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How to Really Use Enzymes to Treat Breathing Trouble?


How to Really Use Enzymes to Treat Breathing Trouble? If you have pulmonary fibrosis, don’t wait another day. This is because you can use systemic enzymes to treat breathing trouble by reducing the scar tissue that is filling your lungs and at the same time eliminating the inflammation.
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If you’re a smoker or you work in an occupation that exposes you to air pollutants (construction, mining, farming, etc.), you could have experience breathing trouble also known as pulmonary fibrosis.


Pulmonary fibrosis occurs when the tissue around and between the air sacs in your lungs becomes scarred and thickens. The scar tissue makes it more difficult for your body to receive the oxygen it needs and interferes with your ability to breathe.


As explained by William Wong, ND:


“The lungs contain little sacs called alveoli. These sacs are very elastic and they are the structures responsible for transferring oxygen from the air into the blood. The openings to these sacs are relatively small as the opening to a balloon is small compared to the balloon itself.


When scar tissue builds in the lungs this spider web of human silk not only keeps the lungs from fully expanding, restricting them from the inside, the fibrosis also builds up over the openings to the alveoli keeping air from being able to get into them and in turn from getting into the blood.


The result is the inability to take in a full breath of air and lowered blood levels of oxygen.”


In addition to environmental pollutants, this occurrence of breathing trouble or pulmonary fibrosis is sometimes caused by:


  • Cancer treatment (radiation treatment to your chest and certain chemotherapy drugs)
  • Genetic factors
  • Medications (including certain medications used to treat irregular heartbeat and certain antibiotics)
  • Medical conditions, such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoidosis and scleroderma


Sometimes, pulmonary fibrosis occurs with no known cause, and though it can develop slowly or suddenly, the American Lung Association reports that many people live up to only three to five years after diagnosis.


A large part of the problem is that current conventional treatments cannot remove scarring that has already occurred. Meanwhile, corticosteroids like Prednisone, which has serious side effects, may be prescribed to reduce the chronic lung inflammation that is a part of pulmonary fibrosis.


Most doctors are unaware that there’s a natural option that can fight back against both scar tissue and inflammation in a one-two punch …

Using Systemic Enzymes to Treat Breathing Trouble (Pulmonary Fibrosis)

If you have pulmonary fibrosis, don’t wait another day. This is because you can use systemic enzymes to treat breathing trouble by reducing the scar tissue that is filling your lungs and at the same time eliminating the inflammation.


Systemic enzymes fight inflammation and stimulate your immune system, making them useful for a wide variety of inflammatory conditions. They also, importantly, break down scar tissue (including fibrin, which makes up scar tissue).


Systemic enzymes are unique because they enter your bloodstream, where they are able to target multiple pathogenic processes in your body (unlike drugs, which typically only target one)


Why hasn’t your doctor told you about systemic enzymes? According to Dr. Wong:


“Most everywhere except for Germany, Japan and Central Europe medicine has not heard of systemic enzymes and doesn’t use them widely. So in most of the countries of the world there is nothing available to eat (lyse) away at the fibrosis growing within the lungs of … PF [pulmonary fibrosis] patients.


Most docs will tell you there is nothing that can be done to get rid of the scar tissue of these conditions or to get rid of scar tissue / fibrosis in general.


The use of systemic enzymes to treat breathing trouble for any of these patients is completely safe, as they have no toxicity what so ever … and can be taken at the same time with any medication except for coumadin, warfarin or heparin.


My first exposure with the application of systemic enzymes against PF came from the work of the pulmonologist the late Dr. White of Winston Salem North Carolina.


He used systemic enzymes to control the chronic inflammation of a PF patient of his and was amazed to find the patient had greatly increased his Pulmonary Capacity and oxygen saturation in just 7 days!


Also watch this Video Part 1 , Video Part 2 and Video Part 3 about using systemic enzymes to treat breathing trouble (or pulmonary fibrosis)


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