Revealing Here the 12 Best Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

CLICK HERE to Find How You Can Erase Your Stretch Marks for Good - In this post, I am going to discuss about stretch marks, what causes stretch marks, what are the home remedies for stretch marks and some easy exercises you can do to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and a video clip on how to get rid of stretch marks and scars. Read on to find more.
CLICK HERE to Find How You Can Erase Your Stretch Marks for Good

In this post, I am going to discuss about stretch marks, what causes stretch marks, what are the home remedies for stretch marks and some easy exercises you can do to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and a video clip on how to get rid of stretch marks and scars. Read on to find more.


Pregnancy and weight gain are the two major causes of stretch marks. When your skin is stretched to its maximum capacity, its elastic fibers and collagen breaks down and the ruptured middle layer tissue can then be seen through the thinned outer layer of skin.


Most women develop stretch marks at some point in her life. Some women have a family disposition to develop stretch marks, whereas others do not develop them at all.


What Causes Stretch Marks?


There are various other causes of stretch marks:


  • They may occur on the body of both men and women, if they have a problem with obesity.


  • Sometimes stretch marks develop due to hormonal and genetic problems.


  • Boys and girls develop stretch marks in their teen years, because of the skin stretching on their bodies in the process of growth.


  • Sometimes they are caused by the intake of chemical-based medicines used to combat long term diseases.


  • Deficiency in essential minerals and vitamins also leads to stretch marks. So proper and regular food is required.



What are the Home Remedies for Stretch Marks?


In treating such problems, nothing is as safe and beneficial as a good home remedy. Similarly, in the case of stretch marks, taking to home remedies is the best way to get rid of them.


But during pregnancy, it is very necessary to go with what doctors advise. Some of the solutions are provided below:


Home Remedies for Stretch Marks Tip #1 – Olive Oil


Gentle rubbing of warm olive oil on the abdomen and hips betters one’s blood circulation and helps reduce stretch marks to a great degree.


Home Remedies for Stretch Marks Tip #2 – Carrier Oil + Essential Oil


Prepare a mixture by adding one ounce of carrier oil (try avocado, sweet almond or jojoba, they are the best) with seven drops of lavender and five drops of chamomile. Apply on the affected areas. This is one of the most important home remedies for stretch marks.


Home Remedies for Stretch Marks Tip #3 – Oil Massage


Massage using calendula oil on the affected parts works a lot towards minimising stretch marks, because this oil is known for its medicinal property. Even lavender oil, which is known for its aromatic herbal quality, errand (castor oil), flaxseed oil and cod liver oil can be used to treat the problem.


Home Remedies for Stretch Marks Tip #4 – Cocoa Butter + Elastin Cream


Apply cocoa butter and/or elastin cream all over the body. These are very good for stretch marks.


Home Remedies for Stretch Marks Tip #5 – Almond Oil + Lavender Oil + Chamomile Oil


Another popular remedy in this category is the mixture of a little badaam (almond) oil, lavender oil and half a teaspoon chamomile oil. It is said to be the most effective treatment.


Home Remedies for Stretch Marks Tip #6 – Wheat Germ Oil + Calendula Oil


An herbal solution can also be made by mixing one tablespoon wheat germ oil and one tablespoon calendula oil. Regular application of this mixture on abdomen, hips, and breast regions works great, particularly on stretch marks caused due to pregnancy or weight gain.


Home Remedies for Stretch Marks Tip #7 – Lemon Juice


Lemon Juice- Lemon juice is naturally acidic and has bleaching properties too, thus, making this one of the most effective home remedies to heal and reduce stretch marks.


Take some fresh lemon juice and rub it on your stretch marks in circular motions. Wait for 10 minutes so that the juice will soak into your skin before you rinse it off. Repeat this routine a few times to see better results.


Home Remedies for Stretch Marks Tip #8 – Aloe Vera + Vitamin E Oil


Aloe Vera – Stretch marks on the skin indicate that the skin has lost its natural elasticity. Since, aloe vera contains healing and soothing properties it heals small tears in the skin’s layer and thus helps regain lost elasticity, making it a good remedy for treating stretch marks.


