Want to Build Self Confidence and Become a Better Lover? Here’s How!






A lot of guys are not happy with their penis size. This is despite some of them having an above average size. They still want a bigger penis. The thinking is the bigger it is, the better you can pleasure a woman in bed. Becoming a better lover by satisfying your woman, giving her exactly what she wants, when she wants and how she wants is important for most men.


Such pressures that guys experience in their pursuit to be bigger and better can be so overwhelming that sometimes it can just be too much to figure out what to do when, how, where, and add to all that the sense that your member is just not quite up to snuff and it’s a miracle you can even perform at all!


In your search for the perfect solution to help you get a bigger tool, you must have come across many products that promise you the moon. You are probably wondering does this stuff actually work. How and where should you start?


First of all, what you need are simple and effective solutions that don’t cost an arm and a leg which you know are guaranteed to work and that will truly make you into the spectacular lover that you want to be and that your partner deserves.


This is where penis enlargement exercises come into the picture. They are natural, safe and most men have experienced good results with regular exercises. These exercises are really effective for you because it can give you enhanced ejaculation control that will guarantee your partner to be happy and that’s the big secret about being a better lover.


How do these exercises work? First of all, a quick anatomy lesson will help you understand how your member works. There are two chambers (called corpora cavernosa) in your penis that serves a critical function in erection process. When you become aroused, the blood flow to the chambers increases and this in turn increases the size and dimension of your penis.


Penile exercise works by applying gentle pressure to stimulate blood flow to the corpora cavernosa. This will promote new cell growth in this part of your body.  When you encourage new cells to grow, you can make it bigger and longer. These exercises have been proven to work and have long lasting results.


Thanks to new technology, you can get the best penile gains possible by combining natural penis enlargement exercises with a medically approved penis extender. This is a device that will help you increase your penis size. It works by traction. Tissue expansion via traction is a medical technique used to expand human tissue and it is very effective. You will not see gains overnight. You need to wear the device consistently for 5 to 6 hours per day to see results. You can accomplish your size goals in a few weeks or spread it out over a few months or more. It is up to you!


Apart from having a thicker, longer and stronger manhood from using the combination of exercises and a traction device, you will also get improved orgasms, stronger erections and enhanced ejaculation control. This medically approved device plus Penal Enlargement Exercise CD, along with other male enhancement products are available as part of the ProeExtender System. I am sure you would agree with me that your lover would definitely love you more for all these benefits.


So grab the ProeExtender System today and have fun getting bigger! You will be a better lover she will be the first to tell you that!

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How To Make Penis Enlargement Work for You







Are you striving for the best that sex can offer? Do you want a happy and passionate sex life?


Time, stress, worries, interruptions can get in the way of our sex life for sure, but no one wants the added stress of always feeling inadequate. You may have heard many times over and over again that size does not matter. Though your partner will not say it to your face, penis size can and does make a difference during sex.


Even if your penis is average in size, but if you get this feeling of not measuring up, this can hurt your self-esteem. Feeling self-conscious is one of the top reasons that can affect your performance and when you are in the middle of getting down and dirty with your lover nothing is worse than worries or concerns of not being big enough; and/or she is not going to be happy!


If that doesn’t shrink your willy, nothing will. But luckily for you, and her, there is a non-surgery solution to increase your size down there effectively. What I am referring here is you can increase both the length and girth down there by way of stretching (penile traction) using a stretching device commonly known as penis extender.


Compared to surgery, an invasive procedure, penile traction is a non-invasive treatment that works in conjunction with your body’s ability to adapt. It is the only clinically proven penis enlargement method. In fact, according to surveys, 90% of men who have tried penis extenders have expressed their satisfaction over the results.


Penile traction feels like a slightly tense stretching force along the length of your shaft. The traction or stretching device works by pulling on selected areas of penile tissue in order to create micro tears. The body will treat these tears through cell regeneration creating new healthy cells. As you use the penis extenders for some period of time, the cells will continuously regenerate thereby increasing the length and girth of the penis.


Penis extenders don’t just improve the girth and lengthen your penis. Some specially designed penis extenders even claim to boost male libido and sexual performance. One of the best things that penis extenders can offer to its new customers is its ability to deliver long lasting results. The gains in length and girth of the penis by 28% and 19% respectively from using the penis extenders will not diminish as time goes by. Once you have achieved your desired length, you can now stop using the penis extender device.


