A non-drying, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, and general tonic, Geranium is described in the aromatherapy literature as a cure for acne, general dermatitis and eczema. To treat back acne, mix 10-15 drops of Geranium Essential Oil in your bathtub water and soak yourself in this water for at least 20 minutes.


Neem Powder


Neem powder is a popular Ayurvedic treatment used in India for centuries to cure skin ailments such as acne, eczema, fungal infections, burns, psoriasis and hives.


You can add 2 tablespoons of neem powder to your bathtub water and soak inside the water for at least 20 minutes to treat back acne and other body acne.


Or, you can make a paste by adding 1 teaspoon of neem powder into a bowl of water and get someone to apply this paste over your back, avoiding your eyes. If you have dry skin, substitute olive oil for water. Rinse the paste off your skin with lukewarm water after 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the seriousness of your skin conditions.


Neem powder is not suitable for broken skin, or when you are pregnant.


You can get certified organic Geranium Essential Oil online from Mountain Rose Herbs


Apple Cider Vinegar


As apple cider vinegar contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, it is beneficial for people with acne. The apple cider vinegar acts as a toner and astringent.


Studies claim that when applied to the skin, apple cider vinegar can effectively treat acne because it is rich in alpha-hydroxyl acids, helping to dissolve fatty deposits on the skin’s surface and reducing scaly conditions, promoting a softer, smoother appearance. It reduces swelling and helps dry the affected area.


To treat back acne, mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar into your bathtub water and soak yourself in it for 20 to 30 minutes.


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Is there Any Natural Acne Cure that Works Permanently?



The natural acne cure approach focuses first on tackling the root causes of your acne besides adopting a healthy lifestyle so that your acne will cease to torment you and you will get to feel as healthy and attractive as ever!
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Is there such a thing like natural acne cure or is it just some kind of a fad or gimmick? Is there a permanent acne cure or is all acne sufferers condemned to face the ugly reality for the rest of their lives? Is there any real, natural and safer alternative to those endless uses of over the counter products and to the unpleasant side affects you experience from using those conventional drugs, creams and topical acne treatments?

Most dermatologists and other strong believers of western medicine have already answered that controversial question by claiming that acne is incurable. Why are they so sure about this?
Well, there are 2 reasons for that:

1. The first reason is that most dermatologists have no idea what the real cause of acne is. It’s rather hard to believe but true. They know very clearly what are the normal symptoms of acne and they are very good in treating these ‘skin deep’ symptoms, but very unlucky to those chronic acne sufferers they cannot tell you exactly what are the root causes of your acne in the first place.

2. The second reason is pure vested interests. Most doctors collude with the pharmaceutical and drug companies which have no interest in finding the permanent cure for acne suffers.


Drug companies are not interested in curing you once and for all because this will mean no more repeated sales for them later on. What they will do is to come out with drugs, creams or pills that just only alleviate the symptoms, so that acne sufferers will keep coming back for them. This will create drug dependency on the part of chronic acne sufferers and a good steady flow of recurrent income for the drug companies.


By applying medications and creams that deal merely with the symptoms while ignoring the source or the internal cause of the disease, acne will never be cured. So, that is the dirty truth on how drug companies extract huge profits. This not only happens to acne. Don’t ever count on drug companies to get you the permanent cure for those chronic illnesses such as diabetes or high blood pressure or even AIDS!
Without eliminating the root causes of your acne condition, you will never get rid of your acne permanently. Without addressing the internal cause of your acne, what you get is just temporary relief. You can be sure your acne will keep coming back until you do something fundamental to eradicate the cause from within.

In most cases, every disease is the result of something that is not functioning well within your body. All major diseases and chronic conditions are warning signs of something very fundamentally wrong inside.

The very surprising truth is that you are lucky for having acne. Acne, like those minor ailments such as constant headaches, irritable bowel syndrome or dandruffs is only a small message your body send to you to inform you that something is wrong internally and should be addressed and corrected as soon as you can before it gets worse.

Now that you know acne is not just a skin-deep problem there are two choices you can make – you can:

1.Ignore that message – big mistake!  You shouldn’t! The internal imbalance that triggers the outbreak of your acne will, in most cases, turn into a chronic condition. Now instead of just having acne you may start to experience other hormonal imbalance or toxic overload related symptoms. If you don’t fix the internal problem, the disease symptoms can only get more and more intense.