You could also directly rub some fresh aloe vera gel to the affected area or you can combine this with vitamin E oil.


Home Remedies for Stretch Marks Tip #9 – Egg White


Egg white – Egg whites contain amino acids and proteins that have been known to cure stretch marks. Whip together the whites of two eggs until they form soft peaks.


Then use a brush or sponge to apply the whipped egg white onto the stretch marks and allow it to dry completely. You can then rinse it off with cold water and apply some olive oil to moisturise that area.


Home Remedies for Stretch Marks Tip #10 – Castor Oil


Castor oil – In many parts of India, mothers are given an oil massage after child birth. This is then followed by a hot water bath. This traditional custom has been used by many modern day facilities to help a woman get rid of stretch marks.


Castor oil has moisturising properties, which helps smoothen out the wrinkles. Therefore, an oil massage followed by a hot water bath can get rid of stretch marks.


Home Remedies for Stretch Marks Tip #11 – Drink Enough Water


It is advised to maintain sufficient levels of water in body to avert any problems of dry skin. Good, hydrated skin results in regular detoxification of skin pores and restores elasticity, which will further aid in diminishing the markings. It is advised to drink 1-2 glasses of water several times during day.


Home Remedies for Stretch Marks Tip #12 – Vitamin-Rich Diet


The adequate and uninterrupted supply of nutrition to the body is of great eminence. It is recommended to include ample vitamins A, C and E in the diet chart.


These vitamins endow skin with optimum elasticity and at the same time provide nutrients for skincare. Fresh fruit, vegetables, almonds, fish and eggs are some example of vitamin-rich food items.


How to Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks?


Apart from the above remedies, exercise is one of the best recourses for reducing the appearance of stretch marks because the firming of the body tightens the skin and promotes better elasticity.


Because stretch marks usually develop in the areas like the thighs, abdomen, hips, and arms, here are some exercises to help you firm these areas:


  • To firm your buttocks and hips, lie flat on your back and relax. Now lift one leg and create a 90-degree angle until you feel a certain pull on your buttocks. Repeat with the other leg, slowly adding to the pace and to the strain on the hips, thighs and buttocks.


  • To firm your thighs, sit on a chair and put your hands down at your sides to hold onto the chair. Now swing your legs up and down.


  • To firm your stomach, you can perform abdominal crunches. Lie flat on your back and bend your knees with feet flat on the floor and hands on the sides of your head. Now contract your abs and lift your upper body slightly off the floor.


  • To firm your bottom, lie face-down on the floor with your arms on the side. Raise your right leg first then down, and then do the same with the other leg. You don’t have to raise your leg too high; three to six inches off the floor will suffice.


  • The goal for all the exercises is to do twenty lifts for each exercise, three times a week.


If a home remedy is used properly, in addition to the intake of nutritious food on time and drinking of enough water every day, one can easily get rid of the stretch mark problem.




By Justin E King, author of the Erase Your Stretch Marks program. This program will teach you the natural ways to treat your stretch marks, how to minimize them, how to get rid of them by using some homemade cream recipes and nutritional guidelines. For more information about this program, CLICK HERE to Get Access to Home Remedies for Stretch Marks.

10 Most Important Supplements for a Healthy Life


10 Most Important Supplements for a Healthy Life - If you’re wondering about dietary supplements, here are the top 10 options to consider for a healthy life.
How to live a healthier, more natural life with remedies you can make at home


In an attempt to get a healthy life, Americans spent $13 billion on dietary supplements in 2013, and such spending is expected to increase to more than $15 billion by 2019.


Meanwhile, just walking down the supplement aisle(s) at your local health food store can be mind-boggling, and rightfully so – there are more than 29,000 different nutritional supplements on the market today.


Which of these are truly beneficial and which are not? That’s the burning question, isn’t it? Because you’d gladly invest in a handful of supplements if they were going to improve your health … but if not, you’d rather not flush your money down the toilet.