To achieve the just-mentioned gains in size, you have to wear your extender every day for 4-6 months 4-6 hours a day. Basically you should aim for minimum 1000+ hours within 6 months. Normally people will see their first gains after daily use in 8 -10 weeks – however some users may see results after just a few weeks or after 3 months. Remember that the process is very effective but also very slow – using a penis extender therefore requires a lot of patience.


When using the penis extender, you should be EXTRA CAREFUL in order to avoid injury. You must follow the procedure in using the device as instructed in the package. Also, make sure to follow the company’s “exercise program” for your penis. Do not wear penis extenders to sleep. You have to keep your device clean.


There are also safety concerns when wearing a penis extender especially if the device gets too tight. The penis enlargement device should be adjusted every 15 minutes to release the tension on the penis. This is the reason why penis extenders shouldn’t be worn in public because adjustments should be done continuously.


Another point to remember is that penis extenders should only be worn under sweatpants, boxer shorts or anything that can provide a wider space. Slacks and gartered jeans are not enough because it can cause injury and permanent damage. If the gland feels any pain, numbness and sting feeling then it is advisable to adjust the device or remove it right away. Ignoring this kind of condition can be a serious matter.


Though penis extenders are proven to work effectively in penis enlargement but not all penis extenders are created equal. It is better to invest in a quality product rather than being impulsive – which may end up trashing a lot of cash.


One source you can check out and that I have personally tried is The ProeExtender System

Not only does this system work, it comes with a full money back guarantee. This system is complete and starts off with the penis enlargement device. This device was designed with you in mind by a medical doctor in Denmark.


The added bonus when you use the complete ProeExtender System is the CD which includes a series of exercises that you can do in the privacy of your own home. These exercises will compliment the other components of this amazing system. You will be happier, your lover will definitely be happier, and so all in all, you have nothing to lose except more fun, more pleasure and more confidence! Sounds like a super deal all around. So what are you waiting for? Give the ProeExtender System a try and you won’t be disappointed!


For more information, go to ProExtenderSystem.com


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How to Increase Penis Size and Thickness Naturally







While the size of the penis is hardly ever an issue for reproductive purposes, many guys seem to be very stressed about the size, especially if they think that their penis size is not long enough. Even those men who are average in size often look for ways and means to increase their penile length and girth.


Though some sex gurus have repeatedly said that size doesn’t matter, yet this does not put men at ease. This is especially after they notice the popularity of those 8 inches long dildos and even come across some women lamenting about their partners’ small size on some online forums or social media sites. This feeling of not measuring up is also made worse by watching pornography where you find that most of the male porn stars have penises that are above the average size.


It is therefore understandable and hard to blame men for trying to increase their penile size naturally. I think a guy who wants to increase his penis size is just as normal as a woman who wants to increase her breasts size. I am pretty much sure you are also looking for an easy way in increasing penile size naturally, and that’s why you are reading this article. Well kudos to you for getting this far. I am going to be talking about how you can easily increase an average of 2-4 inches in 89 days.


What are the Benefits of an Enlarged Penis


Apart from increased self-confidence, your performance in the bedroom will get better because your libido will get stronger when you increase penis size. A big penis will be able to penetrate well and touch the vital part of the clitoris more effectively than a small penis.


A woman tends to reach her orgasm well if the deepest part of her clitoris gets explored by the penis of her man. A small penis will not be able to reach the deepest section of the clitoris. On the other hand, a bigger and thicker penis can reach the spot quite effectively and easily. This is primarily the reason why a woman prefers a bigger penis to a smaller one.


This is what you will experience when you increase penis size. Having talk a lot about size, you may wonder what size is considered to be small.  Generally a penis will be considered small if the length is less than 5 inches and the girth to be less than 4 inches. If you increase penis size, your penis length can ultimately reach about 8 inches and the girth, at least 6 inches. Now, if that doesn’t make you happy, what will?


Increase Penis Size with Biochemical Penis Enlargement


Looking at these benefits of an enlarged penis, surely you will want to know is it possible to increase penis size in a safe way? The answer is yes – you can increase penis size provided you do this in a proper way. So now I am going to walk you through about a process called Biochemical Penis Enlargement. The great thing about biochemical penis enlargement is that it works alongside other bodily functions so that it can lead to penile growth in a natural and safe manner. This method emphasizes combining the internal natural resources of your body with the external resources to achieve the objective.