2. Listen to your body and start finding out what are the root causes of your acne. This will help you to find the suitable way to fix the internal problem that causes your acne to appear in the first place. In this way you will not only get rid of your acne, you will also achieve beautiful, healthy, even toned clear skin complexion, re-balance your body and prevent future hormonal or toxic overload related conditions.

The simple truth is…you are ‘out of balance’ inside your body. We now live a ‘far-from-natural’ lifestyle. Every day we are in contact with over 300 synthetic industrial chemicals that did not exist 50 years ago. Food, water and air is polluted and tainted with toxins. This also applies to the medication we ingest and use.

The natural acne cure approach focuses first on tackling the root causes of your acne besides adopting a healthy lifestyle (healthy diet & mindset, cleanse & detoxify, hormonal balancing etc.) you will put your body back into balance – holistically – your acne will cease to torment you and you will get to feel as healthy and attractive as ever!

It doesn’t matter what type of acne you have. Whether you suffer from: acne vulgaris, acne Conglobata, acne Rosacea, Acne Fulminans, Blackheads, Whiteheads, Papules, Pustules, Nodules or Cysts: The basic principles for curing your acne are the same. The “holistic” ways of treating people have been around for many years, and they are absolutely effective whether you have teen or adult acne; whether you suffer from acne on your back, shoulders or chest or if you suffer from female related acne such as menopause acne or acne due to monthly cycles.

Whatever your acne condition is, until you finally stop making the same acne treatment mistakes and start applying the holistic or natural acne cure approach to treating acne, you can literally choose to become clear and stay clear. You will definitely have the power to make it happen.

Mike Walden is a certified nutritionist, independent medical researcher, natural health consultant and author of the #1 best-selling e-book, “Acne No More- Open The Door To An Acne Free Life.” Mike has written dozens of holistic health articles and has been featured in ezines and print magazines, as well as on hundreds of websites worldwide. For information on Mike’s Holistic Clear Skin program, click on Natural Acne Cure


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How to Treat Oily and Acne Prone Skin


How to Treat Acne Prone Skin - (1)	Wash your face with lukewarm water regularly, but don’t scrub, (2)	Having the right diet rich in skin-friendly food, (3)	Choose oil-free make-up products and (4) Use a mild cleanser or medicated cleansers with either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in the morning and before bedtime



Acne is a common problem found in almost 90% of teens and affecting 50% to 70% of adult women. Acne occurs when dead skin cells combine with the skin’s natural oil to clog up the skin pores.


Acne may have started in your teen years, when the testosterone hormone in your body causes excess production of oil under your skin which lead to those awful breakouts. Or, you may have begun experiencing acne breakouts in your adult years.


Acne is common, complex, chronic and not curable. But it is controllable. Therefore, it is important that you understand what type of acne you have and seek treatment as soon as possible to avoid scarring.


What you need to do is to understand the nature of your skin and use a combination of skin care treatments that will not cause irritation to your skin.


If your acne prone skin causes you to have severe breakouts it may be advisable for you to seek the counsel of a licensed health care professional.


If your acne is the mild type, you can treat it on your own using a combination of ways such as dieting, life style changes and taking the preventive measures.


How to treat acne prone skin


Following are some ways you can do to reduce the effects of acne and its damage to your skin.


(1)     Wash your face with lukewarm water regularly, but don’t scrub


Clean your face gently twice a day. When washing your face, use your hands, as any terrycloth or other scrubbing material may cause acne sores to rupture. Don’t use abrasive exfoliating cleansers, which can irritate.


Avoid using soaps. They may contain chemicals which can irritate your skin. Soaps may also rob your skin of its protective barrier, and many of them have a pH higher than your skin, which can negatively alter your skin chemistry.


(2)     Having the right diet rich in skin-friendly food


It is important to know which foods wreak the most havoc on the health of your skin. Some of the most common foods to steer clear of include those which are high in salt, saturated fats and refined sugar.


Take a lot of fruits and vegetables because they contain a type of Vitamin A called carotenoids which may provide benefits similar to those provided by retinoid drugs — medications to treat acne. Rich sources of carotenoids include carrot juice, carrots, spinach, kale, cantaloupe, vegetable soup, mangos, papaya, instant fortified oatmeal, frozen peas and tomato juice.


Take foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids because they contain essential fats that may help prevent or reduce the occurrence of acne. Therefore your diet should include fatty fish, such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, halibut, herring, flounder and lake trout, ground flaxseed, flaxseed oil, walnuts and walnut oil.