The truth is, there’s no one right answer, because everyone has different supplemental needs. Your age, diet, health status, weight and health goals all impact which dietary supplements could help your body thrive and get a healthy life. That being said, there are certain supplements that are nearly universally beneficial.


And by that I mean, most Americans are seriously lacking in these nutrients and could benefit greatly from a supplement. For those of you who don’t know, our philosophy for wellness – from dietary supplements to physical activity to stress relief and more – centers on the need to identify imbalances and then bring them back into balance.


To do this you’ve got to look at deficiencies and excesses in your life, then commit to bringing up the deficiencies and bringing down the excesses. A simple example has to do with calcium. Most Americans consume high amounts of calcium but neglect to consume enough magnesium to balance it out.


Calcium causes your muscles to contract while magnesium is necessary for proper muscle and nerve function. With too little magnesium and an abundance of calcium, your muscles may go into spasm, including your heart, which is why this imbalance may actually lead to a heart attack.


I’m not telling you this to make you worry … I’m letting you know that by addressing deficiencies now you can significantly improve your health and wellness. Toward that end, if you’re wondering about dietary supplements, the following 10 are the top options to consider.


10 Supplements Virtually Everyone Needs for a Healthy Life


  1. Fiber


Eating enough fiber is essential for blood sugar control, heart health, digestive health, stroke prevention and more. It can even help with weight loss and improve the health of your skin. Yet, more than 90 percent of U.S. adults and children fail to meet the recommended 30 grams a day.


The Council for Responsible Nutrition Foundation (CRNF) even released a report showing adults 55 and over with heart disease could reduce their heart-disease-related medical events by 11.5 percent just by supplementing with psyllium, an excellent source of fiber – daily. And it would cost just .30 cents a day to do so …


Eating more vegetables and fruits is one of the easiest ways to increase your fiber intake, but even with the ‘perfect’ diet it can be difficult to get enough every day. And if you’re not eating right, forget it. A fiber supplement, like psyllium, is highly recommended.


  1. Protein


Adult woman are advised to consume about 46 grams of protein a day while men need closer to 56 grams. Most U.S. adults actually consume more protein than this on any given day, but there are groups at risk of deficiency. Pregnant and nursing women require more than the average person, as do those engaging in intense exercise and most seniors.


In fact, seniors may need double the typically recommended amounts of protein to prevent age-related muscle loss, especially if they’re bedridden or facing a chronic illness or injury.


Since proteins make up a major part of your skin, muscles, organs and glands, anyone who’s overcoming an injury or illness may benefit from an additional amount.


As for what type, there are many high-quality protein supplements on the market. Whey protein is a good option, but feel free to choose one that meets your unique needs (for instance, a plant-based source if you’re vegetarian).


  1. Melatonin


Melatonin, which is naturally produced by your pineal gland, is well known for helping to regulate your sleep-wake cycle. It’s often recommended for people with insomnia and other sleeping problems, but virtually everyone can use it to improve the quality of their sleep. It’s during sleep that your body heals and regenerates, so high-quality sleep is truly essential to wellness.


Many are also not aware that your body’s production of melatonin declines with age, making supplementation increasingly important as you get older. Plus, melatonin also plays a role in hormone balance and immune system function, and it even has antioxidant properties.


Research has even shown that people who take melatonin after strenuous, high-intensity exercise have less cell damage and greater levels of an anti-inflammatory protein, lending increased support for the usefulness of this supplement across the board.


  1. Whole-Food-Based Multivitamin


Many Americans have serious nutrient gaps and do not get nearly enough of certain nutrients to be optimally healthy. While you may not be lacking enough to be deficient (but then again, you might), you may be getting inadequate levels for optimal health. For instance, research suggests a large number of Americans are not getting enough vitamins A, C and E and B vitamins.


It’s certainly possible to get all the nutrients you need from nutrient-dense foods – but, be honest, you may not be eating these nutrient-dense foods daily, at every meal. A green smoothie or green superfood powder can be a good addition here, but you can also find whole-food-based multivitamins in capsule or tablet form.