The entire concept of penis enlargement came about when scientists wanted to create a product for those men who had micro penises. They created pills and supplements for them and they worked for a while and then they stopped showing results. Soon they came to realize that there should be another form of treatment that they could look into.


The theory of biochemical penis enlargement is a new one that talks about penis growth that begins during puberty and stops after a certain stage. This is due largely to a chain of nutrients and biochemicals in the body that makes sure that these changes take place but after a certain point, some biochemicals or nutrients are removed which is when the boy becomes post-pubescent.


The main idea behind biochemical penis enlargement is that if these biochemicals or nutrients can be replaced, penis growth will be able to re-start and hence, every man should be able to increase penis size. There are absolutely no gimmicks here because the method is 100% natural. The body needs to be told what to do at every step of the process and this is what the biochemical penis enlargement method is trying to achieve.


So as long as you do everything that is necessary, biochemical penis enlargement will work for you to increase penis size. You can do some exercises and use weights and pumps after the treatment is over but keep in mind that they can be quite dangerous so until and unless you have a medical professional helping you, don’t do it!


To get greater details about how you can use biochemical penis enlargement to give you the size that is enough to give any woman a powerful, earth-shaking and toe-curling orgasm, watch this video first and then click on Safe and Best Penis Growth Program

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The Best Way to Increase Penis Size – Secrets Revealed






Is your poor performance in bed hurting your relationship with your partner? Is the main cause of your sexual relationship problem due to dissatisfaction over the size of your male organ? Well, have no worries because you are not alone. A man’s fear that his penis looks too small or is too small to satisfy his partner during sex is a common fear. Almost half of all men are unhappy with the size of their own genitals. The large number and wide variety of methods used to enlarge a penis reveal just how serious this concern is for many men.


If you have always wanted to increase penis size ever since you realized that it is possible to do so, what can you do? First, let’s take a look at some of the commonly-used options and a few facts about each of them. Here goes:


Penis Enlargement Pills


All penis enlargement pills are formulated to increase the penis size during sexual intercourse. According to medical experts, when a guy is sexually aroused the erectile tissues will expand to create more space for blood flow. The greater the volume of blood flow, the larger and firmer the penis becomes, allowing you to perform better during sexual intercourse.


Though these pills will help increase the blood flow thus giving you harder erections the gains have not been permanent. The long term side effects have also proven to be potentially dangerous in some brands and the FDA has had to issue warnings against some of the ingredients used.


Penis Pumps


Penis pumps are often used to help men with erectile dysfunction to achieve erection during intercourse. This vacuum-like device is designed to force blood flow to the penis and can often help men maintain an erection for up to 30 minutes. They are also often used to increase length and or girth. However, effectiveness is questionable, and it has been reported that the average growth in penis size is less than 10 cm, or about a quarter of an inch.


A penis pump should always be used carefully. Be sure to follow the instructions and not to pump more often than necessary. Pumping for too long, too vigorous or more often than necessary may cause blood vessels to break or other injury.


Penis Enlargement Weights


Penis weights are believed to be an age old method for penis enlargement in men. It is believed that by using weights in the most delicate part of our body, the length of the penis can increase to some extent. This is because the tissue of our penis has a certain degree of elasticity. If weights are applied to the organ for a long time and at regular intervals, the tissue of the penis will be forced to expand. This will help to increase the length of the organ and make permanent penis enlargement achievable.


Though practiced for many years, penis enlargement weights have far more risks attached to the practice, for example scarring and stretch marks are common occurrences, also impotence, deformation and lack of sex drive are associated with using weights. Also the use of excessive weight can actually end up decreasing your penis size!


Penis Enlargement Surgery


The surgical procedure is done by either implanting balloons in your penis to increase thickness or cutting ligaments around the pelvic area to increase length. This is the worst option because it involves going under the knife and obviously, taking a huge risk. The procedure is very expensive and you may or may not get the results you need (only about 30% success rates).


If you do succeed, you will be on bed rest for at least a month and during those 30 days, you will need somebody to help you to go to the bathroom. If the surgery doesn’t go well, you will be faced with possible side effects such as loss of sensation, impotence or even amputation.


So why should you bother to put yourself under such stress and practically kill yourself to increase penis size, especially because there is another method out there that will add at least 3 inches to your length and 3.5 inches to your girth without any pain whatsoever? It is known as biochemical penis enlargement.