Consume a variety of whole grains, such as oats, spelt, millet, bulgur, whole wheat, brown rice, wild rice, quinoa and popcorn, regularly for best potential results. This is because whole grains may enhance healthy hormonal balance and lead to reduced acne symptoms.


Drink a lot of water during daytime to keep your skin hydrated. This can also help to detoxify your skin.


(3)     Choose oil-free make-up products


If you wear makeup, use an oil-free foundation. Heavy makeup or other cosmetic products that block pores may cause a flare-up of acne. Concealers are available in many shades that will cover up the pimples and treat them at the same time. Matte finishes in foundation, blush and eye-shadow are best for oily skin.


If you need to use a moisturizer, use only light, non-comedogenic moisturizers, which are oil- free. Choose those that contain anti-bacterial agents for acne-prone skin. This type of product may be your best option.


(4)     Use a mild cleanser or medicated cleansers with either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in the morning and before bedtime


Try an acne treatment based either on salicylic acid or a low strength of benzoyl peroxide, less than 2.5%. Salicylic acid, which is derived from plants, is one of the most effective anti-acne chemicals on the market. It works by encouraging the shedding of dead — and potentially pore-clogging — skin cells. It also helps shrink blackheads and whiteheads.


Benzyl peroxide works by breaking up dead skin cells that can clog pores. It has the added benefit of killing the bacteria that help contribute to acne.


Your skin may initially become more irritated in the first few days of application, but this should settle down after a few days. Both salicylic acid and benzyl peroxide can take a while to be effective, so give it a good four to six weeks to kick in.


When you choose a new product on your face, always test the product on a small patch of skin on your arm or behind the ear to see if you are sensitive to the product.


Apply the treatment of your choice once or twice each day after washing your face, depending on the directions on the package. If the product causes too much irritation (e.g., redness, stinging, or peeling), then you should switch to a lower-strength product or use it less frequently.


For more information to treat acne prone skin, go to ClearPores.com.


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Clear Pores: The Chemical-Free Way to Clear Acne



Clear Pores definitely fits the description of being the safest and most effective way to clear acne, because it has been especially formulated from herbal ingredients that will work both internally and externally to not only clear up your blemishes and wash away any dirt from the surface of your skin, but also work inside your body to help prevent future outbreaks.



Are you looking for the safest and most effective way to clear acne and have a smooth, blemish free skin? Are you frustrated with the several types of anti-acne products that you have used and yet not producing the results that you want?


If this is what you have been experiencing, maybe it is time to throw away all those so-called anti-acne products together with their broken promises.


Probably it is time that you need to do some further research and just get one product that really works to reduce your acne, and better still to prevent it from coming back.


Preferably, this product should be made from natural ingredients so that you will not have any side effects from using it. Does that sound a bit too good to be true?


Well it’s not. Clear Pores definitely fits the description of being the safest and most effective way to clear acne. Why is this so?


Well, because it has been especially formulated from herbal ingredients that will work both internally and externally to not only clear up your blemishes and wash away any dirt from the surface of your skin, but also work inside your body to help prevent future outbreaks.


The Clear Pores skin cleansing system is actually designed as a comprehensive three part system. The three distinct components are:


Clear Pores Deep Facial Wash — this effective acne treatment opens up the clogged pores to free them from dead skin, dirt and other irritants. The wash is able to go deeper beyond the skin surface to get rid of the bacteria that makes acne appear.


Clear Pores Herbal Supplement — this supplement is 100%-derived from natural ingredients which work to strengthen your body to fight acne. The herbs help your skin to rebuild cells and that means that you will see less inflammation, swelling and scarring from acne. The unique herbal formula will work with our body’s immune system to permanently eliminate acne.


Clear Pores Facial Protection Cream — after you have used the Deep Facial Wash and your pores are clean and unclogged, you will need to keep your clear skin clean. The Clear Pores Facial Protection Cream helps to moisturize your skin and also protect it from the effects of long exposure to smog and dirt


After using the Clear Pores skin cleansing system, you will start to notice results almost immediately and you won’t be disappointed on how your new skin will give you a new outlook on life.


So don’t delay and take action to clear acne. Purchase your sample of Clear Pores skin cleansing system today and look forward to a clearer tomorrow!


For more information, go to ClearPores.com.


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