  1. Ionic Multi-Mineral Supplement, High in Magnesium


I recommend you use a separate supplement for minerals than your typical multivitamin (some are combined multivitamin-mineral supplements). Trace minerals like nickel, silver, zinc, tungsten and many others are essential for the proper function of your body and play a role in helping prevent degenerative conditions, including joint pain.


Ionic minerals exist in an unstable state that allows them to bond readily with water so they’re easily absorbed by your body. Their positive or negative charges also combine into a dynamic electrical flow that helps move nutrients into your body.


Choose a variety high in magnesium, as research suggests only about 25 percent of US adults are getting the recommended daily amount of 310 to 320 milligrams (mg) for women and 400 to 420 for men. Minerals sourced from seawater are naturally high in magnesium.


Magnesium is important for your heart, muscles, kidneys and more, and deficiency is a major cause of fatigue, weakness and abnormal heart rhythms. Research from CRNF found that nearly $7 billion in avoidable hospital costs could be saved from 2013-2020 if more Americans used magnesium supplements.


  1. Probiotics


Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help maintain the natural balance of microflora in your intestines. They’ve been growing in popularity in recent years, as research has shown that probiotics can support your immune system health, enhance your digestion, help you make essential vitamins and absorb nutrients from your food, soothe inflammation in your gastrointestinal tract … and the benefits go on and on.


Probiotics have actually been revered for centuries in cultures around the world, where they have traditionally been consumed in fermented foods like kefir, sauerkraut and lassi (an Indian yogurt drink).


In the modern day, however, most of us do not eat enough fermented foods to ensure a regular supply of these healthy “bugs.” That, and environmental onslaughts like antibiotics, chlorinated water and an excess of sugar in our diets further degrades the healthy microflora that would otherwise be in our guts …


A probiotic supplement, ideally one with multiple bacterial strains that are also acid- and bile-resistant, is invaluable if you don’t regularly consume fermented foods.


  1. Digestive Enzymes


Digestive enzymes convert the food you eat into small molecules that your body uses as fuel. They break down fats into fatty acids and proteins into amino acids, for instance, Other enzymes, such as maltase and lactase, help to convert certain sugars into glucose while an enzyme known as renin helps you to digest proteins specifically found in milk.


Digestive enzymes are very useful, especially if you suffer from regular gas, bloating, abdominal pain, heartburn, leaky gut or other signs of trouble with digestion. Taking them orally with a meal may also help you from becoming deficient and straining your digestive system.


Look for a digestive enzyme high in enzymes that digest fats – lipase – as this will help you to avoid the “post-lunch coma.” The enzymes will break down the fats you eat into fatty acids you can use for instant energy. You also want a broad-spectrum formula that will contain a variety of enzymes (as each serves a different, useful purpose).


  1. Fish Oil with CoQ10


The anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats found in fish oil have been proven helpful for heart health, memory and cognitive function, healthy pregnancies and fetal development, skin health, anti-aging benefits, mood support and even improving dry eye symptoms.


Most Americans don’t eat nearly enough fish to get these healthy fats on a daily basis, which is why supplementation with high-quality fish oil is so beneficial. According to CRNF, nearly $4 billion in coronary heart disease-related savings could occur from 2013-2020 if more Americans used omega-3 supplements at preventive intake levels.


Omega-3 deficiency has even been described as the sixth biggest killer of Americans, causing 96,000 deaths each year. I recommend a source that also contains CoQ10, for the added benefits to your heart.


  1. Vitamin D3


About 41 percent of U.S. adults are deficient in vitamin D, and many more have levels that are below optimal. Among the elderly, who have a decreased ability to make vitamin D from sunlight, and African Americans, who have higher levels of melanin in their skin (which reduces your skin’s ability to produce vitamin D) rates of deficiency are even higher.


Inadequate vitamin D levels have now been linked to a growing number of health conditions, from heart disease and cancer to autoimmune diseases and infections (including the flu).


And you don’t want to be in the “average” or “normal” range, which is said to be 30-50 ng/ml. What research is revealing is that in order to reap all the health benefits vitamin D has to offer, you need to be in the optimal range, which is 50-80 ng/ml.