How Biochemical Penis Enlargement Works to Increase Penis Size


This method works by trying to reactivate those dormant human growth hormones (HGH) that are responsible for penis growth during puberty age. This is done by adopting a healthy lifestyle, such as getting enough sleep, exercise regularly (cycling, weight lifting, jogging, running, swimming, walking) and having a proper diet consisting of  whole grains, fruits, vegetables, white meals and soy-rich food. The aim is to promote the growth of HGH inside the body so that you can increase penis size in the right manner.


Do I need to Exercise to Increase Penis Size?


To increase the effectiveness of the biochemical penis enlargement treatment (by way of proper lifestyle), you can carry out simple exercises to increase penis size. This will make sure that the said HGH remains active and that they remain where they are supposed to exist. Once the level of HGH in your body is high enough, you will be able to increase penis size.


For more details on how you can naturally grow your penis by 2-4” within 3 months, click on  Natural Penis Enlargement – Secrets Revealed.

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Natural Penis Enlargement: How to get rock hard erection and last longer in bed






Click Here To See What You Can Do About It


Is the size of manhood important in giving women sexual pleasure? What talking about size, what or which really matters? Is it the length? Or, is it the girth? Or, is it both? Such questions have been in a lot of men’s mind since they start dating.



This worry or concern over his penile size often carries with him into the bedroom. He thinks that his wife or sex partner is not happy and worries that she may leave him for a man with a larger penis.



Such obsession over size is also shared by women. You can even see on some movies about women joking with their same sex friends about their boyfriends’ or husbands’ size and been anguish about their pathetic performance in bed. This has caused a lot of pressure and embarrassment on men with small penises



So, what can men do with the extra load between their legs? What do women really want from their men? Besides having good characters, most women will prefer their partners to at least have thicker penises in order to get this ‘fill-up’ feeling during intercourse. Though most women are not size queens, but they do wish and hope for two key attributes in the penis of their potential partners, neither of which relates to size. The first can be classified as ‘strength’ & ‘power’, the second is the power to last longer in bed.


Strength and power in a penis is demonstrated through the degree of hardness when erect and the angle at which it points. A weak erection is quite soft and droopy. On the other hand, a powerful erection is full of strength, rock hard and meaty. This is what women crave, and desire when they have sex. Lasting power or stamina in the bedroom is the ability to get that rock hard erection to last long enough for her to reach orgasm without ejaculation.


So, what can a guy do to improve the power of his penis?  How to give it more power and weight and an improved angle of erection? The answer lies in doing a simple penile exercise regularly for a couple of months. Its effectiveness will be seen in just a couple of weeks. Its true capability will be shown from the amazing and yet permanent results achieved.


To get started, here is a sample of this penile exercise that you can do. I call this exercise “The Towel Lift”. For this exercise, you will need a light flannel wash cloth and 15 minutes of privacy.


Step 1: Massage yourself to a full erection.


Step 2: Place a LIGHT flannel or wash-cloth on top of and near the base of your erect penis.


Step 3: Flex your penis so it bobs gently, lifting the towel a little and then relax it, bringing the towel back to its original position. This tensing and releasing motion will be counted as one time.


Step 4: You will do this up to 25 times during each practice session, but stop if you feel you can’t do that many.  You will do this training on every other day of the week for a few weeks. However, at first, you may need to work yourself up until you reach the necessary PC muscle strength to be able to manage 25 times. Don’t strain yourself. Do as many times as you can initially. As you work out your PC muscles regularly, very soon you will be able to do this for 25 times without breaking a sweat.


If you have been doing this exercise consistently for a few weeks, you will 2 noticeable and positive changes that can do wonders to your sex life. First, your penis will be rock hard when you have an erection, and it will look and feel heavier. Many men even said that they are able to gain half an inch in both the length and girth, due to increased blood flow to the penis. Second, you will also notice the increased ability to delay your ejaculation during masturbation and intercourse.



The reason for this is your PC muscle has been strengthened by this towel hanging exercise, which is the key to the proper functioning of your penis and is also what that triggers ejaculation prematurely when it is unfit and un-toned.


It is important that when you do the exercises that you do it properly so as to minimize any injury to this area of your anatomy. Before you try any exercise, make sure it comes from a reputable and trusted source. Make sure, too, that the exercises are tried and tested to be both safe and effective.


For greater details on how you can enlarge your penis using natural exercises and techniques, as well as how to improve your sexual performance, restore your foreskin or correct a curve in your erect penis, go to Safe Penile Training and Manhood Enhancement Exercise.


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