You can get vitamin D from sensible sun exposure, but if you’re not able to spend time outdoors every day, a vitamin D3 supplement will be necessary. Have your levels tested and work with a health care provider to determine the right dose for you to get your levels into the optimal range.


And be sure you’re taking vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), which is the type produced in your skin, and not vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol), a synthetic form. Vitamin D3 has been found to increase blood levels of vitamin D more effectively than vitamin D2.


  1. Systemic Enzymes

Systemic enzymes are designed to survive your stomach acid, allowing them to enter your small intestine and be absorbed into your bloodstream — and that’s where the real ‘magic’ happens. Systemic enzymes fight inflammation and stimulate your immune system, making them useful for conditions such as:



Beyond this, systemic enzymes have shown promise for heart health, immune support and more. Proteolytic enzymes are naturally produced in your pancreas, but your natural production declines with age; these inflammation-busters become largely depleted as you hit 40 and over.


In fact, a new-born baby has 100 times more enzymes than an elderly person, and even a 20-year-old has double the enzyme levels of a 70-year-old. If you have blood-clotting disorders, chronic fatigue, high cholesterol, obesity or other chronic health ailments or even grey hair, these could be signs that you’re already enzyme deficient.


If you don’t eat perfectly (including raw foods on a daily basis), the chances that your body is lacking in these crucial catalysts is even higher.


Fortunately, there’s Heal-n-Soothe, the best systemic enzyme formula to replenish your body’s supply of vital enzymes. Heal-n-Soothe®” not only gives you the healing power of systemic proteolytic enzymes in a convenient capsule but it combines it with additional anti-inflammatory ingredients to support optimal health.


Systemic enzymes must be consumed on an empty stomach (if you take them with food, your body may use them for digestion before they have a chance to enter your bloodstream).


Watch this Video HERE about the 10 healthiest vegetables and the 10 healthiest foods for a Healthy Life


Bonus: Supplements for Specific Conditions


Beyond this list of 10, there are many other supplements that have healing potential, depending on your needs. Again, our philosophy at the Healthy Back Institute is that most underlying conditions are there because of imbalances in your body that lead to a stagnation that keeps you from healing and getting better. No matter what your condition or imbalance, there is a supplement available to help fix it and propel your body back into the proper balance.


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The End of All Disease & Proven Cures for 7 of the Most Dangerous Diseases


By Jesse Cannone – Creator of the International Best-Selling Back Pain Treatment Program “Lose the Back Pain System” and Best-Selling Book “The 7 Day Back Pain Cure”


Unlike most treatments which only deliver temporary relief, if any at all, muscle balance therapy delivers lasting relief to 8 out of 10 people who use it because it addresses the underlying cause of the pain, not just the symptoms.

If you are suffering from any type of back pain, neck pain or sciatica, I urge you to learn more about this breakthrough new treatment. Click HERE to learn more


10 Top Fitness Tips of All Time Just Arrived


10 Top Fitness Tips of All Time Just Arrived - 10 Top Fitness Tips Everyone Should Know to have a healthy life
The Essentials You Need for Replenishing Your Lost Nutrients and Energy


It should come as no surprise that losing weight and getting fit are nearly always among the top 10 New Year’s resolutions that Americans make every year. They’re goals that the majority of us strive toward, but precious few actually reach …



Perhaps it’s because most people think getting fit means spending grueling hours at the gym, forcing yourself to sweat through boring, exhausting workouts. This belief can make you give up before you ever get started …


In reality, you can probably get in shape much quicker than you ever thought possible, and have more fun doing it, by learning the top fitness tips below. And once you’re “in” on these secrets, do your friends a favor and share them!


10 Top Fitness Tips Everyone Should Know


  1.  Work Your Core


The core muscles of your abdomen, back and pelvis help you maintain balance and stability, help protect your back from injuries, and make it easier to keep proper posture. Exercises like the plank or the bridge are excellent for working your core, as are yoga and Pilates techniques.


  1. Create Instability


Anytime you work out on an uneven surface, it will automatically cause your core muscles to work harder. This can be as simple as jogging on a beach, holding a free weight in just one hand at a time, or using a BOSU ball (half of an exercise ball with a platform on one side and a rounded ball on the other) to perform your exercises.


  1. Do Squats


Squats are excellent for working out your lower body, but because they are so intense they can also help to burn fat and promote muscle-building body-wide. As you build more muscle, your body will also naturally burn more calories, too.


  1. Give Free Weights a Try


Weights machines have their place, but they don’t give you the freedom of movement that free weights provide. When doing strength-training exercises with free weights, you can get a more dynamic, comprehensive workout, working muscles that the machines may miss.


  1. Do Push-Ups


Push-ups are deceptively simple, working not only your upper body but also your core muscles and abs. You can kick your push-up intensity up a notch by putting your hands on an exercise ball, elevating your feet, holding one leg extended in the air, or changing up the placement of your hands.


  1. Ditch Your Long Cardio Workouts for Shorter Interval Training Sessions


Did you know that people who exercised for 30 minutes daily for 13 weeks lost more weight than those who exercised for an hour daily?


It’s becoming clear that shorter bursts of intense exercise can help you burn calories and fat faster than long, steady activity. In fact, men were able to burn up to 220 calories by riding an exercise bike for 25 minutes … but only 2.5 minutes of that time was vigorous exercise! (The study participants warmed up for a couple of minutes, then pedaled as fast and as hard as they could for 30 seconds. This was followed by a four-minute recovery period. The combo was then repeated five more times.)


If you want to give this a try, check out the No Excuse Workout, which is exactly 4 minutes long, broken down into 8 specific sets. Each set lasts for 30 seconds – 20 seconds of intense exercise, and 10 seconds of rest.


  1. Exercise Backward


Walking, jogging or even using an elliptical machine backwards instead of forwards helps to work out different muscles in your legs and puts less strain on your knee joints (making it ideal if you have a knee injury).


It’s also a more intense workout than traditional forward walking/jogging, which means you may burn more fat and calories in less time. Research suggests you can burn body fat and improve your cardiorespiratory fitness with backward walking and running.


As a bonus, backward exercise works out your brain too, and may help you to improve your thinking skills and cognitive control.


  1. Swap Static Stretching for Dynamic Stretching


Static stretching (such as bending down to touch your toes like you did in gym class) does not appear to have an impact on injury prevention, and in some cases may make physical performance worse (especially if the stretch is held for longer than a minute).


Dynamic stretching, which mimics the exercise you’re planning to do (such as walking lunges), appears to be much more effective at helping you to improve performance and agility.


  1. Refuel After Your Workout … With Chocolate Milk


It’s important to give your body the proper nutrition in the 30 minutes after your workout, and research suggests chocolate milk, with its blend of protein, fat and carbs, can be an ideal recovery drink.


Those who drank chocolate milk after a vigorous workout built more muscles, lost more fat and improved their aerobic power more than those who drank a carbohydrate-only drink.


NOTE: There is ongoing controversy as to whether the health benefits of milk outweigh its drawbacks; you “own” your health, no one else, so if this is of concern to you I urge you to continue to educate yourself on this topic and make the choices best for you


  1. Promote Healthy Muscle Repair Post-Workout


It is crucial that you give your body proper time for rest and recovery between workouts so your muscles have a chance to repair. Over-exercising can lead to muscle breakdown instead of muscle building, which you obviously want to avoid.


To help your muscles with their repair process, take Heal-n-Soothe as a regular part of your post-workout recovery. With a concentrated dose of proteolytic enzymes that eat excess fibrin and scar tissue, Heal-n-Soothe can help muscle tears and strains to heal properly while reducing inflammation, tightness and post-workout pain.


The number of proteolytic enzymes your body creates drops sharply around age 27. Less proteolytic enzymes available mean excess fibrin and internal scar tissue builds up around both major and minor injuries, reducing muscle flexibility, increasing stress on muscles and joints, and perpetuating the cycle of painful inflammatory post-workout effects.


Replenishing your body’s supply of natural proteolytic enzymes with Heal-n-Soothe, which also contains 12 of nature’s BEST anti-inflammatory compounds — including pineapple bromelain, tumeric, ginger extract, and Mojave Yucca — is an essential addition to your optimal post-workout routine.


Also watch this Video Here for other fitness tips and tricks to be healthier and sexier.


The Secret Weapon for Healthy Muscle Repair to Minimize Your Post Workout Pain


By Jesse Cannone – Creator of the International Best-Selling Back Pain Treatment Program “Lose the Back Pain System” and Best-Selling Book “The 7 Day Back Pain Cure”


Unlike most treatments which only deliver temporary relief, if any at all, muscle balance therapy delivers lasting relief to 8 out of 10 people who use it because it addresses the underlying cause of the pain, not just the symptoms.

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Change Your Butt Naturally – Why You Should Stay Away From Butt Injections



A lot of women are trying to enhance their back sides with butt injections, but do you know the risks behind the procedure?
Click HERE To Find Out How You Can Change Your Butt Naturally


A lot of people are not blessed with a great looking rear and even some of those who are still want to have improvements done on that particular part of their body.


One of the greatest things about technology these days is that it brings about drastic physical changes as long as one can afford it and is ready for the possible side effects the procedure might cause.


Butt injections have become very popular in recent years especially because a lot of famous celebrities have gone through the procedure with great results.


Anybody who wants extra volume in the posterior regions is a suitable candidate for butt injection. Females who want that hourglass figure are the usual patients of this procedure.


Butt injections are less invasive cosmetic procedures that make the posterior area more bulky. The solution used is a mix of water and polyacrylamide. Upon application, this solution works as a filler to round out the bottom and allow patients to show off a curvier figure.


The posterior region will naturally swell after the procedure but it is expected to go down after two days. Body temperature will slightly vacillate, while unevenness in the buttocks is another usual side effect. Result manifestation happens within two weeks from the injection.


The effects of butt injections endure will last for about eighteen months. This buttocks enhancement procedure is illegal in the United States. The outlawing of hydrogel butt injections in the United States has a basis.


For starters, most solutions are of inferior quality. These injectable fillers are often made cheaply, without regulation. The solutions may contain impurities and contaminants that can bring about complications.


However, there is still a market for butt injections. There are self-administered hydrogel kits offered by different obscure sources. The risks are magnified in these situations because a certain level of expertise is needed to implement these routines correctly.


Isn’t it terrible that people in the black market will give women illegal injections or some self-help kits that may ruin that woman’s health? Who would be so brave as to let an unlicensed guy with a needle poke them in the butt or to risk themselves with some DIY kits?


Sadly, some women do.  Two women have already been reported to experience complications from do-it-yourself butt shots that jeopardized their health.


The ultimate price to pay for butt injections is quite high – and this is meant literally and figuratively. Each cubic centimeter (cc) of hydrogel costs approximately three to five hundred dollars. A butt injection uses hundreds of cc’s which makes the total expenditure quite high.


But the highest price of all includes a question of life and death. Since there is no assurance that the solutions for butt injection are safe, therefore those who choose this procedure to increase their butt size are gambling with their lives.


This is in fact one of the most dangerous ways to enlarge your butt. Not only is this painful and embarrassing – it’s illegal because it could potentially kill you!


If the tiniest bit of silicon gets into your bloodstream you could face some serious problems – such as an embolism (those feel EXTREMELY painful, by the way)!


Sure it will give you a bigger rounder booty for a few weeks, but it only lasts for a short while and could permanently damage your health or even end your life!


No real doctor or plastic surgeon will give you butt injections, so you would have to go somewhere unregulated and unlicensed to get it done.


It’s 100 times worse than going to an unlicensed tattoo artist!


What is really sad is that there are women out there dying by engaging in this kind of behavior, when all they had to do was use the right techniques to get a better looking SMOOTH butt anyway.


Don’t let that crap happen to you. To do this in a safe way click on How to change your butt naturally.


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